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Local Shire women in business. [from top left] Lana Johnson BPS Tensegrity, Caringbah. Emma Pilcher Fitness Expert, Sutherland Shire. Blake Paxton @Shiremuma and I AM Advertising Guru.


WHAT I WANT What is the secret? There are people in this world that just seem to have it all. Everything they want in life, they get. Are these people selfish, arrogant, demanding? Are they the ones who push in front as you wait patiently in line with the rest of the ‘everyday’ folk? Have these people - the ones who have it all acted like spoilt children snatching the prized toy from their playmates, or are they just simply ‘the lucky ones’? Here is something I have found out for myself over the years. When you want something - anything - it does not come down to how much money you have, your family upbringing, winning the lottery or finding “Mr Right”. There is only one sure fire way, that I know of, to getting exactly what you want and that is a strict combination of Planning, Commitment and HARD WORK. Did I just see you slump in your chair with the oh-no hard work sigh? What do you see when you picture ’hard work’? Does it resemble a vision masked in a hot summer sun, blood, sweat, tears, callused hands and blistered feet? Hard work by definition simply means; a great deal of effort or endurance. It means, that not only do you have to take action to achieve your goals, you must stick it out! Your goals/dreams/wants require your effort and your endurance to keep going even when you just want to give up. How many ideas/goals have you let pass by because it just seemed too hard? If you want to ‘GET what you WANT’ - commit to your plan and the action steps required to bring success. If you build your dream with planning, commitment and action … YOU WILL SUCCEED. What once seemed ’impossible’ will soon become ’possible’ because you will get better the longer you stick at it. I hope you enjoy my article this issue on page 18 breaking down this particular topic. A happy fulfilling life to all of you, and enjoy I AM Issue #20, our first issue for 2015. Samantha Jane Editor & Publisher I AM Magazine.

“I AM a motivated and driven person, I strive to better myself on a day to day basis. Being able to help people with their fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, inspires me to achieve great things.” With ‘Champion’ status in both Waterskiing and Boxing, sport is something that clearly resonates naturally with you. What motivated you to take the leap from the water to the ring? “I found boxing at one of the hardest and lowest points in my life. I found it to help me mentally and physically. It has been one of the reason I have been able to move forward and continuously better myself.” Boxing is a tough gig all round, and appears to still carry the ‘boys only’ tag to some degree, have you encountered many hurdles entering this particular sport as a woman? “Sure have!” [no further comment…] The bell rings and your standing in the ring gloved up and ready to beat the crap out of your opponent, what goes through your head? Is this a time where you visualise all the people that p#@S you off? “Boxing is about endurance, it cannot be fuelled by anger or emotions because that blinds you to some extent. I more so think about everything that has inspired and motivated me to get where I am today.” Last year you suffered a serious leg injury forcing you to take a break from competing, with the injury now behind you, what will we see from you this year? “More Boxing Fights and my role as a Fitness Advocate.” Growing up, which sporting legends inspired you the most? “Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones.” What advice would you give girls wanting to achieve their sporting dreams? “Discipline, it is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most. Great things happen to people, not by chance or luck, but by working hard for what you want in your life.” When life gets a little tough, what words of wisdom ring true for you? “When life gets tough, I just remember why I held on for so long in the first place; that is that life is short and you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. So work hard, train harder, take chances, push your body’s limits and never give up.”

Eagle Fitness Boxing 3/21-23 Bay Road, Taren Point.

