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IAM INFINITY #13 May/June 2017

Smiljana Gavrančić (Serbia) - Editor, Founder & Owner

Victor Olliver (UK) - Associate from the Astrological Journal of the AA GB Sharon Knight (UK) - Associate from APAI Frank C. Clifford (UK) - Associate from the London School of Astrology Mandi Lockley (UK) - Associate from the Academy of Astrology UK Wendy Stacey (UK) - Associate from the Mayo School of Astrology and the AA GB Jadranka Ćoić (UK) - Associate from the Astrological Lodge of London

Athan J. Zervas (Greece) – Critique Partner/Associate for Art & Design




CONTENTS 5. Gate Keeping – editorial 10. Here comes Annie Lennox - Smiljana Gavrančić 19. Good relations with Astrology – Roy Gillett 31. The Guardian of the Gates – Alan Oken


IAM COLUMNISING YOU IAM A GUEST 15. Chris Brennan 28. Frank Clifford

36. Inception Rodenbeck





39. The French elections - Smiljana Gavrančić 46. No pasarán – Jandranka Ćoić 50. The relocated composite chart – Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz 54. The lunar axis shifts to Leo/Aquarius – Angela Tikis 60. Sect and triplicity – Sharon Knight 70. Embrace your inner weirdo – Victor Olliver 75. Cancer ingress forecast – Rod Chang 78. The Neptune-Pluto cycle and the mass migration phenomenon – Riccardo Bosi

IAM VICTOR 84. The Business Card – Annie Whitaker 22. Victor Olliver

IAM HORARY 108. Tania Daniels

IAM THEATRICAL 111. Mandi Lockley

IAM ARCANUM 118. Tara Aal 119. Kim Buckley

IAM HOROSCOPE 122. Cassandra Tyndall 126. Natalie Delahaye

86. The progressed new Moon – Wendy Stacey 92. The lunar standstill cycle – Linea Van Horn 104. Chuck Berry – Alan Annand 114. Ruth Brown – Marguerite dar Boggia

Editor’s Letter Gate Keeping

There is one place where I felt ‘‘the spirit of The Gate Keeper’’. For this place, they use to say it is the center of the world. In my mundane work (mapping the zodiac by sensitive degrees) I found that Split is sensitive on axis 15º Capricorn/15º Cancer (Jupiter axis) and that it may have some vibration at 29º Cancer too (the place of our 3rd eye-Jupiter chakra). This is the place in the world where you can find four gates! These are: The Golden Gate (northern), The Silver Gate (eastern), The Iron Gate (western) and The Bronze Gate (southern). Since Split is famous for being once part of the Roman Empire, the horoscope of Ancient Rome ("The Book of World Horoscopes" by Nicholas Campion) was my starting point.


29º Pisces/29º Virgo - The Place Where The Gate Keeper Lives For me every gate we can link with 29 º of some sign. After all, in the chart of Ancient Rome, there is retrograde Venus at 29 º Pisces, and I am writting this letter in the moment when she is crossing again over 29 º Pisces, she is direct but she is still in her „shadow period“, and I would say this is a very special moment. I think that The Gate Keeper „vibes“ over axis 29 º Pisces/29 º Virgo, because after 29 º Pisces we get 0 º Aries – the beginning of Zodiac. At 0 º Aries we open the door, we accept life! Accross, at 0 º Libra we start to judge (Saturn is judging, and Saturn is exalted in Libra)! But at 0º Libra we have in Sideral Zodiac fixed star Spica, and in Sideral Zodiac all start from this point. However, i did progressions of Ancient Rome for the moment when I was born (January 30th, 1980) and i found progressed Moon at 9º Aquarius, in conjunction with my natal Sun, ruler of my North Node at 29 º Leo! For me that was a big sign, I will tell you later why.For now, I will just tell you that my axis of nodes goes over 29 º Leo (NN) / 29 º Aquarius (SN), and on May 12, 2017 I am going to have my nodes return day, which is speaking about new cycle of 18 years ahead! Also, i found Solar Arc axis IC/MC of Ancient Rome for the moment when I was born over 0 º Aries/0 º Libra. So, the gates were open in the moment when i was born, it seams...

