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On the cover: Cassi Jenkins Page 6 - Local Cronulla girl and global humanitarian. Image/photography by: The Archibald Project. “THE ARCHIBALD PROJECT is an orphan care media based advocacy organization. We use media to tell stories. These stories advocate for orphans, educate on orphan care, build community, and inspire people into action. Because of our stories, fewer people will be called orphan.� Opposite: Picture supplied by Cassi Jenkins.

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SHIRE-WOMEN! Local Shire women in business. [from top left] Blake Paxton @Shiremuma and I AM Advertising Guru. Emma Pilcher Fitness Expert, Sutherland Shire. Lana Johnson BPS Tensegrity, Caringbah. Huge Congratulations to Lana! As we go live, she is getting ready to walk down the aisle. We wish her an eternity of happiness and love with her extremely lucky groom.

RAISE THE ROOF! Welcome to I AM Issue 21! 21 Issues! Looking back I have absolutely no idea how I got 21 issues out! The amount of words I have written, stories I have heard, layouts, photographs, phone calls… unbelievable. When I started I AM I just wanted to find what I myself was looking for - inspiration and motivation to really LIVE life. With so many stories bombarding our social media feeds and the television about the problems of the world, I was desperate to find stories about people creating solutions to make things better … to make things right. I guess for me, too, I was looking for a solution for my own life. I was tired, unmotivated and literally sick with anxiety and uncertainty. I wanted to find solutions that would provide me with some reassurance that things would be okay – hilarious, I was happy to settle for just ‘okay’. To be honest, I was absolutely sick to death of living in fear. I had suffered chronic anxiety and bouts of depression for almost 20 years of my life. With extensive treatment with psychologists, neurologists and my trusted doctor, I was able to get to a point of seeing past the fear that was consuming me on a daily basis and seek outlets that would ‘lift me up’. That is how my obsession with health and fitness started. Daily walks along the Esplanade turned into interval sprints and eventually running. I created, and updated regularly, an Ipod play-list that convinced me I could do anything I wanted. Music is an incredible form of therapy in itself. It has the ability to change your mood with a single tune, it is a vibration that dances with your energy, encouraging it to lay down or rise up! Once running became part of my comfort zone I started to look for add-ons. Little things to push my body back out of its comfort zone. I ventured into exploring coast lines at a rapid pace and high intensity weight lifting. I wanted to be strong! This was not a physical thing, this was a MENTAL thing! With every weight I lifted I powered my soul. In that zone, where you are lifting, you may think it’s your body getting stronger – that is an understatement, it is your soul. Your being becomes greater with every step you take towards a life that is not one you are used to. Every time you push yourself to explore and adventure outside of your comfort zone, you are growing as a person. You are raising the roof on ceilings you have created on your own ability. You have the power to do anything you desire. Choose to RAISE THE ROOF on your life. Samantha Jane Editor & Publisher I AM Magazine.

Cassi Jenkins is your average 20 something - a blonde hair, bronzed skin, beach babe, that provides an easy clue as to which part of the Shire she chooses to spend her days and nights - that would be Cronulla, of course. Growing up in the Shire and completing her HSC studies at Caringbah High School only a few years ago, she was your typical local teen with University on the cards and a career waiting - as expected - in the wings, some four to six years down the track. If that is where Cassi’s story ends, we wouldn’t be writing much that would motivate your soul or cause your life mojo’s ears to prick, now would we? On successfully ticking the Uni box, Cassi found herself in the Corporate Litigation field working on cases stamped with ‘important’ and climbing her way up the legal ladder ... until ... Cassi realised the ladder she had stepped onto wasn’t leading her towards anything stamped with ‘important’ on the personal Cassi Jenkins life journey. When you ask Cassi what led her to follow a career path like Law, her answer is without doubt in line with her heart - she chose to study Law in the hope that someday she would be making change and fighting for Human Rights. Cassi, however, worked out what many people can quietly question over a lifetime, her current career was no match for the life purpose.

Join Cassi and the Love Mercy ‘Green’ team July 19 for their biggest fundraiser of the year when they compete in the race that stops The Shire The Sutherland to Surf. Head over to the website for more details.

