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Honor Roll of Donors 2007 A l i s t i n g o f c o n t r i b u to r s b e t w e e n J u ly 1 , 2 0 0 6 a n d J u n e 3 0 , 2 0 0 7

Our Mission Southeast Missouri State University provides professional education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and in practical experience.

from the executive director


t is my distinct pleasure to write this letter to you from inside the walls of the newly relocated Wehking Alumni Center! The Foundation staff moved into this beautiful new home in August, 2007. A short time later the doors were opened to the public for the dedication of Barbara Hope Kem Statuary Hall and tours of the building. In addition to the excitement about our new facility, there are many other highlights to report from 2007. We made great progress last year, exceeding many goals and supporting Southeast’s effort to become “The University of First Choice.” • Significant increases in support from alumni, friends and corporations continue to make a difference for students. Annual giving in FY07 rose 20% from the previous year, totaling $3.58 million. • The Foundation’s total net assets increased by 18.2%, due to portfolio management and increases in the market, reaching an all-time high of $42.2 million by the end of FY07. • Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends, the River Campus is now complete and open to students and the public. This enormous project was supported by more than $13 million in gifts during recent years. • Newly launched services, including the Donor Advised Fund and iAMsoutheast, are making it easier for alumni and friends to support Southeast and stay in contact with the University and one another. I could not leave you without mentioning the most important piece of the Foundation: You! It is only because of our alumni and friends recognized on the following pages that the Foundation is able to support Southeast’s goals of becoming “The University of First Choice.” I sincerely thank you for your generous support and continued belief in the efforts and mission of Southeast Missouri State University. Sincerely,

Wayne Smith Vice President of University Advancement Executive Director of the Foundation

P.S. If you have the opportunity and haven’t already done so, please come by and visit the newly relocated Wehking Alumni Center on Broadway in front of Houck Stadium. We would be delighted to show you around!

Inside T he President ’s Council 4 Hor izon Club 7 Copper D ome S ociet y 8 Fr iend of the U niversit y 13 Organizations 14 2007-2008 I nitiatives 16 S outheast Alumni 18 Fr iends of the Foundation 25 M atching Gif ts 29 Financial Analysis 30 Foundation B oard and Staff 31

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 

The Pre side n t ’s Co u nc il


he President’s Council is comprised of individuals

and corporations who are investors in the success of Southeast

Missouri State University. Their investments are indicative of their desire to see Southeast students succeed. Membership in the President’s Council is open to alumni and friends who have given $20,000 or more cumulatively, and to corporations who have given $50,000 or more cumulatively. Also appreciated are Sustaining Members who, though not having reached full membership, make yearly financial commitments toward qualifying amounts. Beyond their significant financial contributions to Southeast, the University benefits from the insight and professional experience shared by these donors throughout the year. Truly examples of service and stewardship, nearly 570 President’s Council members continue to inspire others to new heights.

REGENTS CLUB $1,000,000 and greater *Mrs. Margaret Woods Allen Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bedell Mr. Donald C. Bedell Mr. Louis D. Brodsky *Mr. and Mrs. Saul Brodsky Mr. Harry L. Crisp II *Mrs. Rosemary Crisp *Mr. and *Mrs. Robert A. Dempster Mr. and Mrs. John W. Glenn *Mr. B. W. Harrison *Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harrison Mrs. Shirley A. Harrison HFR Sports Medicine Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Holland *Mr. and *Mrs. James H. Paullus Pepsi Mid America Rust Communications and Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Rust, Sr. *Mr. and *Mrs. George A. Schriever *Otto and *Della Seabaugh Mr. Robert F. Shuck III *Mrs. Mary Johnson Tweedy DISTINGUISHED FELLOW $500,000-$999,999 *Mr. John C. Allen City of Kennett, Missouri Mr. Lionel K. Hastings *Mr. and Mrs. F. Marion Rhodes *Mr. Roger F. Rhodes *George W. and *Dorothy Shillig Southwestern Bell Foundation *Martha J. Stanley Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Tlapek *Mr. and *Mrs. William C. Volenetz *Mrs. Aleen V. Wehking FELLOW $250,000-$499,999 Bank of America *Mr. Lynn S. Bollinger *Frances Daniel Mr. Bruce K. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Hecht Kohlfeld Distributing Co. Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Kohlfeld Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Kohlfeld *Mr. Elmer P. Lind *Mrs. Elouise McNulty Miller Family Trust *Ms. Alline M Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Guy Pinckley Procter and Gamble Fund Procter and Gamble Paper Products *Mr. and *Mrs. Paul W. Rau Mr. Veryl L. Riddle Dr. and Mrs. Milton Shoss Southeast Missouri State University Athletic Boosters Club Ms. Elizabeth Simcoke Southeast Hospital Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Thalheimer Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Thalheimer *Ms. Grace N. Williams *Mr. John H. Wiseman

*Mr. and *Mrs. Kermit E. Wood Jerry and Mary Zimmer HERITAGE CLUB $100,000-$249,999 Mrs. Nan Adams *Cora E. Adkins Dr. Frances A. Allen Allen-Bradley Company Ameren UE - Cape Girardeau Applied Biosystems Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Aukes Mrs. David Barton (June) *Ms. Opal A. Baskin Benton Hill Investment Company *Mr. Clarence F. Bergman *Mrs. Margaret Billingham Biokyowa, Inc Mr. William F. Blaylock *Mr. and *Mrs. Herman Blum The Brownington Foundation Mr. Thomas Swayne Byrd Ms. Harryette Campbell *Mr. and *Mrs. John E. Campbell Capital Bancorporation Etilvia Maria Arjona Chang Chrysler Motor Coporation - Fenton, Missouri *Mr. Delmar A. Cobble Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Southeast Missouri *Mrs. Katherine J. Cochran Concord Publishing House Dr. and Mrs. G. Keith Deimund Kenneth W. and Jeanine Larson Dobbins Drury Industries Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Erlbacher II First National Bank - Malden *Ms. Alice Grant Mr. and Mrs. E. Gene Greable Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Greene *Janet Paar Greene *Mrs. Cecil E. Gross *Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Hanebrink Japan-American Academic Center/ Mr. Yoshihiro Takase Jeffery Investors Mr. Robert M. Jenkins, Sr. Family Dr. and Mrs. Han Mu Kang Kauffman Center Lawrence R. Kem Kennett Development Corporation Kennett National Bank *Elizabeth C. Kirn Mr. Gaylon M. Lawrence *Mr. Rush H. Limbaugh, Sr Mrs. Dorothy E. Macke Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Marler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews McDonnell Douglas Foundation *Mrs. Clara Drinkwater Newnam *Mr. William R. Nolan Noranda Aluminum, Inc. *Mr. and *Mrs. Welton N. O’Bannon Perkin-Elmer Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Pollack

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Pracht Primavera Systems, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter, Jr. RM COCO Rockwell Automation Mr. and Mrs. Jon Rust Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rust *Leonard R. Ruzicka, Sr. Ludeane Fowler Ruzicka *Ms. Leota Schmitz *William A. and Martina Scott Scottish Rite Foundation ServiceMaster Company *Mr. and *Mrs. Rexford G. Sloan *Ms. Virginia Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Glen Smart Synergy Automation, Inc. *Col. and *Mrs. Miles H. Thompson Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Union Planters - Cape Girardeau US Bank of Cape Girardeau Mr. and *Mrs. A. Paul Vance *Ms. Viola B. Vogel Mr. Kenneth C. Werner Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Wilferth Zimmer Radio of Mid-Missouri BENEFACTOR $50,000-$99,999 Alcoa Foundation Anheuser Busch Companies Anonymous *Ms. Evelyn F. Ballance *Mr. and *Mrs. Herschel W. Bess Mr. and Mrs. C. Ben Bidewell Dr. John C. Bierk Bish Rainey Memorial Trust Lewis Edgar and Carolyn Ford Bock Brown Group, Inc Bill and Suzanne Burch Mr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Burgess Cape Girardeau Kiwanis Foundation Cape Girardeau Outpatient Surgery Center City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri City of Malden, Missouri Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. Cliff *Mr. and *Mrs. Denver E. Clubb Commerce Bank of Cape Girardeau Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cook *Leona J. Cozean Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Crawford Dick and Nancy Jordan Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Deimund Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Geimund Delta Companies Susan Dodd Mr. Joseph and Dr. Donna Domian *Mr. and *Mrs. Byron M. Dormeyer Mr. David F. Dormeyer Dr. James M. Drickey Dr. Darlene and Mr. Eric D. Dunning *Mr. and *Mrs. Paul Eakins Emerson Electric Company - Kennett Emerson Electric Company - St. Louis *Dr. and Mrs. F. Monte Evens Falcon Communications Farrow Lumber Company

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Ford Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Foster *Mr. Hugh T. and Dr. Betty F. Fulton Col. and Mrs. Henry H. Gerecke Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Gray Health Services Corp. of America *Mr. and *Mrs. Harvey Henry Mrs. Winifred R. Hirsch-Ward Dr. and Mrs. John K. Holcomb *Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Hoover *Mr. and Mrs. John Howell Bob and Marsha Hufford Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Jones David E. and Margaret Kalinowski Kelso Supply Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Kinder Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kinder Mr. and Mrs. Milford P. Kirn KPMG Foundation - St Louis Ms. Christine Landess-Beall *Mr. Lester L. Leaton *Mr. and *Mrs. Chester R. Lindhoff Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lipps *Mrs. Mildred I. Low Lynn Enterprises, Inc. Malaysian Government Ann D. Matthews Mr. Lon J. and Joyce A. Maxey MFA Foundation Homer and Irene Miles Education Foundation *Mrs. Evalyn M. Nunley Orco Investment Co *Mrs. Opal Walls Parks Mr. Robert J. and Dr. Adelaide H. Parsons Plaza Tire Service, Inc. *Mr. Donald C. Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Proffer Mr. and Mrs. William F. Provance Pyramid Clinical Services Mrs. Nancy J. Renfrow *Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Renfrow River Eagle Distributing Co. Dr. and Mrs. Fred E. Saalfeld Saint Francis Medical Center *Commander Bernard Schmidt Schnucks - Cape Girardeau, Missouri Sikeston Jaycees Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith Mr. and Mrs. Art Sobery Southeast Missouri Hospital Spartech Plastics *Mr. and *Mrs. Albert M. Spradling, Jr *Mr. and *Mrs. Tony E. Statler Honorable William L. and Dr. Georganne P. Syler Dr. and Mrs. William P. Thorpe Mr. Michael and Dr. Ann Behrend-Uhls Raymond H. and *Rosalind J. Vogel Wal-Mart Foundation Washington University *Dr. Adelia E. Weis BUILDER $25,000-$49,999 *Ms. Ermil S. Bartels Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Bean Melba Bowers *Rick and Ellen C. Brandom

Rev. and Mrs. William Brooks Dr. and Mrs. James B. Chapman Dr. and Mrs. Jean Allen Chapman Dr. and Mrs. Dan B. Cotner Sheryl Crow Mr. and Mrs. R.K. Cutsinger C. Michael and Kimberly Dambach Dr. Charles H. Dart, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Davis Mr. Kenneth L. Dement, Sr. Ms. Margaret E. Dement Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Dickerson Dr. and *Mrs. F. Gregory Dickey Mr. and Mrs. S. Cordell Dombrowski Mr. and Mrs. Ernie E. Eudy *Mr. and Mrs. William C. Evans Dr. and Mrs. James L. Faries Louis J. Ferretti and Dr. Jane Stephens *Donald K. Ford Gary and Sherry L. Forsee Michael and Carla Gazall *Ms. Lolla B. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Howard L . Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. Fred B. Goodwin *Mr. and *Mrs. Fred A. Groves Mr. and Mrs. M. Luther Hahs Mr. T. Ronald and Mrs. Beverly K. Hahs Robert and Kaye Hamblin Drs. Jerry and Susan Haugland Dr. Michael and Dr. Beverly M. Hogan Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Herbert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James K. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Hitt *Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hutson Mr. Edward G. Janosik *Edna B. Kassel *Mrs. Ermine J. Kies Mrs. Ruth E. Krafft Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Kraft Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kurland Mr. and Mrs. Wally Lage *Mr. Jacque LeMone and Dr. Priscilla LeMone Koeplin Dr. and Mrs. T. Wayne Lewis Jim and Benita Limbaugh Hon. and Mrs. Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lincoln *Ms. E. Louise Marshall *Mrs. Aleta M. Massey *Mr. Langdon L. McKay Mr. and Mrs. Brandon R. Mehrle Mr. and Mrs. J. Dale Meier Mrs. Christene Merick *Dr. and *Mrs. A.R. Meyer *Dr. Russell and *Mrs. Elnora Michel Mr. Mark Michel Mrs. Dorothy L. Miles Martel and Eugene M. Munger, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Martin D. Needels Mr. Wedel Nilsen *Gene and Rebecca Olson *Mr. and *Mrs. George Penzel Mr. Richard I. Prevallet Bob and Leone Proffer Harry and Fran Rediger Jack and Jill Rickard *Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roth Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ruess

John T. Ruester Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Rust Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rust Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shackelford Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Schneider Mr. Donald P. Schroeder Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sharp Mr. Scott P. Sherman Dr. Samuel W. and Mrs. Martha Siurua William E. Snell, Jr. *Mr. John E. Stevens Kala M. and Joe Stroup Mr. and Mrs. Larry Swindle Mr. Dirk D. Thomas *Ms Lula M. Thompson Bill and Shirley Shemwell Virdon Wetterau - Scott City, Missouri Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wood Mr. Frank A. Zillmer BUILDER - PIONEER Businesses donated $25,000-$49,999 prior to June 30, 2000 Adept Technology, Inc. Air Force Society Education Grant Ameritech Arthur Andersen and Company Foundation Auto Tire and Parts Company, Inc. Cape County Friends of Law Enforcement Cape County Savings Bank of Jackson Cape West Rotary Club Colonial Federal Savings and Loan Compugraphic Corporation D and M Computing, Inc. DataMyte Corporation Dow Jones and Company, Inc. Federated States of Micronesia First Fed. Savings and Loan Association/Southeast Missouri Ford and Sons Funeral Home Golden Products Division/Ralston Purina Great Plains Software Hartmarx Foundation/Thorngate Hutson Furniture Company IBM Corporation J.C. Penny Company, Inc. Kennett #39 Educational Foundation KFVS-TV 12 MicroMash Missouri Dry Dock and Repair Company, Inc. Missouri Pacific Railroad Motorcycle Stuff, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Prime Computers, Inc. Richardson Wynette Motors Rust and Martin Santies Self Service Schott Electrical Distributors Shelter Insurance Foundation Sikeston Rotary Club The Claudia Company US Bank Trust Company, N.A. USG Foundation, Inc. Westlake Scholarship Foundation

Bold represents new members or upgraded membership level as of June 30, 2007. * denotes deceased

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 

The P resident’s C o uncil Wood and Huston Bank HALL OF HONOR $20,000-$24,999 *Dr. and *Mrs. Stanley F. Atchison *Ms. Esther R. Batten Dr. Lenore K. Bierbaum Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Brinkopf *Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Clements Mr. and Mrs. Stan L. Crader Dr. Frances G. Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Davis *Dr. Jerline Dossett Mr. and Mrs. John D. Drinko Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Dunger *Ms. C. Virgina Eicholtz Mr. Jerry S. Estes Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Fox Mr and Mrs E. P. Gibson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Graham Henrietta A. Hallaq Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Harte Gene and Ruth Hunt *Ms. Thekla V. James Edith and Martin Jones *Ms. Laura Keller Drs. Bert J. and Mary Ann Kellerman Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kies *Ms. Arpa Hill Lewis Bob L. and Alene Matthews Mr. and Mrs. James D. Maurer Don and Sue McNeely *Mr. and Mrs. Don Medlin Dr. Mathilde Mongtomery Najjar Mr. J. Wayne Needy Ms. Joyce H. Peerman Mr. and Mrs. Sam Powell Mr. John L. Pracht Hon. and Mrs. William S. Rader *Dr. and Mrs. Marlin E. Remley *Ms. Laura S. Roennfeldt Mr. Lawrence Salemme Mr. James F. Scherer *Lt. Col. Martha W. Schuchart-Sachs Ms. Mary Ann Smith Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Spradling III *Mrs. Ben M. Stubbs Reg and Kathy Swan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Swinford *Mr. William A Tenkhoff Mr. John Tlapek Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Todt Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Van de Ven Art and Helen Wallhausen *Mr. Louis R. Wentzel Dr. Ernest L. Yeakey HALL OF HONOR – PIONEER Individuals donated $10,000-$19,999 prior to June 30, 2000 *Ms. Betty K. Arnold *Ms Ada W. Ausplund *Dr. and * Mrs. Seth S. Barnes Robert J. and Betty A. Basler Mr. and Mrs. James V. Biundo *Mrs. Carrie Findley Bolen *Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bradshaw Charles and Louise Brune

Roy and Carolyn Bullinger Dr. Robert E. Butler Mrs. Mary S. Capshaw Karen C. Cash Dr. Sheila R. Caskey *Mr. Thomas C. Chewning Mr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Chirnside Dr. Kathi D. Clement *Ms. Helen Uhl Collins Mr. William A. Coomer Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Copeland *Dr. Robert L. and Betty L. Cox Ms. Cara S. Crisp Mr. Harry L. Crisp III Mr. Lee D. Dahringer Mr. F. Patrick Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dickemper Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dickens Mr. R. Neil and Dr. Alberta Macke Dougan Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Dougherty Mr. and *Mrs. Robert Drury Mrs. Sara Z. Dunagan *Mr. Charles L. Duncan Mrs. Betty O. Dunklin *Ms. Zelma E. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Gene W. Edwards Rich and Barb Eichhorst *Hon. Bill Emerson Hon. Joann Emerson Mr. and Mrs. Bill K. Engelman Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Engles Martha B. Erlbacher John M. and Martha R. Freeze *Dr. and *Mrs. Ernest M. Funk Mr. Jack Gannon *Mrs. Alma C. Gardner Scott E. and Jennifer Giles *Dr. Harold O. Grauel Dr. and Mrs. David Green Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hampton *Ms. Jane Isbell Haynes Mrs. Susan L. Hekmat Charlotte Herr Ron Herr John and Marie Hinni Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hunt John R. and Marjory L. Janssen Helen and Jerry Jenkins Dr. and Mrs. Earl W. Johnson *Corliss L. Jones Gerald W. and Clarice Jones Mr. and Mrs. William Kapfer Hon. Mary A. Kasten *Dr. Melvin C. Kasten Ms. Carol B. Kenney Mr. Joseph S. Kersting, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Yong K. Kim *Ms. Rosina M. Koetting Mr. and Mrs. Mel H. Kohl, Jr Mrs. Ruth R. Knote *James E. and Irma M. Lee Mr. Bruce Lehrke Hon. and Mrs. Stephen N. Limbaugh, Sr. Bonnie and Weldon Macke Mr. L.W. Maddox Fran J. and Kia McGarr Mr. Dan D. McLean

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Mehler Mr. Robert E. Meyer *Dr. and Mrs. James C. Miller Mr. Charles L. Mitchell, Jr J. T. and Jesse Moody Dr. and Mrs. William Morehead Russ and Kim Mothershead Mrs. Patty Mulkey Mrs. Catherine Crisp Newbold J. Patrick O’Loughlin *Ms. Billie L. O’Neal Mr. James Varner Parker Dr. and Mrs. Rex A. Peterson *Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Parker Pierce Brenda and Bob Pigg Mrs. Cheryl J. Rabbitt Dr. and Mrs. J. Darryl Ramsey *Mr. and *Mrs. Narvol A. Randol, Sr. Mr. W. Tjark Reiss Mary J. Remley Mr. and Mrs. Frances E. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Ruesler Mr. J. Dale Russell *Joe and Hertha Russell Mr. and Mrs. Phil Santie Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schwarm Mr. and Mrs. David W. Scott Dr. and Mrs. Pyrtle W. Seabaugh Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shamel Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sims Glenn W. Smallwood, Jr. Dr. Jesse W. Snowden Mrs. Peggy Snowden Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Southern, Jr. Mrs. M. Jane Cooper Stacy Mr. Martin A. Stephens Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Sterrett *Mr. Lucien M. Stoner Dr. and Mrs. George Suggs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vogelsang Mrs. Rebecca K. Cardin Vosburgh Mrs. Mildred Wallhausen Dr. and Mrs. William J. Weber Mrs. M. Jean Weingaertner *Mr. Jake Wells Mr. and *Mrs. Wilver W. Wessel Mr. and Mrs. George Whitaker Drs. Charles and Judith Wiles *Mr. and *Mrs. E. Victor Williams *Mrs. Fergene Goddin Wilson Betty and Charles Wright SUSTAINING MEMBERS R. Scott Blank Bluff City Beer Co. Dr. and Mrs. Leon Book Cario Dry Kilns Craftsman Independent Union Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoeman Jason J. LeGrand Drs. Robert and Barbara Matthews Mr. and Mrs. T.I. Maupin Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGinty, Jr. Nip Kelley Construction Co. Dr. and Mrs. Dale Nitzschke Mr. Lynn C. Sauer Cliff and Lynette Sherrill

horizo n cl ub



Melba L. James

ince its inception in

Dr. Frances Ann Allen

John R. Janssen and Marjorie L. Janssen

1991, the Horizon

David M. Amberger, MD

Dr. Russell M. Johnson

Club has honored

Dr. Etilvia Maria Arjona Chang

Nelson H. and Alice H. Kasten

more than 175 individuals

* Ethel H. Atchison

Sybil Priscilla LeMone Koeplin

who have provided for the

Dr. Lewis and Pauline M. Aukes

Brian M. Kohlberg

Mrs. David M. Barton

Donald and Rubye Kraft

Bill and Shirley Beggs

Geneva F. Kress

Lewis E. Bock and Carolyn Ford Bock

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kupchella

future of Southeast Missouri State University through wills, trusts, annuities, life

Leon C. and Patricia Kay Dejournette Book

Donald G. and Gloria K. LaFerla

insurance policies and other

John and Martha Brussman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Lamprecht

planned gift arrangements.

Billy M. Burch

George W. and Joan E. Lange

We fondly remember alumni

Robert E. Butler, DDS

John M. Lawrence

and friends whose planned

Harryette Campbell

Ruby D. Long

gifts have come to fruition

Dianne M. Carlile

Mrs. Jean Mabrey

and are now changing the

James F. Cooper, MD

Lawrence A. and Donna C. Marler

Robert and Margaret Cox

Douglas S. McDermott

*Kenneth C. Craddock

Diana Lambdin Meyer

Audrey L. Crafton

Craig M. Morgan, MD

Boyd O. Crafton

Stephen G. and Joan Newman

those whose gifts will ensure

Paula J. Cunningham

Wedel Nilsen

Southeast’s tomorrow.

Marlin Rau Curnutt

Robert J. and Adelaide Heyde Parsons

Horizon Club members are

Charles Robert Depro

Joyce Hatcher Peerman

F. Gregory Dickey

* Ronald Phelps and Dorothy Phelps

Irene B. Dugger

Audrey L. Reynolds

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Foster

Martha A. Rhodes

lives of Southeast’s students… forever. Furthermore, we are privileged to recognize

presented with a distinctive membership pin and are invited to participate

William B. and Polly R. Giessing

Edna Evans Rogers

in functions exclusively

Joan Amlingmeyer Gohn

Drs. Pat and Janet Ruopp

organized to involve them in

Fred and Virginia Keisker Goodwin

Dr. Fred E. and Elizabeth R. Saalfeld

the life of the University. Of

Aldine Graddy

Don Schroeder

greater importance are the

Douglas C. and Heather Greene

Charles and Mary Ellen Sharp

many benefits that planned

T. Ronald and Beverly K. Hahs

Geraldine M. Lashley Siletta

gift opportunities provide

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hammond

Red and Jitter Snyder

Pauline M. Hanebrink

Jane Cooper Stacy

Mrs. Donald L. Harrison

John and Patricia Krieger Stehr

Sandi Heldorn

Kenneth C. Werner

to donors, their families and Southeast. For more information on planned

Mark W. and Karen L. Hoeman

A. Paul Vance

giving and the Horizon Club,

Roberta D. Holst

George Wamser and Rosella Osborne Wasmer

please call the Foundation at

Jerelyn McKinnis Horowitz

(573) 651-5935.

Charles A. and Mary T. Hunt

Bold represents new members as of June 30, 2007.

Judith A. Hutson

* denotes deceased

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 

copper d ome s ociety


embership in the Copper Dome Society recognizes donors of $150 or more during the fiscal year (July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007).

Members actively invest in the operations of Southeast Missouri

State Universtiy and the success of its students. Nearly 1,000 alumni and friends made the commitment to students by becoming members of the Copper

Dome Society in fiscal year 2007. It is their continued support that enables students to receive scholarships, the best in classroom technology and the experiences outside the classroom that are so important in today’s society.