29º Taurus/29 º Scorpio - The Silver and The Iron Gate In Split My first touch with Split occurred at the time of my Solar Return in 2015. At the very moment of the Solar Return I found myself in the Jupiter Temple. It was followed by meditation for the Jupiter chakra ("Third Eye", our sixth energy centre located at 29º Cancer, which is the cusp of my 9 house - my purpose, my future life). For me, Split has a special energy in the spiritual sense, it is the place where I find myself in some sort of internal alignment, since the Moon in my horoscope is positioned across the zodiac, at 15 º Cancer, the degree of Jupiter exaltation. All this includes my Venus at 16º Pisces 52’', with the fixed star Ahernar (from the constellation Eridanus) which is very spiritual by nature, and that contributes that in this city I enjoy, I feel pleasure, since it solves the opposition 15º Cancer / 15º Capricorn. Without a doubt, Split is so important for me in a spiritual sense, it is a place where I can easily make contact with my future life, “my future ME“! My tertiary axis 3/9 (trip) went over 29 º Taurus/29 º Scorpio. Later i found that this axis presents The Silver Gate (eastern) and The Iron Gate (western) in Split! Also, my tertiary Fortuna (the most faster point and we should take it in predictions because it moves faster even than Moon) was also at 29 º Scorpio!!! The Silver Gate were under reconstruction between 1932-1934.Solar Arc axis Asc/Desc of Ancient Rome in 1932 was over 29 º Scorio/29 º Taurus. For example, when Pope John II visited Split and went throught the Silver Gate in 2000 – Solar Arc Fortuna of Ancient Rome was at 29 º Scorpio! I will mention progressed Sun of Ancient Rome for that moment too.Why? Because it was at very powerful place within the Zodiac-at 3º Scorpio (this degree I link to Croatia, and Split is the city in Croatia), and that degree i link with Pluto exaltaion degree and at the same time we know that it is the Moon’s fall degree.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Where is the life weak-the death is the strongest. The death is not the end, it is the new beginning. So, it seams that when we close some gate (door), some new we open at the same time. If The Silver Gate is eastern part, than accross we have western part, and The Iron Gate is western part. So, I would say that axis 29 º Taurus/29 º Scorpio is axis for silver and iron gates in Split. At 29 º Scorpio we have the end of the end, the end of the darkness, the end of the death. Accross, at 29 º Taurus, we have so called „Weeping Sisters“ (Pleiades) in mythology. IAM-Infinity astrological magazine since 3rd April 2017 has its progressed Sun at 0 º Gemini, just finishing crossing over 29 º Taurus! So, one gate we closed? But also, we open some new gate? Over 0 º Sagittarius/0 º Gemini we are able to touch some new story, we are able to touch much more light...

I Love Split As I've never felt myself like I "keep" my parents inside, since the axis 15º Cancer / 15º Capricorn is very important for me. In fact, when my father died (on 06th April 1996) Jupiter was at 15º Capricorn, while on the day of my mother's death, 06th September 2013, Jupiter was opposite, at 15º Cancer. I could say that my parents took me on this trip, all with meaning and purpose. Finally, the dates of their deaths is associated with the symbolism of Jupiter chakra - both died on the sixth day in month! Split is essential for my spiritual growth. I fell in love with Split, and its famous restaurant Lvxor at Peristel became my favourite place. After three months, I found myself again in Split where I gave a public lecture about Croatia with a special emphasis on Split and 15º Capricorn.(April, 2015-my secondary Moon was at my natal Pluto). Pluto is ruler of my Scorpio rising, and you can see my Pluto at 21º Libra, in conjunction with fixed star Spica (I have already mentioned Spica in the beginning of this letter). The lecture was held on April 26th, 2015 and, as tertiary progressions can describe an event to the level of two days, I looked at the tertiary position of the Moon for that day. As you can see, tertiary Moon (moves 1 degree for 2 days) was found precisely at 15º Capricorn (the degree of Jupiter’s fall). If I add that in my natal chart the Moon is in 8th house, in applying square with Pluto –than you can imagine what there may happend to me. It was really spiritual journey for me, where my life in one moment was in dangerous. I fell down the stairs in the center of Diocletian Palace, but somehow, all went well. I trust in the God’s spirt there, after all my Moon is at 15 º Cancer (God) and some spirit protects me, always...

29 º Leo/29 º Aquarius – The Golden and The Bronze (Honey) Gate In Split As I said The Diocletian's Palace has four main Gates: The Eastern (or Silver) Gate on the opposite site of the main East / West walkway known as the Decumanus; the Southern (or Bronze / Honey) Gate facing the sea, and Northern (or Golden) Gate facing the North, linking the Palace to the town of Salona during ancient times. And Western (or Iron Gate of Split), Known as Porta Franche, it was the door of last resort. Criminals seeking justice, refugees seeking asylum - would come to its gates. There, in a location between the inner and outer doors, court would be held and their fates would be decided! Those who were allowed to stay were given refuge, and their lives would be spared.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Porta septemtrionalis is the Roman name for The Golden Gate (northern) in Split. Emperor Diocletian walked through them as he entered the Palace on the 1st of June 305. They were built in the shape of a rectangle, with double doors, as part of the defensive military tactics (propugnaculum).I found progressed Venus of Ancient Rome (for 1st June,305) at the end of Aries, 29 º Aries. For example, my sister has Sun/Mercury conjunction in her 12th house (death in past life) and her Sun is the ruler of her South Node (past lives) in her 5th house (house of past life) - I took her in Split with me two years ago when at 29 º Aries was my progressed Venus (sister) – august 2015. Also progressed axis IC/MC of Ancient Rome on 1st June 305 was over 29 º Leo/29 º Aquarius (which is my axis of nodes in my chart). At 29 º Leo when I was born there was one of the royal fixed star, „The Keeper of North“ – Regulus. Also, transiting Jupiter and Mercury were in conjunction at 29 Leo, and Saturn was very close to 29 Scorpio too. So, the most important gate in Split is The Golden Gate, and I would say it may „vibe“ at 29 º Leo,from the heart of Leo. Accross, at 29 º Aquarius, we have The Bronze Gate (southern), the smallest of all the gates and this gate brings us into the basement of Diocletian Palace. After 29 º Aqarius, we touch 0 º Pisces, which may be an image of basement. After all,I visted Diocletian’s basement in order to find out what is the secret treausure of Split. I suspected it was some coin, and that was a subject of my public lecture... Also, I got terrible cold after that visit, which fits with my South Node at 29 º Aquarius /0 º Pisces... Recently, I found that there is Diana's Temple (on the hill Marjan), and i linked Split with axis 15 º Capricorn/15 º Cancer - at 15 º Cancer in my article „Ashmole 782 and 15 º Cancer“ I spoke about the goddess Diana....