As a self confessed bikini lover

[slash-addict] I am quite confident in making the following statement, ‘there is not a single girl on Cronulla beach that hasn’t heard the name, tried the label or purchased an iconic piece of swimwear by … Seafolly!’ Stocked across the Sutherland Shire, from your seaside bikini boutique to the brightly lit, heavily branded, Seafolly store lying within the new Westfield Miranda, the label is one that has been loved on the Aussie shores for many years and now all over the globe. The Director of Seafolly, Peter Halas, was kind enough to shed some light on his I AM, which has been, taking over the swimwear world! Seafolly was founded some 39 years ago by yourself and your wife Yvonne, who had the initial passion for swimwear? “I did. I was in partnership in another swimwear business named WATERLILY for 8 years before Seafolly. When the partnership dissolved, Yvonne and I started Seafolly. The name came about as everyone warned me not to get back into this very volatile and tough business, so initially we called the brand ‘Peter's Folly’, switching to Seafolly soon after starting to focus on swimwear. Swimwear is an extremely competitive industry today, and although Seafolly is now Australia's largest swimwear brand, was it a gamble in the beginning to start up in this industry? “Starting a new business is always a gamble. However, when you need to feed your family that is a great incentive.” Where did you start? “We started small. Yvonne and I did most of the work. Initially we only had one employee, a designer. We swept the floor, packed parcels, cut fabric, did the bookwork, and I did most of the selling to retailers. It took about 18 months before we could afford a few employees and started specializing on work we were best at - running the business.” Can you give us an essential piece of wisdom you have discovered, over the Seafolly years, when it comes to staying focused in business and keeping a company travelling at a profitable and sustainable pace? “You need to keep focused on your key competencies. If you are good at one thing, then that is what you should build up before you veer off into other products or services. You also need to have a good accountant to advise you. Unprofitable growth is the surest way to bankruptcy.” If someone came to you today and said, "I want to start my own swimwear label." What is one piece of advice you would give them on getting started? “Research the market and find a niche that is not too crowded.”

Teamwork, determination, and well maybe a little desperation to be the first to make it to the finish line, is what draws the crowd and competitive crew to any one of ‘The Amazing Race’ events. How lucky is the Shire to have it’s very own Amazing Race touching down March 21! Boasting the ‘Amazing’ tag the very popular dash to win race, based on the American Reality TV series, promises to be the ultimate suburban adventure for all that dare to sign up. And, unlike your typical marathon or fun run, teams of two will be pushed to the max as they decipher clues, puzzles and partake in some very challenging, yet fun, activities. As tough as some of the teams may find the race, their aching muscles, sweat and moments of absolute frustration towards the team member who can’t solve a puzzle if you paid them, will never compare to the heartache Ken Marslew and his family felt when his son was murdered in 1994. The Shire Amazing Race aims to assist Ken’s plight by raising funds for the local Charity, founded by him, Enough is Enough. The event organiser’s had this to say about The Shire Amazing Race’ project, “We are thrilled to be supporting and raising funds for local charity Enough Is Enough. Enough Is Enough has been around for 20 years and was founded by Ken Marslew following the murder of his son Michael at Jannali Pizza Hut in 1994. Ken has since built an amazing organisation that aims to lower the level and impact of violence in society, focusing on the highest ideals of human behaviour. They have developed education programs that have a positive and proactive approach to reform society’s attitudes towards violence and anti-social behaviour. And it is an absolute pleasure to be associated with this forward thinking organisation.” Starting at Gunnamatta Pavilion, contestants will receive a clue sheet that will get them on their way to collecting points and finishing the race in the quickest possible time. Although we will see the contestants fitted out in their luckiest race gear, including joggers to get them moving, this is a race that requires as much in the brain department as the brawn. The aim of this game is to dissolve clues that will inevitably crack puzzles providing access to the next point. This will take a great deal of communication, co-operation and teammanship, to say the least. Will some of the happily married couples entering the race be pushed to their matrimonial limits? The organisers claim this is not just a race with a checklist. This is an opportunity for all competitors to experience something new in their local community - a chance to create their own ADVENTURE. This is also a chance for the huge fitness demographic - that encapsulates the Shire - to give back to a local charity by doing what they do best - hitting the pavement running! Now don’t worry if you are not of the triathalete standard—or even close. This event is open to everyone over the age of 12 with categories to suit all fitness levels. From the GO!GO!GO! Competitive, to Social and Inclusive, which accommodates those who want to take part, but may need a little assistance. Whether you want to walk it, run it or take a few coffee breaks along the way, the aim of this race is to give its competitors an adventure they would never have found if they had not jumped into the Amazing Race!

