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MOVING ABROAD IS AN EXHILARATING, LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE. THAT IS, ONCE THE PRACTICAL ASPECTS ARE SETTLED. IT FIRST CAN BE A DAUNTING PROCESS WHILE YOU TRY BUILDING A NEW LIFE IN AN UNKNOWN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. WHERE DO YOU BEGIN? The Expat Survival Guide assists your first essential steps: finding a home and job, organising permits, setting up finances and healthcare, and enrolling in education. It offers practical information on getting started in the Netherlands and directs you to the people, companies and institutions that can help you along the way. ENJOY LIVING, WORKING AND STUDYING IN THE NETHERLANDS! This guide is published by i am not a tourist Fairs & Events. I Am Not A Tourist BV Kleine Oord 87, 6811HZ, Arnhem www.expatfair.nl Editorial: Louise Poppeliers Layout & design: Benjamin Langman Sales: Peter Palm Photos: Adobe Stock® Publisher: Tom Bey Advertising sales: info@expatfair.nl Distribution: info@expatfair.nl Printing office: Muller Visual www.mullervisual.nl

2 INTRODUCTION 4 SURVIVAL CHECKLIST 5 EMPLOYMENT Work permits; Employment law; Working culture; Finding a job

55 EDUCATION Primary, secondary and higher education; International school, Learning Dutch 73 FAMILIES Family reunification permits; Au pairs; Childcare; Child benefits and allowances; Family activities; Leisure; Maternity, Groups & Clubs

13 RELOCATION What kind of residence permit?; Relocation 77 SPECIAL NEEDS services providers; Popular expat locations, Expat Centres: Amsterdam Area, Leiden Area, Rotterdam, Utrecht Region, 79 HEALTHCARE Health insurance; Healthcare system; The Northern Netherlands, The Hague, The Having a baby; Health services South of the Netherlands 33 HOUSING Renting; Buying

87 TRANSPORT Driving; Public Transport

43 SETTING UP HOME Furnishing your home; Utilities: gas, water, electricity; Communications: telephone, mobile, internet; TV; Post offices


45 FINANCE Bank accounts; Tax; Insurance; Financial and tax advisors; Mortgages


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All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system, without prior written permission from the publisher. Requests for permission should be addressed to I Am Not A Tourist BV, Saturnusstraat 60-unit 89, 2516 AH Den Haag, the Netherlands. I Am Not A Tourist BV makes great effort to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this guide. However, we do not take responsibility for errors or omissions or any damages, howsoever caused, which result from its use, and make no warranty of claims as to the quality or competence of businesses or professionals mentioned. Users are advised to take care when selecting professional services and to use common sense when adjusting to new life in a new country. SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONALS 2021 • THE NETHERLANDS • WWW.EXPATFAIR.NL


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