Caitlin was a High School buddy of Cassi’s and as most school years friendships go, once that final bell rang out, so did the connection with people we once spent many a school hour with. However, there are those school yard friendships that somehow turn a corner and collide at a time the Universe sees as just right. You could say the reuniting of old friends hurtled Cassi straight off the beaches of Cronulla and into the dusty landscape of remote Africa, bringing Cassi everything she begged life for - the opportunity to make a difference. When Cassi was looking for work shortly after leaving the corporate law life, her old school friend’s name popped up as someone who may be able to open a door. As it turned out, Caitlin, founding CEO of Community Development Organisation Love Mercy Foundation, was leaving on maternity leave from her position at the Love Mercy Foundation, allowing Cassi to literally leap into a position that appealed to her true passion. Her new role would see her amongst the projects developed by the foundation in Northern Uganda… and you guessed it, helping people with basic human rights, like access to adequate medical services and the opportunity to create and sustain a life, better than the one they were continually struggling within. Havaianas off and work boots on, it wasn’t long before Cassi was on the ground amongst the Love Mercy Foundation projects in action, seeing for herself how a little help can go a very long way. Her recent trip to Northern Uganda saw her spending 4 months amongst the foundations projects in action. “While I was there my role was to collect information and analyse the programs in place to confirm that our goals were being met and to also identify any areas we may need to take a look at, before moving on to other projects the foundation is looking to expand into. My favourite program is the ‘Cents for Seeds’ program, as it has been designed to look at prevention rather than waiting to fix a problem when it is in its latter stages. This program has been incredibly successful in showing women how they can draw an income to support their family and also help each other.” Cassi said. Cassi also feels Western Governments should play a more positive and productive role in assisting Third World areas. She raises a good point in that, assistance should be provided not only from a financial perspective, but from the knowledge that - in some way - First World countries do play a role in creating the problems experienced by the people in these effected areas. “You can’t just say, well, yes we did this, but what do you want us to do about it now?”, Cassi states. And, it’s a not a cash handout Cassi believes will benefit the people. It is financial funding of proactive and structured organisations, like the Love Mercy Foundation, that will inevitably help these people in a greater and more long term capacity.

A real problem faced by Love Mercy came at the time the Cents for Seeds program was kicked off. Women questioned the ‘loaning’ of the seeds, as other organisations in the area were “handing them out for free”. Cassi has witnessed that it is in the education of self sustainability, Day to day life, amongst the villages Cassi visited, has many and the connection from one person differences to day to day life in Western Society. working to help another, that long Cassi confesses that the nightly chore of cooking dinner is term change can be achieved. something that she herself has griped about occasionally, however, after watching the time that goes into dinner preparation amongst the Ugandan women, brings new light and gratitude to how effortless dinner in a first world population actually is. And, although life in Uganda is packed with chores and housekeeping rituals that would send any woman insane, the women are incredibly happy. Often found sitting in groups under the local mango tree laughing and chatting. The women are surprisingly free from stress and life’s moans and groans.

Life in an African village... A responsibility of Cassi’s on her visits, to the foundations project areas, is to interview women in the hope of identifying daily life problems, that have become expected, due to lack of facilities, services or supplies. Cassi recalls speaking with many women, and when the question of how many children they have needs answering, it is met regularly with a number that has been decreased due to the high infant mortality rate sadly common in these areas. What surprises Cassi however, is how relaxed and open the women are about discussing their story. They talk about the loss of the children very openly. It happens so often, to so many, that the grieving process has become a life skill these women have learnt through necessity. Although they love their children and they are naturally sad that they do not have them anymore, death is considered as ‘natural’ and there is very little hesitation when talking about it. Women open up about their loss and move on with it. “Life in Northern Uganda is like that, You move on with things. You get things done.” Cassi says. On embarking upon some of Cassi’s first trips to the project areas, she was expecting to feel pity or sadness. Instead, she walked away feeling pity for herself and the life she had been living at home. “The [African] people live very simple lives. There are no distractions and expectations around money, appearance and assets. The villages are fuelled by community spirit and support. Loneliness cannot make it’s way into these areas, because people are connected in everything they do on a day to day basis. When you enter a circle of women enjoying their daily chat, they will celebrate your entrance with a song-like chant of your name, giving you an intense sense of importance and connectedness to other human beings, special human beings living an incredibly meaningful and happy life”.

How does stress not exist when you have nothing? “Stress in Western society comes from feeling like we need everything.” Life in Northern Uganda is worlds away from the sunny shore of Cronulla, and common issues faced by the human beings that dwell there will never be completely understood by beings of more developed countries, like Australia. I asked Cassi for her most memorable moment on her recent trip, not because it makes a good story, but because the insight into the lives of others is priceless when attempting to place value on things in our own lives. This is what she said… “I was interviewing a couple who had been given seeds from the ‘cents for seeds’ program. I normally don’t get the chance to speak with the husband [of the family], as the seeds are loaned to the women. This day, I had my moment to ask the husband how he felt the program had assisted his family. He replied with a story about how they were unable to get married. The couple had 6 children already making the cost of a dowry or rings a luxury out of their reach. When the crop - from the cents for seeds program - was harvested he was able to afford these things, and so, with their 6 children by their sides, they were married.” Whilst hearing this story I feel the situation faced by those surviving in these areas laced in a silver lining of hope. It provides us with evidence that change is not only possible, it is effective in positively changing the lives of others. What was once just an idea stemmed from concern of ‘what can we do to help’ - the Love Mercy Foundation is succeeding in assisting human beings along a path to sustainability. A question I ask all compassionate change-makers, like Cassi; Do you ever feel like the problem is just too big? “I find it hard to separate myself from the personal side of things. There are so many people you want to help, one by one. The truth is, it is more beneficial to the people, as a whole, to place your time and effort into programs, as opposed to trying to help each individual on a personal level.”

