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QUARTER 1 REPORT January to March 2013

AIESEC IFE “Raising our Standards for sustainable growth”


Welcome….. Our Vision: raising our standards for sustainable growth means that in every operation we run for the year must be aimed towards the sustainable growth of the local committee. This involves coming up with new policies, creating new partnerships, re-affirming past relationships with our alumni, partners and customers. In the year 2013-2014, we want to see an AIESEC IFE that creates more standards. Our Vision statements for the year are:  

Reviving the AIESEC Ife brand through synergy of every functional area; Build quality members who have imbibed the AIESEC culture and are constantly improving our relevance in our environment. These statements for us means that we have to make the AIESEC values part of our lives, always work together as a team to achieve more and we have to be dynamic and innovative it terms of our personal and professional lives and our operations. Although growth in every functional area might not be the same, but action steps are being taken is make operations run. A quote say “A goal is like a staircase, you don’t look at the staircase, just take a STEP with the end always in mind” Please stay tuned as we go through reports from the various functional areas of the Local Committee. Enjoy and feel free to feedback to the various reports.

Yours AIESECly, AYOOLA Josephus Ajibola, President. AIESEC IFE, Nigeria. 2013/2014.


Projects (Corporate Social Responsibility) The first set of task that was embarked upon included; the preparation of the Project year plan, the key performance indicator (KPI) for project goals and identifying the job description and year responsibilities. It was decided that three (3) Projects and one (1) Program will be run throughout the year. Two Projects (Project BLACK and CURE) will be retained and refurbished while a new Project called Project DISCOVER was introduced. It is in line with the Active Contribution Program (ACP), centres on Youth leadership and career development and replaces Project YES. Also, a Program will be run tagged Project VOYAGE which is a concert that centres on “Raising the Voice of the Youth across all ages of the society”. It is an initiative that is in line with the AIESEC 2015 vision statement of “raising a global Youth Voice”. Also, in January, there was the preparation of the Project Macro Calendar with each Project being divided into phases while action steps were stated. Strategies were also put in place with regards to the core needs of each Project. A budget was also prepared for each Project while Proposals, letters, concept-note were drawn and Promo materials such as the info-booklet was made. In the month, Middle Level Managers (MLM) applications for Project Directors were issued and an interview was conducted between the 28th and 29th of January. The Project Directors for Project DISCOVER and Project CURE was selected and their work started henceforth. There is now a re-opening of the applications for the remaining roles.


 Project Director realized for the project.  Covers two phases with the preparations for the first phase in progress. It involves secondary schools in Ile-ife and will culminate in a career empowerment program in the week of children’s day (May 27 th 2013).

 Already in partnership talks with six secondary schools in Ile-ife. The level of partnership ranges from being TN-Takers, sponsors/donors as-well-as invitees to the program.

 Partnership deal ongoing with the Inland Waterways Academy/ Studycliq on a career workshop around career opportunities in the Maritime and the oil and gas sector of the economy. PROJECT BLACK    

Centres on building leadership and cultural knowledge. It has not started proper as there is no Project Director and Team yet Application for Project Director has being released with two applicant already. There is a renewed partnership with the Institute of Cultural Studies (ICS), OAU Ife as TN-Takers. There is a challenge with financial resources as they are not buoyant enough to pay for raising the TN-form, but can only provide accommodation for interns.  There is a synergy between the ICX and Project department to raise the form on personal expense until project gets income.  Infusing some spice of tourism into the project to make it more learning filled. PROJECT CURE  Focuses on Health and environmental sustainability. Major areas includes HIV/AIDS, Malaria, save blood and health and environmental sanitation and restructuring.  The project action plan includes: parent and child’s day, save blood and health day, painting project, market sanitization and free test on world AIDS day.

4  Already in partnership talks with the National Blood Transfusion Services for the save blood and health day and free health check-ups in the Ile-Ife community.  Partnership talks with the Blood Bank in Lautech Teaching Hospital Oshogbo as TN-Takers.  Our partnership with the Youth Friendly Centre (NACA), OAU Ile-Ife was renewed. There are six GCDP form already available. PROJECT EFIKO  Still awaiting a go-ahead from the MC to kick-start the Project.  A five member team has been selected to start running logistics for the project.

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iGIP & iGCDP Following the resumption of office as the LCVP ICX of AIESEC IFE, series of efforts has been made so far to date in order to pursue the progress of the exchange process in AIESEC IFE. So far, since the resumption of my office there has been positive progress in order to enhance the quality of exchange AIESEC IFE. My first step as the LCVP ICX was to; Re-raising/Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction of AIESEC IFE TN takers. This step was taken in order to enhance a mutual and a long-term relationship with them, so also to get a feedback from with regards the interns that worked in their respective organization, and solely to re-raise such internship opportunity with the prospective TN’s. One of such TN’s is Institute Of Cultural Studies, in brief summary, ICS is a Centre functioning under Obafemi Awolowo University, functioning under the faculty of arts, their main agenda is educating students on diverse cultural background, both in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. So in relation with one of AIESEC IFE projects currently running, that is, project BLACK (Building Leadership And Cultural Knowledge) which is centred around cultural orientation and diversity, AIESEC IFE has been able to synergize with ICS, which enabled AIESEC IFE to raise two forms in order to further facilitate the project. Furthermore, 3 of AIESEC IFE GIP TN’s are currently on matched status, matched to two Indian and an Iranian EP respectively, in which two Indian EP’s will be realized in mid may. In order to integrate interns with Nigeria, its culture, ways and my LC respectively, an AIESEC IFE intern reception booklet was created which will enable the incoming intern to know more about the environment he/she is coming to work, and also integrate well with the LC. In conclusion, in order to create more experiences, new roles have been created to function under the LCVP ICX, they are;  

iGCDP Co-ordinator. iGIP Co-ordinator.

