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Objective Software Skills

Resume 2010

3D Model Animation, Effects, Advertising and Website Designer Cell: 513-226-4005 E-mail: Find internships or employment that will help me establish myself in an environment conducive to education in design, media, and technologies Microsoft Windows Operating System Macintosh Operating System Microsoft Office 2007 3D Studio Max 2010/2010 Design: Character, Landscape, Architectural

Effects Design, Lighting, Texturing, Mental Ray

Maya v8: Character Modeling ZBrush 3.1: Character Modeling and Texturing Adobe Photoshop CS4: Digital Effects, Texturing, Surface Painting,

Drafting, Storyboarding, Concept Art Adobe Illustrator CS4: Design, Web Page Layouts Adobe InDesignCS4: Editing Typography, Print Layouts Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Conceptualizing, Designing, Coding Maintaining, and Running Live Websites Very Familiar With HTML and CSS. Adobe Fireworks CS4: Design Assets for Creating Web Page Layouts Adobe Flash CS4: Animation and Multimedia Creation and Manipulation Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Video and Music Editing Adobe AfterEffects CS4: Video and Effects Creation and Manipulation Adobe OnLocation CS4: Video Editing Final Cut Pro: Video and Sound Editing WordPress: Blogging and Self Hosting


Work Experience

University of Dayton (UD) , Ohio August 2004-December 2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Visual Communication Design Emphasis on 3D Modeling Animation and Computer Imaging Center for Information Based Competition (Internship)

March 2010-Present Working directly under the John McKean, the Executive Director of the CIBC, which helps businesses achieve competitive success using newer marketing and media venues. Main duties include social media/web marketing, web/flash design, and sound/video post production editing.

University of Dayton Campus Renovation Proposal

August 2005-December 2006 Cooperative efforts between Computer Model and Animation III group and Civil Engineers to create a full 3D Model of University of Dayton campus using AutoCad coupled with 3D Studio Max, to propose renovations to the campus shown in this thoroughly detailed virtual presentation.

Course Experience Design for the Web I&II (Flash, Action Script 2 & 3, HTML, CSS) Digital Process (Digital Photography, Printing, Photoshop, Bridge) Typography (InDesign, Printing, PDF) Publication Design (InDesign) Apple Computer Illustration (Photoshop, Illustrator) Publication Design (InDesign, Photoshop) Visual Form/Advertising Design (Photoshop, Illustrator) Photography (Film Processing & Development) Design & Color (2D Design & Construction) Drawing I&II (2D Design) Computer Aided Illustration (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) Apple Computer Design (Photoshop, Illustrator) 3D Design (3D Design and Construction) 3D Computer Modeling & Animation I-IV (3ds Max, Maya, AutoCad ZBrush, VRay, FumeFX)


English: Native Spanish: Moderate to Conversational Japanese: Basic (Learning)

Resume 2010  

Most up to date resume as of 5/10/2010