When Cassi is not in Africa she is soaking up the sun and enjoying a coffee with friends in Cronulla. The daily makings of her ‘hometown’ is a far stretch from village life in Northern Uganda. And, although she loves being beach side, I could tell that Cassi would give up the busy Sydney lifestyle tomorrow to be amongst the people of Africa and the Love Mercy projects again.

Cents for seeds is just one program developed by the Love Mercy Foundation and it is a perfect example when defining the “ripple effect” in its greatest form. To fix the problems of the world all it takes is one small action, one seed planted, one drop of water in the ocean. Where there is action there is always a reaction … which inevitably leads to change, creating hope in places sometimes forgotten by the rest of the world. -Samantha Jane-

Born and bred in Gymea Bay, Ally Walmsley strives to help people and loves nothing more than a good chat! When the local Shire girl decided to pursue her dream of opening her own boutique, now located on the very popular Wills Road in Woolooware, her focus was on creating a space where people felt comfortable and happy. That is her life goal. Ally loves nothing more than seeing a customer leave her dream business with a smile on their face. We asked Ally Walmsley, the dreamer and creator of ‘Around In June’, Woolooware’s newest clothing boutique, a few fashionable questions on styling and her love for this massive industry. WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT FASHION? “I love that fashion can completely change the way someone approaches their day, even if it is something as simple as a small confidence boost. I love it when customer’s walk out of the boutique satisfied and completely happy with their purchase. I never want someone to feel uncomfortable in what they are wearing.” THE UGLY SIDE OF FASHION…DOES THIS ACTUALLY EXIST? “There are always two sides to a story, and there is always going to be an ugly side of fashion. One thing that I would like to see changed is standard Australia sizing. Every girl can talk to you about their range of clothing sizes in their wardrobe! It is very frustrating to walk into a shop and not know where to begin with your sizing.” ‘ALLY’ STYLE … WHAT DEFINES YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? “Comfort. I wouldn’t say that I have a set-in-stone style, however, I am absolutely loving the midi length trend at the moment! It is flattering and suits most body shapes.” FUN & FEAR! HAVING YOUR OWN BUSINESS CAN BE LIBERATING, YET CHALLENGING. HOW DO YOU GET THROUGH ‘SMALL BUSINESS OBSTACLES’? “Lists! I am a chronic list writer! I am gifted notepads at all occasions by family and friends, so I think I may talk about my love of lists a little too much. Getting everything that is swirling around in your head written down in front of you, and being able to prioritise and get things done efficiently, is essential in running a small business.” WHAT’S IN A NAME … IS THERE A MEANING BEHIND THE NAME ‘AROUND IN JUNE’? “I was very close to all of my grandparents and wanted to incorporate them into my business name. I listed all their first, middle and nicknames on a notepad and started to play around. June is my grandmother’s middle name.” BEING A LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS IT DOESN’T TAKE LONG TO REALISE WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. IN YOUR OPINION, WHICH LOCAL SHIRE BUSINESS DESERVES YOUR PERSONAL ‘SHOUT OUT’? “Who doesn’t love an AMAZING spray tan?! Tara at The Spray Tan Society in Caringbah is one of the best in the business! She has so many different brands and understands how they develop on all skin types and tones. She will help you choose the best colour for you, with no ugly orange tones.”

Around In June 55 Wills Road Woolooware

haralaBOSS is the newest concept store to hit the Shires shore; a man cave that welcomes men, women and children. In 2014 the owner of the store (a shire local) realised she was onto something when again she found herself walking in and out of beautiful gift stores unable to find the perfect gift for ‘him’. With males making up 50% of the population and stores generally catering towards females, it occurred to her that there was potential for a new type of retail store. haralaBOSS, however, is no different to any other boutique gift store you visit. They stock gifts, homewares and clothing. What is different is that they only stock things for men. And, whilst some items are genderless, their product range is male specific. “Men appreciate nice things, many live alone. We have simply created a space where men feel comfortable buying things for themselves”. That said, women make up 75% of the stores customers. What woman doesn’t love spoiling the man in her life? They have a wonderful range of items for children to give their father - or yours - and also offer customers unique lines, by stocking a wonderful selection of handmade items that have been sourced both near and far, including the works of 3 locals; The Harry Hope Collection, Hide & Seek Leather and Rubble Art. Check out the new kid on the Jannali block! haralaBOSS is located at Shop 6 The Jannali Arcade, Box Rd Jannali. Or online ...

