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• Housing corporations: A good value, but with many restrictions regarding who may live in their properties. Waiting lists of up to 10 years or more are not uncommon. Only those with a total income of less than EUR 39,055 (2020) and valid residency will be eligible. USING AN AGENT • Most expats end up renting accommodation in the Liberalised sector because there are fewer restrictions • A good housing agent should be able to tell you all about and housing is easier to rent. the local market, the city, pricing, quality of housing, restrictions that apply to expats, he/she will arrange RULES AND REGULATIONS viewings for you, negotiate with landlords, and provide an English translation of the rental contract. Helping you to • Base rents (kale huur) are controlled by a “system of connect with utilities services is also a standard service. points”, woningwaarderingsstelsel, • The number of points of the property determines the HOUSING SECTORS maximum rental price. Each part of the house receives points. For example: the surface of the dwelling, sanitary, 1. Social Housing sector: The dominant distribution sector heating system, the (WOZ) value of the property. • The reality is that there are too few rental properties, has rent-controlled social housing, and income status plays its part in allocation. Restrictions are applied by the which puts upwards pressure on some types of accommodation. Check what your property’s rent should local authority. Rental properties that have less than EUR 720.42 a month (in 2019) base rent will fall under social be at www.huurcommissie.nl. housing restrictions. • You’ve signed a rental contract and you pay way too 2. Liberalised sector: The government regulates basemuch money? Contact a local huurteam or initiate a review of your lease on www.huurcommissie.nl within six rents up to EUR 737.14 a month (2020) and anything over this price is in the “liberalised” sector (assuming it has months after signing the lease. • Generally, income conditions apply for cheaper housing. the correct points/price ratio), where rent prices are not restricted. • Be cautious of sub-lets. You need to be able to register yourself. • Social housing is split into two sectors, depending on whether the property is privately owned, or owned by a housing corporation (woning coöperaties).

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