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Venue Spotlight JUNE 2010 ISSUE 72


f magic fairy dust, secret underground mining cities, insects and potions all sound like something out of a mystical child’s tale, it’s because they are. Iron Fairies Antique Factory Wine Bar & Restaurant is based on a three-volume set of children’s books whose origins we were told “remain a secret.” This intricately decorated eatery is indicative of the fairytale as the décor and atmosphere feature elements from the books. Opening its doors to the Thong Lor neighborhood roughly six months ago, the restaurant doubles as a workshop where the cases and leather accessories for the fairies are made. There are 22 iron fairies available for purchase, all with individual personalities, names and characteristics.

Iron Fairies is a classic burger joint with a concept and story. While the tale behind the restaurant evokes curiosity, the fairies are almost an opening act to the main event, which of course is the food and drink. Although the menu isn’t extensive, it offers a handful of burgers and sides that are hearty and flavorful. The signature menu items are named after the fairies and iron men from the stories such as Binzy’s Beef Burger and Old Man Miln’s BLT. The burgers are large and juicy with buttery buns that melt in your mouth. For non-red meat eaters, Merve’s Fish Burger is available and packs huge chunks of avocado. Whether opting for beef or seafood, be sure to complement the meal with Old Man Jap’s Wedges. Consistent with the theme of magic potions, elixirs and fairies, there’s a special drink menu offering Absinthe Flying Potion Cocktails. From the Absinthe Suisse and Absinthe Sour to the Naughty Blue Dust and the original Legendary Absinthe, diners can sit back and enjoy gazing at the greenest fairy of them all. With a concept this original and unique, it’s no surprise that the place is filled with artists, designers, filmmakers and other creative types. Have a read of the books that inspired the restaurant as they are spread throughout the venue. Space is limited and from the VIP nightclub greeting at the front door, it is best to make reservations in advanced. The Iron Fairies 394 Thonglor Road, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok Tel. 084 520 2301 Open daily: 6pm - 2am Dress Code: Think Nightclub





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