This inaugural event will be held on Saturday, 21 March 2015 and registrations are open to anyone aged over 12 years (team partner must be over the age of 18 years) so visit

Team Bevanators, Michelle and Andrew Bevan, will be one of the many couples competing in this years The Shire Amazing Race. With a plan in place - that mainly revolves around not being one of those couples that argue the entire race - the couple will Run, Run, Run when the clock strikes GO on race day. After giving birth to a beautiful baby boy in 2014, Michelle has been in training for 4 months at Sylvania Vision PT with a goal to improve her fitness and endurance to keep up with her category choosing hubby, Andrew. Combining weights, boxing and x-training, Michelle will no doubt be a threat to other competitors running against the clock come March 21! Both Andrew and Michelle have used the Shire Amazing Race as an opportunity to bring fitness back into their lives. Andrew suffered a Jiu Jitsu injury last year and has found the short term training goal to be a great motivator in getting his body back in form. Will the Miranda couple be the first to cross the finish line? You’ll have to join the crowd OR THE RACE - on March 21 to see for yourself.

I discovered fitness warrior Bianca Kostic the traditional way - through social media. I admire women, like Bianca, for many reasons. Firstly, she is strong! And, not just in the physical sense. A few years ago Bianca did what many women dream about doing and some actually do. started her own business. Opening her own dog grooming business in the Eastern Suburbs an adventure that had Bianca’s heart written all over it. Unfortunately her love of animals no match for the injury she soon suffered whilst lifting a dog during a grooming session. Her job quickly became the most painful moment of her life.

She was was love

What happened after that would have sent some people spiralling into a thick gloomy cloud of ‘why me?’. Unable to tie her own shoelaces, Bianca was forced to close her dream business down. The path that followed soon saw her in the waiting room of many practitioners all with the hope of helping her find pain relief. After many disappointing treatments, she found her symptoms getting progressively worse. Bianca said, “After a year of trying everything possible I began to be very depressed and suffered panic attacks and gained 14Kg’s. This was not the life I had envisioned for myself. I knew I could not continue like this and had to find a solution.” This is when fate stepped in. Bianca was reconnected by chance with an old friend, Shannon Green, who was at the time, a strength and conditioning coach based in Sutherland. Shannon was convinced he could assist Bianca with her injury and provide the relief she so desperately desired. Bianca was naturally sceptical at first, however her options were now sparse and she thought, why not give it one last shot. Bianca had come to a cross road and she was about to choose the path that would lead her to her strongest self. She was about to discover the benefits of strength and conditioning training. “Within approximately 3 months of training with Shannon, 1-2 times a week, I was relatively pain free. I had dropped quite a few kilos and was feeling much better about myself. I continued to work with Shannon for the next year and got back to the weight I was before my injury. I was lifting weights and learning so much about my body and my strength capabilities. I felt an amazing sense of empowerment. From then on I was hooked and have never looked back.” Following a personalised rehabilitation program Bianca was able to transform her life. For the first time in years she was pain free and her anxiety and depression no longer had the hold it so deviously loved in the previous years. Bianca was back to a healthy weight, and loving life became a natural daily sensation. Bianca’s treatment soon became her new passion leading her towards a career in health and fitness. With a goal to empower women by encouraging strength and conditioning training, 2015 is set to be a massive year for a girl who once found tying her shoe laces absolute torture. For the past 4 years her new place of business, Warrior Performance, has become her second home. Describing the strength and conditioning centre as a place for people to achieve their goals and obtain the support they need to push them through their perceived limits. “We are like one big family and I could not be happier here. When I am not at the gym, working or training, I am spending time with my dogs. They are a huge part of my life and you will often find them at the gym hanging out with clients.” Bianca said. Here are Bianca’s top reasons why everybody should consider strength and conditioning training for peak physical, and mental, health and fitness. “I believe the key benefits of weight training are:” Weight training increases your physical work capacity. It assists in optimal health and wellbeing. Improves bone density. Increases the strength of connective tissue, muscle and tendons. Improves quality of life. Can reduce the signs of Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Back Pain and Depression.