$50,000 and greater Mr. Bruce K. Edwards *Mr. and *Mrs. B. W. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Earl P. Holland Mr. Lawrence R. Kem *Mr. and *Mrs. James H. Paullus Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Shuck III Mr. Raymond H. Vogel Sr Ms. Grace N Williams


$25,000-$49,999 Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Aukes *Mr. and *Mrs. John E. Campbell Ms. Harryette Campbell Ms. Winifred R. Hirsch-Ward *Mr. and *Mrs. Chester R. Lindhoff Mr. Veryl L. Riddle Mrs. Ludeane J. Ruzicka Bill and Shirley Shemwell Virdon


$10,000-$24,999 Anonymous Mr. William F. Blaylock Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. Cliff Dr. James M. Drickey Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hamblin Mr. Stephen L. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hufford Mr. and Mrs. David Kalinowski Dr. Ronald E. Keeney Mr Michael Lund Mr Carl Lund Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Marler Jr Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. McNeely Mr. Brandon R. Mehrle Mr and Mrs Gary W Rust Sr Mr. and Mrs. M. Glen Smart Mr. and Mrs. John W. Twomey


$5,000-$9,999 Mr. Richard A. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Bock Rev and Mrs William Brooks Mr and Mrs Robert D Crawford Mrs. Susie Dodd Mrs. Irene B. Dugger Mr. Eric D. and Dr. Darlene Dunning Col. and Mrs. Henry H. Gerecke Dr. and Mrs. Fred B. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. William D. Graham Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Gray Mr and Mrs Douglas C Greene Mr. William H. Jamison Mrs. Ruth E. Krafft Mr and Mrs Steve L Schneider Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stehr Mr. Joe and Dr. Kala M. Stroup Larry Swindle Mr. James K. Talley Ms. Linda M. Wells


$2,500-$4,999 Mr. Zaki Ali Dr. Daniel P. Alyea Mr. Michael and Dr. Ann Behrend-Uhls Dr. John C. Bierk Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Dambach Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Dobbins Mr and Mrs Joseph J Domian Dr. Robert G. Fox * Ms. Lolla B. Gilbert Ms. Nancy A. Haas Mr. and Mrs. T. Ronald Hahs Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hartmann Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Haskell Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Herbert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Hunt Dr. Priscilla Koeplin Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. LaFerla Hon. and Mrs. Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr Mr. Keith G. Maddox Mr. and Mrs. James D. Maurer Dr. and Mrs. Martin D. Needels Mr. Stephen G. Newman

Bold represents new members or upgraded membership level as of June 30, 2007. * denotes deceased

Sandra L Ries Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ruester Dr. and Mrs. Fred E. Saalfeld Mr. Orville L. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shackelford Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sharp R Brooks Sherman Hon. William L. and Dr. Georganne Syler Mr. A. Paul Vance Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Webb Dr. Chris A. Wright Mr. Terry R. Yochum Mr. and Mrs. David R. Zimmer


$1,000-$2,499 Drs. Rickert R. Althaus and Brenda P. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. William F. Arnet Ms. Ella Ruth F. Aufranc Mr. William Badger Ms. Christy E. Barks Mr. Francis W. Baudendistel Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bedell Dr. Debbie L. Below (Peterson) Mr. Hubert O. Bissell Mrs. Norma L. Blattner Dr. Norman L. Braasch Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Butler Mr. Philip H. Butler Mrs. Melissa A. Cliff (Moller) Dr. Matthew Coleman Mr. Ronald D. Coleman Dr. and Mrs. Dan B. Cotner Mr. and Mrs. R. David Crader Dr. J. Thomas Critchlow Mr. and Mrs. Dick Davidson Dr. and Mrs. Keith Deimund Dr. F. Gregory Dickey Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dillon Mrs. D. Evelyn Donnell James P Drew Mr. William D. Duckett Dr. R. Eleanor Duff Mr. Frederick M. Eggers Mr. Raymond S. Estes Mrs. Alice R. Evens Mr. Ralph Evers Mrs. Mary K. Fassel Mr. Jim Ferretti and Dr. Jane Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Ford Robert N Fox Dr. and Mrs. Bob Fox Dr Michael R Freeman Mr and Mrs Michael G Gazall Dr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Geldbach Mr. Michael J. Grojean Dr. Thomas M. Gwaltney Jr Mr. and Mrs. Dwain L. Hahs Dr. Steven D. Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heischmidt Mr. and Mrs. John B. Heskett Maria M Heussel Drs. Michael and Beverly Hogan Mrs. Grace Hoover

Mr Charles L Hunze Jr Mr. and *Mrs. Charles L. Hunze Percy Huston Mrs. Pamela A. Johnson Gerald W Jones II Dr. David Kapp Mr. and Mrs. James H Klocke Mrs. Ruth E. Knote Mr. Michael and Dr. Barbara Kohlfeld Mrs. Dana L. Kondrad Ms. Geneva Kress Mr. and Mrs. Wally Lage Dr. John M. Lawrence Ms. Susan A. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. James P. Limbaugh Mrs. Ruby D. Long Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Marchi Mr. Ralph Martin Mr. John M. Mather Ms. Ann D. Matthews Ms. Pat McDonagh Mrs. R. Jerelyn McKinnis-Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. McLean Mrs. Christene Merick Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Meyer Dr. Bill Ogborn Mr. Robert and Dr. Adelaide Parsons Mr. Jerry Potthoff Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Presson Hon. and Mrs. William S. Rader Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Rediger Jr Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Regenhardt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L Reinagel Dr. M. Louise Remley Dr. Marlin E. Remley Mrs Ruth E Remley Dr. and Mrs. John F. Rigdon Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter Jr Reginald D Robinson Mr and Mrs Barrett Rochman Dr. John Sauer Mrs. Anne E. Schroeppel Matthew R Seay Mr. and Mrs. J. Brian Shelton Mrs. Geraldine Siletta Massey Mr. George E. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Randall B. Sparkman Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Spradling III Mr. Michael N. Stroot Mr. Marvin R. Strunk Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Swinford Mr. Philip L. Toia Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Van de Ven Mrs Beverly Van Horne Ms. Rachel Vanfleet Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Welker Mr. and Mrs. George Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Wilferth Dr. Mary A. Williams (Rushing) Mr. Charles D. Wood Jr Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Wunderlich Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Yeakey


$500-$999 Dr. and Mrs. Michael Aide Mrs. Frances T. Andrews Mr. Craig R. Arneson Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Barkett Jr Mrs. Rose M. Bartel Mr. Brian Bickings Robert and Lila Boyd Mrs. John P. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Brandtner Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Breeze Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Brockett Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Brod Dr. Leo A. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brussman Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Curt J. Buchheit Mrs. Judith A. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Billy M. Burch Mrs Paula Calhoun Dr. and Mrs. Jean A. Chapman Mr. John Cherry Mr. Jim L. Christie Mrs. Lesley Coalter Mr. and Mrs. Jerrel D. Cooley Jr Dr. Jennie C. Cooper Mr and Mrs Mark Cowan Mrs. Anna L. Crawford Drs. Tom and Linda Crites Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Croxford Mr. J. Walker Culp Janelle L Davis Mr Louis J DesPres Mr. Richard Dirnberger Mr. Mark W. Doerr Mr. R. Neil and Dr. Alberta Macke Dougan Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Dunger Mr. Mark E. Durbin Mr. and Mrs. Gene W. Edwards Dr and Mrs Richard A Eichhorst Dr. and Mrs. William W. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Bill K. Engleman Mr. and Mrs. Blake Esicar Ms. Gwyn Monte Evens Mr. Thomas M. Farden Dr. and Mrs. J. Russell Felker Dr. and Mrs. John M. Freeze Dr. Betty F. Fulton Mr. William T. Gamewell Mrs. Helen M. Gebhard Brevin Giebler Mr. and Mrs. William B. Giessing Mr. Robert C. Gill Mr. James M. Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Greaser Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Griffith Mr. Anthony G. Grillo Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hahs Mr. Alan D. Hallman Dr. Alonzo L. Hamby Mrs. Martha L. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hammond

Mr. Gregory R. Hantak Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Harte Mr. Keith A. Hartmann Richard K Hastings Dr and Mrs Paul M Heath Dr. Max A. Heeb Dr. and Mrs. Michael Higgins Mr. and Mrs. James K. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Hitt Alice Hodges Mrs. Janet L. Hogan Bill Holland Tressa L Honaas Dr. and Mrs. Trygve O. Honaas Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hunt Mr. Dane Huxel Mr. and Mrs. John R. Janssen Dr. and Mrs. Fred Janzow Dr. Dwight H. Johnson Dr. Alan Journet Mr. Vernon L. Kasten Jr Mrs. Patricia T. Kelly Dr. Dean F. Kirn Mrs. Dorothy M. Klein Dr. Sandra G. Koczwara Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Kohlfeld Mr. and Mrs. James R. Korbelik Mrs. Linda J. Krueger Mrs. Jodie M. Leach Mrs. Trudy Lee Mrs Ruth A Liley Mr. Jason L. Lindsey Dr. Ivy D. Locke Ms. Margaret M. Mates Mr. Walter E. Matthews Drs. Richard and Barbara Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Kurt N. May Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. McGarr Mr. Ted Medlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Meyer Mr. Michael W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. L. Wayne Millington Mrs. Barbara Morgan Mr. William H. Morgan Jr Mr. J. Wayne Needy Mrs. Verna L. Nitsch Mr. and Mrs. D. Craig Nordlund Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Norman Mrs. Catherine L. Pancoast Mr. James J. Paprocki Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Pensel Dr. Loretta Prater Mr. Stuart M. Presson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Proehl Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pullen Mr. Ben Randazzo Mike Renfrow Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Retter Dr. Craig W. Roberts Mrs. Andrea Rogers Jacob L Ruebel Drs. Patrick R. and Janet Ruopp Mr. Dennis F. Schoemehl

Mr. Steve Schonhoff Mr. Donald P. Schroeder Mrs. Larry Schuster Dr. and Mrs. Steve J. Schwab Ms. Sharon K. Seay Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Sherman Mrs. Joan Marie Shewmake Mrs. Mary Kay Sides Mr and Mrs A. Wayne Smith Dr. Shelton E. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Fred L. Snider Mr. and Mrs. Randy J. Speck Dr. Terry M. Spence Ms. Judy A. St John Ms. Jane Stacy Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Stahly Mr. Richard G. Steele Mr. Jerry L. Stone Mr. Kenneth P. Stricker Dr. John E. Strout Mr. and Mrs. John R. Taylor Mrs. Barbara J. Thurman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Todt Mr. Richard T. Turner Mr. Raleigh J. Walden Dr. and Mrs. William J. Weber Drs. Charles and Judith Wiles Mr. Brandon O. Williams Mr. Wayne W. Willman Mr. John K. Wondel Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wright Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wulfers Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Zimmer Mr. and Mrs. John P. Zimmer Dr. and Mrs. James K. Zink Ms. Kathleen M. Zorica


$250-$499 Hon. Jacquelyn D. Ackert Mrs. Sally L. Adams Mr. Jawad Akhtar Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Allgood Donna Aston Mr and Mrs Robert E Ballenger Sharon M. Balsman Mrs. Maudene C. Barkemeyer Ms. Judith H. Barteau Mrs. Elizabeth Q. Batista Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Bean Drs. Daniel H. and Deborah Beard

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 

copper d ome s ociety Mr. Charles J. Beech Mrs Edna M Beezley Mr. and Mrs. William J. Beggs Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bell Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bennett Mr. Joda L. Bess Mrs. Beverly K. Blanding Mr. William B. Blaylock Jerald W Blemker Mrs. LaVella M. Blessing Mr. Bill Boesen Mr. Ronald Bowers Mrs. Martha A. Brabson Mr. Calvin W. Break Sr Mr. Rick D. Brittingham Mr. Paul Brockmeyer Ms. Roberta L. Broeker Mrs. Cheryl L. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brothers Drs Randy and Twila Brown Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Brown Mr and Mrs Tom Brumitt Mr. and Mrs. Greg Brune Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brune Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradley Brune Dr. Robert A. Bruns Mr. Joe T. Buerkle Mr. Tony L. Burdin Mr. Bill D. Burlison Drs. Robert A. and Linda Burns Mr. George E. Bush Sr Ms. Dianne M. Carlile Mr. Neil Casey Dr. Sheila R. Caskey Dr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Caulder Mr. Jonathan S. Cavaness Mr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Chirnside Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Christen Ms. Lucille Christoff Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Compas Dr. James F. Cooper Ms. Ann M. Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Cox Mrs. Betty L. Cox Mrs. Rita E. Crain Mr. and Mrs. Rick Crites Mr Robert Cron Dr. Ada L. Cruce Dr. and Mrs. Dalton B. Curtis Jr Dr. Ralph F. Darr Jr Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Davis Dr. Larry A. Davis Mr. Lyle A. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Deimund Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dickemper Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Dickerson Dr. Mary K. Dinger Mr. Dave Diveley

Mr. William P. Dockins Dr. Bruce Domazlicky Mr Nick S Dopudja Mr. Gary R. Downing Mr. and Mrs. Dan Driskell Dr. K. Max Eakin Mr. Neal C. Edwards Mrs. Karen A. Enderle Mr. Jim Erlacker Mrs. Martha B. Erlbacher Samantha Nicole Espiricueta Mr. and Mrs. Billie D. Fadler Mr. Robert Fee Mr. Bartley C. Ferrell Jr Dr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Finney Mr. John Fisher Dr. and Mrs. Rick Flaksman Mr. Lee Flanagan Mr. Jerald L. Fleschner Mr. and *Mrs. Kevin E. Ford Mrs. Mary R. Fox Mr Edwin J Fruehwald Dr. Allen Gathman Mrs. Tedra K. Gee Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Giebler Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Giles Chad M Gipson Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Glaus Dr. Peter J. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Z. Gosche Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Gould Dr. Gary P. Green Hon. and Mrs. Stanley A. Grimm Mr. and Mrs. John W. Grimm Mrs. Paige A. Guenard Mr. Dwight C. Guerrant Mr. Sheldon J. Haffner Dr. and Mrs. James T. Hall Mr. Jim Ham Dr. and Mrs. J. Randall Hansbrough Cynthia Harbster Ms. Bobbye R. Hardin Mark B Harris Dr. Riley H. Hastings Jr Dr. and Mrs. James H. Hays Mr. Charles R. Haywood Jr Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hearne Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hedden Sr Don H Hendricks Mr. Robert E. and Dr. Eleanor Henry Mr. and Mrs. David A. Henry Don L Heuer Mr. and Mrs. Brad K. Hiett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Higgins Dr. and Mrs. Peter Hirschburg Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Hodges Sr Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Hoffmann Mrs. Betty Hoffmeister

Bold represents new members or upgraded membership level as of June 30, 2007. * denotes deceased


Dionne Hoffmeister Dr. Harlan H. Holladay Kathy Hollenbeck Ms. Mary E. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Hopper Dr. and Mrs. David K. Hopson Ms. Frieda A. Howard Mr. Terry Howell Chris G Huckstep Mr. Keith W. Huckstep Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Hudson Ms. Karen T. Hudson Mrs. Mary S. Hutteger Dr. Edward G. Janosik Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jenkins Dr. Bob W. Jerrolds Dr. Gary Johnson Dr. David S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Jones Mr. George E. Joseph Mrs. Mary Alice Kasten Mr and Mrs Nelson H Kasten Mr. and Mrs. Don Kaverman Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Kestner Mr and Mrs Jim Kettelkamp Mr. Michael J. Kilker Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Kinder Mr. Michael F. Kirby Mr. Carl S. Kirchdoerfer Dr Patrick Knight Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Knudtson Dr. and Mrs. David A. Kunz Timothy E Kwiatkowski Mrs. Betty A. Landre Ms. Anne E. Lang Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lange Jr Dr and Mrs Matthew A Lavalle Mr. and Mrs. John A. Layton Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Layton Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Lincoln Dr. Frank J. Linn Mrs. Georgia M. Little Ms. Mary Lohman Dr. and Mrs. John B. Long Mr. John Lorberg Mr Joseph H Low III Mr. L. Linton Luetje Mrs. Mary K. Masters Mr. William E. Masterson Martha A Matter Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Matthews Dr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Mattingly Ms. Connie Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McClanahan Ms. Pamela W. McClune Mr. C. Britton McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Larry O. McCormick Dr. and Mrs. Gerald S. McDougall Dr. and Mrs. Chris McGowan Mr. Timothy M McGuire Mr. RJ McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Randy I. McLain

Dr. and Mrs. M. Jeffery McNabb Mr. Claude E. Meadows III Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mehner Mr. and Mrs. Dale Meier Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Metz Mr. Scott Meyer Mr. and Mrs. David T. Michel Mrs. Dorothy L. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Miller Mrs. Jean C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John R. Miller Mr. Robert W. Miller Mr. William G. Moll Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Montgomery Dr. John C. Montgomery Jr Mr. and Mrs. J. Handy Moore Mr. Ronald J. Moore Philip S Moore Dr. Carol A. Morrow Ms. Cecil M. Mossotti Mr. and Mrs. John G. Muench Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Munger Jr Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nesslein Mr. Ernie Nordman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Obergoenner Mrs. Barbara C. Ostrenga Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. O’Toole Mr. Douglas J. Otterness Dr. Randal Allen Otto Mr. Daniel L. Overbey Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Payne Mrs. Terri A. Penrod Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Pfefferkorn Mrs. Carole L. Pfeiffer Mr and Mrs David M Popham Mr. and Mrs. John S. Poston Dr. Barron E. Pratte Mr and Mrs Michael A Price Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Priday Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Proffer Mr. Lanny M. Proffer Norman Rechenberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Revelle Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Reynolds Mrs. Alma R. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Brett Richardson Mr. Monroe Richardson Mr. John M. Ringwald Mrs. Marcia Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Robert Jr Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Roberts Mr. Danny L. Rockett Mr. D. Bryan Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Laroy R. Roper Jr Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rosengarten Mrs. Geraldine Ross Mr. Robert R. Roth Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ruch Mr. and Mrs. Cliff F. Rudesill Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rust Mr. and Mrs. James E. Salzman Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Sander

Mr. Jerry Sanders Mr. Brian C. Schafer Mr Paul Schermann Mrs. Gwendolyn P. Schild Mr. Paul Schniedermeyer Mr. and Mrs. David E. Schoenbeck Mrs. Elaine C. Schorb Mr. Terry A. Schroeter Dr and Mrs E Robert Schultz Mr. Guy T. Schwab Dr. Shirley A. Schweitzer Ms. Margaret B. Scoggins R Scott Seay Dr. and Mrs. Rickard A. Sebby Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Seres Mr. Vincent E. Seyer Dr. Susan H. Sheets Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell R. Shelby Mr. Ben Shell Ms. Diane Sides Dr. Connie D. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sims James Freeman Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Small Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley Smith Ms. Jodi M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Arlie E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Tim Smith Mr. Gary L. Smith Mr. Jack R. Smoot Jr Mr. and Mrs. Marion L. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Speiser Hon. and Mrs. Stephen L. Spomer Mr. and Mrs. Archie W. Sprengel Dr. Kevin Squibb Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Stalon Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Staples Mr. George D. Steck Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Steffen Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Stough Mrs. Elizabeth M. Straka Dr. Alice J. Strange Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Strassner Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strickland Mrs. Eloise C. Sturkey Dr. James W. Sucharski Mrs. Donna L. Suess Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Swaim Dr. and Mrs. Philip W. Taylor Mr. Anthony T. Thomas Mr Richard D Titter Mr. Pete Ulmer Mrs. Carolyn R. Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Vogelsang Mr Michael J Waldron Mrs. Mildred K. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Art Wallhausen Dr. James I. Walling Mr. and Mrs. Ken Weakley Mr Howard F Weckel Mr. Jim R. Wedeking Mr K Andrew West David B Wiese

Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Wildman Mr. L. Glen Williams Mrs M Virginia Wilmerding-Pett Dr. Robert J. Zeller Mr. Jim Zieba Mr. Ralph H. Ziegler


$150-$249 Mary M Abernathy Mrs. Jennifer A. Acosta Mr. Bill J. Adams Mrs. Janet J. Adams Mrs. Elois M. Allan Mr. Jerry Aufdenberg Mr. Sam G. Austin Mr. and Mrs. James Autrey Dr. and Mrs. L. Taylor Bahn Mrs. Martha Parke Baldwin Mrs. Dixie Bader Banks Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H. Barker Dr. and Mrs. Wallace H. Barrows Mr. Leo S. Baudino Mrs. Leslie C. Baumgartner Mr. Gary L. Bays Mr. James L. Beam Jr Mrs. Virginia R. Beleck Dr. Thomas L. Bennett Mr and Mrs Clifton D Berry Dr. Theresa M. Bert Mr. and Mrs. August W. Birk Mr. Harvey A. Birmingham Dr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Bishop Hon. Lewis Blanton Felecia J Blanton Mr. David Blechle Mrs. Lynda F. Blick Mrs. Nancy H. Bliss Ms. Jean Low Bloomfield Ms. Carol Blue Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bodenschatz Mrs. Esther L. Bohnert Dr. James H. Bollinger Ms. Peggy S. Bond Dr. and Mrs. Allan Bornstein Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bourzikas Dr. and Mrs. C. William Boyce Dr. Gregory Boyd Mr. John C. Boyd Jr Mr. Charles Bradford Sally L Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Emil W. Brase Mr. and Mrs. Alton T. Bray Dr. Ralph J. Brewer Ms. Anne M. Brinkopf Mr. E. L. Brown III Mrs. Mary A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Brown Dr. Michael F. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Brune Mr. Douglas P. Buchheit Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Burchell Col. Mary A. Burke Charlotte J Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Rice P. Burns Jr Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Burton Mr. Steven C. Byrd Mr. T. Swayne Byrd Mrs. Kathy S. Cagle Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Call Mr. Joseph G. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. James R. Carley Mr. Tom L. Carr Mrs. Melba W. Casey Mr. Harlan W. Caszatt Mr. Philip S. Chartrau Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Chisman Mr. Larry D. Church Mr. Michael W. Clark Mr. and Mrs. P. Eugene Coffman Ms. Saundra Colley Ms. Opal M. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy T. Conkin Mrs. Margaret C. Conlon-Eisenhart Mrs. Juanita Cook Mr. Donald E. Cook Mr. Danny Cook Mr and Mrs Paul G. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Rick R. Corcoran Dr. Michael C. Cowan Mr. Dean E. Cowan Mr. Albert Cox Mrs. Rea M. Crain Mr. Dennis C. Creech Mr. and Mrs. John C. Crites Mr. David E. Crites Mrs. Judy C. Crump Mr. John M. Cusick Mrs. Rayanna L. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. G. Alan Dame Mr. and Mrs. James W. Daume Ms Starla G Davis Dr. W. R. Dawson Jr Mrs. Renate Deblois Robin M Delong Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Detring Robert D Dietl Jamie Dodd Mrs. Cynthia L. Dolniak Mr. and Mrs. S. Cordell Dombrowski Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Dooley Mr. Stephen J. Doran Cpt. Gregory P. Dowd Mrs. Patricia Drumm Dr. and Mrs. James J. Dufek Mrs. Barbara A. Duncan

Mr. Stephen S. Duncan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Eaton III Ms. Sara A. Edgerton Mr. and Mrs. John D. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elders Mrs. Brenda Ellinghouse Ms. Mary L. Estes Dr. Mirl R. Evans Mrs. Evelyn K. Ewalt Dr. Vincent A. Fallert Mr. James H. Feuerbacher Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Fiehler Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Fischer Mrs. Sondra G. Fitzpatrick Mr. H. Michael Floyd Mr. Wayne Ford Mrs. Doris J. Ford Mr. Thomas R. Fowler Ms. Janel L. Francis Ms. Leigh Fredrickson Gaylan D Friesenborg Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Fulton Mr. and Mrs. R. Melvin Gateley Mr. Gary E. Gazall Mrs. Ruth L. George Mr. Kenneth J. Gibbar Mrs. Karen E. Gibbons Mr. Thomas J. Gilliam Mrs. Helen F. Glazer Mrs. Joan A. Gohn Mr. Jack R. Gosnell Mr. James B. Govreau Mr. and Mrs. John E. Graeler Mr. William F. Green Mrs. Terri L. Grissom Mr. Kenneth R. Gullett Ms. Gayanne Gutherz Mr. and Mrs. Loi H. Ha Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Haertling Dr. and Mrs. Harold W. Hager Mr.and Mrs. Joseph T. Haines Mr. Timothy S. Halter Mr. and Mrs. David W. Halter Mrs. Connie A. Hampton Ms. Robin Hankinson Dr. Kurt F. Hanneman Mrs. V. Louise Hargens Donna Harness Mrs. Frances S. Harris Mrs. Sandra S. Hastings Dr. Bruce Hathaway Mrs. Katherine A. Hays

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 11

copper d ome s ociety Mr. John T. Heard Dr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Hecht Mr. Robert E. Hemmann Dr. Karen S. Hendrickson Mrs. Sharon M. Hennessy Dr. Jack A. Hensley Mr. Ronald H. Herr Mr. and Mrs. John A. Heuer Mr. William R. Hicks Mrs. Susanne Hildebrand Dr. and Mrs. Hamner Hill Mrs. Mary E. Hiner Mr. and Mrs. David Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. J. Derieck Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Hoeh Jr Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Hoffman Mr. Scott A. Hoffmann Mr. John A. Holliday Dr. and Mrs. Milford O. Holt Laurie A Hoogland Mr. John O. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. James R. Huff II Mr. and Mrs. Neil Humburg Mr. Matt J. Imgrund Dr. Thomas Israel Mr. Sterling E. Ivy Mr. David W. Jackson Dr. Melba L. James Mrs. Linda Jenkins-Rechtin Mrs. Dolly R. Jewel Ms. Deidre D. Jewel Dr. and Mrs. Earl W. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Jones Mr. Daniel L. Jones Mrs. Lenora J. Jost Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kaser Mrs Julia Low Katinas Mr. Jerry L. Kaufman Mr and Mrs Bob Keathley Dr. Kirby J. Keller Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Keller Dr. Roy F. Keller Ms. Patricia Kellerhals Ms. Michele M. Kelmer Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kiel Mr. Thomas L. Kinder Jr Ms. Cynthia R. King Mr. D. Lee Kirtley Mr. Mark Kneer Mr. John H. Kniest Jr Mr. John S. Knight Mr. Daniel L. Knost Mr. and Mrs. August J. Koebbe Jr Mr Brian M Kramer Mr. Michael R. Lane Mrs. Wanda Lang Dr. and Mrs. James P. LaRue Mr and Mrs Maurice Lagault Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Leggett Mrs. Brenda Leimbach Mr. Frank J. Lento Ms. Jeanette M. Leonhard Dr. Edward L. Leoni A L Lesdernier


Mrs. Patricia D. Lessmann Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Levin Mr. Robert D. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Freeman D. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Lewis Ms. Tara J. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Walt W. Lilly Mr. and Mrs. David S. Limbaugh Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lloyd Mr. Ruben E. Lopez Mrs. Merry G. Lorberg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ludwig Mr. Robert Lukefahr Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lummus Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Lynn Mrs. Jean Mabrey Kevin J Maher Dr. and Mrs. James T. Main Jr Dr. John D. Margerum Mrs. Anne B. Marietta Mr. Homer I. Markhart Jean M Mason Mrs. D. Jane Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Mauk Mr. Michael S. Maupin Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. McAdoo Mrs. Frances T. McCoin Mr Cleve McDaniel Mr. Randy L. McDaniel Mr. Jackie D. McDonald Dr. Carol J. McDowell Mr. Gary K. McDowell Mr. Kevin McMeel Mrs. Eveline A. McNew Ms. Diane S. Metzger Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Meyr Mr. Keith W. Mills Dr. Bruce Mims Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mitchell Ms. Maxine L. Mitchener Mr. and Mrs. J. Blair Moran Jr Dr James W Morgan Mr. Joseph A. Morrey Ms. Cheryl Mothes Hon. Marybelle Mueller Mr. Herbert S. Mulkey Mr. Patrick M. Murphy Mr. Louis J. Naeger Mrs. S. Joanne Nakashima Mrs. Mary K. Nasevich Mrs. Ruth H. Neel Dr. and Mrs. S. Edwin Noffel Mr. Francis J. Nowicki Mrs. D. Lynne Ogden Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Ogles Mr. Forrest H. O’Neal Dr. and Mrs. David G. Otto Mrs. Lorili B. Ozbun Mrs. Carolyn B. Pendergrass Camille T Philips Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Phillips Mr. Floyd L. Piles Ms. Charlotte Pinnick Mrs. Caryn Pirano

Mrs. Suzanne Plush Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Pokorny Mr. Stanley I. Popp Paul E Powers Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Pratt Mr. Richard I. Prevallet Mr. Jerry L. Priest Mr. and Mrs. Doyle L. Privett Bernard L Proffer Mr. Bill Prost Mr. Charles Pruitt R Scott Pulliam Mr. and Mrs. Narvol A. Randol Jr Mr. Russell A. Ray Mr. Keith Ray Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Readnour Ms. Patricia Reagan Mr and Mrs G. Lee Reid, Jr Mrs. Mary J. Reiff Mr. Arlie E. Reinwald Jr Mr. Roger A. Ressel Dr. Robert E. Restemyer Mrs. Delores Jean Revelle Dr. Audrey L. Reynolds Mr. Merle C. Richmond Mr. Don J. Riehn Mr. and Mrs. Marion J. Rickard Jr Mr. Harold J. Rieser Mrs. Marilyn J. Ritter Mrs. Vicki S. Robben Ms. Catherine G. Roeder Mrs. Susan E. Rogers Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Roloff Mr. and Mrs. David Ross Mrs. Betty M. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Rust Patricia C Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Sandfort Mrs. Mary F. Santana Mrs. Joyce C. Sayle Mr and Mrs David R Scharf Gary D Schenimann Drs. John E. and Loretta Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Schnurbusch Mrs. Deborah L. Schrader Mr. Michael Schuette Kurt J Schultz Ms. Phyllis J. Schwab Mr. Francis M. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Melvin O. Schweer Sr Ms. Dixie O. Scott Ms. Margie J. Sewing Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Seyer Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Shaw Mrs. Meta K. Siemers Mrs. Barbara M. Sikes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Simpson Mr. Peter L. Statler Mr. David P. Steinbecker Mrs. Bonnie Stepenoff Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Stevens Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Stilson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Strickland Jr Mr. Robert R. Stricklin Kimberly L Stroup

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Suits Ms Cristy Summers Mrs. Linda L. Tewis Dr. Margaret A. Theobald Mr. Fred Thomas Mr and Mrs C Dean Thomas Mr. Nathan P. Thomas Ms. Marjorie H. Thompson Dr. Joseph W. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thompson Mrs. Julia G. Thrower Mr. and Mrs. Daren K. Todd Ms. Marsha J. Toll Mrs. Joan Dungey Toomey Dr. Carl T. Train Mr Doug Urban Dr. Clarence E. Van Lear Jr Mr. and Mrs. James S. Vickery Ms. Joan M. Villar Mr. and Mrs. Joel G. Vinson Jr Ms. Liliana Visscher Mr. Don J. Vogel Mr Wesley R Wade Mr. James D. Walker Mrs. Karen M. Walker Mrs. F. Alice Walker Dr. Tonie M. Waller Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Walsh Ms. Kimberly D. Waltrip Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wamser Mr. Louis S. Watkins M June Weaver Ms. Holly Weems Mrs. M. Jean Weingaertner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Welch Mr. Kenneth C. Werner Mr. Paul R. Wessel Mr Vincent D White Dr. Roseanna B. Whitlow Mr. Charles E. Wideman Mrs. Sue A. Wild Mrs. Sara M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Wilson Mr. Charles W. Wirtel Mr Dennis Woeltje Mr. Michael S. Wood Ms. Betty L. Woodring Mr. Louis H. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Wright Mr. Ted Yates Ms. Tiffany N. Yeast Mr. Robert M. Younghouse Mr. Timmy K. Yung yes Ms. Rhonda L. Zeilinger Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ziegler Mr. Ryan J. Ziegler Mr. Robert J. Zillmer Mr. and Mrs. Caleb C. Zustiak

Bold represents new members or upgraded membership level as of June 30, 2007. * denotes deceased

friend of



he “Friend of the University” award, which recognizes those who support and who are

the university


closely associated with the mission, purposes, plans and programs of the University, is the highest honor bestowed by the Southeast Missouri University Foundation. The

Friend of the University must have the respect of the community and the University, and must have acted to confirm their interest and involvement with the University.

