Expat Survival Guide 2021 - The Netherlands

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INSURANCE • Insurance can be arranged through employer or private company, as well as stock market listed companies as Nationale Nederlanden. • Medical insurance is required by everyone, and selfemployed patrons must have a specific insurance. • National insurance schemes that are available for all residents are explained at www.svb.nl. HOUSE AND HOME INSURANCE (WOONHUISVERZEKERING) • Standard policies cover fire, storm, flooding and theft. • Houseboat owners come under separate conditions. • If buying an apartment, the Association of Owners (VVE) takes out house insurance that is paid together equally among other apartment owners in the building. CONTENTS INSURANCE • Annual household contents policy, known as inboedelverzekering, starts at EUR 20 depending on coverage. • Higher priced items are individually valued and insured separately. DRIVERS INSURANCE (ALLRISK VERZEKERING) • You must have at least third-party insurance for your car. • Insure Insurance policies includes theft, fire and damage/ injury to yourself and vehicle. LIFE INSURANCE • Life insurance is known as levensverzekering, and it is similar to schemes in most other countries. OTHER TYPES OF INSURANCE • Third-party liability insurance (aansprakelijkheidverzekering) protects individual goods damaged on accident; it usually comes in combo packages for homeowners or tenants. 50

• Legal insurance (rechtsbijstandverzekering) guarantees cheaper access to legal advice; protects against cost of lawsuits and personal and labour disputes. • The national association of insurers is Het Verbond van Verzekeraars (www.verzekeraars.nl) • If you need advice, call the Dutch Association of Insurers on (070) 333 85 00 or speak to your bank or financial advisor. BELASTINGDIENST • The website for the tax authority (www.belastingdienst.nl) has extensive information in English and downloadable forms and brochures. There are separate offices for resident and non-resident taxpayers. Call house are Monday to Thursday: 8am – 8pm, Friday: 8am – 5pm. DIGID • For electronic tax filing and other official forms, you need a DigiD registration number. • The website www.digid.nl has an English section. GOVERNMENT • The Ministry of Finance provides details of the Dutch Government’s financial policies including the 30 percent facility at www.rijksoverheid.nl. CUSTOMS • The Belastingdienst webpage www.douane.nl has extensive information in English regarding duties payable and procedures for individuals and businesses. If you move to the Netherlands from outside the EU or if you wish to bring your car, you can download an application form from the website for exemptions on “removable goods”.


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