Warrior Performance 1/59 Cawarra Road, Caringbah.

High Intensity Training - how to make it work for you without ending up injured. The fitness industry is always looking to improve it’s game, attract new clientele and create the latest and greatest training methods. And, just like clothing and accessories, every season there is a new training style in fashion. But, with every fashion cycle there can be downsides (think layered fluoro socks and fingerless gloves back in the mid 1980’s), and at the moment some of these training methods are getting a bad name with perceived increased injury rates. At the moment CrossFit is still the rage, as is HIIT (high intensity interval training) and the like. These are fantastic training methods and, when delivered by a qualified and experienced trainer or coach, the results are outstanding. However, like anything, when delivered by an under-qualified coach, or one lacking experience, the long term results can be disastrous. Before starting any training regime - whether it be CrossFit, HIIT or even yoga, the same principles apply. Here is how to avoid injury while at the same time ramping up your training intensity and trying new things… Do your research - take time to go and view trainers and coaches in their working environment with other clientele. See what you will be getting yourself in for. And, when you do your research, word of mouth is great rather than a Google review! Anyone can write anything on the internet - it doesn’t necessarily mean its true! Try before you buy - any good training program or coach will allow you to sample the training methods before you invest your hard earned cash. Take the advice of professionals - if your coach recommends you take rest days - do so! Likewise, when they tell you ‘once a week’ won’t get you results, it will however, get you frustrated with your lack of progress! Increase your intensity gradually - just like you wouldn’t expect to run a marathon before you’ve ever jogged 5km - you shouldn’t walk into a new training regime and start at the hardest part. This is the fastest way to injury on the planet. You must crawl before you walk, so to speak.

Avoid daily repetition - change your program up! If you are loving your new found high intensity training, be sure to counterbalance the effects on the body with a Pilates class perhaps, or yoga. Or, dedicate a day a week to a good old fashioned power walk. Get treatment early - sometimes injuries are unavoidable. The minute you feel a niggle, pull back, get it checked out, have a treatment plan prescribed and follow through with it. You will be back killing it at training in no time. Listen to your body! Get adequate rest and follow great nutrition principles to give your body its best chance of repair and recovery, and making the most of all the effort you are putting in at training. Most of all - enjoy your new found energy levels and training regimes! Our bodies are designed to work really hard, and they are also designed to rest. So do lots of both and be amazed by the results you will get in a short period of time.

Evidence Based: The Research Study. A couple of weeks ago I read a very interesting article about the value of a general mat Pilates program given to people with low back pain. In particular, the purpose of this randomised control trial was to evaluate the efficacy of the addition of Pilates based exercises to a standard intervention in people with non-specific chronic low back pain. Once the eligibility criteria and exclusion criteria of the study population was determined, 86 patients were divided by a simple randomisation method into 2 groups: Booklet group and Pilates group. Every participant was assessed by a researcher, once before the randomisation of the groups, and again after the 6-week intervention and after a 6-month follow-up period. The researcher evaluates the pain intensity, the global impression of recovery, the functional capacity [which indicates the activities people are not able to do because of the back pain] and the kinesiophobia, which is the fear of re-injury due to movement. Furthermore the expectations of the participants about the treatment were evaluated before the randomisation. Finally after the first treatment session for both groups, they evaluated the patients’ level of confidence in the treatment and in the improvement of their symptoms. The Booklet Group received a booklet containing information about low back pain, anatomy about spine and pelvis and descriptions of postural orientations. On the other hand, the Pilates Group received the same booklet as well as a specific treatment protocol consisting of individual mat Pilates exercises, with progressions in accordance with each participants response.

