Expat Survival Guide 2021 - The Netherlands

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• Primary and secondary state-funded education is free, State-run (openbare) schools parents are asked to contribute a voluntary amount that varies from school to school (usually below 100 euros • Openbare schools (non-denominational) provide secular per year). education, but sometimes teach according to specific • Additional payments can include school trips, lunchtime philosophic or pedagogic principles like Montessori, supervision (tussenschoolse opvang) and after-school care Dalton, Waldorf/Steiner, etc. (naschoolse opvang/BSO), (which the school usually sub- • Openbare schools are governed by the municipal council contracts to an external day care organisation). or a public legal entity or independent foundation originally set up by the council. EDUCATION POLICY Special (bijzondere) schools • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science sets quality • Most special (bijzondere) schools are denominational standards, attainment targets and social objectives. (Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, Hindu, Jewish, etc.), or follow • Individual schools “fill in the details” of the curriculum and specific philosophic principles. budget allocation. • Special (bijzondere) schools are governed by their own • Education policy includes bilingual opportunities, connecting education with the job market, global school board, which often consists of parents or the citizenship, and maintaining the quality of schools. foundation that set them up. • Financially, they have the same status as openbare schools and are basically free (usually their parent contribution is SCHOOL HOLIDAYS slightly higher compared to the openbare schools). • Major holidays for Dutch schools are set nationally, but with staggered start/finish times between three regions. International schools The summer vacation lasts for six weeks, and after every 6-7 weeks of school, the students have 1-2 weeks off. • International schools offer education for global students • Private international school holidays can be of any nationality. different. For school holidays per region, look at • Dutch International Primary Schools (DIPS) and Dutch www.schoolvakanties-nederland.nl/ (in Dutch). International Secondary Schools (DISS) also have international education at reasonable fees thanks to SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONALS 2021 • THE NETHERLANDS • WWW.EXPATFAIR.NL


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