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Rich, with a subtle crunch and hint of sweetness, the city’s best croissants (and wonderful things to put on them) can be found at Gebroeders Niemeijer.

Brilliant Breakfasts



Start your day at this healthyeating hidey hole: think “smashed avo” sandwiches and “unicorn” smoothie bowls. Its Insta-ready interior is a study in marble and mirror. REESTRAAT 19 PLUK-AMSTERDAM.COM

From traditional Dutch farmer’s omelettes to unicorn bowls and kimchi toasties, Amsterdam’s breakfast scene has come a long way.


ou’d be forgiven for thinking that the Dutch approach to breakfast begins with pancakes, but you’d be wrong. In the Netherlands, pancakes are actually considered a main meal, or in the case of poffertjes (small fluffy versions), a sweet snack. However, these days most pancake places will cater to your carb-hungry cravings in the morning. So what, then, do Amsterdammers eat for breakfast? While cereals and granola have been gaining ground, bread (usually topped with cheese, jam, salted peanut butter or chocolate sprinkles known as hagelslag) is still the cornerstone of the traditional Dutch breakfast. If you simply have to have eggs, you’re in luck, because an eitje comes as standard. The real challenge is where to find them after noon when most places try to force their lunch menus (read: sandwiches) on one and all. Yes, lunch is a bready affair, too. And because Dutch ontbijt (breakfast) culture used to be strictly an at-home thing, it was actually Amsterdam’s expat entrepreneurs who brought a more international take on breakfast to the Amsterdam restaurant table in the early 2010s. First, there was British-owned Greenwoods, then followed Antipodean-inspired eateries like Little Collins, Bakers & Roasters and Drovers Dog, joined by Canadian-run Gs Really Nice Place, American-owned Staring at Jacob, and a host of others. Still, as long as you order your breakfast before noon, you’re in good hands at our current favourite picks.


Try all the traditional Dutch varieties at this pancake house, or opt for the comfort of American blueberry stacks. BERENSTRAAT 38 PANCAKESAMSTERDAM.NL

Little Collins Try Hagelswag, a trendy take on Dutch breakfast sprinkles IAMSTERDAM MAGAZINE

Pre-empt the brunch-crunch and get here early for saganaki toast, mushroom and bonito congee, or black bean and chipotle waffles. EERSTE SWEELINCKSTRAAT 19F LITTLECOLLINS.NL

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I amsterdam Magazine spring 2018