Facebook @haralaboss – no bling things for him -Leonie Thomas-

I am unashamedly one of those Aunties in constant brag mode in regards to her nieces and nephews. I absolutely luuuuurve them! The littlest of my ’N’ crew are twins, James and Madyson. At 4 years of age they are into all things typical to their sex. James likes trains – A LOT! – and Maddy LOVES Frozen! [Yes, we have many videos of the girls belting out their best rendition of ‘Let it Go!’… come on, who doesn’t?!] Recently my sister was faced with making the decision to sign little James up to his first team sport, his choice being Football. It was pondered for a while and a few games were watched in action at their local club before my sister was able to come to the conclusion that, although James is small for his age, he is a boy and boys of course LOVE FOOTBALL! Within a week, boots and a helmet were bought and James stepped onto the field ready for his first training session, while his sidekick, Maddy, watched curiously from the side line. Now, as twins generally are, there are not many things these two don’t do together. This new adventure for James was in fact the first. And, as it turned out, that particular training session was his last. It only took Madyson several minutes to decide that if her brother can do it, she can too! By home time the decision had been made to let Maddy join her brother on the field. Fitted out in her very own boots and helmet the following week, Madyson hit the turf running with of course the proud moment being shared on facebook. What followed was a gush of adoration from the female followers upon viewing this cute little girl dressed like one of the boys. What we were about to witness is a liberated celebration by some of the older female tribe, due to the fact that women, and girls, are no longer holding back in the perceived male arena.

Feminism in 2015 is RAISING THE ROOF! Although we have been told, for about 40 years, we are equal to men, we still find excitement in entering a male domain, which quite honestly, is still performed with caution, “Should I be here, Should I not be here?”… you know the internal dialogue. It’s a little bit like a bird stuck in a cage, someone finally opens the door and says, “you’re free”, and yet the bird hesitates in order to confirm it’s not a trap. Once the bird finds its wings and freedom appears to be minus a swinging net, it is quick to spread the word. But, does this new found freedom come at a price? Ask a man what he thinks of ’feminism’ and wait for his response. Does he speak of the ‘feminist’ with positivity or do you sense tension, maybe even trepidation? Truth is; strong women scare some [a lot of] men. In fact; strong women scare society as a whole. With the somewhat daily media invasion of images, articles and TV shows revealing the ‘Feminist Freedom’ that’s bursting at the seams at the moment, its not hard to understand society’s fear of a girl power revolution with more women choosing to go it alone. Whether it’s celebrating the single life in career/party mode or choosing to solo raise the children “they always knew they wanted, but never had with Mr Right”, women are stepping out and proving they can in fact ‘have it all’ SOLO! If a man’s purpose is one that is defined by finances, reproduction and security and women are aokay achieving all of this on their own – should they not be scared of this new shift? Could it be that we [women]- after 40 years of ‘fake freedom’ - are actually starting to realise that we can have it all without ‘the Prince’. That’s a frightening thought to all men of the world because it may mean that they have to bring more to the table when attempting to tie a Princess down. When girls choose to take a stand on the BIG field of life equality - instead of believing their place is on the sideline – society [men] will have a real problem on their hands, one that requires a great deal more hard work. Just a thought… -Samantha JaneDedicated to my courageous niece, Madyson – May you take a few boys out during your time on the field and eventually find a best friend that looks into your eyes on the same level.

Have you ever wanted to know what drives some women to lift it with the fellas, devoting countless hours to building a body of steel? I mean, these women are packing serious muscle! They are strong and strict when it comes to everything to do with ‘their body’. We asked local Cronulla fitness freak and body comp girl, Maria Rigatos, how she gets her guns and buns ready for competition time. As a busy single mum of two gorgeous girls, Maria believes her positive outlook on life’s hurdles, keeps her feeling strong both physically and mentally. Throw a high intensity weights program into the mix and you have a very powerful woman on a mission to becoming the ultimate version of herself. What attracted you to training for an event like the Figure division in IFBB Nationals Bodybuilding Comp? “I've been weight training since I was 18, so an odd 20 years. I wanted to compete back then, but didn't have the confidence to do it. Now that I am older I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and, as it's been something I've always wanted to do for a long time, I thought why not!” How hard is it to achieve the look you need to enter those types of competitions? “It's generally a 12 week prep of consistent comp dieting and hard training at least 6 times a week. The training is the easy part, it's the diet that is the biggest challenge.

April 2014 “The diet is high protein, moderate carbs and some fats. It [the diet] changes as comp date draws nearer. October 2014 Training involves a lot of heavy lifting and some cardio. Peak week is the week leading up to the big day, and it is usually the hardest of the 12 weeks. [Peak week] consists of water and sodium loading, then depleting so your skin literally sticks to your muscles. There's also carb loading just before too. What is the biggest sabotage for you when training for a comp like this? “Chocolate and sweet stuff is my biggest vice! You can say I'm totally unsocial for those 12 weeks, as it's impossible to eat out, drink with friends or go to parties. Friday nights, when most people are going out, you'll find me in the gym! What advice would you give to anyone wanting to enter a body-building comp for the first time? “I would say they need to make sure they are prepared to go through not only the physical challenge of the 12 week prep, but also the mental challenge. You need to stay focused, trust in the process and keep your eyes on the prize - and, have a good post comp plan too. There is such a thing as post comp blues. It's very common, especially in female competitors. I went through it after my first comp last October. Preparation is vital! I have to ask … Is your swimsuit really taped to your butt? “Haha - Yes! Your bikini bottoms are stuck to your butt with something called Bikini Bite. It's like superglue you roll on to the inside of your bikini to stop it from riding up your butt!” -Interview by Samantha Jane-