Donald L. Dickerson, member of the Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents for 12 years and president for eight, received the 2007 Friend of the University Award from the Southeast Missouri University Foundation. Dickerson received his bachelor of art degree from Southeast Missouri State University in 1954 and his law degree from the University of MissouriColumbia. Dickerson was first appointed to the Southeast Board of Regents in April 1993 by the late Gov. Mel Carnahan, and was elected president of the Board of Regents on Oct. 4, 1996. He served as president through December 2004. During his service as Board president, Dickerson dedicated his time and effort to enhance University facilities, expand the University’s academic programs and accomplishments and improve the campus environment through strategic administrative policies. “Don’s service to Southeast Missouri State University is nothing short of extraordinary,” said Dobbins. “During his dozen years on the Board, he provided the vision and leadership to significantly enhance nearly every area of the University. “He is a true visionary who has given his heart and soul to higher education in this region,” the president said. “His tenure on the Board will be remembered as an unprecedented period of growth and accomplishment for the University. On behalf of our students, faculty, staff and alumni, we are extremely pleased to name him the Friend of the University as a token of our deep gratitude for his remarkable service to Southeast. “Most significantly,” Dobbins added, “as we prepare to celebrate the grand opening of the River Campus, we recall that it was Don’s vision in 1998 that initiated the idea of transforming the abandoned St. Vincent’s Seminary property into a school of visual and performing arts. Now, with these magnificent facilities serving our students,

our community, and our region, it is appropriate that the Friend of the University Award this year recognizes his leadership in bringing this dream to reality.” Before Dickerson finished his term as president of the Board, he provided leadership for several new facility improvements for the University, including completion of the planning and funding phase of the River Campus project; planning and construction of the Seabaugh Polytechnic Building; planning for the Research Park project at the former University Farm on I-55; construction of a new entrance, plaza, student organization space, and the Skylight Terrace at the University Center; planning for a new Broadway-Henderson entrance to the campus; and construction of a transmitter to expand KRCU-FM coverage to the Mineral Area via KSEF-FM. In addition to his service to the Board of Regents, Dickerson has served as a member of the Southeast Dean’s Advisory Council to the Harrison College of Business, the Southeast Missouri University Foundation, the Foundation Board of Directors, the Copper Dome Society and the Southeast Booster Club. Dickerson also has been a lecturer for the Missouri Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education Program. Dickerson was presented with an honorary doctor of laws degree from Southeast during commencement exercises in May 2005. An honorary doctorate is one of the most prestigious awards presented by the University and has been awarded to only seven individuals for distinguished achievement, accomplishment or service that is recognized by peers in the field and by a broader spectrum of society. A partner in the firm of Dickerson, Hill & Lange, LLC, Dickerson is a member of the Missouri Bar, the Federal Bar, the Cape Girardeau County Bar, the American Bar Association and the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Pa s t F r i e n d s o f the University 1983 Rush H. Limbaugh, Sr. 1984 Robert A. Dempster 1985 Hon. Marvin Proffer 1986 Rosemary Berkel Crisp 1987 Margaret Woods Allen 1988 Louis Daniel Brodsky 1989 Hon. John Dennis 1990 Anne Bradshaw 1991 Martin Hecht 1992 Delmar A. Cobble 1993 Donald L. Harrison 1994 Judith R. Wilferth 1995 John W. Glenn 1996 Aleen Vogel Wehking 1997 Otto & Della Seabaugh 1998 B.W. Harrison 1999 Guy & Claudine Pinckley 2000 Earl & Marjorie Holland 2002 George Schriever 2003 Donald C. Bedell 2004 Gary & Wendy Rust 2005 Harry L. Crisp II 2006 Kohlfeld Family

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 13


ach year, businesses, corporations, foundations and associations make

gifts that provide student scholarships, state-of-the-art equipment, funds for faculty

development and a variety of other needs. Their support is important to the lives of the students they impact.

1st National Insurance Agency A & P Plumbing and Drain Cleaning A Touch of Grace Inc A-1 Lock Inc Abbott Laboratories Fund Foundation Adkisson Insurance Advanced Audio-Medical Inc Agilent Technologies Alliance Bank Alt Consulting Ameren Charitable Trust AmerenUE - Cape Girardeau American Assn of State Colleges and Universities American Family Insurance Group American International Group Inc Andrias Seafood Specialities Anheuser Busch Companies Animal Technologies Inc Arbor Health Care Inc Arena Golf Arney Buildings Inc Arthur Insurance and Realty Services Artisan Contracting AT and T Foundation AT&T Auburn Creek Assisted Living by Americare Aufdenberg Equipment Company Auffenberg Auto Tire and Parts - Cape Girardeau B and S United Agencies Bank of America Bank of America Foundation Bank of Missouri - Perryville, MO Bank of Missouri Cape Girardeau Bausch & Lomb Corporation Bean Properties Bearden Violin Shop Inc Begley, Janssen, Young and Birk, LLC Bent Creek Golf Course Benton Hill Investment Company Berryhill and Sturgeon Ltd Best Mortgage and Financial Beta Gamma Sigma Beyers Chiropractic Clinic Bi State Oil Company Billy Joe Glove Co Biokyowa, Inc. BKD LLP Blair Industries Blimpie Subs and Salads Bloomsdale Excavating Co Inc Bob Evans Farms Restaurant Boeing Company


or ga nizations Boeing Matching Gift Program Boyd Inc BPO Elkettes #639 Brad Beussink Construction, Inc Breese Ultimate Family Fitness Bric Partnership LLC Broadway Prescription Shop Brooke Insurance and Financial Services Bruce’s Ag and Auto Supply Inc BSI Constructors Inc Buchheit Buellis Construction Company Burger King C and S Foods Inc C. P. McGinty Jewelers Cairo Dry Kilns Cantor and Associates LLC Capaha Bank Capaha Bank-Operations Center Cape Auto Pool Cape Care for Women, LLC Cape Communications Corp Cape County Otolaryngology Cape County Republican Women Cape Electrical Supply Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau Cape Girardeau Save-A-Lot Cape Girardeau Winnelson Company Cape Importers LLC Cape Radiology Group Cape River Heritage Museum Inc Cape Small Animal Clinic Cape Winair Company Capital Insurance Carlinville, Hillsboro, Jerseyville McDonald’s Carmel of St Anne Carniceria La Rosita Carpet and Floor Center LLC Casa Rojas H LLC CCCC4 Central States Coca-Cola Bottling Company Cheekwood Studios ChemTreat Inc Chevron Texaco Match Gift Program China Palace Chrysler Corporation Fund Citizens for Missouri’s Children City of Roses Music Heritage Clarence Kohnen Development Clark and Sons Excavating LLC Class Act Family Fitness Clean the Uniform Company Columbia Construction Corp Commerce Bank Commerce Bank of Cape Girardeau Committee to Elect Cam Ward ConocoPhillips Construction Trailer Specialists Inc Contours of SEMO Cook Barkett MaGuire and Ponder LLC Cooley’s Auto Repair Cornell Trucking Company Inc Corner Market Cozean Eye Clinic CPU Inc CQI Medical Billing Services Inc Crader Distributing Company Crain Enterprises Creations the Florist Creative Edge Inc Crites Farms

Custodial Day Employees Facilities Management Cycle Werx D L H Services Dairy Queen Dalhousie Golf Club Darrow Drafting and Design Inc Dave Emmons Family Davis Glass Company DC Construction Specialties Inc Del Monte Foods Department of Mass Communications Dornoch Construction Dow Chemical Company Foundation Dowling’s Auto Body Downtown Sinclair Druby’s Inc Drury Company Drury Industries Dutch Enterprises DW Automotive Services East Perry Lumber Co Edison International Edward Bernard Gallery Edward Jones Elks Lodge 639 - Cape Girardeau Esicar’s Smokehouse ExxonMobil Foundation Eye Consultants Farrow Lumber Company Fazoli’s Federal Practice Memorial Trust Feuerbacher Wilkins Group of Merrill Lynch Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Finch, Temples, Marchbanks, LLC First Community Bank First Financial Planners First Midwest Bank of Dexter First Missouri State Bank First State Community Bank Cape Girardeau Fixture Contracting Inc Flex-Line Automation, Inc. Foot and Ankle Centers Ford and Sons Funeral Home Frank and Bessie Spielberg Foundation Friends And Of Nabors Gateway Region Volleyball Association General Electric Foundation Genex Services Inc Gerdan Slipforming Inc Gilster-Mary Lee Corporation Glaus and Associates, CPA, LLC GlaxoSmithKline GMAC St Louis Business Center Grace United Methodist Church Grainger Greater St. Louis Community Foundation Guardian Angel Church Gymnastics Express Hankins Construction Hardees (Broadway) Harris Chiropractic Wellness Center Health Facilities Rehabilitation Heartland Insurance Agency Hermann Lumber Company Herrera Enterprises HFR Sports Medicine Hillin and Clark, PC HNAC Services Holloway Carpet One Holshouser and Associates

Horizon Screen Printing HSBC Hull Trucking Inc Hutson Furniture Company IBM Corporation Illinois Tool Works Foundation Image Architects Inc Ingram Equipment Company LLC Innovative Financial Planners LLC Innovative Idea Integration LLC Innovative Ideas and Incentives Inc Innovative Orthodontics, LLC International Log and Timber LLC J Harres Inc Jackson Dental LLC Jackson Tribal Council JCS/Tel-Link Jim Hankins Air Service Inc Jimmy John’s Joe’s Pizza Johnson and Johnson Johnson and Stark, LLC Jones and Sons Joseph F. Boente Sons JS Express K and K Auto Parts Inc K and K Construction Kelly Services Kelso Supply Ken Oberlohr Insurance Agency Kenco Enterprises Kennett National Bank KFVS-TV Kidd’s Kimberly Clark Foundation Kiwanis Club of Cape Girardeau Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus Council #6405 Koehler Engineering and Land Surveying Kohlfeld Distributing Co. L and S Discount Pharmacy La Casa De Alegria LA Weight Loss Laclede Gas Company

Landmark Hospital of Cape Girardeau LLC Larry Eftink Enterprises Larry Hillis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Lee’s Sports Limbaugh Law Firm Lone Star Industries Long John Silvers Luther F Carson Four Rivers Center Macys Midwest Major Brands Inc Mark Munsell Memorial Foundation Market Square Restaurant Marsh and McLennan Companies Martiz Inc Marx, LLC Mary Wright Lohman Foundation Mata Concrete Construction Company May Department Stores Foundation McAlister’s Deli McDonald’s of Kennett MO McWilliams Real Estate Merrill Lynch and Co Foundation Meyer Supply Co Michael C Jones Insurance Agency Inc Microsoft Corporation Midamerica Hotels Corp Mid-South Steel Products Midwest Agri-Chemico Midwest Independent Bank Millennium Industrial Equipment LLC Miracle Supply Company Inc Mississippi Lime Company Missouri Humanities Council Missouri State Teachers Assn Mollie’s Cafe’ and Bar Monroe Enterprises Monsanto Fund Montgomery Bank Morgan Funeral Home National City Bank Natural Health Organic Foods Nebraska Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Neurologic Assoc of Cape Girardeau New Hamburg Home Makers Nick’s Nip Kelley Equipment Company Inc Noffel-Feuerhahn, Inc. Noranda Aluminum, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Life Notre Dame Regional High School Office of Extended and Continuing Education OK Transport Inc Old Town Cape Oneok Foundation Inc Optimist Club - Cape Girardeau Osburn, Hine, Kuntze and Yates, LLC Outback Concerts of Tennessee Inc Outback Steakhouse Overhead Door Co of Southeast MO OzArc/Gas Equipment and Supply Ozark Mountain Hardwood LLC Pagliai’s Pizza and Pasta Paric Corporation Patrick Furniture PCS Drug Screening LLC Peabody Energy Pearson Education Peoples Bank of Altenburg Perkins Baptist Church Pest Free Inc Pfizer Inc Pharmacia Foundation Phi Kappa Phi Foundation Pilot House

Pioneer Window Works Pizza Hut Plaza Tire Service, Inc. PMac Music Inc Port Cape Girardeau Premium Mechanical Services Inc Principal Financial Group Foundation Procter and Gamble Fund Pyramid Clinical Services Quest Diagnostics R and K Excavation Inc Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund Realty Executives of Cape County Red Letter Communications Regions Bank Reinhold Flooring Inc Reynolds and Reynolds RG Ross Construction Company Inc Rhoads Chiropratic Rhodes 101 Stops Rice, Spaeth and Summers, LLC Richardet Floor Covering Inc Riley, Stubbs and Cato River City Imaging River Eagle Distributing Co. Robinson Orthodontics Roland Machinery Co Rotary Club of Cape Girardeau Rowdy’s All American Sports Grill Rust Communications & Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Rust, Sr. SAFECO Insurance Companies Saint Francis Medical Center Sam Baker Concessions Inc Save-A-Lot SBC Telecommunications Schermann and Associates, PC Schnucks Schnucks - Cape Girardeau, Missouri Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Scott A Farmer Inc Scott Thomas Photography Security Bank and Trust SEMO Consulting and Building Inc SEMO District Fair Association SEMO Ready Mix Inc Servpro of Cape and Scott Counties Shelby County State Bank Shell Oil Foundation Show Me Center Shryock Auditorium Sides Construction Company Siemens Building Technologies Sisters of Divine Providence Skipper’s Restaurant Slumberland Furniture Sonic Drive In Sonoco Products Company Southeast Book Store Southeast Fabricating Southeast Missouri Builders Supply Southeast Missouri Hospital Southwestern Bell Foundation Spectrum Training Center, LLC Springfield Baseball/Softball Academy Inc St Joseph’s Hospital St Louis Boiler Supply Co St Marys Seminary St Vincent DePaul Parish State Farm Companies Foundation Ste Genevieve Tourism Commission Stev Mark Inc Stifel-Nicolaus and Company T S Boyd Grain TDS Services Inc

Tenet Healthcare Corp TG Missouri The Brownington Foundation The Cash Book Journal The Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery LLC The McGraw-Hill Companies The Pampered Chef The Rite Group The Sherwin-Williams Co Thomas Meyer Realtors Tim Heimann Contracting Inc Timmermann Milk Service Toys R US Tribal Council Tuscan Lodge No 360 AF & AM Twin Rivers Medical Center Twister Transport LLC Tyco Matching Gifts Program Ultraflo Union Central Life Insurance Co Union Pacific Corp Union Security Insurance Company United Laboratories Ursuline Sisters US Bank US Bank Bollinger County US Bank of Cape Girardeau US Bank of Perryville US Bank of Sikeston Van De Ven LLC Verizon Foundation W E Walker-Lakenan LLC W W Grainger Wa Pa Ghettis Pizza Wal-Mart Store 122 Wal-Mart Stores Inc Washington Engineering & Architecture PC West Plains Motorsports Inc Wiethop Truck Sales Windridge Properties Wood and Huston Bank - Cape Girardeau, MO Wood and Huston Bank - Marshall, MO Yoder’s Furniture and Appliances LLC Zickfield’s Jewelers Zoellner Construction

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 15



2007 Celebrations and Completions information commons

Completion of River Campus Completion of Information Commons – Phases I & II Completion of Aquatic Center Completion of First Phase, Magill Hall Laboratory Upgrade Completion of First Phase, Dearmont Hall Upgrade Completion of Third Phase of Multi-Modal Transportation Facility Renovation, Expansion of University Center Food Court Renovation and Move to Wehking Alumni Center/Holland Center for University Advancement Achievement of ABET Accreditation by Industrial & Engineering Technology and Re-Accreditation by Engineering Physics Naming of Vandiver Hall Celebration of Show Me Center 20th Anniversary Celebration of Southeast Missouri State University – Malden 20th Anniversary Celebration of Family Weekend 30th Anniversary

show me center 20th anniversary

River Campus


2008 Challenges Expand Residence Hall Capacity to Meet Needs of Growing Enrollment Devise Strategy for Online Courses Expand International Programs Opportunities and Initiatives Upgrade Science Buildings Plan Information Technology Upgrades Develop a Regional Autism Center and University Research Village Complete Phase III of Information Commons Complete Construction of I-55 Interchange

1-55 interchange online courses

science & information technology Upgrades

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 17

s o u t he a st alumni


uccessful alumni are truly a product of great education. Special thanks to all the following alumni who have graciously made a financial contribution to their alma mater in fiscal year 2007. Learn more about how

alumni make a difference for students at 1928


* Ms. Grace N Williams DN

Mr. Charles L Hunze AD

Mr. Alton T Bray MB Mr. George E Bush Sr PT Mrs. Dorothy Evelyn Donnell (Mc Donald) AD Ms. Mary Edith Holmes PT Mrs. Rose M McDaniel (Metz) Mr. Raymond Clendenin Scott Mrs. Eloise Catherine Sturkey (Suenkel) PT



1930 Ms. Ella Ruth F Aufranc (Fletcher) AD * Mr. James H Paullus DN


* Mr. Chester R Lindhoff CN

1937 Mrs. Marianna Niblack (Montgomery) Mr. Raymond Henry Vogel DN Mrs. Anna L Webb (Hibbs)

1938 Dr. Roy Manning Barber Dr. Lucius Edward Guese

1939 Dr. Edward G Janosik PT Dr. John Carroll Montgomery Jr PT Mr. Walter Don Webb Mr. Robert J Zillmer MB

1940 Mr. William F Blaylock DR Dr. Charles Oliver Bowers Mrs. Martha Alvina Brabson (Harris) PT Dr. Hope Smith Daugherty (Smith) Mr. Emmett J Fink * Ms. Lolla Bagby Gilbert PR * Mrs. Margaret Helen Griffin (Clare) PT Mrs. Dorothy L Miles (Laws) PT Mr. Victor Keith Ray MB Mrs. Phyllis Eva Stenborg (Vogel)

annual membership mb

Member $150 to $249


Patron $250 to $499


Sponsor $500 to $999


Advocate $1,000 to $2,499


Professor $2,500 to $4,999


Leader $5,000 to $9,999


Director $10,000 to $24,999


Chairman $25,000 to $49,999


Dean $50,000 and greater


Mrs. Pauline M Aukes (Mizell) CN Mrs. Melba W Casey (Wilson) MB Mrs. Lauranna E Clevidence (Mainord) Mrs. Earnedell DuHadway (Ashby) Mrs. Helen Maxine Gebhard (Madsen) SP Mr. Derrill S Kuhlman * Mr. Floyd W Liley SP Mrs. Ruth S Liley (Stearns) SP Mr. Herbert S Mulkey MB Mrs. Mary V Parker (Barber) * Dr. Marlin Eugene Remley AD Mr. Paul William Seabaugh Mr. Richard Thomas Turner SP Mr. Apostle Paul Vance PR

1943 Mrs. Mary Lou Kuhnmuench (Oliver) Ms. Ruth M McCain

1944 Mr. John Behrens Mrs. Martha Lou Bray (Dorris) MB Mrs. Mary Louise Brune (Jamison) PT Ms. Edith L Cooper Mrs. Helen Beatrice Gillespie (Limbaugh) Mrs. Nancy L LaRue (Ashton) MB Mrs. Samantha Jean Toberman (Rudolph)

1952 1948 Mrs. Mary Lee Bowers (Ballard) Mr. James Walter Brinkopf Mrs. Maxine Wells Buxton (Davis) Mrs. Margaret Jean Davault (Russell) Mrs. Lillian D Johnson (Statler) MB Mr. Donald T McNeely DR Mrs. Mary Jo Moxey (Pratt) Mrs. Jean Ellis Neumeyer (Rogers) Mr. Wilber W Neumeyer Mr. Oscar David Niswonger Mrs. Betty Allen Phillips (Allen) Mr. Norman J Schwab Mr. Leland Jean Shivelbine

1949 Mrs. Thelma Paulette Cotner (Sturgeon) AD Mr. James Paul Dambach Mr. John R Ensor Dr. Calvin E Harbin Dr. Earl Wayne Johnson MB Mrs. Mary Alice Kasten (Critchlow) PT Mr. Freeman D Lewis MB Mrs. Eveline A McNew MB Mr. Martin F Radmer Mr. Lee Reid MB Mrs. Mary A Reid (Bagwell) MB Mrs. Nancy C Schifrin (Mills) Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Shorb (Colman) Mrs. Marion Jean Weingaertner (Lake) MB


Ms. Opal M Collins MB Mrs. Helen Coerver Glazer (Fox) MB Ms. Bertha Aline Johnson * Mrs. Harriett LaVera JonesMontgomery (McDaniel) PT Mrs. Ruth E Remley (Evens) AD Mrs. Julia Jane Wrather (Utterback)

Dr. Jean Allen Chapman SP Mr. Carl T Froehlich Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Froehlich (Nunley) Mr. Charles R Hacker Dr. Max Allen Heeb SP Dr. Harlan H Holladay PT Dr. Roy F Keller MB Dr. John Bertram Long PT Dr. John David Margerum MB Mr. Walter E Matthews SP Mr. Robert L Mize Mr. Robert R Roth PT Mrs. Bettie R Smith (Jones) Mrs. Elizabeth Marguerite Straka (Riley) PT Mr. Edward F Tschannen




Mrs. Charlotte N Behrens (Blackford) Mrs. Norma Louise Blattner (Kies) AD Mrs. Marie H Skain (Pouyer) Mrs. Elizabeth Sue Somers (Witcher) Mrs. Sallie E Townsend (Gault)

1947 Mrs. Nancy Jane Bliss (Hamilton) MB Mrs. Mary R Fox (Russell) PT Mr. Nelson Herbert Kasten PT Dr. James P LaRue MB Mrs. Alice R Lewis (Regenhardt) MB Mrs. Ruth Jerelyn McKinnis-Horowitz (McKinnis) AD Mrs. Ruth H Neel (Harris) MB

Dr. Robert Calvin Shaw Mr. Roland R Strickert Mrs. Patricia R Twomey (Baskin) DR Mr. John W Twomey DR Mrs. Shirley LaVerne Virdon (Shemwell) CN Mrs. Mildred Kasten Wallace (Kasten) PT * Ms. Barbara J West (Siler) MB

Mrs. Edna Margaret Beezley (Kelly) PT Mr. Howard Gilbert Bock Dr. Frank Gregory Dickey AD Dr. Clyde J Faries Mrs. Virginia Keisker Goodwin (Keisker) LR Dr. Fred B Goodwin LR Ms. Bobbye R Hardin PT Dr. Jack A Hensley MB Mr. Sterling Eugene Ivy MB Dr. Melba Lauvene James MB Mrs. Merry Gay Lorberg (Faulkner) MB Mr. John R Miller PT Dr. Mary Louise Remley AD Mrs. Ruth E Schweer (Noland)

Mr. Francis W Baudendistel AD Mrs. Mary A Baumstark (McConkey) * Mr. Joel E Beezley PT Mr. Norman G Britt Mrs. Mary Ann Daniel (Wilson) Mr. Gary T Estes Mrs. Delores J Estes (Reynolds) Mr. John Thomas Heard MB Ms. Dorothy A House (Maier) Mr. Donald G Killian Capt. Harold D Limbaugh Mr. Donald Gene Revelle PT Mrs. Leola Hermine Ruch (Sander) PT Mrs. Ludeane Jeanette Ruzicka (Fowler) CN Dr. Robert McLaran Sawyer Mrs. Mary G Sims (Gregory) PT Ms. Betty L Woodring MB

1953 Mrs. LaVella M Blessing (Wingerter) PT Mr. Bill D Burlison PT Dr. Jennie C Cooper SP Dr. Ralph Frank Darr PT Mr. Raymond Shelby Estes AD Mr. Raymond Melvin Gateley MB Mr. Samuel F Morgan Mrs. Dorothy M Pallo (Grayson) Mrs. Suzanne Plush (Cain) MB Mr. Ronald Eric Riehl Mrs. Marceline Saphian (Williams) Dr. Earl Robert Schultz PT Mrs. Meta K Siemers (Koechig) MB

1954 Mrs. Evelyn Lorraine Brase (Lowes) MB Mr. Emil Walter Brase MB Dr. Donald Frederick Brod SP Mr. Larry Ely Darnell Mr. Donald Lee Dickerson PT Dr. Harold W Hager MB Mr. Preston Daniel Koprivica Mrs. Iris Jean Likens (Conrad) Mrs. Mary Kies Masters (Kies) PT Mrs. Suanne McNeely (Harbison) DR Mr. George Willard Riddle Dr. Paul William Roloff MB Dr. Richard Julius Ruch PT Mrs. Nelda F Simpson (Underwood) MB

1955 Dr. John Cashion Bierk PR Mrs. Marilene Jane Bodenschatz (Grebe) MB Mrs. Camille E Clynch (Darby) Mrs. Betty L Cunningham (Schmidt) Cpt. Gregory P Dowd MB Mr. Bill K Engleman SP Mrs. Chloe J Gibbons (Kassel) Mr. James A Hankins Mrs. Marian L Hankins (Braun) Mrs. Dorothy Jean Lazovich (Barwick) Mr. Robert A McCracken Mrs. Lois E Mohesky (Tombrink) Mrs. Mary H Roloff (Rixman) MB Mr. Harry W Rust MB Mrs. Barbara L Rust (Rose) MB Mrs. Joan Marie Shewmake (Madison) SP

Mr. Thomas W Simpson MB Mr. John E Stehr LR Mr. William Donald Stewart Mr. Ray W Vick Mr. Ned Raymond Wicks

1956 Dr. Oscar Hugh Allison Mrs. Martha Parke Baldwin (Parke) MB Mrs. Dixie Louise Banks (Bader) MB Mrs. Maudene Carter Barkemeyer (Wheeler) PT Dr. Wallace Howard Barrows MB Ms. Lillian Byrdnell Boly Mr. James A Burchyett Mr. Leland Everette Butler Mrs. Rebecca F Cooper (Stewart) Mrs. Shirley Melrose Cooper (Illers) Mr. Paul Glen Copeland MB Dr. Richard Andrew Eichhorst SP Mr. Robert Edward Fulton Mr. James Oliver Goodin Mr. William Dean Graham LR Mrs. Helen C Hilton (Thornton) Mrs. Janet Sue Lohr (Stewart) Mrs. Ruby D Long (Davidson) AD Mr. Eugene Marvin Munger Jr PT Ms. Patricia L Pearl (Hinchey) Mr. Raymond E Pensel SP Mr. Richard Irl Prevallet MB Mrs. Judith Marie Redding (Cocke) Mr. Marvin Rosengarten PT Mr. Franklin Delano Roth Mrs. Martha Frances Sanderson (Sander) Dr. John Edward Schneider MB Mrs. Nina F Sebastian (Dye) Ms. Joann V Stecker (Merz) Mrs. Patricia A Stehr (Krieger) LR Mrs. Martha Jean Stewart (Hubbard) Mrs. Barbara Jo Thurman (Bess) SP Mr. Robert E Vogelsang PT Mr. Herbert F Wickham Dr. Ernest L Yeakey AD

1957 Mrs. Kathleen E Ailor (Johnson) Mrs. Edna Jean Arnold (Clark) Mr. Robert Eugene Ballenger PT Mrs. Ruth Fracette Ballenger (Heifner) PT Mrs. Sharon B Barrows (Barenkamp) MB Mr. William Jerome Beggs PT Mr. John Hutson Bell PT Mr. Gene Verlon Bess Mr. Harvey Allen Birmingham MB Mr. William B Blaylock PT Mr. Robert Ray Bradley Mr. John Arthur Brussman SP Mr. Billy Morgan Burch SP Mr. Robert Dean Crawford LR Mr. Gerald J Drury Mrs. Alice I Edmondson (Ralph) Mrs. Doris J Ford (Ludwig) MB Dr. Thomas M Gwaltney AD Mrs. Helen E Hammond (Hutson) SP Mrs. Raona Kathryn Hentz (Miller) Dr. Donald L Hunt Dr. Bob W Jerrolds PT Dr. William Joseph Ketcherside Dr. Jerry Lee Kinder Mrs. Martha K Knabel (Statham) Mr. Lawrence Arel Marler DR Mr. Richard E McElroy Mrs. Wilma R Mehrtens (Stilts) Mrs. Margaret Elaine Miller (Jones) Mr. James B Miller

