Expat Survival Guide 2021 - The Netherlands

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THE NETHERLANDS IS A BUREAUCRATIC COUNTRY AND PROUD OF IT. Be prepared for paperwork, appointments, and organizing documents during your stay in the Netherlands:


family members (see above for legal format, if applicable depending on the country of origin). • To register, you need to make an • The Municipal Personal Records appointment, and all members of your Database (Basis Registratie Personen • Ensure documents are in order family (regardless of age) must be in Dutch) holds details of everyone before approaching the BRP and IND. present at the first interview. that lives in the Netherlands; • BRP: the office where to register your • If you move within the Netherlands, registration is compulsory. details into Dutch system. you can usually register the change of • All people who intend to stay longer • IND: the office that implements address online (by means of using a than 4 months in the Netherlands, immigration policy and makes DigiD). If leaving the Netherlands, you must register at the BRP within five decisions on (combined) work/ need to deregister from the city hall days of arrival. In some regions residence permits. were you are living (not earlier than 5 waiting lists apply. • Check that your passport is valid for • Information shared at BRP is shared days before departure date). the period of your stay (and expires with other government platforms later than six months from date IND (IMMIGRATION AND to reduce duplicate registrations of registration). NATURALISATION DEPARTMENT). and perform public tasks like • Collect your marriage and birth determine charges for water and certificates, and they must be refuse collection, eligibility for social • Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst translated into Dutch, English, (IND) implements immigration housing, and so on. French, or German (best to ask for a • Your Citizen Service number (also procedures including applications for multi-lingual one). residence permits, Dutch citizenship, called social security number) – in • All documents must be “legalised”. visas, and asylum requests. Dutch Burger Service Nummer (BSN) Generally, with the addition of is initiated here. It is needed to open • The website has extensive information an Apostille – an extra stamp on in English, and downloadable a bank account, start work, and/or certified foreign papers – which you brochures and forms (www.ind.nl/en). claim benefits. After completing the obtain from the competent authority process, you can get a printout of your • Appointment must be made before in your own country. See the visiting an IND desk. details to prove your residence and Apostille section of www.hcch.net. • To collect a permit, you must attend rights, either on the spot or sent to Not all countries issue apostilles, in person. your home address. which may cause the legalization • Documents required for registration • Renewal forms are automatically process to be a little more complex. sent to you. Office locations can include: passport (valid for a minimum Since February 2019, apostilles be found on the IND website period of the length of your stay), from European Union states are no rental contract (in your name), (www.ind.nl/en) or call +31 (0)88 043 longer necessary. 0430 (call charges apply). employment contract (if applicable), birth and marriage certificates of all SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONALS 2021 • THE NETHERLANDS • WWW.EXPATFAIR.NL


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