“Telling someone with obesity to eat less is like telling someone with depression to cheer up”. ~ Dr Arya Sharma. The health and wellness industry, of which the fitness industry is a huge part, is a multi-million dollar industry world wide. And here in Australia, we have personal trainers and gyms popping up like mushrooms all over the country. There is literally one on every corner it seems. So, one would think that Australians embracing the need to make their health a priority would begin to eat away at the large percentage of overweight and obese population - yet as a nation, we are getting fatter. Rates of overweight and obesity are continuing to rise in Australia. Based on measured height and weight from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Health Survey to calculate BMI (I know the BMI doesn’t take into account lots of variables, but bear with me) … Almost 2 in 3 adults are overweight or obese (63%); 1 in 4 Australian children (25%) are overweight or obese; 15% more people living in outer regional and remote areas are overweight or obese than people living in major cities and being overweight or obese is the second highest contributor to burden of disease, after dietary risks [with smoking being the third highest]. This means the cost to our national health care system is ENORMOUS! So why is our health as a nation on the decline while the fitness industry is still in a booming bubble? It’s complicated, and I certainly don’t have all the answers, however here are some points we may all need to take into consideration … •Simply training hard and eating well is not always the immediate solution. It is however a fabulous maintenance plan once all other aspects have been addressed and the individual is not deemed as being at risk of relapsing.

•Psychology is an important part of weight loss and health. I send the majority of my weight loss clients to a psychologist as part of their long term treatment plan. Finding out how they ended up needing to lose weight in the first place is extremely important, or the roller coaster ride will continue. •GP’s can play an important role in referring their patients out to the appropriate support network (psychologists, highly qualified and experienced personal trainers or movement specialists, and nutritionists). •Nutritionists are the other key to successful long term weight loss - as personal trainers, many of us are not qualified to provide nutritional advice to high risk clients. We are able to provide general advice, but unless we have studied nutrition at a higher education level, what we find off the internet or “from our own experience” simply isn’t good enough.

That doesn’t mean your personal trainer, gym or exercise group doesn’t have an important role to play. We do! We just need to know what it is. So from my end, here is what our role is as a PT: •Refer out to other professionals within our network where appropriate. •Provide outstanding movement coaching and training services appropriate to the physical needs of the client. •Support other service providers by encouraging the client to follow the nutritional plan, take medications where prescribed, and continue with follow up appointments in relation to mental health. •Ultimately we are the exercise cog in the wheel. As a client here are some of the things you should be asking your PT for: BEFORE •Safe exercise prescription under supervision plus a simple exercise plan that you can follow unsupervised between PT visits. •Referrals to other network providers. •Ongoing support through the highs and the lows.


Some people can certainly turn their health and well being around simply by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy fresh food diet well balanced in proteins, complex carbohydrates, rich in vitamins and minerals. However, many can’t. Its about more than that and a great personal trainer will understand that. Next time you meet with your personal trainer, or if you are considering employing the services of one, consider it a great addition to your current health care plan. A good PT will pay for themselves a thousand times over when your health has improved and your risk of disease decreases. Being overweight or obese is a contributing factor to the majority of lifestyle (preventable) diseases. Top up your insurance premiums by using the services of a PT to their full capacity and you won’t be sorry you did. Here is my 3 month movement plan for anyone suffering from obesity that, in conjunction with other health professionals, would like to change that … WEEKS 1-4 - I walk with my clients on a flat surface. Sometimes every single day. It might take hours, but as the days go by the distance stays the same and the time gets faster. The days that I am not with them I ask them to … walk! WEEKS 5-8 - Continue walking 5-7 days a week plus add 2-3 30 minute bodyweight and primary movement pattern sessions. The aim is for the client not to experience major muscle soreness so they are able to continue exercising daily. WEEKS 9-12 - Continue walking 5-7 days weekly, increase the supervised movement sessions to 45-60 minutes and introduce other training methods of slightly higher intensity. In all this time we still haven’t lifted a weight (that comes soon), the client hasn’t experienced major muscle soreness and it is a pattern they are able to continue with long term for the rest of their life! With his permission, I can share with you that using the above method, combined with a medically based nutritional plan and ongoing work on thought patterns, Brad [pictured above] managed to lose 22kg from September to December last year. He set the goal of losing enough weight to go skydiving for his 30th birthday - nailed it! It wasn’t complicated, but it wasn’t easy having to undo years and years of damage, negative thinking and the abuse of food. It doesn’t make me great, all I did was walk with him, talk with him, prescribe appropriate and safe exercise, and made sure he followed the nutritional plan in place that was right for him. I want to wish him all the very best for continued weight loss and a long and healthy future of daily exercise that he enjoys. My theory when it comes to exercising for weight loss is, “begin with the end in mind”. If you can’t keep it up for a sustained period of time, it’s unlikely you will keep your weight at a healthy level for a sustained period of time either. -Emma Pilcher-

