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twenty-one Things We Learned noT To do in 2021!

Let’s face it, there are some things that 2020 exposed that wouldn’t have been revealed if COVID didn’t shake us up. Some relationships were past the expiration date and some of us were sitting on gold minds but were working for the factory, (you’ll catch that later). But there are some lessons we learned that we can not forget. Here are 21 things we learned NOT to do in 2021.


biggest lesson I learned from 2020 was to manage my time effectively. There were so many distractions like small urgent requests that prevented me from focusing on my priority at work. I thought I could multi-task so I entertained these small pieces of work while still trying to get my main priority done. It turns out that this doesn’t work for me. I managed to take back control of my time after I immediately stopped attending to these small urgent requests. Instead, I set expectations with people who were asking for help and I informed them when I’ll be available to help out. I got more done by doing this. Multi-tasking doesn’t work! Fred Blair, Founder of AwesomeHoops.com


to take anything for granted. Bracha Goetz,Author of 38 children’s books


August 2020 I quit drinking alcohol. I only intended it as a one month experiment, but it unexpectedly stuck and life seems infinitely better. I just enjoyed an alcohol-free Christmas, something that would have been unimaginable not long ago. I fully intend to find out what other positive surprises await by sticking with this big life change! Ben Taylor, Professional Blogger, www.tinylittlechanges.com

2020 taught me to execute ideas quickly because time passes fast. When the pandemic started, I was able to raise funds and launch One Doctor, an idea I had kept with me for many years. It suddenly made me realize what we could achieve if we had no excuses. Dr. Omiete Charles-Davies of onedoctor.app, a health app for finding doctors near you

I started my blog in 2020 and that was the highlight of last year. Therefore I hate 2020 a little bit less than everyone else. One mistake that I did was rushed things. For example, I rushed to launch my products without proper research. That made me realize that in 2021 I am going to carefully observe things and then going to take action. Ekta Swarnkar, blogger at Tia Says (https://tiasays. com)


2020 was very effective at teaching me that not having a clear routine and schedule is a bad choice for me. When you’re self-isolating at home, work, play, and time sort of melts together. I knew that it had to stop, so I created a designated work-area in my apartment, a place for relaxing, and used my bed only for sleeping (no scrolling out in the morning or at night). Paw Markus - Racquetwise. com


My most sobering lesson is not to take anything and most importantly ANYONE for granted. The restrictions on social interaction and travel have meant that we have all spent less time with loved ones than we would normally have liked to do. This has been particularly hard when those loved ones have been most at risk from the virus, the elderly, and other vulnerable people. My young sons have two sets of elderly grandparents. And the separation from them has been tough on us all. Thankfully, everyone is still around, and with the end of the pandemic within viewing distance, what I won’t be carrying into 2021 and thereafter is putting off visits and time spent with them. From now on, a priority will be making up for the lost time of the last year - no more taking for granted that we will all always be here. Leo Young, Optimized Family


The days of going to the gym after work at 5:30 pm are over. This is the time the gym is most crowded. More people are using all of the equipment which makes it difficult to get an efficient workout done and it increases potential exposure to germs/viruses. I have been going to the gym from 6 am-6:45 am and there are very few in the gym at this time. It’s great because I have my pick at the machines as well as decrease the risk of exposure to someone that is sick. Luke Smith, Founder of We Buy Property In Kentucky