Because the study started in 2010, the results are not yet available, but I expect the patients in the Pilates Group will experience a greater improvement in global perceived effect, general and specific functional capacity and a greater reduction in pain intensity and capacity to perform activity of daily life, without fear of hurt themselves. [In my personal experience] It has been estimated that from 11% to 84% of adults will have a low back pain episode at least once in their lives and that approximately 40% of these patients will develop chronic low back pain, which is defined as persistent pain and disability lasting longer than 3 months. Different studies demonstrated that low back pain is the main cause of disability and work absenteeism in adults younger than 45 years in industrialised societies. There are many research articles, which examine the benefits of general exercises to improve strength and endurance of the stabilising muscles of the spine, including transversus, abdominus and multifidus. However, there are very few well-designed studies looking at the benefits of a Pilates based rehab program in a chronic lower back pain population. In my opinion, Pilates, when used appropriately, is a wonderful tool aiding in the rehabilitation of people with both acute and chronic lower back pain (not to mention a whole bunch of other musculoskeletal pains!). At BPS Tensegrity we use specific manual techniques, bio-mechanical retraining and the Pilates studio equipment to assist our clients to return to optimal function, and back to the types of exercise they enjoy!

Setting goals is easy … achieving them is harder! Millions of people set goals every year. Whether the goals revolve around fitness or finances, they are easy to make and even easier to break, however, achieving them appears to be limited, to some. We all love those songs and posiquotes preaching success, telling us we can have, do and be anything we want. A huge industry profits daily from the illusion that getting what you want is easy. Hell, you can even sit back in your favourite chair and visualise through meditation what you want and “you shall receive it”. Hundreds of thousands of people buy into this idea of ‘no work’ success every single day. ‘The Secret’, by Rhonda Byrne, sold more than nineteen million copies because the philosophy was simple – aka. required absolutely no ‘real’ work. “Think only about what you want and it will magically appear”, not quite what it said, but a great amount of people interpreted it that way. A very small number of people understand the fine print of The Secret, sadly a lot do not. And, when they spend at a maximum one week visualising what they want, 9.9 people out of 10 are unsatisfied with the results they receive. If I told any person wanting to lose weight or achieve optimal physical health that all they had to do was sit on the couch and visualise it…do you think they would pay me for my service? Absolutely not! Why? Because I am an ordinary person with absolutely no celebrity or guru status backing me as a “success”. The secret about ‘The Secret’ wasn’t much of a secret… they used people of status [present success] to support it…and we bought it. So, let’s get back to the facts. Why do ideas, like The Secret, fall short when it comes to actually achieving everything we want? Because getting everything you want requires work! Hard work! Success requires you to get off your backside and make it happen! If you had told a 48 hour a week manufacturer or quarry worker in the 1950s that they could achieve financial prosperity and life sustainability through visualisation, you would have been the running joke at happy hour down at the local and possibly huddled in a corner donning a white coat with no sleeves. In the 1950s only 4% of people worked part time, today’s figures represent a seismic change with more than 26% of the work force choosing to go part time. So what does this figure represent in reality? In today’s society, people want to work less, yet earn more. I am not against this part time work lifestyle myself. I work part time on 2 jobs. And, if I counted the actual work hours I perform they would still not come close to what was considered as Full Time employment in the 1950s. I can say with absolute certainty that, compared to the 1950s worker, I have no idea what hard work feels like. Frankly, I have grown up in a society that rejects hard work 90% of the time. Let’s be realistic, we now live in a society where we want our goals reached like we want our McDonalds … FAST! So how do we achieve our goals in the quickest way possible? Hard work, dedication and persistence! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Stop Failing! Start Achieving! There is an old and very commonly used saying that goes a little something like this… “Fail to plan. Plan to Fail.” - It is that simple. It is great to set goals. Set as many as you want. But, unless you have some idea of how to map steps, make a plan and most importantly, execute that plan, 9.9 times out of 10 YOU WILL FAIL. Look at the top Athletes, breaking records and achieving their personal best that is well beyond anything most of us could ever dream of. Do you think they get to the Olympics without a plan, without some idea of how they will get there? And, it’s not all pen on paper and daily planners, it is hard physical work and a clear understanding of how to get from point A to point B effectively. Why has the Fitness industry boomed with Personal Training? Because, PTs have the knowledge and knowhow, through education, when it comes to weight loss and getting the body moving towards peak physical performance. If you hire a Personal Trainer, and actually listen to their advice, there is a very high chance you will see an improvement in your health and fitness and in the appearance of your body. You are more likely to get what you set out to achieve - what you really want. Often, when people start to become serious about their health and fitness the word ‘exercise’ changes to ‘training’. So what are they training for? Are they entering a marathon? Some maybe, but most not. They use the word ‘training’ because they are learning how to change their body through exercise. They are no longer simply exercising with methods that lie within their comfort zone in the hope of reaching a weight loss goal, they are educating themselves on how to push outside of those familiar zones and into a zone that can only bring one thing – a different result than they have achieved before. It’s a process of taking control and responsibility of the desired goal. It is a process of education, action, dedication and perseverance. Do you know what the definition of ‘training’ means? ; A process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for an art, profession, or job. ; The process by which an athlete prepares for competition by exercising, practicing, etc. Athletes undergo ‘training’ to prepare for SUCCESS. Without the process of training, practice and planning for success…success will never come. The goal will remain at a great distance they [you] simply cannot reach. Here are three steps, tried and tested, in getting you closer to achieving your next goal... Make a PLAN! This may include - most likely - education. Learn the skills you need to get you where you want to be. This can be anything from researching the best training methods for your body shape to understanding the best ways to budget and save for financial stability. Education and wisdom will give you the tools to develop a plan that is effective at its highest possible level. Be productive and choose ACTION - getting what you want will not happen if you don’t participate in the ACTION STEPS. Once your plan identifies the required steps of action it is your responsibility to take them, or not take them. Only you are responsible for the outcome of your goal. Whether you reach the finish line or give up along the way, the choice and responsibility lies with you. Don’t be surprised if your goal changes along the way. While your taking action in pursuing your goal you are also learning more about your goal. Your perception of your goal may change with your new found knowledge. DEDICATION & PERSISTANCE - As my number #1 girl in the motivational game Lorna Jane says, “NEVER GIVE UP!”. The game of success requires endurance and perseverance. Only the most dedicated will truly succeed. Why? Because achieving anything of great importance takes hard work and I don’t just mean in the physical sense. Following your dreams isn’t an easy task … but in the end, it is worth it! Samantha Jane EDITOR @ I AM