Mr. Forrest H O’Neal MB Mrs. Mary Ann Pensel (Feezor) SP Mr. Stanley Ivan Popp MB Mrs. Jo Marilyn Revelle (White) PT Mrs. Delores Jean Revelle (Barton) MB Mr. Merle C Richmond MB Mr. Don J Riehn MB Mrs. Juanita M Riepl (Wendt) Dr. Fred E Saalfeld PR Mrs. Marjorie Lee Schramm (Best) Ms. Dixie O Scott MB Mrs. Shelby Ann Shell (Mouser) PT Mr. Benny Lee Shell PT Mr. William E Sims PT Mr. Ruben M Smith Mr. Philip L Toia AD Mr. Jim R Wedeking PT Mr. Dennis L Wheeler Mr. Ronald E Wood Mr. Clinton Martin Wunderlich AD

1958 Ms. Lorene N Allen (Woodard) Mrs. Nancy Carol Bell (Lacy) PT Dr. Thomas Larry Bennett MB Mrs. Lois Ann Burgess (Bollinger) Mr. Ray F Cliff DR Mr. Paul Eugene Coffman MB Dr. C Nelson Devenport Mr. William P Dockins PT Ms. Nancie A Fitzwater (Crook) Mrs. Lena Mae Fulton (Hahn) Mrs. Ruth Lee George (Snider) MB Dr. George Samuel Hand Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Jones (Jackson) Mrs. Lenora J Jost (Stone) MB Mr. Robert M King Dr. John Miller Lawrence AD Dr. Leonard L Palmer Mr. Billy Dean Priday PT Mr. Jerry Lee Priest MB * Mr. Ronald Duane Reed Cmd. Wayne Robinson Mr. Roger Brooks Sherman SP Mrs. Vera Shirlene Smith (Jones) Mrs. Joyce Ann Stark (Cushman) Mr. Paul R Wessel MB Ms. Joyce Ann Wiley (Soellner) Mrs. Jeanette Wilson (Rhodes) Mr. Donald E Wiseman

1959 Mrs. Evelyn Barker (Hinkle) MB Mr. James Nelson Berry * Mr. Charles L Bixler Dr. Banks T Bradley Mr. Edward N Brogdon Mr. Harlan W Caszatt MB Mrs. Melissa Ann Cliff (Moller) AD Dr. Dick B Clough Mrs. Margaret Dickinson (Green) Mrs. Evelyn K Ewalt (Knight) MB Mrs. Anna Marie French (Duff ) Mr. Harlan Wayne Lamb Mr. Ronald W Likens Dr. Mary A McFarland (Mabry) Dr. Gerald L McFarland Mr. Paul E Meyer MB Mrs. Lynne N Meyer (Lockhart) MB Mrs. S Joanne Nakashima (Pumphrey) MB Mrs. Donna Sue Nelson (Simpson) Mr. Kenneth Leland Raymer Mr. Carroll E Sanders Mr. Donald Paul Schroeder SP Ms. Margaret B Scoggins PT Mrs. Suzanne R Scott (Rommelman) Mr. Robert F Shuck DN Mr. Marion Glen Smart DR Mr. George D Steck PT

Mrs. Venida Jane Vickrey (Curt) Mr. Denis C Wessler Mr. Wayne W Willman SP Mr. James W Woeltje

1960 Dr. Judith Margo Clark (Metzger) Mrs. Judith L Cureton (Wilcox) Mr. Robert P Englehart Dr. Alonzo L Hamby SP Mr. H Robert Hantak Mrs. Nancy A Horan (Foster) Mrs. Ruth Catherine Hunt (Niehaus) SP Mrs. Freeda M Huskey (Van Matre) Mr. Robert Sheridan Kirkpatrick Mr. John J Lewis Mr. John Lorberg PT Mrs. W Jean Mabrey (Stevenson) MB Mrs. Melva M McEndree (Kerr) Mr. William Gene Moll PT Mrs. Alma Ruth Richardson (Hubbard) PT Mrs. Martha Jo Sani (Marr) Dr. Fred L Snider SP Mr. Terry Edward Speiser PT Mrs. Marcia Lee Speiser (Milius) PT Dr. Bill Wayne Stacy Mr. John Clarence Whelan Mrs. Jolly Ann Whitener (Lowther) Mrs. Bonnie L Wilkening (Smith) Mrs. Wanda L Wright (Smart) SP Mr. Louis H Wright MB

1961 Mrs. Colleen M Agee (Wallis) Dr. Samuel Edward Bishop MB Mr. Gene R Bollinger Dr. Yi-Chi Chang Mrs. Margaret A DeFino (Coates) Mr. L Burke Dodson Dr. R Eleanor Duff AD Mr. Jerald L Fleschner PT Dr. Arthur Robert Geldbach AD Mr. Howard Richard Hantak Mr. Gene Myron Hunt PR Ms. Judith Ann Hunter Mr. Thomas L Kinder MB Mr. Doyne Lee Kirtley MB Mr. Lawrence Linton Luetje PT Mrs. Dolores Jane Matthews (Kinder) MB Dr. Arthur H Mattingly PT Mr. Dan D McLean AD Ms. Cecil M Mossotti (Neudigate) PT Mr. Thomas J Nickel Mr. Gerald G Noser Mrs. Sandra J Pfefferkorn (Carter) PT Mr. Michael G Pfefferkorn PT Mrs. Sharon A Pierce (Boone) Dr. Lois Lee Ramsey (Huck) Mr. Meredith L Ratcliff Dr. Linnea L Ratcliff (Hawkinson) Mrs. Marga Eloise Reeves Mr. Marion L Snyder PT Mr. Gerald L Stevens MB Mrs. Trudy Strand (Nadler) Mrs. Carolyn J Taylor (Langston) SP Mr. John R Taylor SP Mrs. Elizabeth S Venable (Sparks) Dr. Tonie Martin Waller MB Mr. Louis S Watkins MB Mr. James Kenneth Weakley PT

1962 Mrs. Marilyn Joane Beiter (McGraw) Mrs. Beverly Claire Bridger (Deuser) Dr. Novella S Clevenger Mrs. Willa Dean Combs (Reagan) Mr. Michael R Corley Dr. Gary Keith Deimund AD Dr. Rex T Finnegan

Mrs. Constance Sue Geldbach (Sejnost) AD Mr. Paul A Giebler PT Ms. Elizabeth Claire Henson (Tilghman) Mr. Gerald Wayne Jones PT Mrs. Barbara Jean Klein (Farrow) Mr. Donald G LaFerla PR Dr. Raymond Loren Marshall Mrs. Carol A McAdoo (Crooks) MB Mr. Stephen R McAllister Mr. Ryland R Meyr Mrs. Mary Lee Miller (Burciaga) PT Mr. Rodney E Miller Mrs. Barbara Jean Morrell (Doerr) Mr. John G Muench PT Mr. Joseph Wayne Needy SP Mr. Gerald Albert Potthoff AD Mr. John M Ringwald PT Mrs. Andrea Rogers (Ambler) SP Mrs. Gwendolyn P Schild (Thomasson) PT Mrs. Dorothy M Snyder (Velten) PT Dr. Mary Sue Stacy Dr. Clarence E Van Lear MB Mrs. Carolyn R Vaughan (Hopwood) PT Mr. Jerry L Woemmel

1963 Mrs. Rose Marie Bartel (Dunnegan) SP Dr. Paul R Bippen Mr. Lewis Edgar Bock LR Mr. Gary F Carrow Mrs. Carol M Caulder (Boken) PT Mrs. Nancy Lee Craig (Martin) Mr. Dennis C Creech MB Dr. Thomas Richard Crites SP Ms. Janet Sue Crites Mrs. Cherie S Dodson (Schneider) Dr. Robert J Doolittle Mrs. W Joyce Edwards (Langdon) Dr. Mirl Ray Evans MB Mr. H Michael Floyd MB Mr. William Bode Giessing SP Mrs. Karen S Graf (Crumbliss) Mr. Larry L Haertling MB Mr. Charles Richard Haywood PT Mr. Richard H Heise Mr. Conrad L Hudson Mr. Charles Andrew Hunt SP Mrs. Cora Arlene Mabrey (Miller) Mr. Billie G Mabrey Mrs. Diane Virginia Marshall (Tarter) Ms. Carolyn K McDill Dr. Geoffrey F Morrison Mrs. Mary E Morton (McDowell) Mr. William G Mutz Mr. Robert M Rogers Mrs. Marsha Jean Ronsick (Muir) Mrs. Elaine C Schorb (Frye) PT Dr. Joyce L Sheets (Wiley) Mr. David P Steinbecker MB Dr. Paul M Vandivort Mrs. Rosella Juliette Wamser (Osborne) MB Mr. George Alford Wamser MB Mrs. Judith R Wilferth (Roper) AD Mr. Fred R Wilferth AD

1964 Mrs. Sandra Sue Absher (McCarver) Mrs. Sally L Adams (Wescoat) PT Mr. Robert Stewart Barney Mrs. Eva G Beckerle (Gathard) Mrs. Jo Ann Bock (Burton) Dr. Jerry D Caulder PT Mrs. Wilma W Coffman (Kriete) MB Mrs. Yvonne G Daume (Wagner) Mr. Stoy K Daume Mr. Jerry W Ford AD Mr. William F Green MB Mr. Truman Ronald Hahs PR Dr. Janet Leah Harrison (Blumenberg)

Mrs. Mary Ann Haynes (Lewis) Mr. James M Hinkle Mr. John A Johnson Mrs. Clarice Lavern Jones (McDowell) PT Ms. Rosemary K Jones Dr. Ronald Eric Keeney DR Mrs. Betty A Landre (Mueller) PT Mrs. Mylla R Markland (Fisk) Mr. John Dale Meier PT Mr. Howard Bruce Nethington Mrs. Nancy A Owens (Weinreich) Mr. Stephen P Phelps Mr. Thomas W Plummer Mrs. Marian C Pratt (Oberkramer) MB Mr. Lanny M Proffer PT Mrs. Beverly S Schuette (Koeneman) Mr. Earl Stanley Smith PT Ms. Mary H Sparks Mr. Finas L Stiegman Mrs. Nancy Kathryn Stone (Hartle) SP Mr. Melvin J Van de Ven AD Rev. Janet M Van Lear (Middleton) MB Dr. Vance H Watson Mr. Gary Robert Welker AD Mr. Charles W Wirtel MB

1965 Mr. Richard Wayne Allgood PT Ms. Carol Blue (Crosser) MB Mr. Tom Lakenan Carr MB Mrs. Kathleen A Chaput (Uding) Mrs. Patricia J Corley (Vivrett) Mr. Richard James Daume Mr. Robert A Dickemper PT Ms. Genevieve F Eiler Ms. Valrey K Glenny Mr. Dwight C Guerrant PT Ms. Linda F Harris Dr. Thomas Bernard Harte SP Mrs. Jane W Harte (Feldmeier) SP Mr. George T Hartsfield Mr. Donald Joe Hopper PT Mrs. Gayle R Hornsey (Moxley) Mr. Harold T Hunt Mrs. Patricia J Janke (Schaefer) Mr. Darrell M Loos Mr. William O Lowe Mr. Robert W Marshall Mr. Donald Mayfield Mr. Richard W McAdoo MB Mr. Stephen Gordon Newman PR Mrs. Claire Jane Plummer (Campbell) Mr. Joseph A Reid Mr. James R Reuss Mrs. Luella Fran Reuss (Sarson) Dr. Audrey Lois Reynolds MB Mrs. Janet Lorene Ryan (Niemeier) Mrs. Paula K Siemers (Johnson) Mrs. Mary E Suits (McCain) MB Mr. Robert D Suits MB Mrs. Nancy E Swindle (Merrick) LR Dr. James A Vornberg Mr. Jerry Scott Ward Mr. William L Warner Mrs. Georgia A White (Green) Mr. William W Wilkison Mrs. Carolyn L Wolff (Becht)

1966 Mrs. Elois A Allan (McMullin) MB Mrs. Norma Jean Allgood (Lehman) PT Mr. A Clay Ancell Mrs. Jeanne Beach (Edmundson) Mrs. Joan E Bechtold (Kempe) Mr. Charles Jimmy Beech PT Mr. Leo Charles Bieber Mr. Richard A Black LR Mr. Michael J Bohnert Mrs. Wanda Lee Brown (Masters)

Mr. Vernon E Bruckerhoff Mrs. Rita Marie Brumfield (Meyer) Mr. Ronald W Collins Mr. Jimmy T Conkin MB Mr. Kermit A Doelling Mr. Thomas Louis Ganahl Mrs. Sandra K Hartman (Puckett) Dr. James H Hays PT Mr. Gary L Hearne PT Mrs. Jacquelyn F Heise (Allender) Mr. Leo Joseph Hoeh Jr MB Mr. Robert V Hoffman Mrs. L Ann Horne (Maske) Mr. Jerry Ray Jenkins PT Mr. John H Kniest MB Mr. James Ramond Korbelik SP Mrs. Wylaine Jay Korbelik (Vornbrock) SP Mrs. Eleanor M Langsdorf (Goeke) Mrs. Marilyn McMillen (Mastin) Mr. David W Milius Dr. Warren Kent Moore Mr. Ronald A Nall Mr. Donald E Pratt MB Mrs. Bonnie Carolyn Price (Bethard) Ms. Michal Sue Prosser PT Mr. Harold Joseph Rieser MB Mrs. Nancy Louise Rueter (Niehaus) Mr. David A Ryffel Mrs. Cheryl K Ryffel (Bishop) Mrs. Joyce Charlene Sayle (Gross) MB Mr. Roger H Suedekum Mrs. Patricia Mae Sullivan (Lemonds) Mrs. Sharon Lynn Thompson (Shepard) Dr. Thal R Thrower Mr. Timothy Tierney Walsh Mrs. Brenda F Woemmel (Sewing) Mr. Thomas Clark Wood AD Mrs. Julie Carroll Wood (Evans) AD Mrs. Sandra Theresa Wynn (Nahlik)

1967 Mrs. Kay Ancell (Margraf ) Ms. Judith Helen Barteau PT Mrs. Glenda Lee Bradley (Young) Mrs. Cathleen Juanita Bright (Schaefer) Mr. Larry D Church MB Mrs. Margaret A Cox (Lewis) PT *Mr. Robert Nelson Cox PT Mr. Thomas J Dix Dr. Alberta L Dougan (Macke) SP Dr. Dorothy L Dwyer (Kurre) Mr. Frederick M Eggers AD Mrs. Sharon Jeanne Fox (Fox) Mrs. Alberta S Germann (Schatzle) Mr. Robert C Gill SP Mr. Terry R Glenzy Mr. Edgar Lawrence Graves Mrs. Beverly Kaye Hahs PR Mrs. Mary A Hammontree (Brueggen) Mr. Robert E Hemmann MB Dr. Thomas L Hensley Mrs. Mary E Hoffman (Elliott) MB Mrs. Janet C Hoffman (Weber) Mrs. Carolyn Kay Hopper (Jones) PT Mr. Robert L Jenkins Mr. John M Joy Mr. Robert L Klautzer Mr. Charles E Koerner Mr. Kenneth N Larkin Mr. John Alan Layton PT Mrs. Mary Sue Layton (Renaud) PT Dr. Eugene Field McDonald Mrs. Elizabeth June McLard (Young) Mrs. Lydia Ann Meier (Bunch) PT Ms. Diane Sue Metzger (Corse) MB Mrs. Nancy M Midyett (Feltz) Mr. Michael Loy Parker PT Mr. Evan Thomas Phillippo Mr. Floyd L Piles MB Mr. Gary E Ravens

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 19

Mrs. Betty M Ross (Richardson) MB Mr. James A Rust PT Mr. Francis Michael Schwartz MB Mrs. Colleen A Simons (Berghorn) Dr. Shelton Eugene Smith SP Mr. Gary L Smith PT Mrs. Ava Diane Smith Mr. Robert Ray Stricklin MB Mrs. Patricia L Thrower (Caby) Ms. Nancy J Wood

Mr. Jerry Lynn Adams Mr. Bradley Grant Bischof Mr. John Daniel Bourzikas MB Mrs. Marjorie Alice Bourzikas (Hubbard) MB Dr. Ralph J Brewer MB Mr. Edmond G Bridewell Mr. Charles Gregory Brune PT Mrs. Norma J Cooper (Freese) Mr. Edward D Cowan PT Mrs. Jacqueline S Cowan (Koester) PT Mr. Kenneth A Davis Mr. Kenneth O Doelling Dr. Jerry Dean Durham Mr. Ralph A Erickson Mr. John Casper Fisher Mr. John W Forbis Mr. Glenn M Fulkerson Mr. Glen Alan Gibbons Mr. Thomas Joseph Gilliam MB Mr. Stephen Z Gosche PT Mrs. Mildred Grebing (Nussbaum) Mr. Roy A Greene Mr. Michael John Grojean AD Mr. William R Haid Mrs. Cynthia L Hall (Walters) PT Dr. James Thomas Hall PT Mr. Larry J Hammontree Mrs. Joan E Hensley (Neier) Mrs. Jackie L Herndon (Baker) Mr. Terry M Herndon Mrs. Jeanette Sue Heskett (Williams) AD Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hiner (Brandt) MB Mr. Earl P Holland DN Ms. Linda D Hutson Mr. Zeno Peter Legrand Hon. William Thomas Lohmar Dr. Samuel E McVay Mr. Dennis E Meyr Mrs. Sandra Charline Meyr (Obergoenner) Mrs. Jaclyn L Morgan (Long) Mr. Donald R Mowery Mr. Francis J Nowicki MB Ms. Charlotte Elaine Pinnick (Doerner) MB Mr. Michael Andrew Price PT Mr. Arlie E Reinwald MB Dr. Ruth Ann Roberts Ms. Judith C Salyer (Stafford) Mr. Benjamin R Samel Mr. Gerald Lee Sanburn Mrs. Norma Jean Seres (Doerr) PT Mr. Gilbert Seres PT Mrs. Jane E Sykes (Oglesby) Ms. Carol R Thoma Mr. John E Ulmer PT Dr. James I Walling PT Mrs. Karen A Wright (Nekula) MB Mr. Timmy K Yung MB

Mr. Allen W Brickhaus Mr. David C Brown Mr. Rice P Burns MB Mrs. Gail Elaine Crader (Cummins) AD Mr. John A Diepenbrock Dr. Bernard John Dubray Mrs. Frances Joanne Erlbacher (Bone) Mr. Richard L Essner Mrs. Sharon A Giebler (Sadort) PT Mrs. Suzanne L Gill (Archer) Mr. Dean F Goforth Mrs. Joan A Gohn (Amlingmeyer) MB Mrs. Linda F Gosche (Silverthorn) PT Mrs. Norma J Greene (Macke) Mr. David Luther Hahs SP Mrs. Sheila R Hale (Smothers) Mrs. Martha Jean Hall (Ligon) Mr. Barney J Hartline Mr. John Bramhall Heskett AD Mr. James K Hill Mr. Terry L Hinkle MB Mrs. Judith Louise Hoeh (Dunklin) MB Mrs. Charlotte B Hogan (Bollinger) Mr. Lewis F Hux Mrs. Diane C Iezzi (Markovich) Mrs. Sandra E Joy (Crites) Ms. Kathleen Ellen Kafka (Jameson) Mr. Robert L Kapeller Mr. Philip R Kapfer Dr. Kirby J Keller MB Dr. Ernest Lee Kern Ms. Jeanette M Leonhard MB Mrs. Patricia Diane Lessmann (Haas) MB Mrs. Nancy M Lewis (Hamann) MB Mr. Philip H Lewis MB Mrs. Mari Jo Lynch (Yuracko) Mr. John G Mazzola Mr. William Patrick McKenna Mr. Glenn P Merritts Mrs. Elizabeth Marie Michel (Becker) PT Mr. James Blair Moran MB Dr. Timothy Rademaker Mr. Thomas H Richey Mr. Danny L Rockett PT Mrs. Sylvia Jean Sander (Sebaugh) PT Mr. Michael D Scherer Dr. Ruth Stone Schulte (Stone) Ms. Gail Lynn Schutte Dr. Dennis C Seyer Ms. Constance Louise Shambo (Shambo) Mr. John E Shine Mrs. Mary Kay Sides (Hart) SP Mr. Walter Edward Smallwood Ms. Cheryl Anne Spetrino (Heck) Mr. Albert M Spradling III AD Mr. James R Stephens Mrs. Donna L Suess (Fischer) PT Mr. Nicholas G Szabo Mrs. Roberta J Szabo (Rhodes) Mrs. Helen Sue Taylor (Ayers) PT Mr. William G Teeters Dr. Cheryl Elaine Teeters Mr. Robert J Trentanelli Mr. Donald Wayne Veidt Mrs. Marilyn Volkerding (Wheeler) Mr. Michael W Wehmeyer Dr. Mary Ann Williams (Rushing) AD Mr. Gerald M Wright MB




Mr. Ronald G Albrecht Mrs. Sharon S Bennett (Platt) Mrs. Carolyn Ford Bock (Penzel) LR Mr. William Michael Boedefeld Dr. Charles William Boyce MB Mrs. Marilyn Boyce (Ables) MB Mr. Adrian R Breig Mr. James Thomas Brentlinger


Mr. Garland W Abernathy Mr. William Francis Arnet AD Mrs. Judith Ann Arnet (Wissmann) AD Dr. Daniel Howard Beard PT Mrs. Carolyn Bea Berning (Davis) Mr. John Tim Blattner Ms. Eileen E Boyd (Isaacs) Mr. Robert Neal Bradbury Mrs. Cathy S Brown (McIntyre)

Mr. William Bradley Brune PT Mrs. Cecilia Ann Burns (Holman) MB Mrs. Joyce A Cooley (Wooldridge) SP Mr. Edward R Coursey Mrs. Rea Marie Crain (Woehr) MB Dr. John Thomas Critchlow AD Mr. James W Daume MB Mr. Charles L Davenport Mrs. Sara A Dirks (Bierbaum) Mr. Bruce K Edwards DN Mrs. Brenda Ellinghouse (Angotti) MB Ms. Lynn M Feeler (Hitchings) Ms. Marilyn J Ford (Hacker) Dr. Robert G Fox AD Mrs. Kathy G Geiger (Stephens) Mrs. Karen Lois Helms (Thiele) Mrs. Patricia M Helms (Secoy) Mr. David A Henry PT Mr. Rodney L Hoffman MB Mrs. Mary S Hutteger (McDonald) PT Mrs. Nanci Ann Keller (Cagann) MB Dr. Terry L Keller MB Dr. Sandra G Koczwara SP Mr. Stanley P Layton PT Mrs. Linda B Layton (Black) PT Mr. Don E Lossing Mr. Walter B Marshall Mr. James W Martin Mrs. Pat G McDonald (Grojean) Dr. Joan McPherson (See) Mr. Glen S Mehrhoff Mr. Donald J Metz PT Mrs. Sally M Metz (Wright) PT Mr. David T Michel PT Mrs. Kathleen K Mitchell (Kennedy) Mr. Robert L Mitchell Jr Mrs. Carolyn B Pendergrass (Brenneman) MB Mr. Russell Allen Ray MB Mr. Denis E Rigdon Ms. Mary Jane Rogers Mrs. Susan E Rogers (Flowers) MB Dr. Paul David Sander PT Mrs. Judy C Sander (Correll) Mrs. Pamela E Sarff (O’ Neal) Mrs. Susan Cracraft Schmidt (Cracraft) Mr. Gary A Schwent Mr. Richard Michael Shipman Mr. Thomas F Spitzmiller Dr. Randall L Stahly SP Mrs. Amy B Stovall (Barringer) Mr. James L Thomas Mrs. Judy K Thomas (Fannon) Mrs. Wilhelmina Mary Ultermarkt (Smith) Mr. Don C Webb Mrs. Vickie A Westrich (Maurer) Mrs. Jean A Whitaker (Fuge) AD Mr. Martin M White Mr. Gary Wayne Williams

1971 Mrs. Donna Kaye Adams (Bock) Mrs. Nancy Kay Adelsberger (Hahs) Ms. Ruth Elaine Beardslee Mrs. Constance T Bergerson (Troll) Mr. Edward Joseph Bolhofner Mrs. Mary Ann Brown (Hart) MB Mrs. Bessie E Buck (Daniel) Mr. Donald Lee Call MB Mrs. Susan Kaye Casanover (Terveer) Mr. Larry D Champ Mrs. Brenda L Champ (French) Mr. Michael L Clement Mrs. Nancy S Cleve (Politte) Mrs. Rebeca J Coleman Mrs. Anna L Crawford (Box) SP Mr. David E Crites MB Mrs. Karen Sue Darnell (Fenelon) Mrs. Diann R Daume (Denton) MB Dr. Larry A Davis PT

Mrs. Marjorie L Engleman (James) SP Mr. Barry L Faintich Mrs. Judith Louise Farris (Farris) Mrs. Daphna S Fiehler (Seabaugh) MB Mrs. Connie A Fox (Patterson) AD Mrs. Marilyn Fronabarger (Summers) Mr. David G Fulton Mr. Norman L Glaus PT Mr. William A Gosche Mr. James B Govreau MB Mr. Michael L Greminger Mr. Larry R Grossmann Mrs. Janice P Grossmann (Prichard) Mrs. Karen A Hales (Kramer) Mr. Alfred W Hamacher Mrs. Denise Kay Hauck (Keller) Mr. Ronald C Helms Mrs. Janet M Henry (Koch) PT Mrs. Janet D Herron (Draper) Mrs. Deborah J Hill (Buck) Mr. James Stephen Hodges PT Mr. Paul H Hoffmann PT Mr. Michael T Holland Mr. James R Hope Mr. Joseph V Huskey Mrs. Patricia T Kelly (Graf ) SP Ms. Cynthia Rose King MB Mr. Michael R Kirtley Mrs. Patricia J Kline (Bohlander) Mrs. Joan Elizabeth Lange (Koeln) PT Mrs. Deborah A Lange (Carter) Mr. Kenneth G LeClerc Mr. Frank Joseph Lento MB Mrs. Verna K Marsh (Stallings) Mr. William R Marsh Mrs. Lana Jean McAlister (Cox) Mrs. Patricia M Meyer-Alster (Meyer) Mrs. Corliss R Meyr (Grossheider) Mrs. Jean C Miller (Goolsby) PT Mrs. Susan M Moloney (Abernthy) Mr. Stephen H Moore Mrs. Joyce A Mueller (Eatherton) Mr. Louis J Naeger MB Mr. Peter A Nardie Mrs. Kathleen A Obert (Eichenlaub) Mrs. Carole L Pfeiffer (Masters) PT Mrs. Shirley J Pogue (Cleve) Dr. P Joseph Powers Mrs. Edith L Powers (Larsen) Mr. Frederic N Rahm Mr. Ben Randazzo SP Mrs. Susan Grace Reinagel (Byrne) AD Mrs. Carol Lynn Robinson (Dierkes) Mrs. Mary Alice Ryan (Ortmann) PT Mr. Donald R Sanders Mr. Glennon P Schlitt Dr. Loretta Ann Schneider (Fuerth) MB Mr. Robert F Schweigert Mrs. Carol Ann Schweigert (Proffer) Ms. Pamela L Shepard Mrs. Nancy Marie Shipman (Stewart) * Mr. James R Sides SP Mr. Walter Tom Sieberg Mrs. Anita Louise Sievers (Isle) Mr. Michael R Sievers Mr. Daniel J Slenker Mrs. Laura L Small (Gontar) PT Mr. Patrick J Small PT Mrs. Alice F Smith (Inman) Mr. A Wayne Smith SP Mr. Stephen Charles Strong Hon. William L Syler PR Dr. Georganne Penzel Syler (Penzel) PR Mrs. Sheila D Teeters (Elledge) Mr. Raleigh John Walden SP Dr. Daniel Patrick Walsh MB Mr. Walter B Wildman PT

