Expat Survival Guide 2021 - The Netherlands

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• Post-boxes are orange and scattered throughout shopping TELEPHONES areas and neighbourhoods. On the post-box there are two • There are two main suppliers for landlines and phone slots: the right (streekpost) is for “local” delivery and you’ll connection via cable networks: KPN and Ziggo/Vodafone. see a list of postcodes that indicate the areas included; the • Often the easiest way to connect a landline is to visit a shop left (overige bestemmingen) is for everywhere else, including (winkel) of those suppliers with appropriate identification and international destinations. they can set it up, while some cable networks allow you to • PostNL aims to deliver locally within 24 hours, otherwise sign up online. spoedservice guarantees local delivery by 10am the next day • There are many additional services such as discounts for and next day delivery to Europe. favorite numbers, or combination deals with internet and TV. • See www.postnl.nl for online postal services, or call 0900 0990 (45ct) for customer service. MOBILE TELEPHONES • The cheapest deal for a mobile is via a contract (abonnementen) with one of the main suppliers. You can compare the latest rates on www.bellen.com (in Dutch). • You’ll need proof of identity, address, income and a bank account to sign a deal. A prepaid phone is more expensive but easier to get; you can top it up with cards from supermarkets. • If your phone is unlocked, you can buy a Dutch SIM card. Every phone has a unique IMEI serial number (enter *#06# to find out yours). You’ll need this when reporting a stolen phone. • Calling 0800 numbers are toll free, whereas 0900 numbers are charged (per call or minute, depending on the business). INTERNET • Connectivity in the Netherlands is among the highest and fastest in Europe. • ADSL and cable options are available, and can be combined with telephone and TV deals. • Fiber cable (glasvezel) is available, but you may need to get your building connected; carriers generally install it free. • Compare prices and packages at www.internetten.nl (in Dutch). It is possible to opt for a TV option from one supplier and telephone/internet from another.


The company Furniture Lease: Meubelverhuur can help you make your new house feel like home, with their furniture rental services. Hema (www.hema.nl) is a Dutch institution for all household matters. Blokker is cheap (www.blokker.nl) and Ikea (www.ikea.nl) has many branches across the country. USEFUL WEBSITES • Advice: www.access-nl.org • Film: www.filmladder.nl • Government: www.government.nl • News, information, community: www.Expatica.com • Opera: www.dno.nl • Restaurants: www.thefork.nl • Royal family: www.koninklijkhuis.nl • Telephone directory/Yellow pages: www.detelefoongids.nl • Tourism: www.holland.com • Weather: www.weeronline.nl • Website links (by category): www.startpagina.nl

TELEVISION • Cable TV is cheap and main providers include Ziggo/Vodafone and KPN. Included in the standard package are BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC World, and CNN alongside Dutch channels, which include the government-owned Nederland 1, 2 and 3 and RTL 4, 5, 7, and 8. You’ll also receive Veronica and Net 5 (quality films and drama including popular US serials), plus National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and popular children’s channels. Local TV channels are another option. • Subtitling, rather than dubbing, is used except for children’s TV. For more films, sport or other interests, you can select different options for extra payment. • You get a media box and then pay for your chosen option.


INTERNET / PHONE / TV SUPPLIERS • KPN: www.kpn.com • Online.nl www.online.nl • Tele2: www.tele2.nl • T-mobile: www.t-mobile.nl • Vodafone: www.vodafone.nl • Ziggo: www.ziggo.nl • Prijsvergelijken: www.prijsvergelijken.nl/compare-broadband/ POST OFFICES • Post offices are marked with an orange sign that says postkantoor or PostNL, and are generally located inside shops, newsagents or tobacconists (postagentschap). • Stamps (postzegels) can be bought in all of the above places and in some of the larger supermarkets, or printed online at www.postnl.nl. 44



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