Every single day, it seems, new products and services promoting ‘good’ health and wellbeing jump on the market. Why? Because stats have shown that an increasing percentage of the population - Down Under - have become more active and interested in ways to get their body working to it’s peak potential. Whether it’s the - sometimes - excessive promotion of the ‘perfect body’ plastered throughout the media or the everyday knowledge we now have on preventable diseases, that are killing thousands every day, people simply want to change their lifestyle in order to up their life expectancy. When Mel from Detox Delivered approached us with her Detox Juice program - designed to “dramatically improve your health” - we were quick to give it a go. Now, as I am carrying a little bundle of beautiful blue joy, I opted out of this wellbeing product crash dummy experiment. I AM sidekick Blake however, was eager to jump in and take the super cleanse bull by the horns. If you have had the pleasure of taking a peek into Blakes @shiremuma life, you will know that she is one busy lady. From play time with her two little boys to weekend party time with her girlfriends, she’s a 30 something hot mumma always on the go. And, as the stats reveal to us, a busy life can sometimes leave your insides feeling a little over stimulated, over worked and under performing. Blake’s busy schedule was therefore perfectly matched to the job of finding out whether Detoxing is all it’s juiced up to be. How the Juice detox went down… Delivered to Blake’s Cronulla doorstep was a plentiful supply of labelled and bottled liquids she was expected to consume over the next 24 hours. In a variety of flavours, the package looked more like a Saturday night cocktail mix requiring martini glasses, sliced pineapple and paper parasols, than the image being painted by the brain waves with the message of pending starvation. Prior to the ‘Detox’, Blake was asked to eat well and drink lots of water. This form of consciouseating was to be practised for at least 2 days prior, giving Blake’s body the boost it would need to assist the inside spring clean about to take place. I guess you could look at it like cleaning baked on grime off the surface of a pan. Prep it for a few hours and the job at hand becomes a lot easier and more effective. Pre-Detox, Blake had feelings of a “cold coming on”. There was a sense of tiredness, however, she couldn’t sleep. Overall physically though, she felt good. On ‘D’ day – that’s ‘D’ for detox, not doom of course – Blake consumed lots of water and the following juices. Each juice had it’s purpose and was delivered in a way that would promote the most effective cleanse over the period she was to practise it. Juice 1 Melon Magic A mix of Honeydew Melon, Grape and Lime to target the kidneys, hair and nails. It is also a powerful mix for soothing the colon. Reports indicate that 90% of all disease starts in the colon! Best to keep this little organ as happy as possible. Who is Detox Delivered? Detox Delivered is a local Sutherland Shire business delivering prepared and personalised juice programs to the doors of those wanting to give their insides the ultimate clean. Detox Delivered takes the hassle out of juice detoxing with personalised programs [through extensive research] suited to the desired result of the client. And, they deliver straight to your door! Can it get any easier? Phone 0421 971 297

Juice 2 Carrot Top Pineapple, Cucumber, Carrot and Lemon are all beneficial in improving the appearance of your skin by aiding the function of your liver. According to the Liver Doctor [.com] “If your liver is not doing its job of breaking down toxins efficiently they must be eliminated from your body by other means – in many cases they come out through your skin! When excessive toxins build up in the deeper layers of the skin this causes inflammation to occur.”

Juice 3 Glowing Green Smoothie It’s the ultimate Green Machine with a mix of Cucumber, Kale, Pear, Zucchini, Apple, Avocado and Wheatgrass. What is this juice doing to your insides? It’s Oxygenating your body via the chlorophyll goodness of the greens and providing essential B group vitamins to help counter stress. You could say it’s a little dose of Zen in a bottle. Juice 4 Raw Almond Mylk Here’s your shot of protein! Made using Activated Almonds, and delicately sweetened with Medjool Date plus Cinnamon, raw almond mylk is a great source of vegan protein. PROTEIN…PROTEIN…PROTEIN! Juice 5 Soup Roasted Red Capsicum and Tomato! Simply YUM! We know it’s doing something because the tastebuds are clappin! Tomatoes are a power food without the price tag. Rich in Lycopene and vitamin C, tomatoes will lower bad cholesterol and serve as antioxidant protection for the cardiovascular system. Ditch the super food trend and head back to basics with veggies that are easier for your wallet to digest. Juice 6 Spicy Lemon-Aid Lemon, Apple, Alkaline Water, Cayenne Pepper. The celebrities are donning this drink more than the latest Birkin bag! Why? Because somebody told them it would make them look better and they were RIGHT! A cup of this will kick you into liver cleanse mode and straight towards metabolism shake up. Shizzam! Sooooo… how did Blake “pull up” after her day on the juice? Blake quotes, “I feel great and definitely found it easier to sleep. The expected cold never eventuated and overall I felt incredibly cleansed and ‘flushed out’. This is something I would love to gift my body on a regular basis.” You can find out more over at or call Mel on 0421 971 297. I AM magazine recommends this product/service based on the trial experience only. No money was paid to trial the detox program or write this article.

