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LE VIOLONISTE, MARC CHAGALL Cubist influences can be seen in this captivating depiction of one of Chagall’s favourite subjects – the fiddler. The painting was completed after moving to Paris from St. Petersburg, the homes in the painting representing boyhood memories of Russia. STEDELIJK MUSEUM


34 | text: Jayne Robinson

ETCHINGS, REMBRANDT VAN RIJN Just as famous as Rembrandt’s paintings are his etchings, and more than 200 images of landscapes, faces and daily life are on permanent display at the artist’s former home; now a museum dedicated to his life. REMBRANDT HOUSE MUSEUM

The Milkmaid

Johannes Vermeer makes the everyday work of a milkmaid the subject of one of his most famous and impressive paintings. Through his brushstrokes, light plays over the surface of the objects he depicts. Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid” is just one of the paintings in the Rijksmuseum’s permanent collection – this spring, don’t miss the High Society exhibition there too (see page 32).

BANQUET OF THE OFFICERS OF THE ST. GEORGE CIVIC GUARD, FRANS HALS The first of Hals’ large group portraits of civil guards is an example of his ability to bring a moment in time to life on canvas. FRANS HALS MUSEUM


I amsterdam Magazine spring 2018  
I amsterdam Magazine spring 2018