Such persons working under this role are responsible for;   

Planning along with the VP ICX on the various strategies to aid marketing. Responsible for leading the team. Any other task delegated to him/her by the VP ICX or OGX.

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oGIP & oGCDP Generally marketing activities has been restricted to virtual platforms and personal contacts. Two GCDP EPs were raised in the month of February and realized in March. 2 New GCDPS and 4 New GIPs have been raised, 1 GIP on Available.

The statistics for January was generally low due to the fact that the exams were going on in the University, however, the number rose in February and March. Marketing activities have been restricted to online platforms, personal contacts and also some efforts are being made to extend the market beyond the Obafemi Awolowo University Community, Also concerning partnerships, a partnership proposal for a travelling agency {TLM Travels} is being worked out and also an HR Firm [Employment Edge].

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Finance and Administration

50 40 30 20 10 0 EP Fees

Others LC Contributions

Expenses 20 15 10 5 0

Recruitment Information System

Axis Title Series 1


Debt Settlement


Axis Title Column2

Series 1



Finance:  

The year started with an opening balance of ₦ 23,435.73. The major source of income came from EP Fees and a National partnership initiative. Expenses included settlement of debt carried over from last year, recruitment grants, website development fee and other petty expenses.

Administration:  

Transitioning process has been successfully completed. This includes the change of signatories to the account. Submission of necessary documents for the commencement of renewal of registration. Preparation for obtaining a new Corporate Office, with proposal ongoing.

Forecast for quarter 2:   

Increase in LC Contributions. Projects will have commenced and therefore proceeds would be an additional income. Sponsorship deals should be signed.

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External and Alumni Relations. First quarter started with creating a product portfolio for the LC products and also selling to two entertainment organization; Ash Pub and Octopus. Ash Pub showed interest. Also relationship with existing was re-affirmed and this led to a refreshed partnership for the major project of the quarter which is the recruitment process which we got two partnerships for; Genesis Waters and Forks and Fingers Restaurant {Both Logistics Partners}. Also with regards to refreshing existing partnerships, Forks and Fingers Restaurant changed from an Exchange Partner to Sponsor/Logistics Partner for the Local Committee. In the month of march, Sales extended its market reach and Companies {including; Total Oil, Flour Mills, Etisalat, UAC, GMNL, Gotv, Main One Cable Company, Swift Network Limited, Unilever (national partner), Guaranty Trust Bank and First City Monument bank.}. Sales meeting have been attended and negotiations are in progress. As regards Alumni engagement, the goal for the quarter is to engage at least 35 alumni. Internal communication platforms were created both on whatsapp and Facebook, to better foster the relationship between alumni members and a total of 46 new alumni have been reached. Also by keeping in touch with the alumni body, Short Messages were sent on holidays like Easter and starting from the month of April an official Monthly newsletter will be sent to the alumni body.

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TMP & TLP [Talent Management] For the first month, school examinations was in progress, so the executive board started the TMP for the year with 6 realized TMP and 1 TLP. And also after the examinations, a hang-out was organized by the team to ease exam tension, in which 19 out of 30 currently members attended. For the second month, the human resource work started, getting a support team for the Executive Board, these are the Middle Level Managers role which are strategic positions. 9 applications were released {3 Project Director role, University Relations manager, Alumni Coordinator, OCP AIMES, IM Manager, Brand Manager and OCP Recruitment}. There were 22 applicants for these roles and 6 Middle Level Managers were selected at the beginning of the third month. The major project of the Talent Management department which is recruitment started late march and for the first week of the start of the project; Appointments were made to speak at the orientation program of some departments for their new students, One on One selling of AIESEC Form and pasting of posters. The Sales of form will span between March 20th and April 25th so we can get enough time to sell forms. Our goal is to sell 1000 forms for us to get 100 unique new members and for a sustainable growth.


Q1 TMP 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 January






Q1 TLP 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 January

Febuary Raised

March Matched


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Q1 Social Media Standing 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Twitter







Growth %

New Domain Name acquired: and will be live by April 5th.

Average of 5 new Likes per week on AIESEC IFE Facebook Page.

AIESEC IFE now has a live streaming channel .

AIESEC IFE is now actively present on 7 Virtual platforms; {YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, UStream and Google +}.

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AIESEC IFE Quater 1 Report  
AIESEC IFE Quater 1 Report  

First quater report for AIESEC in IFE from january to march 2013