Expat Survival Guide 2021 - The Netherlands

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1,200+ international companies • 7000+ expats serviced by Rotterdam Expat Centre (2016-2019) • 9000+ international students in Rotterdam region (2018) • 1,581 tech & ICT vacancies (January 2020) • Population 651, 157 (Rotterdam in 2020), 1,454,720 (Greater Rijnmond Area in 2020)

Rotterdam, the gateway to Europe. International city with a distinct character, energetic, always in motion, its eyes on the future. Dynamic port city, where a vibrant mix of 170+ nationalities and many cultures, subcultures and communities makes for a diverse, inclusive and open urban culture. It’s no wonder that more and more international companies and expats settle and build their future in Rotterdam. Going abroad and creating a new life in a new city can be quite the challenge. You want to make sure you pick the city that fits your needs and your lifestyle. A place where you can find likeminded people and a community where you and your family can easily fit in and feel at home. We would like to warmly welcome you to Rotterdam. LIVING IN ROTTERDAM Rotterdam has a unique urban vibe. The diverse and multicultural nature of Rotterdam’s population is visible and tangible in its art, culture, night life, eating culture, business community and literally on the streets. Practically everybody here speaks English fluently. As expat you’ll find your home easily here, either in the city centre, or in one of Rotterdam’s scenic green suburbs. Popular areas for expats are Kralingen-Crooswijk, Hillegersberg-Schiebroek, Rotterdam Noord (North) and the city centre, but also the fast evolving areas South of the river Maas are attracting more and more expats. Besides the diversity and quality of its neighbourhoods, the relatively low cost of living and housing in Rotterdam compared to other cities contributes to its growing appeal.

Rotterdam’s strategic location literally connects Rotterdam to the world. Its port, the smartest and busiest in Europe, is the engine powering Europe’s most innovative maritime and offshore cluster. Rotterdam is also home to world-leading clusters in other economic sectors such as life sciences and health, cleantech, logistics and agri-food. The proximity to customers and suppliers makes Rotterdam a strategic business location and a fast growing international business hub. Entrepreneurship, innovation and experimentation are integral elements of the city’s DNA, attracting international investors, pioneers, start-ups and global talent. Continuous innovation is how Rotterdam builds and keeps a leading position and is crucial to accelerate its digital, energy and circular transitions. The Netherlands in general and Rotterdam in particular are internationally recognised as leading country and city when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation. This publication of fDi Intelligence and also the Global innovation Index are just two of several recent accolades. SAFE, OPEN, EASY TO TRAVEL Rotterdam is safe, well organised and easy to travel. It’s quite open and less crowded than many other international urban hubs, with green and water nearby wherever you are in the city. Its open, spacious and well organised and layout are welcoming, even in times when being and moving in crowds is not possible. Rotterdam boasts an excellent public transport system (bus, tram, metro, watertaxi) and is close to two international airports (both Schiphol International Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are less than 30 minutes from Rotterdam Central Station). And of course Rotterdammers, being Dutch, love to ride their bikes, which is actually one of the fastest ways of getting around the city. All these aspects contribute to Rotterdam being an ideal city for international families to settle and build their lives.

“Compared to other countries, children are doing well in the Netherlands where there is a high quality of living. According to the EDUCATION AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT survey, 90 percent of Dutch children are satisfied with their lives in Speaking of families, Rotterdam has several highly regarded general. They appear to have good social and academic skills.” international schools for primary and secondary education (see - Invest in Holland website; article “International Survey: boxed info on this page) and world class institutes for higher Children in the Netherlands 1st in Overall Well-being” level education, including the Erasmus University Rotterdam,



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