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Leiden is a city where talent is given the opportunity to develop. It is a region engulfed in science with the University, the Leiden University Medical Center and the Leiden Bio Science Park. A city where the students are part of the knowledge culture, from the University to the Hogeschool. A region with the largest biodiversity in the Netherlands, Naturalis.

Having a community is an important part of feeling at home in a place. That’s why the ECL organises events where you can meet others, creating your new home-away-from-home.

Also don’t forget the region’s culture. With more than 13 museums, which mostly arose from scientists who taught at the University (think of Lorentz, Einstein, Scaliger, Boerhaave) and three thousand monuments, culture and science go hand in hand. Leiden is still a breeding ground for up-and-coming talent. In Leiden, the discoveries of tomorrow are made today! The Leiden Region is the hotspot for talented people and has been for decades. With the oldest Dutch university, and businesses having high percentages of foreign employees (up to 80%), the international economy and community is shooting through the roof.

“We recognize that meeting other people can be difficult, which is why we started organising Meet & Mingles, informal gatherings for internationals in the Leiden region.” The main focus is on creating connections over a drink, games, or quiz in a casual setting. The Meet & Mingle has a new theme and location every month. This way, you get to know parts of Leiden and the region you might not have been before. Additionally, ECL playfully insert facts, figures, customs and events of the region into the Meet & Mingle in varying ways. “We aim to create a community in the Leiden region, where everyone is welcome and which brings internationals one step closer to creating a new home”.

A WARM AND PRACTICAL WELCOME The Expat Center Leiden (ECL), located in the tourist information office on Stationsweg in Leiden, is the first place newcomers visit. You can visit the Expat Center to register with the municipalities and to apply for a citizen service number (BSN). In addition, you can receive extensive information from education to housing, and the tax system to healthcare. “We offer services in the Leiden region for all stages of international life: coming to, settling in, living in and leaving. Depending on your country of origin, you may need a visa, a work permit, or a residence permit. You will also need to register with the Municipal Personal Records Database to obtain a BSN. The Expat Centre helps you arrange this smoothly so you can start your settling in fresh”, explains Corine van der Ceelen, manager of Expat Centre Leiden. On top of helping internationals themselves, the Expat Centre Leiden also consults with international companies and HR departments for tailor made solutions, necessary procedures, legal aspects, registration forms, and a number of other subjects.

The Expat Centre Leiden (ECL) offers government services and provides a network for internationals living or working in the Leiden region. ECL carries out registrations for people living or working in Leiden, Katwijk, Leiderdorp, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten and Zoeterwoude. expatcentreleiden.nl



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The Expat Survival Guide assists your first essential steps: finding a home and job, organising permits, setting up finances and healthcare,...