1972 Mr. Gary J Allen

* Mrs. Bertha C Alyea (Christensen) Mrs. Billie M Barker (Almond) Mrs. Jacqueline S Berry (Evans) Dr. Theresa M Bert MB Mrs. Joan Ann Borash (Emmendorfer) Ms. Alberta Breckinridge Dr. Robert DeWayne Buchanan SP Mr. Chauncy D Buchheit Mr. Philip H Butler AD Mr. Stephen H Casanover Mr. Kenneth E Clark Mrs. Rose M Coleman (Huggins) Mrs. Janet Elaine Collier (Potthast) Ms. Alice M Crites Mrs. Sonja Lynne Davis (Hughey) Mr. Gary R Downing PT Mr. Stephen S Duncan MB Mr. Jerry W Eades Ms. Deborah J Elting Mr. Danny R Essner Mr. Billie D Fadler PT Mrs. Patti Lynn Fitzpatrick (Eyre) Mr. William T Gamewell SP Mr. Edgar C Geiger Mrs. Cynthia Golden Mrs. Vicki L Greminger (Oberle) Mr. Harlan E Guethle Mrs. Cynthia Candace Hahs (Wren) PT Mr. David W Halter MB Mr. Paul David Hauck Mrs. Dale Ann Humphries (Kretchmar) Ms. Cynthia J Kelly Mrs. Marsha Toni Kern (Levill) Mr. George Willard Lange PT Mrs. Florence Eva Leggett (Miner) MB Mr. Hallett Wayne Majors Mrs. Bonnie C Majors (Combs) Mrs. Barbara R Mayfield (Steiner) Ms. Pamela W McClune PT Mr. Mark A McCoy Mrs. Gail D Menefee (Patton) Mr. Thomas E Moloney Mrs. Marilyn Nenninger (Deutschlander) Mr. Paul L Nenninger Mr. Tom A Neumeyer Mrs. Lesley Ann Pagano (Kretz) Mrs. Mary Dawn Parker (Poyner) PT Mrs. Glenna Mae Priday (Smith) PT Dr. John F Rigdon AD Mrs. Barbara Roberts (Gavan) PT Mr. Charles W Roberts PT Mrs. Diana Miller Rosenstein (Miller) Dr. Janet B Ruopp (Brunton) SP Mrs. Karen W Shelby (Wilmsmeyer) PT Mr. Mitchell R Shelby PT Mr. Randy Joe Speck SP Mrs. Donna Fay Speck (Penrod) SP Ms. M Jane Stacy (Cooper) SP Mrs. Kathleen Woods Stoll (Wynn) Mr. James F Stovall II Mr. Mark Leslie Stuart Dr. James Walter Sucharski PT Ms. Sherri K Talbott Mrs. Teresa Lynn Thompson (Hilton) MB Dr. Joseph Warren Thompson MB Mr. Raymond F Trautman Mr. Michael P Underhill Ms. Susan L Vaughn Mrs. Marta A Vogel-Applestein (Vogel) Mrs. Susan M Watkins Mrs. Betty S Weisel (Seabaugh) Ms. Linda M Wells LR Mrs. Margaret A Wells (Boos)

1973 Mrs. Lucille Anne Anderson (Seyer) Dr. Lawrence Taylor Bahn MB Mrs. Nancy W Bahn (Wilson) MB Dr. Deborah Faye Beard (Jones) PT

Mrs. Sally A Beaudean (Goettelmann) Mrs. Christine R Becker (Voepel) Mr. Sammy Joe Blackwell Mr. Richard Carl Bliggenstorfer Dr. Tim Gerard Bohn Mrs. Esther L Bohnert (Heckathorn) MB Mr. James W Burke Dr. Jim L Christie SP Mrs. Gloria Deimund Clement (Deimund) Mr. Ronald D Coleman AD Mr. Michael R Courtois Mr. Russell David Crader AD Mr. Johnie Walker Culp SP Mrs. Nancy N Davidson (Jordan) AD Mr. Richard J Davidson AD Mr. Kevin M Davis Mr. Paul L Druley Mrs. Mary Beth Duncan (Koenig) Mr. James E Erlacker PT Mrs. Martha B Erlbacher (Baker) PT Mrs. Frances B Farris (Barnes) Mr. Michael W Fiehler MB Mrs. Velma R Gammon (Johnson) Mrs. Tedra Kay Gee (Mosley) PT Mr. Gerald F Gettinger Mrs. Mary R Gould (Nischwitz) Mr. Daniel T Gould Mrs. Brenda J Guethle (Thompson) Mrs. Connie Annette Hampton (Prance) MB Mrs. Barbara Ann Hengehold (Tiemann) Mr. William R Hicks MB Mrs. Mildred L Hinkle (Schneider) MB Mrs. Paula Sue Hope (Wessell) Ms. Wilma P Horton (Russell) Mr. Larry A Huch Mr. Michael D Kohlfeld AD Mr. Robert Dale Lewis MB Mr. Gary L Marchbanks Mr. John A Marietta Mr. James D Maurer PR Ms. Patricia E McCaffrey Mrs. Rosemary Jill McCarthy (Schaberg) Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Meyer (Brems) AD Mr. James Handy Moore PT Ms. Patricia A Murphy Mrs. Charlotte Ellen Nations (Eagan) Mr. John Patrick O’Loughlin Dr. Gail Ann Overbey (Urhahn) PT Mrs. Caryn Pirano (Leming) MB Dr. Gene David Prendergast Mr. Doyle Lee Privett MB Mrs. Paula L Rahm (Martin) Mrs. Elizabeth A Rigdon (Foster) AD Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Schroeppel (Jackson) AD Mrs. Georgia M Segraves (Kelley) Mrs. Mary Ellen Sharp PR Mr. Michael L Shivelbine Mrs. Kathleen Shivelbine (Christensen) Mrs. Marjorie Lee Skipper (Gwynn) Mrs. Beverly L Sporman (Buettner) Mr. Charles Leslie Stewart Mr. Lawrence A Sweet Mrs. Janice Trendley (Bergen) Mr. Phillip R Wagoner Mr. Lonnie Ray Waldrup Mrs. Jane P Walker (Prather) Dr. Paul J Watkins Dr. Roseanna Beth Whitlow MB Mrs. Mary Anne Williams (Sappenfield) Mr. Charles D Wood AD Mrs. Ewanda G Young (Shipman)

1974 Mrs. Janice Kay Barney (Hilfiker) Mr. Gary L Bays MB Mr. James Edward Berry

Mrs. Janis J Berry (Borth) Mr. Hubert O Bissell AD Mr. Stanley Randy Burchell MB Mrs. Teresa L Burke (Lindsay) Mrs. Sharon Kay Call (Westrich) MB Mrs. Joyce Ann Carnahan (Atchison) Mrs. Carol A Childress (Williams) Mrs. Susan Lee Curtis (Heggi) Mr. Kevin M Curtis Mr. C Michael Dambach PR Mrs. Anne W Davis (Walendy) Dr. Kenneth Charles Detring MB Mrs. Rebecca A Dickerson (Johnson) Mrs. Cindy C Downey (Henke) Mrs. Susan Pharo Dryer (Pharo) Ms. Roxann J Durham Dr. Kenneth Max Eakin PT Mr. John D Edwards Ms. Nancee C Fields Mr. Marion D Foli Mrs. Frances L Gould (Jones) PT Mr. Roger D Grant Mr. Anthony G Grillo SP Mr. Dwain Lindell Hahs AD Mrs. Cynthia G Halter (Gamewell) MB Mr. Paul D Hancock Dr. Kurt Frederick Hanneman MB Mrs. Marsha Ann Haskell (Barron) AD Dr. Dale Everett Haskell PR Ms. Jeanniece J Hassell (Jennings) Dr. Riley H Hastings PT Mrs. Ruth C Hedden (Cox) PT Mrs. Christie Kay Higgs (Bozarth) Mr. Jerry L Kaufman MB Mrs. Lucinda Lynn Kessler (Brock) Mr. Robert R Krueger Mrs. Nancy K Legrand (Gosche) Mr. Robert L Lewis Mrs. Georgia M Little (Clements) PT Mrs. Sheila A Marchbanks (Gatewood) Mrs. Teresa R Maurer (Rhodes) PR Ms. Mary L McAdoo Mrs. Frances Thorne McCoin (Thorne) MB Mr. James Eric McDonald Mrs. Kim McDowell (Kurka) Mr. Robert Dean Meyer AD Mr. Joseph A Morrey MB Mrs. Teresa L Neumeyer (Tucker) Mr. Gary D Obermann Mr. Daniel L Overbey PT Mrs. Judith A Palacios (Meyer) Mr. Marc D Patterson Mr. Dennis M Payne PT Mrs. Sergia A Pecaut (Balagwera) Ms. Brenda J Pogue Mr. John Samuel Poston PT Dr. Martha Sue Prendergast (Inman) Mrs. Joan Margaret Rangel (Kiesewetter) Mrs. Susan Jo Reed (Roberts) Mrs. Marilyn J Ritter (Wilson) MB Mrs. Linda A Ruesler (Schwartzmeye) Mr. Michael H Ruesler Mr. F Timothy Sautel Mr. David W Scherer Mr. Dennis F Schoemehl SP Mr. David Eugene Schoenbeck PT Mrs. Karen F Seiler (Brucker) Mr. Lawrence E Simpson Mrs. Joy R Smith (Leggett) Mrs. Pamela P Spradling (Sheets) AD Mr. Charles L Vickery Mrs. Deborah J Volner (Sharon)

1975 Dr. Terry R Adams Mrs. Paula K Baker (Givens) Mr. Carl Michael Bakewell Mrs. Leslie Caroline Baumgartner (Montgomery) MB

Mrs. Virginia R Beleck (Casey) MB Mrs. Lynda Faye Blick (James) MB Ms. Anne Malinda Brinkopf MB Mr. Keith T Colley Mrs. Jeanette M Connell (Oge) Mr. Thomas G Cornehlsen Mr. Donald Smith DeLine Mrs. Dawn Rene Detring (Dement) MB Mrs. Janet C Eckles (Perez) Mrs. Patricia L Edwards (Haskell) Mr. Willard E Edwards Mr. John Duncan Edwards MB Mr. Thomas Clark Emmel Ms. Linda Fay Farrow Mrs. Rose B Francella (Bruno) Dr. John M Freeze SP Mrs. Martha R Freeze (Decker) SP Mr. Stephen K Gnadt Mr. Gerald L Hartje Mrs. Laura A Henry (O’Neill) Mr. Kenneth N Henson Mrs. Marian C Hoeflinger (Trautman) Mrs. Debra M Hoffmann (Hill) PT Mr. R Scott House Mrs. Rebecca A Hutkins (Jeffries) Mrs. Kilja C Israel (Cho) MB Dr. Barbara Ann Kohlfeld (Capshaw) Mrs. Cathy H Krueger (Harrington) Mr. Mark W Kumming Mrs. Deborah G Kumming (Pfeifer) Mrs. Vicki D Love (Richardson) Mr. Lonnie R Lusk Mrs. Debbie P Lusk (Parsons) Mrs. Sandra M Marshall (Twele) Mr. Lennies L McFerren Dr. John W McKinney Ms. Jimmie Sue Meyer (Hammond) Mr. Harold W Meyr MB Ms. Joanne Newcomer Mrs. Jane R Ogles (Drewel) MB Mr. Jerry L Ogles MB Mrs. Elizabeth Poston (Clark) PT Mrs. Donna Faye Robart (Pashia) Mr. John M Sarff Mr. Christopher Schottel Dr. Steve J Schwab SP Mrs. Carol A Schwab (Schermann) SP Mr. Stephen G Shelton SP Mrs. Sharon D Shelton (Hillman) SP Mr. Jack R Smoot PT Mrs. Ellen Lee Stippey (Hensley) Mr. Lynn Michael Stroder Mrs. Sharon D Ulrich (Ulrich) Mr. John C Uxa Mr. James Dean Walker MB Mr. Dennis Paul Wilson MB Mrs. Marylou M Wright (Marlatt) Mrs. Mary Catherine Wulfers (Eschmann) Dr. Michael C Wulfers SP Mr. David R Zimmer PR

1976 Mrs. Ketrina Gail Bakewell (Coffey) Mr. Ken R Barker Mrs. Elizabeth Quade Batista (Quade) PT Mrs. Ruth Ann Baumstark (Randolph) Ms. Beth Biggs (Biggs) Mr. John C Boyd MB Mr. Jerrel D Cooley SP Dr. Mary Ann DeLine (Clack) Mr. S Cordell Dombrowski MB Mrs. Barbara Ann Duncan (Pruitt) MB Mrs. Beth Ann Edwards (Rahm) MB Mrs. Phyllis R Emmel (Saale) Mr. Robert P Essner Mrs. Sandra K Gibbons (Hart) Mrs. Vera L Glueck (Lea) Mr. Timothy Draime Gould PT Mrs. Mary Ann Ha (Urhann) MB

Mrs. Jane Ellen Hansbrough (Wilson) PT Dr. James Randall Hansbrough PT Mrs. Connie Jo Hargens (Clark) Mrs. Sharon Marie Hennessy (Meng) MB Mr. Clarence S Henry Mrs. Rhea R Henson (Erxleben) Mrs. Peggy J Hockman (Rainey) Mrs. Amy J Hodges (Johnson) PT Mr. Michal L Hogan Mrs. Patricia Lynn Holley (Ehlers) Mr. James R Horenkamp Mr. Bill A Humphries Mrs. Janna L Hunt (Plumley) Mrs. Linda S Janisse (Hana) Mrs. B Yvonne Keathley (Gary) MB Mr. Randall Jeffrey Kerkhover Mrs. Pamela A Kestner (Mueller) PT Mr. Michael T Kestner PT Ms. Anita Elaine Kimker (Engelhardt) Ms. Janet E Koerner Mr. James P Limbaugh AD Mrs. Ginger B Logan (Brown) Mr. C James Maginel Mrs. Barbara A McClanahan (Cossou) PT Mr. Larry W McCulley Mr. William G McVay Mrs. Susan B Newman (Brooks) Mr. Thomas O O’Brien Mrs. Dale Lynne Ogden (Nuckolls) MB Mrs. Cherlyn LaRee Parham (Fiedler) Mr. Richard Brooks Pitchie Mr. Steven J Plackemeier Mrs. Marilyn A Proffer (Kluesner) PT Mrs. Mary Margaret Rainwater (Beezley) Mrs. Susan C Rakel (Neville) Mrs. Amy C Randol (Altenthal) MB Mr. Narvol A Randol, Jr MB Mrs. Linda C Reid (Dillow) Mr. Robbie D Robinson Mr. Charles S Ross Dr. Patrick R Ruopp SP Mrs. Pamela W Schaefer (Wiley) Dr. Stanley D Sides Mrs. Barbara M Sikes (Miller) MB Mrs. Janet Elaine Spore (Harper) Mr. Lawrence A Strattman Mrs. Becky Sue Tinsley (Thomason) Mr. Michael E Uhls PR Mrs. Mary S Vickery (Rhodes) MB Mrs. Christine Warren (Hercher) Dr. Judith A Wiles (Varvell) SP

1977 Mrs. Susan G Alvey (Grote) Dr. Kurt Henry Becker Mr. Stephen Matthew Bodine Mr. Richard Lee Bohn Mr. David Allen Boucher Mr. David Joseph Brune Mrs. Connie L Clampitt (Schlichting) Ms. Donna A Cognac (Cichawski) Mrs. Mary P Corcoran (Donahay) MB Dr. Dan Barrett Cotner AD Mrs. Joan M Coveleskie (Freese) Mr. David A Crouthers Dr. John M Dawson Mr. Glenn M Doering Mr. Mark Warren Doerr SP Mr. Michael L Dooley MB Mr. Mark Edward Durbin SP Mrs. Kristen Del Eckert (Abernathy) Mrs. Karen Ann Enderle (Drury) PT Mrs. Shelley Denise Floyd (Beurskens) Mr. Bobby G Frank Mrs. Jean M Harmon (Stillman) Mr. Richard John Hentchel Mr. Michael Thomas Hudson PT Mr. James R Huff MB Mrs. Dolly R Jewel (Pohnert) MB

Mrs. Pamela Macke Johnson (Macke) AD Dr.. Brenda P Johnson SP Mrs. Carolyn G Jones (Cummings) Mr. Michael R Lane MB Mr. Kurt D Marquart Mrs. Judy L McLain (Graden) PT Mrs. Susan J Nichols (Breeden) Mr. Frederick Niedbalski Dr. Randal Allen Otto PT Mr. Dennis G Parham Mr. Jim E Parker Mr. Kevin E Phillips Mr. William L Prost MB Mrs. Janet L Rigdon (Weber) Mrs. Pamala L Roche (Engleman) PT Ms. Donna L Roessler Mrs. Karen Louise Scharf (Waldhof ) Mr. Lawrence P Schramka Ms. Grace Jean Schweizer (Johnson) Mrs. Ruby M Silvers (Jordan) Mr. Archie W Sprengel PT Dr. N Ann Sprengel (Dickerson) PT Mr. David Allen Stallings Ms. Georgia Lorraine Stergios Mrs. Catherine Stewart (Wesley) Mrs. Carol A Strattman (Prost) Mrs. Trudy Lynn Stuckey-Lane (Stuckey) MB Mrs. Helen Virginia Suggs (Kindall) Mr. Charles J Turnbow Mr. Robert Allen Useted Mrs. Barbara Laurelle Useted (Bruton) Mrs. Susan E Vickery (Little) SP Ms. Billie A Waite Mrs. Florence Alice Walker (Daab) MB Mrs. Michela J Walsh (Colvin) Dr. Daniel P Walsh Ms. Kathleen Marie Weiss Mrs. Kathleen M Wilson (Broderick) Mrs. Vicki S Wroblewski (Riek) Mr. David Wayne Wulfers Dr. Kerry Herbert Wynn Mrs. Debra Diane Zavadil (Dennis) Ms. Kathleen Marie Zorica SP

1978 Mrs. Jennifer Ann Baehr (Russo) Dr. Tamara Kay Baldwin (Baldwin) PT Ms. Lana S Bertran (Howell) Dr. Nancy Helen Blattner (Westrich) Mrs. Nita L Blemker (Leamon) PT Mr. Jay M Bohnert Mr. Kenneth J Boland Mr. Brent Norman Bollinger Mrs. Judith A Buck (Kennemore) SP Mrs. Jeanne Marie Burke (Grojean) Mr. Michael W Clark MB Mrs. Connie Sue Clippard (Haynes) Ms. Ann M Corrigan PT Mrs. Patricia Jean Crowe (Fleischman) Ms. Dianne Dickerson Mrs. Debra Kay Easterly (Johnston) Mrs. Dixie Lee Eifert (Schaefer) Mrs. Debra Anne Eudy (Beussink) Mr. James H Evans Mrs. Jeannette K Fadler (Hanners) PT Mr. Kenneth L Graves Dr. Gary Paul Green PT Dr. Steven Dee Hamilton AD Mr. Darwin L Haskins Mrs. Katherine A Hays (Gutzler) MB Hon. John P Heisserer Dr. Karen Sue Hendrickson (Crites) MB Mr. Gregory Hicks Mrs. Susan Jama Hubbard (Bishop) Mrs. Linda Ruth Hudson (Kutscher) PT Dr. Elaine Jackson (Jackson) Mrs. Noemy G Jibben (Gomez) Ms. Patricia Kellerhals MB

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 21

Ms. Cheryl L Kieffer (Barth) Mr. Michael Joseph Kilker PT Mrs. Jeri Lynn Kinder (Murray) Dr. Shanon Taylor Kirchhoff Mrs. Suzanne M Koebbe (Wichern) MB Mr. August J Koebbe MB Mr. Kim James Kremer Mr. Steven J Kuper Mrs. Tara J Lichtenauer MB Mr. Jon S Linebarger Mrs. Lisa D Lorish (Chandler) Mr. Steven H Martin Mrs. Dixie G McCollum (Keena) Mr. Randy L Metje Mrs. Lovella I Moore (Truhitte) Mrs. Sharon H Moran (Harber) MB Mr. Richard Donald Nadler Mrs. Lynn Ann Nadler (Cavaness) Mr. Douglas J Neiner Mrs. Rebecca Susan O’Neal (Miller) Mrs. Barbara L O’Neill (Hess) Mr. James J Paprocki SP Ms. Lisa M Parker Mr. Martin Pelch Mrs. Carol Ann Primm (Hughes) Mrs. Susan Ann Rector (Trantham) Mrs. Desma Renee Reno (Hastings) Mr. Wesley L Rowden Mr. Robert Russell Sander Mr. Steve L Schneider LR Mrs. Marilyn Jo Schott (Job) Mr. Lewis T Schucart Dr. Shirley Ann Schweitzer (Michaelis) PT Mrs. Carol Ann Shimizu (Grzesiowski) Mrs. Patricia S Smith (Winchester) PT Mrs. Sharon L Sutton (Robinson Cas) Mr. John Mason Thompson MB Mr. F Douglas Thompson Mrs. Melinda L Thompson (Lawrence) Mr. James S Vickery MB Mrs. Geniece E Warren (Hartle) Mr. James D Washburn Ms. Jenee C Whitener Mrs. Judith Ann Williams (Singleton) Mr. Michael S Wood MB Mrs. Grace E Zahner (Lorenz)

1979 Mrs. Karlene S Abell (Schlimpert) Dr. Warren F Abell Mr. John Anthony Bagy Mrs. Mary Eileen Bagy (Ragen) Ms. Julia Carr Bailey Mr. Kevin Frank Blaske Mr. Robert Francis Brown Dr. Robert E Butler AD Dr. Maureen Elizabeth Clancy-May (Clancy) Mr. Robert C Danielson Mrs. Teresa Ann DeMattei (DeLeonardo) Mr. Thomas C Drury Mr. Gregory Ray Gillis Mrs. Tracy L Graves (Gilmore) Dr. Gloria J Green Mr. David L Gross Mrs. Lora Haas (Vandergriff ) Dr. Marta Hamilton (Wardzinski) AD Mrs. Ruth L Harmon (Aulbach) Mrs. Sandra Sue Hastings (Estes) MB Mr. Ronald W Haywood Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Heppermann (Paterson) Mrs. Janet L Hogan (Kelley) SP Mr. John A Holliday MB Mrs. Karen C Honaas (Larson) SP Mrs. Cynthia L Hubbell (Read) Dr. Teresa W Julian (Whitehead) Mr. Dennis Lee Kellogg Mrs. Deborah Ann Kellogg (Ruebke) Mr. Mark D Kennedy Dr. Sybil Priscilla Koeplin (Aird) PR Ms. Mary M Kramolowsky


Mr. Lawrence R Love Mrs. Marjorie C Main (Bingenheimer) MB Ms. Janice J Matthews (Jones) Mrs. Rebecca W Mayer (Hoerner) Mr. Randy I McLain PT Mrs. M Sharon Meyr (Manning) Mr. Marty W Montgomery Mr. John Dana Montgomery Mr. Robert L Moore Mr. Craig J Oberle Mrs. Cindy Plackemeier (Israel) Mr. Douglas D Pokorny MB Dr. Barron E Pratte PT Mrs. Rosemary Revoir (Murphy) Mrs. Susan K Robertson (Williamson) Ms. Barbara J Robinson (Robinson) Mrs. Carol Sue Robinson Mr. Cyril W Scherer Ms. Sharon Ann Schwarz Mr. Thomas A Smith Mr. Mark A Strassner PT Mrs. Linda L Tewis (Tipton) MB Mr. Adrian V Toole Mr. Robert J Topolski Jr Mr. Burl Max Towler Ms. Denise D Vorbeck (Vorbeck) Mr. Michael Westmoreland

1980 Dr. Daniel Peter Alyea PR Mrs. Mary Jo Beck (Trautman) Mrs. Kathleen Lea Beckmann (Klob) Mrs. Christy Ann Bohn (Davis) Dr. James Henry Boyd Ms. Roberta L Broeker PT Mr. Joe D Bullinger Mrs. Nanci A Burchell (Grant) MB Mrs. Lisa A Butler-O’Neal (Butler) Mr. David Phillip Dodson Mrs. Catherine A Dutcher (Weil) Dr. Vincent A Fallert MB Mr. John Robert Fey Mrs. Evelyn M Finney (Lamb) PT Mr. Paul N Frangoulis Mrs. Robyn L Gross (Goodin) Mrs. Barbara A Haertling (Ferguson) MB Mrs. Linda S Haislar (Aulbach) Mr. John Berdell Heppermann Mrs. Melissa Ellan Herbeck (Marshall) Ms. Diane M Hildebrand Mr. Allen E Holtmeyer Dr. David Kent Hopson PT Mrs. Loretta L Iverson (Campbell) Mrs. Dorothy E Johnson (Ockrassa) Mr. Patrick G Kilker Dr. Dean Francis Kirn SP Mr. James H Klocke AD Mrs. Miriam E Larson (Bender) Mr. Keith G Maddox PR Mrs. Susan M Matthews (Westrich) Mrs. Elizabeth Shay Miscioscia Mrs. Jane P Montgomery (Esser) Mr. John T Musante Mr. John W Niswonger Mrs. Rhonda J Plunkett (Collins) Mr. Michael P Pounds Mr. Stanley W Presson AD Mrs. Shirley M Radford (Johnson) Dr. Frederic A Rawlins Mr. Roger Anthony Ressel MB Mrs. Carol J Sammet (Engemann) Mr. William Walter Shaffer Mr. David A Shipley Mrs. Elizabeth Sue Smola (Baker) Mrs. Shirley A Stevens (Hahn) MB Lt. Terry R Thomas Mrs. Marcia Kay Underwood (Cobb) Mr. Timothy Wayne Underwood Ms. Mitsy S Walter (Minx) Mr. Mark T Warren

Mrs. Barbara Ann Wies (Bohn) Mrs. Lisa J Zimmer (Raney) SP Mr. John P Zimmer SP

1981 Cpt. Jennifer Denise Bauer (Biddle) Mr. Michael D Belfield Mrs. Beverly Jean Broughton (Kay) Mrs. Lisa Ann Brown (Crider) Ms. Ruby Louise Buchheit Mrs. Rebecca R Bullington (Gallian) Mrs. Sheila M Chibnall-Treptow (Chibnall) Mrs. Janet L Chisman (Primo) MB Dr. Thomas B Clevenger Maj. Charles Corpening Mr. Louis J DesPres SP Mr. Stephen J Doran MB Mrs. Denise E Essner (Stroder) Mrs. Karen Sue Florence (Mirly) Mrs. Anne B Foust (Buchmueller) Mrs. Ellen Jo Frazier (Scott) Mr. David L Gelsheimer Mrs. Julie A Glascock (Edwards) Mrs. Deborah K Graeler (Winkler) Mr. David L Griffin Mrs. Terri Lynn Grissom MB Mr. Kevin B Hartmann Mrs. Anna L Hermann (Konsewicz) Sandra L Hinkle (Schloss) MB Mrs. Theresa Ann Hopson (Dawson) PT Mr. David Edward Hubble Mrs. Therese Anne Hubble (Schuberth) Mrs. Gloria J Jackson (Culbertson) Mr. Robert Bruce King Mrs. Cynthia Rhea Knudtson (Cantrell) PT Mr. Donald Bernard Kraft PR Mr. Thomas William Leggett MB Mr. Peter H Lemakis Mr. Scott E Lewis Mr. James H Luckett Mr. John Eric Mehner PT Mr. John T Myers Mrs. Mary C Obergoenner (Little) PT Mrs. Catherine Lynn Pancoast (Anderson) SP Mr. Stuart M Presson SP Mrs. Patricia L Proehl (Fine) SP Mr. James A Proehl SP Mrs. Diana Sue Quinn (Jones) Dr. Robert W Rottler Mrs. Debra A Ruskey Mrs. Mary Ellen Rutherford (Edwards) Mrs. Deborah Lynn Schrader (Proctor) MB Mrs. Karen S Schwent (Rhoades) Mrs. Ellen T Seyer (Gruber) Mrs. Tonya Nothdurft Shipley (Northdurft) Dr.. Cynthia Stone (Bakerink) Mrs. Joan Dungey Toomey (Dungey) MB Mr. Henry D Versemann Mrs. Linda K Vogelsang (Keel) Mr. Travis D Walker Mrs. Diane M Washburn (Hoehn) Mrs. Elizabeth C Webber Mrs. Ruth C Wegener (Kraatz) Mrs. Sue A Wild (Ohlau) MB Mrs. Melinda S Wilks (Maxwell) Mrs. Sara Marie Williams (Taylor) MB Mrs. Sherri Lou Wood (Stone) Mrs. Glenda R Zink (Givens) SP

1982 Mrs. Sandra Marie Bartusek (Schraer) Mrs. Jacqueline Brandtner (Finney) SP Mrs. Gloria Ruth Brothers (Hoehne) Mrs. Anna Anita Bullock (David) Mr. Philip S Chartrau MB Mrs. Julia A Cope (Flynn) Mr. John D Dirnberger