“I AM Lacinda Fisk; 2014 Sutherland Shire Young Citizen of the Year, 2014 Highly Commended Recipient of the Marie Bashir Award and 2014 winner of the Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award. It has always been a passion of mine to help others and make a positive difference in this world.” Late 2014, Lacinda attended a 3 Day World Vision Youth Movement gathering held in Melbourne, that she says opened her eyes to opportunity and experiences at a stage in her life when the big wide world was finally opening its gates. With an intense passion to find hope within hopelessness, Lacinda kicked off 2015 diving head first into the World Vision Australia Fitness Challenge ‘30 for 30’. Held in January, the Fitness Challenge encourages men, women, boys and girls to set themselves a personal fitness challenge for the first 30 days of the year in an effort to raise money for healthcare in developing countries. Every year almost 3 million children die in the first 30 days of their life due to nutrition and illness that can be prevented. The organisation started ‘30 for 30’ with the hope that they could stop millions of unnecessary infant deaths. This years challenge saw Lacinda well on her way to raising enough money to provide 570 vaccinations for children under two and healthcare for more than 400 pregnant women. For an 18 year old girl with an ambitious future ahead, she is already a young woman actively fulfilling her life goal to ‘make change’, before the age of 20. If this isn’t enough to inspire us, Lacinda also applied to be a part of the 2015 Youth Ambassador Program with the UN Global Volunteering Network and was successful in gaining a role as part of the 2015 NSW Team. Although she has decided to take a detour from that particular journey, her input with the Sutherland Shire Youth Council will make a difference in the lives of others, closer to home. Along with her role as the NSW Chief Schools Mentor in the World Vision Youth Movement community called ‘VGen”, Lacinda is definitely no pebble in a pond creating small ripples. This girl is dive bombing the ocean, and I am sure her waves will be felt on shores far abroad where change is needed the most.


