Expat Survival Guide 2021 - The Netherlands

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The Haarlemmermeer region offers easy connections to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for international travel, a good selection of public and international schools, and plenty of green space for outdoor activities. Expansive parks, farmland and gardens contribute to the area’s relaxed lifestyle. The area borders the flower growing region of the Netherlands, which bursts to life in vivid colours every spring and summer, while the world’s largest flower auction is based in neighbouring city Aalsmeer. Even in a bigger city like Hoofddorp, you’re never far from open green spaces, such as the 1000-hectare Park 21 and the Toolenburgplas lake.

Locations like Zandvoort, Bloemendaal, Castricum, Bergen, Velsen, IJmuiden, Egmond, Beverwijk and Heemskerk offer a unique lifestyle that perfectly balances the bustling cities nearby. Weekends can be spent taking part in wind and water sports, walking or cycling in the dunes and spotting local wildlife, or visiting the beachside bars and restaurants nearby. There’s a feeling of freedom that comes from the area’s relative remoteness, making it easy to forget that it’s just a simple journey by car or train from Amsterdam, Haarlem or Alkmaar.


The cities, towns and villages of Beemster, Purmerend, Zaanstad, Waterland, Landsmeer, Wormerland, Uitgeest, Oostzaan and Edam-Volendam all have an enduring cultural and industrial heritage. Today, its infrastructure remains steeped in history, with shipping warehouses, windmills, cheesemaking factories and iconic Dutch fishing villages that have remained virtually untouched for centuries. The area is simultaneously looking towards the future, blending the old with the new and finding innovative ways to repurpose and showcase its industrial character.

The area known as the Gooi & Vechtstreek is characterised by its lush surroundings, picturesque and historic villages, untouched natural spaces and beautiful lakes. Positioned southeast of Amsterdam city centre, the area is made up of cities and towns which include Hilversum, Bussum, Naarden, Huizen, Laren, Blaricum and Muiden – all offering a popular blend of upmarket luxury, traditional village atmospheres and modern living. The Gooi & Vechtstreek has a good selection of schools, including various international schools for non-Dutch speakers. The small village-like communities are safe, and the green spaces, forests, parks and playgrounds are ideal for outdoor family activities.


Learn more about living in the Amsterdam Area at: www.iamsterdam.com/living Or find your ideal place to stay using the interactive Map It Out tool mapitout.iamsterdam.com SETTLE INTO THE REGION WITH IN AMSTERDAM We support highly skilled migrant employees, scientific researchers, international entrepreneurs and international graduates, simplifying immigration processes and helping international newcomers settle into the Amsterdam Area. The IN Amsterdam procedure includes immigration elements such as:

ALKMAAR, BERGEN & HOORN The area at the north of the province of Noord-Holland offers a relaxed coastal lifestyle with expansive polder landscapes and historical Dutch villages. Positioned between the North Sea Coast, the Wadden Sea (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the IJsselmeer lake, the area includes the cities Alkmaar, Den Helder and Hoorn. This region north of Amsterdam is renowned for its traditional feel – down to earth, hardworking and straight talking – but it’s not stuck in its ways either. As such, scenic polders and historical towns go hand in hand with the ever-developing digital economy.


• residence and work permits; • registration with the relevant municipality; • arrangement of a citizen service number (BSN); • application for the 30% tax ruling; • application to exchange a driving licence. If you’ve made the move and you’re still finding your feet, we’re here to help. Sign up to our newsletters for tips and news, take part in our informative seminars for newcomers, turn to the helpdesks provided by our trusted partners (for housing or general advice), learn more about international schools and Dutch education, or meet new people at the cultural experiences hosted by the Amsterdam Culture Club.


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