Mrs. Cynthia Leigh Dolniak (Williams) MB Mrs. Iris B Dordoni (Keller) Mr. Alan J Essner Mrs. Debbie M Gandy (McDowell) Mrs. Holly Beth Gillette (Jost) Mr. John E Graeler MB Mrs. Laurie Ann Gross (Hahn) Ms. Nancy A Haas PR Dr. Bradley G Hanebrink Mrs. Frances S Harris (Smisson) MB Mr. S Kirk Hawkins Mrs. Denise M Higgins (Zohner) Mr. Mark A Hitt Mrs. Glenda J Holifield (Griffin) Ms. Marilyn M Jackson Ms. Donna L Jahnke Mrs. Tina L Klocke (Burniski) AD Mrs. Christy Sue LeGrand (Dodson) Mrs. Gera Ellen Legrand (Schemel) Mr. Mark J Madigan Mrs. Deborah S Mauer (Norton) Mrs. Lynn Manette McDaniel-Jegle (McDaniel) Mrs. Barbara A McKeon (Kulish) Mrs. Michelle A Monaco Mr. Albert C Moore Mr. Stuart J Olsson Mrs. Pamela K Olsson (Eickhoff ) Mr. Kevin G O’Toole PT Mrs. Melissa A O’Toole (Jones) PT Mrs. Elizabeth A Presson (Griffin) SP Ms. Debra Ann Reid Mrs. Sandra L Rhodes (Grebe) Mrs. Cynthia L Rosburg (Ehrhardt) Mr. Paul G Rosburg Mrs. Eldeen L Rose (Theiss) Mrs. Pamela Jo Sander (Hahn) Mr. Ricky E Saupe Mr. Terry A Schroeter PT Ms. Nancy C Schweiss Mr. John Michael Shelton Mr. Robert L Sutton Mr. Jeffrey Keith Tepe Dr. Margaret A Theobald MB Mr. Anthony T Thomas PT Mr. Anthony F Tumminia Mrs. Susan M Tumminia (Turney) Mrs. Shirley Versemann (Tatum) Mrs. Carolyn J Whitener (Devenport) Dr. L Glen Williams PT Mrs. Brucee Ellen Woods (Oquinn) Ms. Debbie L Wright Mr. Robert Michael Younghouse MB

1983 Mr. Greg Edward Allen Mrs. Jane Marie Allen (Boesch) Mr. Timothy Brent Altenthal Mrs. Christy M Benton (Maevers) Mr. Gregg A Billmeyer Mrs. Beverly Kay Blanding (Price) PT Mrs. Janet S Brazda (Renne) Mrs. Connie Kay Brown (Eggimann) Mrs. Kathleen A Brown (Corry) Mr. Arthur G Buckley Ms. Vicki L Clauson Mrs. Cynthia Elise Coats (Vickers) Mrs. Beverly A Compas (Crawford) PT Dr. Michael Carl Cowan MB Mrs. Jana L Dooley (Bond) MB Mr. David C Dougan Mrs. Diane Emily Ellis (White) Mrs. Cathryn J Evans (Phillips) Mrs. Tara Gelsheimer (Ross) Mrs. Lisa K Gendron Mr. Sheldon J Haffner PT Mr. William Grady Hatton Mr. Brad K Hiett PT Mr. Richard Alan Hilaman Mr. Mitchell J Hill

Mrs. Kimberly Jean Hill (Coomer) Mrs. Shirley A Hoener (Goluska) Mrs. Linda L Keene (Wells) Mrs. Elodean Valeria Knight (Philipps) Mr. Michael Gene Krites Mr. Randall Lambdin Mrs. Jodie M Leach (Pfitzinger) SP Mr. Ruben E Lopez MB Mrs. Kia Lynn McGarr (Hoffmeister) SP Mrs. Kristy Leigh Mehner (Back) PT Mr. Thomas F Moreland Mrs. Janet W Newcomb (Baker) Mr. Phillip T Newman Mrs. Barbara Mariko Norder (Brown) Mr. Arthur Norman Parker Mrs. Joan E Peetz Mr. Mark B Proffer PT Mrs. Cheryl Renee Roeger (Rogers) Mrs. Cynthia L Root (Herbst) Mrs. Beverly A Rust (Barnes) PT Mrs. Carol J Schueddig (Steffen) Mr. Donald F Schuette Mrs. Penny D Shelton (Stone) Mrs. Elizabeth S Smith (Turner) PT Mrs. Melody Rae Smith (Harris) Mr. Robert L Tenholder Mrs. Elizabeth M Todt (Sullivan) Ms. Joan Mary Villar MB Mr. David F Warren Mrs. Susan Elizabeth Waters (Corey) Mr. Dewayne S Whitener Mrs. Annette Marie Willis (Mather) Mr. James Michael Willis Mr. Gregory Coy Wilson Mr. Kraig C Zang

1984 Mr. Glenn P Brady Mr. Rick Dale Brittingham PT Mr. Thomas L Brown Mrs. Rebecca Melissa Clark (Cliff ) Mrs. Jo Ann Fee (Strack) PT Mr. Daniel Fitter Mrs. Brenda K Fitter (Herr) Mrs. Sondra G Fitzpatrick MB Mrs. Barbara R Fuglsang (Flowers) Mrs. Carla S Gazall (Rood) AD Mr. Jeffrey Gerard Gegg Mr. John William Grimm PT Mr. Loi H Ha MB Mr. Gregory Robert Hantak SP Mrs. Shirley R Harrison (Kuhn) Ms. Sheila G Henderson Ramona J Hughey (Welch) Mrs. Karen Sue Janjua (Burnett) Dr. Linda D Keena (Keena) Mrs. Kimberly J King Mr. Carl S Kirchdoerfer PT Mr. Kenneth R Klocke Mr. John S Knight MB Mr. Eric Louis Levin MB Mr. Stephen M Lewis Mrs. Benita J Limbaugh (Daniel) AD Mr. Donald Walter Meier Mrs. Carol L Meier (Almstedt) Mrs. Mary K Nasevich (Rothermich) MB Mrs. Lisa M Orloff (Basler) Mrs. Shirley Ann Patterson (Wigger) Mr. Phillip L Patterson Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Pokorny (Loughead) MB Mrs. Pamela K Reynolds (Bock) PT Mr. Scott J Reynolds PT Dr. Marlon Todd Rhodes Mrs. Mary F Santana (Schrock) MB Mr. Thomas J Schueddig Mrs. Donna J Schuette (Johannes) Mr. Kenneth Sharp Ms. Judy A St John (Kilker) SP Mrs. Lisa M Steinmetz (Kottenmann)

Mr. Rich L Steinmetz Mr. David L Stewart Dr. Kenneth Lee Stilson MB Mrs. Pamela K Tennant (Smothers) Mrs. Julia Grace Thrower (Duff ) MB Mr. David Scott Wadlington Mrs. Lucy A Watts (Bader) Mrs. Michelle E Zang (Cohen)

1985 Mr. Jeff Dean Allison Mrs. Milagros Un Amos (Un) Ms. Christy E Barks AD Mrs. Kelly Marie Bievenue (Cox) Ms. Jeanne R Broderick Mrs. Kathy S Cagle (Stanfield) MB Mr. David J Cantrell Mrs. Wendy A Carley (Schmitz) MB Mr. James Robert Carley MB Mr. Jonathan S Cavaness PT Mr. Fred J Christen PT Mr. Richard F Corirossi Mrs. Judy C Crump (Walker) MB Mr. John Douglas Debrock Mrs. Jeanne A Deimund (Holt) PT Mr. Mitchell L Deimund PT Dr. Mary Katherine Dinger PT Mr. William A Dunn Mr. John Tom Gibbons Mrs. Karen Elizabeth Gibbons (Riepl) MB Mr. James Thomas Gibson Mr. Michael James Glavin Mrs. Brenda J Hiett (Mungle) PT Mr. Scott Allan Hoffmann MB Mr. Christopher Lynn Hutson Mrs. Pamela S Jarvis (Miller) Mrs. Lisa Mary Job (Grobe) Mr. Paul H Johnson Mrs. Marcia K Kessler (Kemp) Mrs. Joann M Koebel (Schafer) Mr. Mark Lee Kohlfeld SP Mr. Christopher T Kuehnlein Dr. Cheryl Ann McAllister (Jarrell) Cpt. Wendell Eugene Moon Mrs. Anita I Nall (Ray) Mr. Olalekan Ogunniran Oguntoyinbo Mrs. Laura Lynn Pierle (Dillingham) Ms. Rhonda J Price Mrs. Mary M Schaefer (Peters) Mrs. Beth R Scherer (Ross) Dr. Deidre Bates Sessoms Dr. Elmer R Shelby Ms. Lorianne Lynn Stettler Mr. James Kent Talley LR Mr. Kevin Patrick Walsh Mr. Scott L Welch Mrs. Colleen M Welch (Barrett) Dr. Rhonda Charlene Weller-Stilson (Weller) MB Mrs. Joyce M Wheat (Liefer) Mr. James C Wiley

1986 Mr. Jawad Akhtar PT Mrs. Merla Louise Brooks (Willstead) LR Mrs. Laura E Brothers (Williams) PT Mr. Kevin R Brown Mr. Douglas Paul Buchheit MB Mrs. Tina E Christen (Maertins) PT Mrs. Myra Elaine Dean (Mayfield) Mrs. Dana Lynn Dickerson (Pingel) Mr. George E Dickerson Mrs. Martha L Dodson (Blattner) Mr. Mark S Dunger Ltl. Michael S Duperier Mr. James L Eaton MB Mr. Gregory John Eilerman Mrs. Patricia M Faust (Zychinski) Mrs. Margaret M Ford (Watkins) AD

Mr. Kenneth Edward Fulton MB Mr. James M Gleason SP Mrs. Shawna Lee Glueck (Mauldin) Mrs. Nancy S Graff (McLaren) Mrs. Lyn D Hawkins (Riehl) Mrs. Susan L Hekmat (Rustige) Mrs. Gail Patricia Hennecke (Tibbles) Dr. Georgette Johnson-Snell (Johnson) Ms. Carole A Jones Mr. Michael Francis Kirby PT Mrs. Pamela R Kluesner (Lampe) Mr. Daniel Louis Knost MB Mrs. Wee Sen Kok Mrs. Laura M Laplant (Mainord) Mr. Mark R McAllister Dr. Carol Jo McDowell MB Mr. Francis J McGarr SP Mrs. Adella A Meadows (Spears) Mr. Martin Kent Miller Mrs. Tina K Riehn (Petzoldt) Mrs. Jill A Schaffer (Owens) Mrs. Jean Christine Schemel (Fenwick) Mr. Thomas Joseph Schumer Mr. Patrick Andrew Schwab Mrs. Kathleen M Sebby (Gambill) PT Mr. Randall B Sparkman AD Mrs. Charlotte Unterreiner Mrs. Renee Marie Wehmeyer (Brown) Mrs. Patricia A Wells (Horton) Mr. Marvin J Wibbenmeyer Mrs. Theresa D Wolverton (Tippy)

1987 Mr. Tony L Burdin PT Mr. Joseph Glennon Campbell MB Mr. Steven Anthony Cecil Mrs. Susan E Frick (Salmon) Mr. Gary W Grojean Mrs. Yvonne Zoellner Houston (Zoellner) Mr. Donald Joseph Job LtC. Mark A Keene Mrs. Dana L Kondrad (Owens) AD Mr. L Fieldin Laplant Ms. Bridget Patricia McDonagh AD Ms. Bobbi J Morris (Whitnel) Mrs. Diane R Moyerman (Gross) Mrs. Audrina Maria Phillips (Gilstrap) Mr. Michael David Scott Mrs. Lynn E Seise (Clark) Mr. Christopher A Seyer MB Dr. Connie Darlene Simmons PT Mrs. Laura J Sparkman (Marberry) AD Mr. Kenneth Paul Stricker SP Mr. Bradley J Stuart Mrs. Christine G Stuart (Wright) Mr. Larry J Summary Mr. Scott L Upchurch Mrs. Karen M Walker MB Mrs. Helen A Wallhausen (Kerrins) PT Mrs. Lois M Weakley (Flotron) PT Mrs. Kelli M Westmoreland (Harp)

1988 Mr. Truman Douglas Brinkley Mrs. Beth Anne Brinkley (Dickerson) Mr. Robert J Brothers PT Mr. Samuel Dale Duncan Mrs. Melanie Jean Duncan (Lawrence) Mrs. Andrea G Eaton MB Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Eilerman (Eaton) Mr. Tim J Engelbrecht Mr. Bartley C Ferrell PT Mrs. Diana M Glaus (Boston) PT Mrs. Cheri L Goldsmith (Byington) Mr. Chris S Grojean Mr. Keith Allen Hartmann SP Mr. Daniel R Heck Mrs. Susan Kay Hilker (Bock)

Mr. Scott A Jarvis Mr. George E Joseph PT Mrs. Susan Kay Kelley (Reinagel) Mr. Timothy J Kilper Mrs. Janice Y Kilper (Baldridge) Mr. Michael R Lock Mrs. Nancy K Mattingly (Cotner) PT Mrs. Gloria N Miller (Wells) Ms. Valerie Jo Opp Mrs. Louise A Province Mrs. Tracy L Rentfro (Lange) Mrs. Lisa Marie Sanders (Westrich) Mrs. Erika Scheibe (Walter) Mrs. Mary Dorothy Selden (Mclaughlin) Mr. Paul Rodger Shaw MB Mr. Bradley Taylor Smith Mrs. Christine Joy Turland (Landewe) Mrs. Lee Ann Wiggs (Fisher) Mr. Jeff L Wiley Mrs. Eliza Jane Winfrey (Howard) Mr. Marvin A Wolverton

1989 Hon. Jacquelyn Dawn Ackert (Craig) PT Ms. Elizabeth M Barringer (Barringer) PT Mrs. Mary Katherine Bettis (Wilson) Mrs. Tammy Lyn Bohnert (Burroughs) Mrs. Marilyn K Curtis (Hess) PT Mr. G Alan Dame MB Mrs. Gail A Dame (Todt) MB Mrs. Margaret L Dicus (Cato) Mr. Douglas J Dirks Mr. Warren Howard Doherty Mrs. Michelle Denise Doherty (Reynolds) Mrs. Susan Jeanne Englehart (Talley) Mrs. Yvette Marlene Fobian (Patmore) Mr. Joseph A Fuchs Ms. Gayanne Gutherz MB Ms. Susan Marie Haake Mr. Danny Ho Mrs. Bernadette R Huston (Samson) Ms. Maria Rose Martin Mrs. Janet L Moll (Spencer) Mrs. Shelly L Montgomery (Martin) Mrs. Kimberly A Myers (Nolen) Mrs. Shanna Lynn Pender (Hileman) Mrs. Ruthann Marie Reichert (Jung) Mrs. Mary Jo Reiff (Schmidt) MB Mrs. Cynthia L Rigdon (Rigdon) PT Mrs. Joni Yolande Seyer (Gibson) MB Mrs. Jodi Lenore Shaw (Barnes) MB Mr. Patrick B Shultz Mrs. Faith True (Renard) Mrs. Theresa Ann Vineyard (Stimley) Mr. Scott Douglas Williams Mrs. Sandra Annette York

1990 Mrs. Janet J Adams (Hetherington) MB Mr. Sam Goodin Austin MB Dr. Deborah L Below (Peterson) AD Mr. Patrick J Bettis Mrs. Amy Clara Birk (Werner) Ms. Eddiemae Brown Mr. William A Gilbert Mrs. Ella Eugenia Hill Mr. John E Horst Ms. Connie Houston (Nelson) Ms. Donna M Ketterer Mr. Daniel Lee Loeffelman Mrs. Sally Ann Loeffelman (Dunn) Mrs. Kimberly A Madigan (Austin) Mr. Chester Britton McConnell PT Mr. Keith William Mills MB Mr. Rodney Dean Mullins Mrs. Jane E Nicholas (Rodgers) Mr. Frank J Ozaki Mrs. Lorili B Ozbun MB Mrs. Laura Jane Pemberton (Shelton)

Ms. Debra S Perjak Mrs. Gina K Raffety (Jones) Mrs. Christine A Rohrbach Mrs. Sheri L Rowland (Adank) Mr. George Lawrence Sample Mrs. Michelle Rene Schall (Wiemann) Mr. Roger R Stricker Mr. James S Turner Mr. Charles E Wideman MB Mrs. Jerrianne Malone Wyman (Malone) Mrs. Lisa M Young

1991 Mrs. Katherine M Abernathy (Engelmann) Ms. Debra L Buxton Mrs. Peggy Ann Cole (McFarland) Mrs. Tricia L Collins (Thomason) Mr. Charles John Daly Mr. Robert Mason Englehart Mrs. Martha L Greer (Harrison) Mrs. Mellisa A Heath (Nunley) Mrs. Christina Mary Kessler (Filla) Mr. Chad Danon Killian Ms. Anne E Lang PT Mrs. Julie A Lindsay (Ebert) Mr. Gregory L Lindsay Mr. Richard Hayden Lynn MB Mrs. Jill Elizabeth Lynn (Mullins) MB Mr. Homer I Markhart MB Mr. John M Mather AD Mr. Allan D Mauk MB Mr. Jackie D McDonald MB Mrs. Dianne L Meyr (Hecht) MB Mrs. Jill Suzanne Naeger (Flieg) Mrs. Donna S Reynolds (Webb) Mrs. Vicki Sue Robben (Nenninger) MB Mr. Kent William Schall Mrs. Melanie R Shultz (Rankin) Mr. Todd Christopher Skornia Dr. Susan Earline Springmeyer (Hancock) Mr. Robert H Stone Mrs. Julie Marie Unterreiner (Fornkohl) Mrs. Kathryn S Vickery (Moore) Mr. Joel G Vinson MB Ms. Glenda Valerie Wondrick

1992 Mr. Matthew James Alexander Mrs. Karen Sue Altenthal (East) Mrs. Janelle Rae Bailey (Eftink) Mr. Timothy Andrew Bohnert Mr. Thomas A Brandtner SP Mrs. Nikki L Bratcher (Sneed) Mrs. Cheryl L Brooks (Peterson) PT Mrs. Jayne M Colligan (Jeffries) Mr. Dean E Cowan MB Mr. Ronald Lee Draper Mrs. Sandra M Embretson (Cain) Mr. Christopher Fette Mrs. Jeanne Ellen Forrester (Thiele) Mr. John Paul Frisella Mrs. Michelle Renee Grimm (Hinkle) PT Mrs. Cathy J Hancock (Carron) Ms. Gina M Harper Mr. Michael D Jarvis Mrs. Sherri Lynne Jenkins (Heisserer) PT Mr. Daniel J Jensen Ms. Deidre Dawn Jewel (Jewel) MB Mrs. Julie M Joiner (Behnken) Mr. Greg Klinge Mrs. Lisa G Limbaugh (Stephenson) MB Mrs. Tammy Suzette Luer (Voelker) Mr. Mark E Masters Mrs. Devin R Mauk (Rinehart) MB Mrs. Debora J McMillan (Gurley) Mrs. Kathleen Denise Mikelson (Hillstead) Mr. Timothy M Mullins Mr. Buck D Nunn

Mr. Geoffrey Michael Parker Mrs. Michelle Patterson (Hartwig) Mr. Dale A Pender Ms. Alicia K Prince (Prince) Mrs. Donna Jean Renaud (Jones) Mr. Dennis G Robke Mrs. Nichole Michelle Robke (Couture) PT Ms. Margie J Sewing MB Mr. John Brian Shelton AD Mrs. Janet G Shepard (Greenwood) Mrs. Connie Sue Siebenmorgen (Versheldon) Mr. Dean Albert Swaller Mrs. Stacey Rene Thurman (Rousseau) Mrs. Julie Ann Unk (Peterson) Mrs. Leta H Wagoner (Piper) Mr. Jim L Williams Mrs. Deborah J Wilson (Pope) MB

1993 Ms. Lynn Marie Bartnett Mrs. Lisa Kay Bishop (Beaty) MB Mrs. Elizabeth Kay Buchheit (Henson) SP Mr. Curt Joseph Buchheit SP Mr. Christopher M Cole Mr. Jeremy T Craig Mrs. Connie S Gerard (Otto) Mrs. Theresa A Geringer Mr. Bryan Douglas Greaser SP Mrs. Nancy Ann Greaser (Ziegler) SP Mrs. Paige Allison Guenard (Milroy) PT Mr. Bruce W Harrill Mrs. Amy M Heuer (Priest) MB Ms. Karen Theresa Hudson PT Mr. David W Jackson MB Dr. Matthew Albert Lavalle PT Mrs. Carrie Ellen Litzelfelner (Johnson) Mr. Casey N McClendon Mr. Randy Lynn McDaniel MB Mrs. Donna Elizabeth Miller (Carr) Mr. Charles Wade Pierce Mr. Rhett Blane Pierce Mrs. Kelli Ann Pierce (McCune) Mrs. Kimberly A Ponder (Schlimpert) Ms. Teresa Lynn Richey (Baugh) Mrs. Theresa Ann Romer (Dobson) Mr. David Dwight Seabaugh Mr. Seth A Siemers Mrs. Stephanie Rose Skornia (Maloney) Ms. Janet M Smith Dr. Terry Michael Spence SP Mr. Eric Charles Stanton Mrs. Meghan Kathleen Swaller (Butkovich) Mr. Randy L Thurman Mrs. Judy D Weaver (West) Mrs. Shelly Lee Williams (Little) Mrs. Jill E Wolk (Judlin)

1994 Mrs. Julie Ann Abernathie Mr. Ryan Matthew Allen Mrs. Susan E Allen (Ebmeier) Mrs. Laura Michelle Bernet (Pierce) Mrs. Kathy Sue Bohnert (Kaufmann) Mrs. Meri D Boyer (Nitzel) Mr. Jeffrey Allen Boyer Mrs. Michelle Lyn Brune (Behnken) MB Mr. Alan Robert Bruns Ms. Jean Stewart Craft Mr. Jeffrey N Davis PT Mrs. Marcia A Dunnegan (Redmond) Mr. Patrick D Dyson Mr. Donald M Ganim Mr. Scott David Giles PT Mr. Todd D Hejlik Mr. Paul T Howard Mr. Nathan P Hunt Ms. Angie M Ignatowski Mrs. Kristina L Jensen (Nevels)

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 23

Mr. Matthew T Krimmel Ms. Susan A Lewis AD Mrs. Betty A Luhr (James) Mr. Douglas K Lynn Ms. Heather L Markle Mrs. Mary L Medlock (Mattmiller) Ms. Cheryl Henson Oberhaus Mr. Wade M Randol Dr. Shaina Leigh Reynolds Mr. D Bryan Rogers PT Mr. Stephen C Rogers Mrs. Rachel Ann Rose (Buckner) Mr. Keith D Shrum Mrs. Sandra Shaw Smith (Sisson) Mrs. Kimberly D Statler (Green) Mrs. Leslie Dawn Steele (Hedicke) Mrs. Mary H Talbut (Mueller) Mrs. Julie A Vinson (Ziegler) MB Mrs. Melissa Wiegers (Ostanik) Ms. Charlotte Frances Witt Mr. Danny J Woods Mrs. Amy Elizabeth Young (Kovacs)

1995 Ms. Jennifer Ann Acosta (Mabrey) MB Ms. Elizabeth A Becker Mr. Christopher J Bodmer Mr. Brian Craig Brown MB Mrs. Danna Marie Bruns (Westrich) Mrs. Susan Leigh Chilton (Hobart) Ms. Jennifer A Coke Mrs. Margaret Carey Conlon-Eisenhart (Conlon) MB Mr. Jason Glennon Crowell Mr. Ronald T Daugherty Mr. Phillip M Davis Mrs. Sharon J Dees (Rabe) Mrs. Elizabeth A Deimund (Richey) Mrs. Jo Anne Dickerson (Farah) PT Mrs. Melissa Rae Dowd-Krimmel (Dowd) Mrs. Sherlyn D Fischer (Roach) Mrs. Heather Michele French (Brooks) Mr. Alan David Hallman SP Mrs. Ramona A Howard (Segers) Mrs. Hope M Jarvis Mrs. Patricia Elizabeth Johnston (Horesh) Mr. Daniel Leon Jones MB Mr. David Shawn Leist Mr. William N Letterman Mr. Robert Lee Lovely Ms. Sue A Makins (Wedge) Mr. Todd Anthony Mayberry Ms. Cynthia A Mobley Mr. Randolph B Myers Mrs. Charla Jean Myers (Tucker) Mr. Richard W Noack Mrs. Brenda Leigh Randol (Counts) Mrs. Janice Rice Dr.. Julie Y Sappington (Flanagin) Mrs. Michelle C Saxman-Rogers (Saxman) Mr. Michael Thomas Sayers Mrs. Debra Ann Schumer (Newell) Mrs. Gail H Smithmier (Callis) Mr. Trenton K Statler Mr. Nathan P Thomas MB Mrs. Emily Kathleen Thomason (Schuchart) Ms. Kimberly D Waltrip MB Mrs. Mary K Wulfers (Eschmann) SP Mr. Arthur Brian Yarbrough Mrs. Tiffany Nneka Yeast (Ford) MB

1996 Mr. Kevin C Bauer Mr. David E Benton


Mrs. Jennifer M Bodmer (Kerr) Mrs. Traci Lee Brown (Wren) MB Mr. Jobin K Chien Mrs. Tiffany M Davis (Ruland) PT Mr. Joseph Dunlap Ms. Janel L Francis MB Mr. Scott Allen French Mr. Mark Steven Hahn Mrs. Georgia K Hogan (Sobery) Mr. Joshua C Hogan Mrs. Amy Kindel (Evers) Mr. William Christopher Kirk Mrs. Darla D Klinge (Drew) Mrs. Rebeckah E Mayer (Zepnick) Mrs. Karen T McClendon (Spence) Ms. Elsie B Miller Ms. Kimberly Anne Minnich Mrs. Denise R Siemers (Sauer) Mrs. Lisa Ann Sturm (Weshinskey) Mr. Daren Keith Todd MB Mrs. Elena Victor Wallace (Novikova) Mrs. Jennifer A Wheeler (Boyt) Dr. Chris Aaron Wright PR

1997 Mrs. Carol J Belt (Miller) Mrs. Misty R Clifton (Sharp) PT Mr. Bobby Lynn Clubbs Mr. David Jennings Coleman Mr. Nathan Allen Cross Mr. John M Cusick MB Ms. Jennifer Eileen Decher Mrs. Pamela K Foster (White) Mr. William Michael Hart Mr. Justin F Heinrich Mr. Aaron John Jelinek Mr. Jason Michael LaPlante Mr. Lance Jefferson Lawson Mrs. Michelle Christine Leist (Hingle) Mrs. Rebecca Jill Marshall (Rigdon) Mrs. Jean A Morris (Farrenburg) Mrs. Ellen Denise O’Rourke (Barnes) Mrs. Brandy A Quade (Hoffman) Mr. Christopher William Robnett Mrs. Tonya Denise Skinner (Eskew) PT Mr. Bruce Wayne Skinner PT Ms. Louise A Sloan Ms. Jodi M Smith PT Mrs. Michelle Renee Winsor (Steimle)

1998 Dr. Jennifer Rae Bass (Haney) Mr. Terry D Bruce Mrs. Ashlee S Cantrell (Hale) Mrs. Brooke Hildebrand Clubbs (Hildebrand) Mrs. Abbie Sue Crites-Leoni (Crites) MB Mrs. Nicole A Darnell Mrs. Wendy C Ehrhard (Wilson) Mrs. Lara Ann Green (Thieret) Ms. Gretchen E Greminger Mrs. Rebecca A Hartle (Barnett) Mr. Matthew Hartle Mrs. Lisa Ann Heimos (Ronsick) Mrs. Jeanna Rae Horman-Nance (Horman) Mrs. Annette Rena Hux (Hessling) Mrs. Rebecca Sue Jelinek (Mattlage) Mrs. Katrina Marie Kearns (Hummel) Mrs. Emily J Kirk (Holt) Mrs. Deborah J Kitchen (Mehrle) Mrs. Jill Marie LeGrand (Heitz) Mr. Christopher Liefer Mr. Craig Darrin Marshall Mrs. Donna M Martin (Amelunke) Mrs. Vicki Oberle (Moses) Mr. Eric B Rhodes Mrs. Theresa Renee Shoemaker (Sindle)

