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Media Kit Spicer’s Music Spring 2015


Mr. Spicer, We have truly enjoyed getting to know you through the creation of this media kit. We are confident that this media kit will help Spicer’s gain more attention as an entity and grow to be even more successful. Each document in this media kit is designed for a specific purpose. They can be placed in any outlet of your choice to promote your business such as: magazines, social media sites, blogs and your business website. Enclosed in this media kit you will find the following documents. 1. Company Backgrounder- This document summarizes the origins and history of Spicer’s. Share this document to inform news outlets, potential and current clients, stakeholders, and the general public of your story. (page 3) 2. Biography- This is the biography of Tim Spicer, the guy who started it all. Get ready to meet yourself! (page 4) 3. Pitch- This document is designed to be sent to a journalist we have targeted in hopes to get news coverage of Spicer’s Garage Band Camp. (page 5) 4. Blog Post- The blog post is an example of something you can post on the company website. It allows customers to get a more in-depth and personal look at the camp and motivates them to sign up to attend. (page 6) 5. Fact Sheet- This document compiles all of the business’s most important information onto one sheet. It gives an overview of the store through facts about the store, the camps, the services provided, and general contact information. (page 9) 6. News Release-This document is designed to be sent to any outlet you would like to tell about Spicer’s Garage Band Camp. Send this to news outlets and the camp may get more publicity. (page 10) 7. Social Media Posts- These are examples of something you might use on your social media sites. We wanted to give you some visual ideas. (page 12) Thank you again for your willingness to work with us in the creation of this media kit. We are excited to see how the store continues to grow as a business and a part of the community. Best,

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Backgrounder Founded in December of 2012, Spicer’s Music is the embodiment of a family’s passion for music. In short, Spicer’s Music came about when Tim Spicer, the older of the two sons of Tom and Jean Spicer, decided that he did not want to stop his longtime hobby of teaching guitar lessons; in fact, he wanted to add to it by selling guitar straps and strings. The Spicers came together and agreed to make music a family business, bought a store space, and opened Spicer’s Music in Auburn shortly thereafter. Today, the store sells musical instruments and gear of all types, including new, vintage, and consigned items. The store also offers music camps, lessons for individuals and groups, space for private events and parties, and after-school programs for students. Besides offering big name music brands, Spicer’s Music ties into the community by offering handmade jewelry and art crafted by local artists and music and merchandise from local musicians. Furthermore, the store has established itself as a thread in the community by offering venue space for events of local clubs and groups, rehearsal space for local bands or groups, and outreach programs to teach more about music in the community’s schools.


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Biography Tim Spicer - Founder of Spicer’s Music At a young age, Tim inherited his father’s love for music. This love grew and ultimately materialized into the store’s opening in December of 2012. Tim was born and raised in Auburn, Ala. and has been immersed in music ever since. He remembers going to his father’s concerts as a toddler and sitting atop his shoulders as he played upright bass. Tim began playing guitar at age 7 and began teaching others the instrument in eighth grade. He taught lessons throughout high school and continued teaching guitar while a student at Auburn University, where he received his degree in special education. After graduation from Auburn, Tim continued teaching music lessons out of the Spicer home for a year while he figured out his next career move. As he continued to teach, Tim decided to begin selling guitar strings and straps. With this decision, the roots of the store were established. Tim realized he did not want to stop teaching guitar and selling guitar accessories. At this point, Tim called for a Spicer family meeting to discuss the possibility of having a family store and what it would take to make this a reality. With the support of his family, Tim’s dream began to unfold as Spicer’s Music opened in 2012.

5 Pitch


Amber Sutton - Alabama Media Group –

SUBJECT: Kids Rock Out at Spicer’s Garage Band Camp! Amber, After reading your article about the Toadlick Music Festival, I thought you might like to know about an upcoming annual summer music camp hosted by Spicer’s Music in Auburn. Spicer’s Garage Band Camp offers kids an environment where they can create their own personal music style while rocking out with their friends. Campers will receive one-on-one instruction from experienced musicians. In addition, the rockstars-in-training will learn current songs and even collaborate on an original piece.The camp pairs development of musicianship with development of character and teamwork skills. Spicer’s Music is hosting two camp sessions: June 1-5 and June 8-12. Here’s a link for more information: Would you consider visiting the camp and writing an article on your experience? Let me know if you are interested! Best, Seth Baker Communications Specialist 850-572-6412 |

6 Blog Post

Let’s Have a Rockin’ Summer: Three Reasons to Attend Spicer’s Garage Band Camp this Summer Spicer’s Garage Band Camp is an awesome and fun filled program that allows young musicians the experience of playing and creating music! The campers gain a love for music and creativity and unleash their inner rock star! Each camper is placed in a band where they develop a band name and unique logo, learn at least one current song and compose an original song. Each camper also receives individual music instruction on the instrument of his or her choice. “We just want every camper to have fun and learn to work together during the week,” said Tim Spicer.

