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Components of African American Culture African American culture is, in fact, the composite of African cultural retentions and American social inventions. African Americans, as a group, are culturally complex. But despite the tremendous variety which exists among them, most African Americans continue to share elements of a common culture. These characteristics are grounded both in African culture and in the experiences that African Americans have had in North America. It is the medium in which all development and human activity occurs. Accordingly, African American life and living is grounded in both environmental conditions and a complex structure of cultural precepts, virtues, values, customs, themes and prerequisites. Traditional African American cultural values alone consist of respect for elders, race pride, collective responsibility, restraint, devotion, reciprocity, patience, cognitive flexibility, courage, resilience, defiance, integrity, self mastery, persistence, and productivity, The complete set of cultural components results in over 54 distinct yet interrelated ideas and beliefs that serve as the crucial (more often than not disregarded and misunderstood) African American cultural template.

Culturally Congruent Programming

“Whoever works without knowledge works uselessly”

For over three decades IASBFLC, Inc. has designed, developed and implemented programs, services, research /evaluation, professional development and staff in-service training projects grounded in African and African American culture. Our culturally congruent programming has ranged from youth development and violence prevention (HAWK Federation Perfected Black Manhood Training and Development Program & ASET Society Perfected Black Womanhood Training and Development Program) to family development (teen fatherhood & teen motherhood) to African centered behavioral change HIV & Substance Abuse (SA) prevention (Healer Women Fighting Disease: An Integrated HIV & SA Prevention Project for African American Women) to community development and collaboration ( Enterprise Zone & West Oakland Collaborative) to whole school reform (Nsaka Sunsum: Pedagogy and Practice for Educational Excellence with African American Children). The capacity to provide culturally congruent programming is evidenced by the successful achievement of outcomes consistent with the goals and needs of the African American community.

Professional Development Clients  (Abbreviated listing)   Alameda County Health Care Services Agency,   Oakland Healthy Start, City of Oakland,   Enhanced Enterprise Communities   Congress of National Black Churches,   Diabetes Prevention   West Oakland Community Collaborative,   San Francisco Foundation    Association of Black Psychologists,   African Centered Behavioral Change Modeling ACE Collegiums, Kansas City School District   Rainbow Child Development Center   S.F Alliance of Black School Educators  Ella Hill Hutch Community Center

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Culturally Congruent Practitioner • Respects and holds in high regard the application of culture to every aspect of the African American experience • Formally utilizes the cultural grounding of African American people in the development and delivery of services • Understands the need to have institutional and client goals in harmony • Works to achieve and/or create cultural agreement and balance between provider and consumer • Constantly in search of own cultural understanding and maturation

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The Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life & Culture's Newsletters  

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