Who Is Melanie Lillis? “I AM a 25 year old, passionate, driven, a little crazy and quirky girl, with a major love for health and nutrition. I am also a qualified PDHPE High School teacher. I grew up very sporty and was an elite athlete, competing for Australia from the ages of 18-24. I competed in Sport Aerobics, which is a sport that has played a major part in what sparked my love for nutrition. Being at an elite level, I had to experiment with many different ‘diets’ to achieve different outcomes, like, weight loss, higher energy levels, increased muscle mass etc. It was throughout my sport that I discovered the profound effects that food has on the body and how different bodies react to particular foods. I not only became more educated on diets, I also became aware of the psychological effects dieting can have on an individual and how this can have a large impact on health. This is why I decided to study Eating Psychology. I can’t wait to combine what I have learnt - in this new certification - with the nutritional knowledge I currently have. >>

What is Nutritional Therapy? “Nutritional Therapists work with individuals to enhance their health and wellbeing through diet and nutrition. As a Nutritional Therapist, I assess a client’s current diet ,which includes their macronutrient balance (carbohydrates and fats), possible vitamin deficiencies, their current lifestyle and environmental factors, which may be affecting their health.”

Sport has played a major role in your life, from Netball, Gymnastics, Athletics and … ‘Competition Sport Aerobics’! What is Sport Aerobics? “Sport Aerobics is a mix between Gymnastics, Dance and American style cheerleading. It is a high intensity 2 minute routine which has to execute certain elements such as; fitness, strength and flexibility. I was in a team of 8, so we had to be perfectly synchronized whilst moving and changing positions around the stage at 165 beats per minute – all whilst keeping a smiling face.” What was it like winning Silver and Bronze for Australia in the World Championships in this Sport? “It was honestly one of the best feelings I have ever felt. Although we are only on stage for 2 minutes within each round, the training that goes into that 2 minute routine is intense. We do four 3 hour training sessions and one 5-6 hour training session leading up to the world titles. We have to perfect every leg line, arm line and position on the stage to get us ‘routine fit’. The feeling that the work we had done had paid off, was one of the greatest moments of my athletic career. One I will always remember.” In your experience, what are your views on current diets connected to peak Athletic performance? “Each diet will depend on the person, the training they are doing, and their goal. There are so many ‘athlete’ diets out there which aim to get different results. I believe that everyone’s bodies react and work differently to certain foods and that there is not one specific diet that will work for everyone. Aiming to reach ‘peak athletic performance’ requires a total balance of macronutrients- carbohydrates, protein and fats. Athletes train hard, therefore they need more carbohydrates, proteins and fats than the average person. Each athlete will differ in their levels of macronutrients depending on their personal goals, for example; endurance athletes would need a higher carbohydrate diet because they require a more sustained long lasting energy. Having a balance of good carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats will decrease the chance of someone having a vitamin deficiency. When you have a vitamin deficiency you will start to experience many different symptoms which may affect your health. This will have quite a big impact on an athlete’s peak performance if it has not been addressed and fixed after a period of time.” Wholistic Nutrition By Mel - -Interview by Samantha Jane-

Meet Jason Hebbard. He describes himself as a 40 year old fitness trainer, Crossfit Coach and the owner of Crossfit Inventive, now located in Caringbah. With an extensive background in the fitness industry, he is practically a veteran in the sport of Rugby League, joining the sport as a young tike at just 5 years old and retiring some 27 years later. Jason says his passion for fitness kept him injury free for the majority of his career, and in a sport where we know injury is generally inevitable, he says, it was his passion for fitness that kept him playing longer than most people can, in this full contact sport. Finding Crossfit via the world wide web some 4 years ago, Jason’s curiosity peaked when he witnessed everyday people of all ages doing incredible things in the gym and achieving amazing body transformations. Jason declares this as the moment he decided to opens his very own Crossfit Box. Born in the USA, CrossFit is a fitness practice that has spread worldwide at a phenomenal rate. Its popularity stems from a CrossFit community that prides itself on supporting and encouraging one another within their CrossFit Box (gym). “The family atmosphere is a special part of what CrossFit provides; it’s everyday people making new friends, working together to achieve incredible goals.” Jason says. Our question is; “Is CrossFit really for everyone?” Jason believes it is, “CrossFit is still relatively new to everyone in the fitness community and there has been a lot of good & bad feedback on the type of training it provides. For example; how effective is it? Is it too hard on the body? Am I too old or too young to give this a go? The answer I will give you, as a CrossFit Box owner, is - it is definitely for everyone providing it is coached correctly and ‘the coach’ is aware of each individual’s fitness level.” “We have clients as young as 17 and as old as 65, both achieving exercise they may have thought was once impossible. Our clients can achieve this as they are all in a safe, fun & friendly environment.” Jason says, the difference between a workout at Crossfit Inventive and a regular gym is variety. Crossfit provides the body with a whole body workout. The workouts are short and contain a lot of different exercises that keep things ‘fresh’. This type of workout will keep your muscle memory entertained and provide exceptional results when a program is given commitment. “My passion for helping kids to become elite athletes and reach their ultimate fitness goals, is the same passion I have for my gym and my clients. At CrossFit Inventive I motivate and assist clients to better their fitness levels and reach individual goals they set.” Crossfit Inventive, Resolution Drive Caringbah.