On Yer Bike! It’s that time of year again, when Dogs and Hogs get together to raise money for a good cause, the Annual Hogs For Dogs Harley Ride for Assistance Dogs Australia. Assistance Dogs Australia’s annual Hogs for Dogs Harley Ride is celebrating its 11th year, and it shows no signs of slowing down with the Liverpool Harley Owners Group (HOGs) providing their time and bikes as a charity donation for this years local event. Assistance Dogs Australia trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with disabilities by performing tasks they can otherwise find difficult or impossible to achieve, like picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors, alert barking or getting the phone if their recipient is in trouble. Each Assistance Dog takes two years to train and is well worth the investment, of over $27,000, when you consider that they are placed with the clients free of charge. “Assistance Dogs Australia provides a free service to people with physical disabilities. Our recipients include those born with developmental disabilities like cerebral palsy and spina bifida, those who acquire debilitating illnesses like multiple sclerosis, and those who have been in tragic accidents and will never walk again. Disability is something that can happen to anyone at any stage of life. We also provide dogs for children with Autism, and are also about to launch a new initiative, placing support dogs with Sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).” - Assistance Dogs Australia. This years event, held March 22, will see ticket holders heading from Cronulla to Mount Keira lookout on the back of a Harley Davidson. With morning tea and a Hogs Breath BBQ lunch included, passengers of the Hogs For Dogs Charity ride can expect an adrenaline fix like no other, with the feel-good factor for supporting a worthwhile cause thrown in on the side. All funds raised from ticket sales go directly to the Assistance Dogs. So why not head down to Perryman Place Cronulla this March 22nd to help open the door to freedom and independence for people with disabilities. To purchase your tickets visit ADA’s website or call 1800 688 364.

From the expert…

Get pictures! Even is it’s a fringe or colour that you like. Consultation...Consultation...Consultation!

Do I need to say it again?! It’s the most important part. Know what you are both doing before you start.

Consistency… getting what you want every time! Change

… Always offering change. New. Old. It doesn’t matter what it is—it’s change.


Don’t wash your hair! We have a certain set of cleansing rituals that get your hair just the way we like it. Think about this… if you come in with washed hair we can’t see how you style your hair on a daily basis.

BONUS! … DO NOT cut your f**king fringe! We are trained to cut your fringe - you are NOT! Brooke Swinbourne 4/57 Cronulla Mall, Cronulla NSW 2230 Ph 9544 1068

By RN & regular I AM Contributor, Wendy Bowker.

Body Art or Piercings, whatever you choose to call it, there are a few things you need to know! Traditionally performed by pushing a needle through a body part and inserting a piece of jewellery, the curiosity with body art is reaching new heights and areas to pierce have become a lot more adventurous! Most people go to established studios and professional body artists who work with high standards of infection control. If body art is performed incorrectly you could suffer nerve damage, scarring or infection. Your body art will be as good as the artist you go to, and the way you look after it while it heals.

Tips for a good result! Pay for good, quality work, perhaps recommended by a friend, who had a good result. Check out the artist’s work, ask to see samples, ask others about their experiences. Ask about how they protect you from getting an infection, including: hand washing, wearing gloves, sterilised equipment. A clean, well lit studio is always a good decision! Be as healthy as possible, if you’re sick it will slow down the healing and you’ll have more risk of getting a local infection. Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before a procedure; alcohol in your bloodstream tends to increase bleeding. Certain medications (including over-the counter ones) can also increase bleeding and/or slow down healing. You should discuss this with your doctor. If you are considering multiple piercings, start with a small one to see how you manage the procedure and its care. If you know you have allergies, discuss with the artist to ensure any products they are using are safe for you to have applied, before you continue with the full procedure.