7 Here are three reasons for kids to attend Spicer’s Garage Band Camp this summer! 1. Rock Star Instructors The camp is staffed by great instructors who guide campers through the entire experience. Together, the staff has over 80 years of experience in playing and teaching music. One of the camp’s main goals is to provide campers with the opportunity to make new friends, improve their musical skills, and gain self-confidence. “My son has learned so much from the camp’s instructors. They’re like superheroes to him,” said the mom of Ethan, a second-year guitar camper. 2. Teaches Teamwork Spicer’s Garage Band Camp teaches kids to work together. During the program, campers become part of a band where they create a band name and logo. They learn current songs and even collaborate to compose an original song. Though each camper gets individualized musical instruction from the camp staff, they learn to work with their band mates. A former camper said, “I was always the shy guy in school, and my mom decided to enroll me in Spicer’s Garage Band Camp last summer. The camp has shown me a new way to express myself through music.” 3. Cultivates Creativity Tim Spicer’s goal for the Garage Band Camp is to cultivate creativity in the campers that attend. Campers learn to play with other musicians and stretch their musical skills. Each member of the band has the opportunity to input his or her own flavor to what they create. “We chose to let them compose their own song to generate creativity that may not have been brought out before, giving the kids an opportunity to add their own voice,” said Spicer. “My favorite part of the camp is the last day when the kids perform what they have created.”


Spicer’s Garage Band Camp applications are available online now for the sessions of June 15 and June 8-12. For more information on the camps and other programs, visit Spicer’s Music online at:


Sure, you can buy all the instruments and gear you'd expect to find in a typical music store. But you can also buy music-related gifts and beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Think studio. Think gallery. Think comfortable sofas, free Wi-Fi, and freshly brewed coffee.

BACKGROUND –  The Spicer family first opened Spicer’s Music on December 1, 2012. STORE –  New, vintage, and consigned instruments and gear for sale  Variety of wind, string, acoustic, electric, and percussion instruments o Only authorized Taylor Guitar dealer in East Alabama  Music and merchandise from local musicians  Handcrafted jewelry and art from local arists LESSON PROGRAMS  Lessons for individuals, groups, and bands o Instruments including, but not limited to: guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, keyboard/piano, voice, harp, drums/percussion, ukulele, banjo, fiddle, violin, cello, harmonica, tin whistle, oboe, didgeridoo, mandolin, dulcimer, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, and French horn  Offered on a month-to-month basis, with one lesson each week  Lessons to Go - Instructors travel to client's location AFTER-SCHOOL AND SUMMER PROGRAMS  Spicer's Garage Band Camp o Family operated summer and after-school camp o Provides young musicians to improve their skills with their peers o Includes individual lessons with instruments of choice and group work with other musicians  Camp Kazoo o Introduces children ages 3 to 7 to music o Experience musical genres like reggae, bluegrass, rock'n’roll o Learn about melody and rhythm and play on instruments OTHER SERVICES  Private events and parties  Instrument maintenance and repair  Rehearsal space available by reservation SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - Spicer’s Music, LLC Youtube Video Series - Music Minutes HOURS Mon-Thurs: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Fri-Sat: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Contact Information: Seth Baker, Public Affairs Director Phone: (334) 430-1234 E-mail:

SPICER’S GARAGE BAND CAMP READY TO ROCK Local Music Store to Host 9th Annual Summer Music Camp AUBURN, Ala. – Spicer’s Music, a local, family-owned music store is gearing up to host their annual summer music camp, “Spicer’s Garage Band Camp.” This family-operated summer and after-school camp is designed to provide young musicians from age 8 to 18 an opportunity to improve their skills while experiencing the thrill of playing music with their peers. The dates for this summer’s camps are June 1-5 and June 8-12. Through morning sessions from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and afternoon sessions from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., students will receive individualized lessons in their instrument of choice and work with other musicians to create their own unique sound. Instruction in singing, songwriting, and performing on stage are key components of the camp. Through the guidance of skilled staff, lessons on self-esteem, communication and problem solving skills are woven into each session. -more-

11 Spicer’s Garage Band Camp does more for students than merely teaching them technical skills of playing an instrument or using the vocal chords; the camp believes that encouraging children's love for music can be instrumental in helping them develop their individuality, cope with the stress, and make positive life choices. “We believe that music is a powerful force in developing creativity, building selfesteem, and developing leadership skills in kids from a young age,” said Tom Spicer, one of the camp’s founders. For more information and to apply to the camp, visit Spicer’s website at: Spicer’s Music is a family-owned music store located at 2140 E. University Drive in Auburn, Ala. The store offers musical instruments and gear of all types, including new, vintage, and consigned items. The store also offers music camps, lessons for individuals and groups, space for private events and parties, and after-school programs for students.





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We’re their biggest fans. Release your inner rock star at this summer’s Spicer’s Garage Band Camp! Apply to either of our sessions June 1-5 and June 8-12! For more information and to apply, visit #garagebandcamp #spicersmusic #rockon

Spicer's Music Media Kit  
Spicer's Music Media Kit  

This media kit for Spicer's Music was created on Microsoft Word as a collaboration with two other students. This media kit contains a cover...