i-am Magazine Pty Ltd is an independent magazine published by Samantha Edwards & i-am Magazine Pty Ltd. Available for reading at Mail to: PO Box 1145 Cronulla NSW 2230 AUSTRALIA ABN: 82 146 481 781 All content is subject to copyright, and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher. Opinions represented in i-am Magazine Pty Ltd are not necessarily those of the publishers. This magazine is intended as a reference only, NOT as medical advice. Some course language and/or sexual references may be contained herein. Please browse/read of your own choosing. Some articles are written from ‘life experience’ only, therefore the advice provided is not suitable for everyone. I AM recommends anyone experiencing difficulties in life, seek advice from a professional or Doctor.

I would like to thank all of the local Sutherland Shire men & women who have supported I AM magazine throughout its journey to becoming ‘The’ Local Health, Fitness & Lifestyle magazine. The I AM mission has always been to inspire and encourage people to treat their life like an adventure. From fashion, fitness, food & FUN, we want people to take control - Demand happiness in your life! This life we have is a gift and it should be celebrated every single day. We know you all like to work hard, but we absolutely insist you


Samantha Jane Founder I AM magazine Est. 2011

The Best Things in Life are Free! [Flashback December 2011 issue #4] When this article was originally written and featured in the December 2011 edition of I AM magazine, a young Theo Bonny was on a 20,000 kilometre adventure from Beijing to Russia. At 20 years of age, his ‘Shire life’ had already been packed with many great experiences, but for Theo, the message was simple, “There is so much more of the world waiting for your discovery, you just have to throw yourself out there”. My initial curiosity with Theo was in regards to Music Therapy. Even at his relatively young age, Theo had researched and practised healing through Music Therapy. During his work experience in Sutherland with disabled people, he had witnessed first hand the physical and emotional effects music had on even the severely disabled. The two hour sessions involved musical interaction with Asperger’s, Autistic and physically disabled people and the results were beyond positive. A former student of Kirrawee High School, Theo’s love of music was embraced and encouraged, and the musical opportunities available to him during those years has no doubt contributed to his success as a musician. Declaring he has always wanted to do “something helpful”, his departure from High School led to Theo’s career path as a Music tutor and a Professional Jazz Musician. Teaching at more than 6 Primary Schools across the Sutherland Shire he finds the job extremely rewarding. Theo said, “Primary School kids are unaffected, they have no worries, they’re completely carefree. It is definitely a reality check as to how stressed we get as we get older. And, when you teach young children, you are providing them with a set of skills. It’s not just a short term hit of music, you are teaching them how to be musical, you are [injecting] music into their lives.” Theo leads a magical life, travelling across the globe sourcing music from the many cultures that make up this very colourful world we live in, from Cuba to Denver, Russia, Paris, Munich & Rome to name a few. He has thrown himself out to the world and absorbed the melody of its existence. He has found in the poorer parts of the globe a happiness they hold, that we seem to lack. To live in a poor society, everything that is free is embraced. “The people sing because it is free, they reach for a discarded container and a stick to make their percussion. It is a poor man’s music, and it is a freedom that brings real, pure joy.” “[During my travels] I have played in Schools where we obviously don’t speak the same language, but we do speak a universal language, and that is music. In parts of Africa all you hear about is their music, and that’s because it is free.” Of the lessons he has learnt from visits to the poorer places, “Material possessions are not the route to happiness, and intelligence can not be gauged by what we believe we know is intelligence. A child who cannot read music can still play the tune. They will play it by ear, the translation is achieved via a different sense, but the outcome is still the same.” Reading over Theo’s story now, some 4 years later, the similarities with Cassi Jenkins [page 6] experience in Africa, is phenomenal and goose bump worthy. And, although both embark on a journey that may not be suitable for some, the message is one that we can all choose to hear and perhaps bring into our own lives. Experiencing life is a must. Look at new ways of living outside of what you are used to and you may just find the key that unlocks the door to a unique form of happiness - perhaps even Freedom. -Samantha Jane-

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