Mr. Robert Timothy Sullenger Ms. Alice M Sydow Mrs. Kimberly Ann Todd (Smith) MB Mr. Tony Martin Vincent Mr. William Harold Walker Mrs. Charity L Woods (Koch) Mr. Robert Keith Zeitler

1999 Mrs. Laura M Bixler (Morris) Mrs. Lisa J Blank (Orso) Mr. Nicholas C Brooks Mr. Brian William Brune MB Ms. Tiffany C Buchta Mr. Bret Paul Burgess Mr. Alan K Byrd Mrs. Lesley Coalter (Wells) SP Mrs. Rebecca Mae Collier (Hooper) Mrs. Amber D Cremeens (King) Mrs. Amy J Davis (Derscheid) Mr. William D Dement Mrs. Stephanie Ann Gegg (Pfaff ) Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Giesike (Brockmann) Mr. Spencer C Hedgepeth Mrs. Lucia J Henson (Barborek) Mr. Steven E Higgins Mrs. Jennifer A Kirchhoff (Vivrett) Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Lay (Septer) Mrs. Megan Looney (Noe) Ms. Pamela Marie Mungle (Mattingly) Mr. Patrick M Murphy MB Ms. Lisa A Rendleman Ms. Karen Michelle Schell Mr. Kevin C Seto Ms. Elizabeth M Sherman (Sherman) Ms. Delilah Tayloe Mrs. Joleah E Taylor (Shelton) Mrs. Laurie Lynn Zeitler (Conrad) Mr. Ryan J Ziegler MB

2000 Mr. Brock M Alspaugh Mr. Mark A Beare Mrs. Rayanna L Dalton (Gibson) MB Ms. Katherine Marie Frick Mrs. Linda L Givens (Keaster) Ms. Stephanie A Gowin Mrs. Jacqueline M Haines (Derwort) MB Rev. Brian E Hecktor Mrs. Sheila Gale Holloway (Adams) Mrs. Dinia Ruth Jenkins Mr. Michael J Kearns Mr. Nicholas B Kinney Mrs. Sarah K Lawson (Wilber) Mr. Scott David Lohmann Mrs. Lesli J Marcum (Jones) Mr. Jacob A McCleland Ms. Leslie E McNamara Mr. Nicholas Emanuel Roberts Mr. Brian Scott Roth Mrs. Alice E Schlosser Mrs. Sarah Moseley Seto (Greaves) Mr. James Russell Shoemaker Ms. Stacey N Smallwood Mr. William K Vasel Mrs. JoAnne R Wolo Mr. Caleb Charles Zustiak MB

2001 Mrs. Cheryl Christine Aide (Nemanick) SP Mrs. Janice H Barkett SP Ms. Melinda Rose Bohnert Mrs. Jessica Lynn Brooks (Grab) Mr. Jason C Brown Mrs. Bridget C Brown (Costello) Mrs. Heather Brianna Carey (Engelmann)

Mr. Matthew Todd Carey Mrs. Andrea M Cox (Carnahan) Mrs. Bethany L Dement (Crawford) Ms. Kimberly S Denton Mrs. Sarah Doty (Dalby) Mrs. Lenell Diane Hahn (O’Connell) Ms. Brandi Nicole Hamm Mr. Benny V Hancock Mrs. Sarah J Higgins (Wildschuetz) Mr. Gregory A Hillis Mr. Lanny H Lannom Mrs. Amanda Lee Lincoln (Sechrest) PT Mrs. Megan Danielle Marchi (Parham) Mrs. Kellee A Marshall (Sullivan) Mrs. Mandy Lyn McGuire Mrs. Christy Ann Parker (Thompson) Mr. Jeffrey Richard Purvis Mrs. Amanda Lynn Rainey Mrs. Darson L Rhodes (Roberts) Mrs. Dana Roberts (Aslin) Mrs. Angie Marie Vasel (Risk) Mrs. Carole D Wright

2002 Mr. Brian D Beard Mrs. Anna-Marie N Beard (Martin) Mr. Carmon Allen Collier Mrs. Jessica Carol Davidson (Bolling) Mrs. Vickie L Devenport (Harpole) Mrs. Elizabeth Nicole Foster (Hutchcraft) Mrs. Patsy R Hendricks Mr. Phillip C Kaser MB Ms. Shelley Fay Kofsky Mr. Dan Marcum Ms. Amanda L Martin Mr. Michael James Martin Mr. Michael K Mauck Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Miget (Berkbigler) Mrs. Megan Anne Richardson (Wagner) PT Mr. Brett DeWayne Richardson PT Mr. Christopher C Shelby Ms. Elizabeth A Sunley Mrs. Patricia Marie Van Dyne (Sander) Mr. Travis W Venable Mr. Jeremy C Wells Mrs. Leslie J Wheat Mrs. Kimberly Ann Zustiak (Westrich) MB

2003 Mrs. Patricia A Allen Ms. Peggy S Bond MB Ms. Shannel C Bueltemann Ms. Tricia Renee Cage Mr. Shawn B Clark Mr. Larry Cleair Mr. Jonathan M Frazier Mr. Ryan D Hoffman Ms. Heather R Jones Mrs. Mary A Kaser (Bruder) MB Mrs. Kathy L Lambdin (Triplett) Ms. Jessica Lee Leggett Mrs. Roxanne L Leroux Mr. Thomas Michael Long Mr. Todd Anthony Marchi Mrs. Cassie L Panton (Koch) Mr. Daniel Brian Pattengill Mrs. Karen Deanne Pauley (Johnson) Ms. Leigh E Pemberton Mr. Brian K Privett Mr. Noble Leon Shaver Mr. William Kevin Stewart Mrs. Amy E Sutherlin Mr. Brandon O Williams SP

2004 Mr. Justin M Amschler Mrs. Pamela J Barnes

Mrs. Rosalie Grimes Benz (Grimes) Mrs. Jennifer R Brosz (Brewer) Mrs. Betty J Brown (Sucharski) Mr. Scott M Brown Mr. Darrell Allan Davidson Mr. Thomas M Farden SP Mr. Keith Terrell Foster Mrs. Bobbi J Garrett (Percifall) Ms. Sarah J Glueck Mrs. Kristine Suzanne Gruver (Hehner) Mr. Justin Andrew Hahn Mr. Cory M Hampton Mrs. Margaret C Harmon Ms. Kaci A Heins Mr. Matthias J Imgrund MB Mrs. Peggy J King Mrs. Dionna L King (Webb) Dr. Mark E Langenfeld Mrs. Trudy Lee SP Mr. Joseph D McGinnis Mrs. Letitia R Miller (Weeks) Ms. Nathalie R Pogue Ms. Angela Price Mrs. Lisa Ann Rutter-Gray (Reed) Mr. Brian K Schnurbusch MB Mrs. Chao-Hui H Starrett Mr. Douglas D Thomas Mr. Bradley D Watkins Ms. Megan Elise Wilson

2005 Ms. Gena Bergonzoni Mrs. Staci Sophia-Marie Class (Stevens) Mrs. Jerri L Coleman Mr. Brian L Coleman Ms. Christine M Decarli Mrs. Courtney Leanne Dodd (Flood) Dr. Craig G Downing Mrs. Pauline T Hastings Mr. Matthew B Hoernig Mrs. Karla Paulette Hoxworth Mr. Stephen C Lee Ms. Wilma S Matz (Pierson) Ms. Melissa M Rehling Ms. Elizabeth J Rice (Peterson) Mr. Jacob S Risk Mr. Timothy W Sadler Mrs. Amber N Thorne (Bahr) Ms. Kimberly A Townsend Ms. Rachel Lynn Vanfleet AD Mrs. Sara L Wright (Brown) Ms. Vanessa C Yanick

2006 Ms. Mary R Christy Mrs. Kelly R Conger Mr. Marcus E Davis Mr. Derek C Detring Ms. Heidi M Froemsdorf Ms. Stephanie C Hauk Mr. Dane Huxel SP Ms. Amber N Laster Ms. Sheryl Menning Mr. James D Prichard Ms. Amanda R Truelove Ms. Kara L Valentin Ms. Christina M VanNostrand Mr. David D Willaredt Ms. Sarah Zaragoza (Sullivan)

2007 Mr. Robert A Cron PT Mr. Nicholas Evans Fenton Mrs. Penny Anne Halley (McCarver) Mr. Daniel Stephen Presson Ms. Sandra L Ries PR Ms. Kasey Lynn Skelton

friends of the foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bob Abernathy Mary M Abernathy MB Mr. Thomas S Abernathy Mr. Bill J. Adams MB Ms Karen L Agama Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ahlvin Mevi Ahuja Dr. and Mrs. Michael Aide SP Ms Jane Albrecht Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Alcorn Zaki Ali PR Harry Allen Ms Margaret A Allington MB Mr. Richard Almeida Mr. Vernon Alspaugh Drs. Rickert R. Althaus and Brenda P. Johnson AD Mr. Brian Alworth Mr. Warren Anderson Mrs Jennifer A Anderson Ms. Shirley Anderson Mrs. Frances T. Andrews SP Mr. Joseph Archer Robert Arendt Philip B Arington Virginia L Armstrong Mr. Craig R. Arneson SP Donna Aston PT Ms. Mary J. Ates Mr. Jerry Aufdenberg MB Johnie R Aufdenberg Mr. and Mrs. James Autrey MB Ms. Drucille Ayers Mr. William Badger AD Mr. Jeffrey G. Baer Donna Baier Dana L Bailey Mr. Jeff Baker Mr and Mrs Janis A Baldwin Dr. and Mrs. S. Charles Balsamo Sharon M Balsman PT Mr Keith W Balsmann Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H. Barker MB Ms. Mary J. Barks Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Barnes Mr and Mrs James M Barrows Robert A Barrows Linda M Barth Mr Charles F Bates III Mr and Mrs Robert G Batts Mr and Mrs Kathleen Batts Mr. Leo S. Baudino MB Mrs. Ann Bauer Lucille M Bauman Mr. James L. Beam Jr MB Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Bean PT Richard R Beard Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bedell AD Mr. and Mrs. William J. Beggs PT Mr. Michael and Dr. Ann E. Behrend-Uhls PR Dr and Mrs Joe Belew Ms Agnes M Bendel Della M Bender Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bennett PT Mr and Mrs Joseph W Benyo Mr and Mrs Joseph Benyo Mr. Paul H. Berens Mr. Glenn Berkbigler Jason Berning Mr and Mrs Clifton D Berry MB Mr. Joda L. Bess PT Martha Bick Mr. Brian Bickings SP Jo Marie Billings Mr. and Mrs. August W. Birk MB Jana and Samuel Birk Mrs Shirley Bishop Mrs. Ellen L. Black Ms. Sarah B. Blankenship PT Mr. Harry Blanton

Hon. Lewis Blanton MB Felecia J Blanton MB Mr Thomas M Blassie Mr. David Blechle MB Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Blechle Ms Megan L Blemker Jerald W Blemker PT Alice Blissett Ms. Jean Low Bloomfield MB Linda L Blumenberg Ms Frances E. Bock Ms Mildred E Boehne Mr. Bill Boesen PT Mr. and Mrs. Bill C. Bohnert Dolores Bohnsack Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Boland Florence Boland Gary H Boles Dr. James H. Bollinger MB Gerald Boren Dr. and Mrs. Allan Bornstein MB David Borst Susan A Boswell Mr. William L. Bowers Mr. Ronald Bowers PT Mrs. Heraleen E. Bowers Dr. Gregory Boyd MB Robert and Lila Boyd SP Mr Terry Bozzay Mr. Charles Bradford MB Sally L Bradley MB Mrs Ellen L Bradley Mr. William B. Bradley Mrs. John P. Bradshaw SP Juanita Brazel Mr and Mrs Calvin W Break PT Mr. Calvin W. Break Sr PT Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Breeze SP Ms. Maxine Breezeel Mrs. Sue Brewer Mr. Jerry Brey Ms. Maxine Brice Ms. Barbara A. Bridges Elaine D Briggs Ms. Sue Brockett Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Brockett SP Mr. Paul Brockmeyer PT Mr. Gary J. Brookover Rev and Mrs William Brooks LR Mr. Cecil Brotherton Mr. Lawrence Brown Drs Randy and Twila Brown PT Roxanne Brown Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Brown PT Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Brown Mr and Mrs Michael Brown Mr. E. L. Brown III MB Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown A Dale Brown Dr. Michael F. Brown MB Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Brown MB Ms. Evelyn B. Brown Dr. Leo A. Bruce SP * Dr. James T. Bruening PT Mr and Mrs Tom Brumitt PT Mr Martin E Brummond Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brune PT Chad W Brusveen Alan Bubalo Mr. Henry J. Buchheit Dr. James A. Buckenmyer Mrs. Patricia Buckner Mrs. Marie Bueltemann Mr. Joe T. Buerkle PT Mr James E Buford, Sr Mrs. Linda Bugle Ms. Ruth Burchyett Joe Roland Burger Jr Jewell Deere Burgess AD Charlotte J Burke MB Mr David A Burke


long with the many Southeast alumni who contribute to the Foundation, there are numerous friends who also provide generous support. We recognize and thank the important friends who contributed in fiscal year 2007. Friends

can give online anytime at Ms. Sally A. Burke Col. Mary A. Burke MB Joseph L Burnett Dr. Linda Burns PT Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Burton MB Mr Thomas J Bussman Mrs. Betty Butler Mr. T. Swayne Byrd MB Mr. Steven C. Byrd MB Mr and Mrs Richard V Cafalone Mrs Paula Calhoun SP Ms. Rosebud Call Ms. Harryette Campbell CN Mr. and Mrs. R. Kenneth Campbell * Mr. John E. Campbell CN Mr. Joaquin Campoy Evangeline Cannell Ms. Rebecca A. Canoy Ms. Dianne M. Carlile PT Mr. H. K. Carter Mr. Joe M. Carter Mr. Neil Casey PT Mrs Christine M Casey M L Cauthon III Mrs. Janet L. Chamberlain Dr. and Mrs. Jean A. Chapman SP Dr. Diana W. Chartrau MB Mr. John Cherry SP Mr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Chirnside PT Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Chisman MB Mr. Brandon Christensen Ms. Lucille Christoff PT Maxine Clark AD Dr. Ronald V. Clayton Mrs Donna R Clendenin Ms. Marcella E. Click Harold W Cobb Dr. Linda S. Cochran Dr. Leslie H. Cochran Mr and Mrs John Coffman Gary Cole Terri Cole Dr. Matthew Coleman AD Ms. Saundra Colley MB Mrs. Martha E. Conary Kevin Condiff Jr Mr. Ross Conner Jeffrey T Connolly PT Ms Margaret Conrad Dr. Kathleen D. Conway SP Linda J Cook Mrs. Juanita Cook MB Mr. Donald E. Cook MB Mr. Danny Cook MB Mrs. Maudaline Cook Dr. James F. Cooper PT Mr and Mrs Paul G. Copeland MB Ms Mary Cotner Betty Cowell Mark S Cox Mr. Albert Cox MB Mrs. Betty L. Cox PT Jennifer K Coy Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cozean Jr Jon D Cozean Ms Edna M Crader Ms. Dorothy D. Craft Mrs. Rita E. Crain PT Denise B Cramer Mr and Mrs William E Crawford Brenda A Crawford LR Lila Creswell Ms. Billie L. Criddle Mr. and Mrs. Rick Crites PT Mr. and Mrs. John C. Crites MB Ms. Brenda K. Crites Dr Sarah L Cron PT Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Croxford SP John L Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. Dalton B. Curtis Jr PT Mrs Mary Ann Curtis

* Ms. Bernice B. Cutler Mr and Mrs James P Dambach Mrs Georgia M Dannenmueller Mr. Roy E. Darter * Mr. Bill Davenport Charlotte A Davis Ms Starla G Davis MB Mrs. Violet L. Davis Mr. Lyle A. Davis PT Mrs Georgena Davis Janelle L Davis SP Ms. Norma R. Dawes Ms. Muriel Z. Day Mrs. Renate Deblois MB Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Deimund Dale G Deiters Ms Mary E DeLeonardo Ms. Ginger DeLisle Robin M Delong MB Dr. Clay O. DeMattei Dr Peter G Denby Mr Kevin Detweiler Robert A Dianora Ms. Anita W. Dickerson Mr. and Mrs. David C. Dickey Sister Zeta Bernice Diebold Mrs. Minnie E. Diefenbach Robert D Dietl MB Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dillon AD Mr. Gerald Dippold Ms Ashley E Dirnberger Mr. Richard Dirnberger SP Mr. Dave Diveley PT Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Dobbins PR Marie A Dobias Jamie Dodd MB Mrs. Susie Dodd LR Ms. Evelyn I. Dollinger Dr. Bruce Domazlicky PT Mr. and Mrs. S. Cordell Dombrowski MB Donna Domian PR Mr Nick S Dopudja PT Mr. and Mrs. George Dordoni Mr Jim Dostal Mr. R. Neil and Dr. Alberta Macke Dougan SP James P Drew AD Mr. and Mrs. Dan Driskell PT Mrs. Patricia Drumm MB Mrs. Wanda L. Drury Mr. William D. Duckett AD Dr. and Mrs. James J. Dufek MB Mr. Ralph J. Duffner Mrs. Irene B. Dugger LR Alma Dulz

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Dunger SP Mr. and Mrs. Steven N. Trautwein Mr. Eric D. and Dr. Darlene Dunning LR Phyllis M Duschell Mr. John S. Dybell Mr. Jim E. Eaker Mr and Mrs Ralph R Ebersole Ms. Sara A. Edgerton MB John C Edmonds Mrs. Ann M. Edwards SP Mr. and Mrs. Gene W. Edwards SP Mr. Neal C. Edwards PT Dr and Mrs Richard A Eichhorst SP Ms Janet L Elaydo Timothy C Elder Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elders MB Mr. Steve M. Elefson Mr Don R Elkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellinghouse Dr. and Mrs. William W. Ellis SP Melvin E Ely Frank Emmendorfer Jr Michele L Enderle Mr. Harold S. Enslen David Epplin Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Erlbacher II Mr and Mrs Robert G Erlenbush Ms. Marilyn J. Ervin Mrs. Glenna S Ervin Mr and Mrs John P Eschmann Mr. and Mrs. Blake Esicar SP Samantha Nicole Espiricueta PT Ms. Amelia Essman Ms. Corona H. Essner Mr and Mrs Robert P Essner Mr. Zac Estes Morton B Estes Ms. Mary L. Estes MB Mrs Constance B Estopare Dr Beverly M Evans MB Mr. Robert C. Evans Jr Susan J Evans Ms. Amy Evens Ms. Gwyn Monte Evens SP Mrs. Alice R. Evens AD Mr. Ralph Evers AD George Exas Mr. G. Michael Farrar Randy Farrar Mr. Alan R. Farris Bryan Farrow Ms. Kathryn Farwell Mrs. Mary K. Fassel AD Mr. Robert Fee PT Ms. Lois Fehrmann Dr. and Mrs. J. Russell Felker SP

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 25

friends o f the fo undati o n Arthur C Feller Mr. Jim Ferretti and Dr. Jane Stephens AD Mr. James H. Feuerbacher MB Mr. Rupert Fiehler Mr and Mrs James E Fields Barbara F Fields Dr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Finney PT Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Fischer MB Mrs Cynthia Robyn Fischer Mr. John Fisher PT Dr. and Mrs. Rick Flaksman PT Mr. Lee Flanagan PT Shari D Flanigan Mrs. Carol Folwell Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Ford PT Mr. Wayne Ford MB Dana L Formon John K Foster Ms. Beatrice Foster Mr. Thomas R. Fowler MB Robert N. Fox AD Mr Edmund L Franchi Mr. William S. Frayser Ms. Burdetta Frazier Ms. Leigh Fredrickson MB Dr Michael R Freeman AD Mr. and * Mrs. John Frenzel Janet K Friedel Helen B Friedel Judith Friedel Ronald Friedel Mrs. Madge Friese Leona A Friesenborg MB Gaylan D Friesenborg MB Mary D Fronabarger Mr Edwin J Fruehwald PT Ms Suzette M Fuhler Dr. Betty F. Fulton SP Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Fulton MB Mr and Mrs Mark Funkenbusch Ross M Fusilier Ms. Almeda Garmon Mr. James R. Garrett Dr Francisco Garriga Dr. Jacob C. Gaskins Dr. Allen Gathman PT Mr and Mrs Michael G Gazall AD Mr. Gary E. Gazall MB Mr. Mike Gehrs Dr Bruce W Gentry Stacey L George Mr and Mrs Robert S Gerard Mrs Sara Gerau Col. and Mrs. Henry H. Gerecke LR Ms Deborah Gerecke Mr. Kenneth J. Gibbar MB Brevin Giebler SP Drs Robert M and Ann P Gifford MB Roberto Gill MB Larry K Gill Mr Michael Gill Chad M Gipson PT Elizabeth R Glass Mr William S Glasscock Ms. Ruth A. Glastetter Mr Steven J Glauber Dorothy L Gloth


James F Glover Ms. Beulah E. Gnann Mr and Mrs Barney L Goddard Mr and Mrs Milton Goehman Dr. Christopher Goeke Dr. Peter J. Gordon PT Kenneth Gottschall Janet M Govreau Mr. Mike Grace Ms. Vallie Graff Mrs Mary P Grana Mr and Mrs Joseph R Grana Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Grand Mr. and Mrs. Tom Grantham Ms. Patricia R. Grasso Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Gray LR Mr. Samuel C. Grear Anthony G Green Ms. Marta Green Mr and Mrs Douglas C Greene LR Mr. Paul H. Greer Ms Starlett Grey Mrs. Judy Griffaw Tom and Sue Griffaw Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Griffith SP Dr. S. Kent Griffith Wanda R Grim Hon. and Mrs. Stanley A. Grimm PT Mr Jeffery P Groeblinghoff Ms. Deborah A. Gross Mr and Mrs Randall M Grove Mrs. Joel W. Guiling Mr. Kenneth R. Gullett MB Mr. Bill Guth Jr Dr. and Mrs. Harold W. Hager MB Mr Mark Hagerty Mr.and Mrs. Joseph T. Haines MB Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Hall Gregory Lee Hallam Mr and Mrs Richard W Halley Donald J Halski Mr. Timothy S. Halter MB Mr and Mrs. Cliff Ham Mr. Jim Ham PT Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hamblin DR Karen M Hamilton Leigh Joseph Hamilton Mr. Kenneth C. Hamilton Mrs. Martha L. Hamilton SP Ms. Barb Hammers Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hammond SP Mr. Albert R. Hamra Ken Hanke Ms. Robin Hankinson MB Mr and Mrs Bruce W Hannigan Ms. Mary Hansen C L Hapgood Mr and Mrs Scott J Hapgood Cynthia Harbster PT Mrs. V. Louise Hargens MB Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Harmon Jr Donna Harness MB Sharon B Harris Neil Harris Mark B Harris PT Mrs. Mary Ann Harris * Mr. B. W. Harrison DN

Mrs Tami L Harrod Mrs. Geraldine S. Hartel John M Harth Ms. Jane A. Hartline Mr. Robert Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hartmann PR Judith A Harwood Carol A Harwood-Fontaine Richard K Hastings SP Dr. Bruce Hathaway MB Ms Lucille Hayden Lorraine Hayden Mr and Mrs Gary L Hearne PT Dr and Mrs Paul M Heath SP Dr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Hecht MB Ms. Kimberly A. Heckemeyer Mr. Joe Heckemeyer Ms. Sandi Heidorn Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heischmidt AD Mr. David L. Heisel Mr. Sylvester Heisserer Florence Hemmer Dawn Henderson Don H Hendricks PT Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hendricks William W. Hennecke, Jr. Mr. Robert M. Henrichs Mr. Robert E. and Dr. Eleanor Henry PT Ms. Mattie J. Henson Merline E Hente Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Herbert Jr PR Mr. Dennis Herbst Mr. Paul Herzberger Jon A Hesse Mr. and Mrs. John A. Heuer MB Don L Heuer PT Maria M Heussel AD Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Higgins PT Dr. and Mrs. Michael Higgins SP Cleo B Hightower Mrs. Susanne Hildebrand MB Dr. and Mrs. Hamner Hill MB Elizabeth Hill Mr. and Mrs. James K. Hill SP Mr Frank Hill Mr John Hill, Jr Mrs. Denyse Hinckley Jeffrey P Hine Sarah A Hinkle Dr. and Mrs. Peter Hirschburg PT Ms. Winifred R. Hirsch-Ward CN Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Hitt SP Mr. and Mrs. Roby Hitt Mr. and Mrs. J. Derieck Hodges MB Alice Hodges SP Steven R Hof Mrs. Betty Hoffmeister PT Dionne Hoffmeister PT Ms Kathryn A Hogan Drs. Michael and Beverly Hogan AD Sherry L Holder Bill Holland SP Jean M Holland Mr Randal L Holland Kathy Hollenbeck PT Michael Holley Mr and Mrs Loren C Hollman Ms Juanita Holloway Brenda J Holst Dwayne R Holst Dr Debra J Holzhauer Dr. and Mrs. Trygve O. Honaas SP Tressa L Honaas SP Laurie A Hoogland MB Mrs. Kim Hope Mr. John O. Hopkins MB Mrs. Mary Hopkins Nancy F Howard Ms. Frieda A. Howard PT Georgia Howe Mr. Terry Howell PT Ms Mary M Huckstep Mrs Jannie Huckstep Chris G Huckstep PT Mr. Keith W. Huckstep PT Dr Celeste N Hudson-Quartell Dean Huffman

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hufford DR David Hulshof Mr. and Mrs. Neil Humburg MB Mr Charles L Hunze Jr AD Ms. Freda Hunze Gary L Hurst Sr Percy Huston AD Mrs Hazel Hutson Mrs. Judith A. Hutson Dr and Mrs Ibe O Ibe Edward J Imgrund Mrs. Susan K. Irvin Mr Charles A Iselin Mr John A Ishee III Mr. Phil Ivers Brian P Ivers Ms. Connie Ivester Ms. Alice Jackson Pauline Jacobs Nancy A James Mrs. Marguerite James Ms Beulah Jameson Mr. Jeremiah W. Jamieson Mr. William H. Jamison LR Charlotte Jansen Mr. and Mrs. John R. Janssen MB Dr. and Mrs. Fred Janzow SP Dr. and Mrs. Dieter Jedan Mrs. Linda Jenkins-Rechtin MB Mr David C Jennings Jr Mrs Nancy J Johns Mrs. Marjorie E. Johnson Mr. Scott Johnson Dr. Gary Johnson PT Dr. Dwight H. Johnson SP Ms Kay F Johnson Mr and Mrs James T Johnson Dr. David S. Johnson PT Ms. JoAnn Johnson Julie M Jones Leslie Jones Mrs. Sara H. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Jones MB Gerald W Jones II AD Dr. Alan Journet SP Mr. C. Andy Juden Jr Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. David Kalinowski DR Mr John Kaminski Dr. David Kapp AD Mr and Mrs Nelson H Kasten SP Mr. Vernon L. Kasten Jr SP Mrs Julia Low Katinas MB Ms. Crystal L. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Don Kaverman PT Drs. Bert and Mary Ann Kellerman Ms Carole E Kelley Ms. Michele M. Kelmer MB Ms. Evelyn Kepner Rodney K Kerner Mr and Mrs Jim Kettelkamp PT Mairaj Khan Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kiel MB Ms. Margaret Kies Mr. Keith Kimmel Ms. Susie Kinder Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Kinder PT Cindy L Kinder Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kinder III Mr. and Mrs. King Jean Duff Kingery Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kinkead Ms. Bonnie Kipper Mrs. Edna A. Kirchhoff Ms Mary Kirk Donna M Kirn Mrs. Dorothy M. Klein SP Mrs. Gail Knaup Mr. Mark Kneer MB Mary S Knickmeyer Dr Patrick Knight PT Mrs. Ruth E. Knote AD Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Knudtson PT Ms. Mary L. Knupp Mrs Patsy Koenegstein Marilyn Koenegstein Rose Ann Korte

