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• Cost is about EUR 120 a month. • The basic insurance covers general medical care (visits to the doctor, for example), hospital stays, ambulance services, IVF, the midwife and maternity care, dental care for children up to age 18, most prescription medicine, and various appliances. • You can take out supplementary insurance (aanvullend pakket) for anything the government considers your responsibility, like adult dental care and physiotherapy. This can be from a separate insurance company, though not all insurers will accept you if you don’t take out the Basic insurance. • Check if your healthcare supplier is registered with your insurer before starting treatments. • If you work at a company, it is worth checking whether there is a collective scheme that provides health insurance at a discount. • The standard insurance package includes a mandatory excess or deductible (eigen risico - 2020: € 385) that you must pay towards your insurance claims. For some services you also have to pay a personal contribution (eigen bijdrage). • Insurers generally pay in full for family doctor (GP or “huisarts”) visits, obstetric and postnatal care, national screening programmes, flu vaccinations and some chronic illness treatments. • In addition to your premium your employer will also contribute a percentage of your income to cover the costs of healthcare. If you are self-employed you will have to pay this contribution directly to the tax authorities. • Coverage, premiums and excess may change every 1 January. At this date you can switch to another provider or policy.

There are many things you need to arrange before or after you arrive in the Netherlands. Arranging for healthcare is just one of them, but obviously very important, especially if you are bringing small children or have a medical condition yourself. To arrange access to the Dutch healthcare you need to take the following steps:

More information about Health insurance: www.h4i.nl/insurance

1. Register at the local municipality. They will issue you and your family members a BSN (Citizen Service Number, “Burger Service Nummer” - BSN). Sometimes you will need a residence permit first to obtain a BSN. If there is an “expat center” in your region, they will help you in this process. 2. You may need to undergo a screening for TBC (Tuberculosis) to get a residence permit. You will get more information about this when contacting the municipality. Many nationalities are exempted from this obligation. 3. Arrange health insurance for you and your family members. In most cases you are obliged to take out Dutch health insurance, although there are exceptions. For this you will need a BSN. 4. Register with a GP in your area, even when not directly in need of a doctor. The GP (“huisarts”) is the key to Dutch healthcare. For most of your medical needs he/she will be your first point of contact. To register with a GP you will need a valid health insurance and BSN. 5. Acquaint yourself with the Dutch healthcare system. It ranks among the best in the world, but some things, however, may be arranged in a way that is different than you are used to. Even if you have not yet been able to complete the abovementioned steps, Dutch healthcare will, of course, be available to you and your family in case of emergencies.

ORTHODONTIE MUSEUMPLEIN Teniersstraat 2 hs, 1071 DX Amsterdam • +31 (0)20 723 55 222 • info@orthodontiemuseumplein.nl • www.orthodontiemuseumplein.nl

HEALTHCARE INFORMATION HEALTHCARE FOR INTERNATIONALS Tilburgseweg-West 100, 5652 NP Eindhoven • info@h4i.nl • www.h4i.nl •  @H4internationals DENTAL PRACTICES LASSUS TANDARTSEN Lassusstraat 9, 1075 GV Amsterdam • +31 (0)20 471 3137 Keizersgracht 132, 1015 CW Amsterdam • +31(0)20 422 1912 Stadionplein 125, 1076 CK Amsterdam • +31 (0)20 210 4007 info@lassustandartsen.nl • www.lassustandartsen.nl •  @lassustandartsen Lassus Tandartsen Oisterwijk Moergestelseweg 32L,5062 JW Oisterwijk • +31(0)13 - 521 0660 • Oisterwijk@lassus.nl • www.lassustandartsenoisterwijk.nl Lassus Tandartsen Lelystad Middendreef 273, 8233 GT Lelystad • +31(0)320331 660 • Lelystad@lassus.nl • www.lassustandartsenlelystad.nl

TANDARTSENPRAKTIJK JESSE Stadionweg 73, 1077 SE Amsterdam • +31 (20) 676 2030 • info@tandartsenpraktijkjesse.nl • www.tandartsenpraktijkjesse.nl •  @tandartsenpraktijkjesseamsterdam DOCTOR QUIN DOCTORS AMSTERDAM Westermarkt 2, 1016 DK Amsterdam Bilderdijkstraat 142 – 148, 1053 KZ Amsterdam Maasstraat 71, 1078 HE Amsterdam Stadionplein 25, 1076 CG Amsterdam Oosterpark 62, 1092 AR Amsterdam Spaarndammerdijk 15A, 1013 ZM Amsterdam +31 (0)20 450 9919 • info@hapk.nl • www.hapk.nl



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