On the day! Phone a friend, Eddy! You may wish to take a friend with you for moral support and make sure that you have eaten something and have had enough to drink (not alcohol).

For more information go to

Having a bad hair day occasionally can be annoying, however, not seeing a hairstylist on a regular basis, can turn a bad hair day into bad hair years. A woman’s relationship with her hairstylist is a very significant one. We are, by all means, placing our appearance in the hands of someone else. Having a great hairstyle can do wonders for the self esteem and how we feel about our appearance, while a bad one can lead to Hair PTSD. I consulted with one of the most recognised names in local hair, Brook Swinbourne, as to what it is hair professionals really want us to understand about our hair demands.

Kim Beach

is a Sydney girl born and bred and fitness has been ‘her thing’ from the minute her joggers hit the pavement post-high school. Owning a local studio within a few short years of completing her fitness qualifications was just the beginning of Kim’s journey towards helping people live a healthy life and achieve their fitness goals. ‘Fit, Fun, Fabulous’ is Kim’s passion and it’s serious business. During her time as a fitness spokesperson Kim has helped a variety of women identify their health desires and assist them on their path towards transformational success. When Kim started ‘Fit, Fun, Fabulous’ it was out of a mission to provide the ‘right’ advice on the good, the bad and the ugly of contradictory advice circulating at the time on weight loss. Initially starting with a simple facebook page, popularity grew for Kim’s knowledge in the industry and her website and blog were soon born. Her focus was, and still is, to educate and help busy women live a healthier life through fitness and nutrition.

Check out Kim’s Fit, Fun, Fabulous page for healthy recipes and inspiration on how you can improve, implement and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The fit fun & fabulous site is a treat for those wanting ALL the information in one place. Kim provides loads of free information on healthy recipes and workouts, along with the opportunity to join Kim on one of her #noexcuses and #nolimits training and nutrition programs. Being constantly inspired by her clients success and seeing someone’s life change due to their participation in one of Kim’s programs, is a giant perk of the job, Kim quotes. Her focus on her family and creating a career that fits with everyone in it, was a huge priority for her also. “John and I work very hard to create a positive balance between work and family and while this means a few late nights here and there, we really try to stay focused on the fact that we ‘work to live’ not ‘live to work’, Kim said. And when it comes to Kim’s kids and the benefits of having a seriously fit mummy, the opinion is unanimous and complimentary. With healthy food, including treats, available daily in her household, everybody’s tummy’s are satisfied, happy and, most importantly, well nourished.


i-am Magazine Pty Ltd is an independent magazine published by Samantha Edwards & i-am Magazine Pty Ltd. Available for reading at Mail to: PO Box 1145 Cronulla NSW 2230 AUSTRALIA ABN: 82 146 481 781 All content is subject to copyright, and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher. Opinions represented in i-am Magazine Pty Ltd are not necessarily those of the publishers. This magazine is intended as a reference only, NOT as medical advice. Some course language and/or sexual references may be contained herein. Please browse/read of your own choosing. Articles labelled ‘LE’ are written from ‘life experience’ only, therefore the advice provided is not suitable for everyone. I AM recommends anyone experiencing difficulties in life seek advice from a professional.

I would like to thank all of the local Sutherland Shire men & women who have supported I AM magazine throughout the journey of becoming ‘the’ local Health, Fitness & Lifestyle magazine. The I AM mission has always been to inspire and encourage people to treat their life like an adventure. From fashion, fitness, food & FUN, we want people to take control by demanding happiness in their lives. This life we have is a gift and it should be celebrated every single day. We know you all like to work hard, but we absolutely insist you


HARDER! Samantha Jane Founder I AM magazine Est. 2011

I AM - Sutherland Shire's Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Magazine #20 2015  

The title says it all! I AM is the local Heath, Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine for the Sutherland Shire. Put together by local folks in the...

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