Dr. Louis Kouo Mr. Richard Kovacs Ms. Mary M. Kracke Mrs. Ruth E. Krafft LR Mr and Mrs John L Kraft Mr Brian M Kramer MB Mr and Mrs Harvey W Krauss Janet Kremer Donald J Krengiel Ms. Geneva Kress AD Mrs. Linda J. Krueger SP Dr. and Mrs. David A. Kunz PT Mr and Mrs T J Kuper Mrs. Leona Kurre Timothy E Kwiatkowski PT Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. LaFerla AD Mr. and Mrs. Wally Lage AD Mr and Mrs James L Lakemeyer Mrs Jeanne Lambel Ms. Jessie Lambert Mrs Elizabeth O Lammers Dolly Land Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Landewe Mrs. Wanda Lang MB Ms. Doris C. Langston Dorothy Mae Lashley Dr and Mrs Matthew A Lavalle PT Ms. Nora F. Lawrence Mr. Gerald Lawrence Mr. Jim Lawrence Mr. Richard Lawrence Mrs. Jeanette Lawson Julia Lea Mr Harold H Leamon Pamela C Lee Mr Jerry W Lee Dr. David Lee Thomas C Lee Robert W LeFebvre Mr and Mrs Maurice Lagault MB Mr John J Leibrecht Mrs. Brenda Leimbach MB Dr. Edward L. Leoni MB A L Lesdernier MB Mr and Mrs Frank Lichtenberg Robert S Liermann Mr. and Mrs. John W. Likens Dr. and Mrs. Walt W. Lilly MB Hon. and Mrs. Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr PR Mr. and Mrs. David S. Limbaugh MB Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lincoln Melissa Lincoln Mr. Jason L. Lindsey SP Ms Myrtle D Lindsey Mrs. Phyllis L. Lindstrom Mr Fred Lindy Cleo D Linebarger Meth Linwong Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lloyd MB Dr. Ivy D. Locke SP Mrs Sandra L Loesel Ms. Mary Lohman PT Dr. and Mrs. John B. Long PT Connie S Lopinot Mr. James Lorberg Mrs Kathy Losson Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Lottes Dr. T. A. Lovinggood Mr Joseph H Low III PT Mrs Lauchette R Low Mr. Albert C. Lowes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ludwig MB Mr. Robert Lukefahr MB Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lummus MB Mr Carl Lund DR Mr Michael Lund DR Dr. Daniel MacLeay Ethel G Maevers Donna Maguire Kevin J Maher MB Dr. and Mrs. James T. Main Jr MB Mr William C Mallonee Ms. Donna Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Marchi AD Tom J Marhefka Mrs. Anne B. Marietta MB Ms Pam Markin

Terry M Markuly Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Marler Jr DR John B Marshall Rev. Mark Martin Joan E Martin Ms. Elizabeth E. Martin Dr Samuel B Martin Mr. Ralph Martin AD Mr Floyd Marx, Jr Betty L Maschmann Jo Mason Jean M Mason MB Mr and Mrs Cloyd Masterson Mr. William E. Masterson PT Mrs. Paula Mata Robert Mata Martha A Matter PT Edward C Matthews, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Matthews Ms. Ann D. Matthews AD Ms. E. Jane Matthews Mr. Edward C. Matthews III Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Matthews PT Mr. Michael S. Maupin MB Mr and Mrs James A Maxfield Mr. and Mrs. Kurt N. May SP Ms. Connie Mayfield PT Ms. Kay K. McBride Mrs Connie L McCart Charles J McCart Ms. Clara McClanahan Mr and Mrs Robert McClary Mr. and Mrs. Larry O. McCormick PT Betty J McCoy Mr. Alvin C. McDaniel Mr Cleve McDaniel MB Ms. Anne McDonough Dr. and Mrs. Gerald S. McDougall PT Mr. Gary K. McDowell MB Dr. Richard A. McDuffie Ms. Hester E. McElmurry Dr. and Mrs. Chris McGowan PT Mr John D McGowan Mr. Timothy M McGuire PT Ms. Joyce J. McIntyre Mr. RJ McKinney PT Jim McKinnis Mr and Mrs Kerry McMahon Mr. Kevin McMeel MB Dr. and Mrs. M. Jeffery McNabb PT Mrs. Barbara A. McNamara Lynn L McQuiston-Fall Mr. Claude E. Meadows III PT Mr. Ted Medlin SP Dr. and Mrs. David R. Meece Ms Joan Mehrer Mr. Brandon R. Mehrle DR Dr and Mrs Steven Mellies Mrs. Christene Merick AD Marie A Merriman Mr. David Metcalfe Mr Ronald Metz Mr. Scott Meyer PT Mr David G Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Meyer SP Mr and Mrs Luke C Miget Mr. Michael W. Miller SP Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Miller PT Mr. Timothy Miller Shannon K Miller Ms. Bonnie Miller Mr. Dallas O. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Miller PT Mrs Peggy L Miller Mr. Robert W. Miller PT Mr. and Mrs. Craig Millham Mr. and Mrs. L. Wayne Millington SP Dr. Bruce Mims MB Michael Mitchell PT Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mitchell MB Ms. Maxine L. Mitchener MB Mr. John R. Mobley Mr. Roger Mocherman Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Montgomery PT Mr and Mrs Scott A Moon Philip S Moore PT Mr. and Mrs. J. Handy Moore PT

Mr. Ronald J. Moore PT Dr. and Mrs. William E. Morehead Dr James W Morgan MB Mrs. Barbara Morgan SP Mr. William H. Morgan Jr SP Danny R Moriarty Dr. Carol A. Morrow PT Ms. Cheryl Mothes MB Mr Randy M Mouser David W Moyers Rosezetta Moyers Diane S Mudd Ms Katherine E Mueller Hon. Marybelle Mueller MB Brenda J Mullen Mr Clinton J Muller Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Munger Jr PT Mrs. Kathy S. Mungle Ms Freda Opal Nall Mrs. Corena E. Nation Micahel J Nebel Dr. and Mrs. Martin D. Needels PR Mrs. Margaret Popham PR Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neff Mr. James F. Nekula Mr and Mrs Robert D Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nesslein PT Sandra L Neumann Mr Barry J Nicholson Delois J Niswonger Ms Mary A Niswonger Mrs. Verna L. Nitsch SP Dr. and Mrs. Dale Nitzschke Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noack Dr. and Mrs. S. Edwin Noffel MB Mr and Mrs David Norbury Mr. and Mrs. D. Craig Nordlund SP Mr. Ernie Nordman PT Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Norman SP Bruxie Norman Donald T Norrenberns Ms Carleen B Nunes Ms Louise Nussbaum Mr. and Mrs. Donald Obergoenner PT Erik J Oberhaus Erin L Oberhaus Mr. Harlin Oberndorfer Mrs. Flora Oberndorfer Edna B O’Brien Valerie Ochs Mr. and Mrs. William E. O’Donnell Dr. Bill Ogborn AD Dr David M Oligschlaeger Ms. Geneva D. Oliver Ms. Rosemary Oliver Mary C O’Loughlin Mr. John E. O’Malley Jr Mrs. Barbara C. Ostrenga PT Mr. Douglas J. Otterness PT Dr. and Mrs. David G. Otto MB Lauri Wern Overmann Dr. Stephen R. Overmann Mr. and Mrs. B. Ray Owen Mr. and Mrs. Michael E Paris PT Mr. James V. Parker Scott A Parker Mr. Robert and Dr. Adelaide H. Parsons AD Sharon L Parton Geraldine R Patrick Barbara A Patrick Mr. Rueben Peetz Mr Douglas R Pelikan Mrs. Terri A. Penrod PT Dr and Mrs Robert E Perry Dr Beverly M Petch-Hogan SP Mr. Lowell Peterson Mrs Cheryl R Peterson Mr. Robert S. Pettit Mr. Marvin P. Petzoldt Mr and Mrs Darrell Phegley Rita K Philip Camille T Philips MB Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Phillips MB Mary Ellen Pickar Mrs. Ruth A. Pickering Ms. Diane Pobst Ms. Rosina Poe

Reverand and Mrs Raymond Pool Paul Poole Mr and Mrs David M Popham PT Ms. Mary A. Popp Mr. and Mrs. David R. Porter Ms. Lillian Powell Mrs Rita Powell Mr Charles W Powers Paul E Powers MB Mr Michael A Prate Dr. Loretta Prater SP Mr and Mrs Michael A Price PT Timothy P Price Mary Prince Mr. David K. Probst Ms Lucille A Proctor Bernard L Proffer MB Terri L Prost Ms Hazel L Proveaux Ms. Wende Pruden Mr. Charles Pruitt MB Dr. T. Joseph Pujol Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pullen SP Ida P Pulliam R Scott Pulliam MB Maxwell H Pulliam Jr Mr and Mrs Robert B Puyear Mrs. Patti J. Pyeatte Mr John B Quante Mary Jean Raatz Hon. and Mrs. William S. Rader AD Mark S Radetic Ms Kathryn A Raines Ms. Kristina M. Rainwater Mr John H Ramey Irma Ramirez PT Jeffrey E Rand Ms. Tameka L. Randle Ms Theresa B Randol Ms. Hilda M. Randolph Jan M Rau Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Readnour MB Mr and Mrs G B Reagan Ms. Patricia Reagan MB Norman Rechenberg PT Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Rediger Jr AD Eric K Redinger Mrs. Dorothy M. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Regenhardt AD David R Reiminger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L Reinagel AD Mr. James H. Reinert Rita Reisenbichler Mr. David M. Remley Ms. Frances Rendleman Mike Renfrow SP Dr. Russell D. Renka Ms Penny R Ressel Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Retter SP Mr. Gary Reutzel Jerry L Reynolds Ms. Lily Reynolds Joyce A Rhodes Mr. Joe P. Rice III Lawrence J Rice Mr. Monroe Richardson PT Dr. James Ricks Wilbur F Ricks Mr. Veryl L. Riddle CN Velma R Riegel Mr and Mrs Steven W Riek Mrs. Evelyn M. Riley Mr and Mrs Ray R. Rippelmeyer Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter Jr AD Dr. David Ritter Mrs. Marcia Ritter PT Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Robert Jr PT Dr. Craig W. Roberts SP Reginald D Robinson AD Mr and Mrs Barrett Rochman AD Ms. Catherine G. Roeder MB Mr. Brian Rogers Mr and Mrs James R Rogers Cary E. Rohr Rev. Richard C. Rolwing Bill Roman

Bertha R Rommel Mr. and Mrs. Laroy R. Roper Jr PT Mr. and Mrs. David Ross MB Mrs. Geraldine Ross PT Thomas R Roth Ms. Marie Rubel Mr. and Mrs. Cliff F. Rudesill PT Jacob L Ruebel SP Ms. Claudia Ruediger Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ruester PR Mr Robert L Ruff Mr and Mrs John D Ruscin Tyler Russom Mr and Mrs Gary W Rust Sr DR Mr and Mrs John H Ryan PT Patricia C Ryan MB Mrs. Camilla M. Sackin Mr. and Mrs. James E. Salzman PT Jeanette Sams Elsa Samuel Milton Sanders Mr. Jerry Sanders PT Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Sandfort MB Dr Tony Sangchompuphen Dr. John Sauer AD Mr and Mrs Richard W Schaab Mr. Orville L. Schaefer PR Mr. Brian C. Schafer PT Mr and Mrs David R Scharf MB Gary D Schenimann MB Dorothy A Scherer Mr Paul Schermann PT Mrs Cathleen A Schlader Mr. Robert A. Schlichting Cathleen Schlosser Raymond L Schlotterbeck Mr Steven A Schmohe Mr and Mrs Steve L Schneider LR Mr. Vern H. Schneider Ms Teal Schneider Mr. Paul Schniedermeyer PT Ms Virginia Schobey Judith L Schoen Ms. Mary F. Scholl Mr. Steve Schonhoff SP Rita M Schonhoff Ms. Mildred Schreiner Stephen Schroeder Mr. Michael Schuette MB Ms Evelyn Schuh Kurt J Schultz MB Dr and Mrs E Robert Schultz PT Mrs. Larry Schuster SP Mrs. Sylvia Schutte MB Mr. Guy T. Schwab PT Ms. Phyllis J. Schwab MB Mr Dennis Schwartz and Mrs LeaAnn Voges Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Melvin O. Schweer Sr MB Ms. Barbara Schwepker Ms Sandra S Scott Michael B Scott Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Scott Katherine M Scott Mrs. Ricky Scott Mrs Imogene Seabaugh

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 27

Mr. Loyd Seagraves Jorine Seale Heather G Seay PT Matthew R Seay AD Ms. Sharon K. Seay SP Dr. and Mrs. Rickard A. Sebby PT Mrs Debra Sevier Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shackelford PR Theresa M Shaughnessy Mr and Mrs Kenneth D Shaw Ms Shirley E Shaw Ms Lynette E Shaw Dr. Susan H. Sheets PT Elizabeth S Shelton Dr. Sue Shepard AD Mr Noah Sheppard Mr and Mrs Alan N Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Sherman PT R Brooks Sherman PR Ms. Marilyn Sherman Sally Shinkle Roberta Shock John C Shoemaker Mr. Rick Shultz W Michael Shupert Ms. Diane Sides PT Mrs. Connie M. Sides Mark G Sieli Mrs. Dennis Sievers Dr. James P. Sifferman Mrs. Geraldine Siletta Massey AD Ms. Martha E. Simmons Mr. George E. Simmons AD Dr Amanda J. Sinclair James Freeman Sinnott PT Ms. Anita B. Slinkard * Virginia Sloan DN Dr. Scott B. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Shelton E. Smith SP Mrs June Hartig Smith Ms. Mary Ann Smith Leslie Dawn Smith AD Mr. and Mrs. Tim Smith PT Mr. Robert E. Smith Mr and Mrs A Wayne Smith SP Mr. B. J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Arlie E. Smith PT George W Smith Ms. Martha L. Smith Ms. Bonnie L. Smith Geoffrey D Smith Ms Minnie Faye Smothers Ms. Marjorie Sneed Dr. William E. Snell Jr Dr Seidu Sofo John G Sonderman Terry A Southerland Mr and Mrs Wilfred G Soutiea, Jr Mr. Cletis Sparks Ms Joan M Sparks Jewell L Spears Dr. Allen Spitler Mrs Jennifer A Spohr Hon. and Mrs. Stephen L. Spomer PT Dr. Kevin Squibb PT Ms. Elizabeth St John Leonard A Stagoski Sr Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Stalon PT Mr. William J. Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Staples PT


Dr James L Stapleton Dr. and Mrs. David Starrett Ruby Statler Mr. Peter L. Statler MB Mrs. Sara B. Stearns Ms Gladys Steel Mr. Richard G. Steele SP Sarah Hearne Steelman Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Steffen PT Mr Roger Steinbrueck Jay T Stencel Mrs. Bonnie Stepenoff MB Jane Ellen Stocker Mrs Allyn C Stoecker Mr and Mrs Lynn B Stoll Jeanne F Stoll Mr. Jerry L. Stone SP Ms. Loretta Stone Ms. Stacey L. Storey Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Stough PT Dr. Alice J. Strange PT Mr. Dennis Straubinger Ms. Barbara N. Stribling Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strickland PT Mr. and Mrs. Jack Strickland Jr MB Bryan M Stroer Mr. Michael N. Stroot AD Kimberly L Stroup MB Mr. Joe and Dr. Kala M. Stroup LR Mr. Marvin R. Strunk AD Sue Stuart Ms. Malita Stubblefield Mr Daniel E Stults Vincent E Stumpf Mr. and Mrs. R. Joe Sullivan Murray G Sullivan Christine Sumida Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Summary Ms Cristy Summers MB Mr. Bruce W. Sumner Dr Kamayasamy Surendran Ms. Pauline L. Suttles Michael R Sutton Mrs. Jill P. Svejkosky Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Swaim PT Dr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Swanson Ms. Susan Swartwout Ms. Lucinda Swatzell Lauranne Sweeney Mrs Donna C Sweet Larry Swindle LR Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Swinford AD Sally A Syberg Mr and Mrs Kirk Syberg Ms Therese M Syberg Mr. and Mrs. Greg Talbut Ms. Frances Tallman Jeannie Drury Tanner Ms. Kyra L. Taylor Dorothy A Taylor Mrs Sandra Teeling Mr. Bruce Tetzlaff Mr and Mrs C Dean Thomas MB Scott and Brenda Thomas Mr. Fred Thomas MB Betty J Thompson Mr. John Thompson Mr. Bob Thompson Ms. Marjorie H. Thompson MB Mr. Scott Thorne

Dr. Fred Thornton Jr Ms Alene Tillery Irene Tindall Mr. Randy Tingle Mr Richard D Titter PT Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Todt SP Vance Todt Billie R Toeniskoetter Ms. Marsha J. Toll MB Mr. Robert A. Towner Mr Walter Stuart Towns Mr and Mrs Michael L Tranmer Mr. Charles Travers Ms. Betty Treece Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Trower Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Trueblood Mrs. Joyce Tucker Mr. Robert Turley Mrs. Amy Ulrich Rue Ulrich Stanley Unterreiner Mr Doug Urban MB Joseph I Uzoaru Mrs Beverly Van Horne AD Ms. Martha Vancleve Ms Jennifer L Vannostrand Angel and Ileana Vasquez PT Mr. Gerald F. Venable Dr. and Mrs. Louis C. Veneziano Ms. LaWanda Verhines Hazel L Vetter William C Virdon CN Ms. Liliana Visscher MB Lloyd E Voerg Mr. Don J. Vogel MB Mr and Mrs R L Voit Mr. Dennis J. Vollink Ms. Sherry Voss Mr Wesley R Wade MB Mrs Phyllis J Wagner Mr Michael J Waldron PT Mr David A Walker Ms. Violet V. Wallace Mr Thomas S Waller Mrs. Mildred Wallhausen Mr. and Mrs. Art Wallhausen PT Col. Paul R. Walters Mr and Mrs David C Warburton Maryanne T Warren Jane Watson Dr. Michael A. Weatherson M June Weaver MB Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Webb PR Dr. and Mrs. William J. Weber SP Mr Howard F Weckel PT Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Weed Ms. Holly Weems MB Mr and Mrs William J Wehrheim Susan Weis PT Ms Verna M Weisbrod Ms. Laura G. Weiss Ms Harriet M Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Welch MB Ada Wendel Mr. Kenneth C. Werner MB Mary Frances Werner-Luckey Mr K Andrew West PT Mr. Jerry Westbrook Mr. Michael E. Wheeler Mr. Terry White

Ms Doris M White Mr Vincent D White MB Mr. Edwin D. White Jr Mr and Mrs Ned R Wicks David B Wiese PT Drs. Charles and Judith Wiles SP Gary R Wilfong Jr Ms. Doris J. Wilkinson Mrs. Velma Williams Mr Michael D Williamson Sr Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Willingham Mr. J. Robert Willingham Mr and Mrs John W Willis Sandy Wills Jill A Wills Mrs M Virginia Wilmerding-Pett PT Ms Gretchen L Wilson Ms. Mary E. Wilson Mr. Dan Wise Mrs. Flora Wiseman Ms. Earline Wiseman Mark D Wissmann Ms. Virginia Woell Mr Dennis Woeltje MB Ms. Cherie L. Worth Dorothy Wright Mrs Joan S Wright Ms Mary Lee Wright Mr. Terry Wright Dr. Michael L. Yang Theodore P Yates Mr. Ted Yates MB Mr. Michael T Yaworski Ted Yeater Mr. Terry R. Yochum PR Mary P Yoshioka Richard C Young Ms Ann A Yount Ms. Rhonda L. Zeilinger MB Dr. Robert J. Zeller PT Mr. Jim Zieba PT Mr. Ralph H. Ziegler PT Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ziegler MB Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Zimmer SP Mr. and Mrs. David Zimmer PR Ms Evelyn J Zimmerman Stephen R Zirkle Mr and Mrs Michael T Zollner

matching gift c o mpanies


atching gift companies are a very important part of the

University Foundation. Thanks to these generous companies, donor contributions are doubled or even tripled! Please check with your employer or visit the Foundation

Web site, www.semofoundation. org, to find out if your employer will match your gift.

AAA Auto Club Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Harte Abbott Laboratories Fund Fnd Dr. Riley H. Hastings Jr Agilent Technologies Mr. and Mrs. D. Craig Nordlund Ameren Charitable Trust Mrs. Lisa K. Gendron Mr. Ronald J. Moore American International Group Inc Mr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Davidson Mr. Ronald W. Haywood Anheuser Busch Foundation Mr and Mrs Michael G Gazall Mr. Gary E. Gazall

Mr. Francis M. Schwartz Mr. Raymond F. Trautman ChevronTexaco Matching Gift Program Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Yeakey ConocoPhillips Mr and Mrs. Bret C. Brazda Mr. George D. Steck Osram Sylvania Inc. Mrs. Joan M. Coveleskie

Del Monte Foods Mrs. Elois M. Allan

Peabody Energy Danny R Moriarty

Dow Chemical Company Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Gray

Pharmacia Foundation Mr. Francis W. Baudendistel

Edison International Mr. James J. Paprocki

PPG Industries Foundation Mr. James R. Horenkamp

ExxonMobil Foundation Mrs. Jodie M. Leach Mr. Walter E. Matthews Dr. Chris A. Wright

Principal Financial Group Foundation Mrs. Larry Schuster

Fortis Insurance Co Mr. Jawad Akhtar

Procter and Gamble Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. Cliff Mr. Eric D. and Dr. Darlene Dunning

General Electric Foundation Mr. Allen E. Holtmeyer

Quest Diagnostics Mr. Anthony G. Grillo

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Mr. Ruben E. Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. McGarr Great West Life and Annuity Insurance Company Mrs. Melissa E. Herbeck HSBC Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Brooks IBM Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. LaFerla Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Webb

RHDonnelley Mr. and Mrs. James R. Carley SAFECO Insurance Companies Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. McLean Shell Oil Co Foundation Mr. Harvey A. Birmingham Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hunze

Bank of America Fnd Mr and Mrs Larry Swindle

Kimberly Clark Foundation Mrs. Loretta L. Iverson

Bausch and Lomb Mr. and Mrs. Dwain L. Hahs

Laclede Gas Company Ms. Diane M. Hildebrand

State Farm Companies Foundation Mr. Hubert O. Bissell Mr. George E. Bush Sr Mr. Kenneth O. Doelling Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell J. Hill Mr. William H. Jamison Ms. Anne E. Lang Mrs. Lisa M. Orloff Mr. Danny L. Rockett Mrs. Cynthia L. Fantin Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schweigert Mrs. Connie S. Siebenmorgen Mr. and Mrs. William Vickery

BKD LLP Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Dambach Mr. John M. Mather Leslie Dawn Smith

Maritz Inc. Mr. Jim L. Christie

Tyco Matching Gifts Program Mr. Ralph A. Erickson

Merrill Lynch and Co Foundation Mr. James H. Feuerbacher

Union Central Life Insurance Co Mr. Thomas J. Gilliam

Microsoft Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Robke

US Bank Mr. Jim Ham

Northwestern Mutual Life Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hahs Mr. and Mrs. T. Ronald Hahs Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Heise

Verizon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Rosburg

AT&T Foundation Mrs. Mary A. Brown Mr. Jobin K. Chien Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Haskell Mr. and Mrs. James R. Korbelik Mr. Robert D. Lewis

Boeing Company Mrs. Milagros U. Amos Mrs. Kathleen L. Beckmann Mr. and Mrs. John E. Graeler Donald J Halski Dr. Kirby J. Keller Mrs. Dana L. Kondrad Mr. Scott E. Lewis Mrs. Jaclyn L. Morgan Mr. Stephen G. Newman Mr. Craig J. Oberle

Illinois Tool Works Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Hunt Johnson and Johnson Ms. Cecil M. Mossotti

Oneok Foundation Inc. Mr and Mrs David R Scharf

W W Grainger Mr. Ben Randazzo

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 29

financial analysis of the foundation The following represents the Net Assets for the Foundation as of June 30, 2007 and 2006:

2007 Current Assets



2006 $


Noncurrent Assets Capital Assets, net of depreciation Endowment investments Other Total Assets Current Liabilities


Noncurrent Liabilities














Total Liabilities








Net Assets Invested in capital assets, net of related debt


Restricted Unrestricted Total Net assets









Gift income report

Giving by constituency


foundation board EXECUTIVE OFFICERS

Harry E. Rediger, Chairman Dick Davidson, Vice Chairman Kathy Mangels, Treasurer Susan D. Burton, Secretary


Mr. Don C. Bedell Mr. Steven C. Bjelich Mr. Lewis Bock Mr. T. Swayne Byrd Mr. Stanley L. Crader Mr. Robert D. Crawford Mr. Richard Davidson Mr. Joseph J. Domian Dr. Richard Eichhorst Mr. Robert W. Erlbacher II Mr. Douglas Greene Mr. T. Ronald Hahs Mrs. Marsha Haskell Mr. Jerry R. Jenkins

Mr. Gerald L. Jones Mr. Gerald W. Jones Dr. Jerry L. Kinder Mr. Michael D. Kohlfeld Mr. Don LaFerla Mr. Gaylon Lawrence Mr. James P. Limbaugh Mr. Larry Marler Mr. Thomas McCain Mr. Harry E. Rediger Mrs. Jill Young Rickard Mrs. Ann Ritter Mr. Jon Rust Mr. Maurice Sandfort Mr. Steve L. Schneider Mr. Robert Shuck Mr. Mike Smythe Dr. Georganne Syler Mr. Steve Taylor Dr. William P. Thorpe Mr. Melvin Van de Ven

Mr. Veryl Riddle Mr. Marvin Rosengarten Mr. Gary Rust Mr. Paul Vance Mrs. Judy Wilferth Mr. Thomas C. Wood

Mr. Gary Welker Mr. James W. Wente Mr. Fred Wilferth Mr. Jerry Zimmer


Mrs. Ellen Brandom Mr. Bill Burch Mr. Virgil Chirnside Mr. Paul Copeland Mr. Harry L. Crisp, II Mr. Cord Dombrowski Mr. Robert W. Foster Mr. John W. Glenn Mr. E. Gene Greable Mrs. Marilynn Greable Mr. Lionel Hastings Mr. Earl Holland Dr. Han Mu Kang Mr. H. Weldon Macke Mrs. Claudine Pinckley

University Members

Mr. Brad Bedell Dr. Ray Bess Ms. Susan Burton Dr. Kenneth W. Dobbins Mrs. Kathy Mangels Mr. Michael A. Price Mr. Wayne Smith Dr. Jane Stephens

HONORARY DIRECTOR Hon. Stephen N. Limbaugh Sr.

foundation staff Wayne S mith Vice President for University Advancement Executive Director of the Foundation (573) 651-2203

G reg B rune Director of Athletic Development • Development for Redhawks Athletics • Southeast Booster Club (573) 651-2006

S had B urner Coordinator of Marketing • Marketing and Communications (573) 651-2459

S usan B urton Advancement Services (573) 651-2203

K aren G rebing Director of Marketing & Development • Annual Fund, Marketing, Records, and Stewardship & Research • Development for Earl and Margie Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts/River Campus (573) 651-2433

B rian H oldman Advancement Technology Specialist • Alumni & Donor Records • Technology Resources

J ane O gles

(573) 986-6830

B ill H olland Director of Corporate Relations/Associate Director of Development for the Harrison College of Business • Corporate Relations, Donald L. Harrison College of Business (636) 449-5064

M att F eldt Coordinator of Annual Fund • Annual Giving: Direct Mail & Southeast Telefund (573) 986-6367

T rudy G . L ee Director of Planned Giving • Wills/Estates • Life Insurance • Gift Annuities • Kent Library • University Archives & Special Collections • College of Education • College of Liberal Arts • College of Science & Mathematics (573) 651-5935

A manda L incoln Associate Director of Development for Southeast Public Radio • KRCU 90.9 FM-Cape Girardeau • KSEF 88.9 FM-Farmington (573) 651-2433

Manager of Systems and Research • Prospect Research • Database Management • Stewardship (573) 651-2931

J ane C . S tacy Director of Alumni Services and Development • Alumni Association • College of Health & Human Services • School of Polytechnic Studies • Regional Campuses in Kennett, Malden, Perryville & Sikeston (573) 651-2259

administrative & S upport S taff Angie Grissom Crystal Kaufman Dorothy Koenig Janelle McCrite

M a i n P h o n e : ( 573 ) 651 - 2332 Fa x : ( 573 ) 651 - 2598 E - ma i l : M a i l : O ne U niversit y Plaza M S 7300

Cape G irardeau, M O 63701 We have taken great care to ensure that the information in this report is correct. However, it is difficult to achieve complete accuracy in donor listings. We apologize for any errors and encourage you to notify us of additions or corrections.

Honor R oll of Donors 2007 31

One University Plaza MS7300 Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 573-651-2252 • 1-888-812-3769

2007 Honor Roll of Donors  

Southeast Missouri University Foundation 2007 Honor Rol of Donors

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