New Life - IAM When IAM was born, on May 19 2015, my first article was about Ashmole 782 and 15 º Cancer and the first issue #IAM01 we called #782. During May 2017 IAM will celebrate its 2nd Solar Return (May 19 2017) and this is #IAM13 #TheGateKeeperIssue. This is the last time when We will celebrate solar return on May 19. From now, IAM will celebrate its birtday every year on February 8th, because, one gate we closed, and we open new one, with The Gate Keeper who protects Us. The New IAM was born on February 8th, 2017, only two days before the lunar eclipse at 22 Leo.

Love Smiljana





Annie Lennox – Here comes the rain again A Story of Saturn Smiljana Gavrančić

When we start analyzing a natal chart, it’s natural to begin with the ascendant sign, because it contains the most important message for the natus. Knowing the nature of the ascendant sign itself, the nature of the planet which rules the sign, or is exalted in that sign, and the nature of the planet which is in detriment or fall in that sign – we can make an initial image of the natus whose chart we analyze.

Ascendant in Virgo Annie Lenox was born on December 25, 1954 at 23:10 in Scotland (source This article is about a woman with a Venus – Saturn conjuction in Scorpio and a Virgo ascendant, which already says a lot about the importance of Venus in her chart. Namely, Virgo is a sign where Mercury (the mind, intellect) is the ruler and exalted, while Venus (a planet connected to relationships) is in fall. The main task of every ascendental Virgo is relationships, because across the sign of Virgo is the sign of Pisces where Venus is joyful (exalted) and there is no room for words or analyzing (everything that is natural to Virgo). Also, ascendental Virgos need to work on their Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (personal faith) because these two planets are in detriment in Virgo. Annie Lennox, the voice behind “Miracle of Love” felt the impact of Venus – Saturn conjuction in Scorpio many times. Namely, all three of her husbands were carrying symbolism of this conjuction. We know that this is an image of karmic love affairs, relationships in which some karmic debts need to be paid, relationships with somebody older, or coming from different cultural or racial backgrounds, etc. If you ask me, this is also a sign of delayed relationships, which may be waited on for a long time, and happen later in life, in mature ages...



Miracle of love Annie married three times, but only her latest, third marriage fullfilled completely her Venus symbolism on the star Unukalhai from the constellation Serpens linked to doctors and healers – her third husband is not only from a different cultural background (South Africa), he is also a doctor, fulfilling the need of the fixed star as a ‘carrier’ in this story. Finally, Venus in her chart is her exalted ruler of 7th house with the cusp in Pisces, so it’s very important in the analysis of this artist’s chart.

First marriage (1984-1985) Let’s start from the beginning. If we analyze her 7th house of marriage, we find that the cusp of 7th house is in Pisces, and the ruler is retrograde Jupiter in applying conjuction with Uranus, which can be a sign of sudden unexpected marriages but also divorces. The retrograde nature brought her more than one marriage, so even the exalted Jupiter’s position could not save her first marriage from ending. Still, this man was needed in her life, because he was a big influence on her. Her first husband, Radha Raman, a Hare Krishna monk, first crossed her path in 1984 on her concert in Stuttgart. Only three weeks later, they got married, which lasted only a year. Still, this man inspired Annie to change her diet – she eliminated meat, coffee and alcholol. At the time, she was very enthusiastic about the change. “He changed my life, taught me how to be happy. I was terribly confused before we met and I didn’t know what I wanted.” Her Venus is the ruler of 2nd house (diet) in her chart, conjucting Saturn (deprivation) so this is an image of some sort of fasting, abstaining from food, everything that is bad and “toxic” (Scorpio) for the organism. Retrograde Jupiter in Cancer can also attract a partner which is somehow a spiritual Teacher (Jupiter) dealing with diet (Cancer). Uranus contributed to the fast marriage and even faster divorce. Dispositer of her Jupiter is Moon in Capricorn where Jupiter falls, so there could be reasonable doubt that this marriage would somehow “fall” in the future. Trining Saturn did support the wedding itself, because Saturn loves form, which is marriage..



Second marriage (1988-2000) The second husband of Annie Lennox was the famous Israelian director and producer, Uri Frutchmann, with who she spent 12 years of her life. They have had two daughters, Lola and Tali, and a stillborn son Daniel. Uri Frutchmann also carries the symbolism of Jupiter in Cancer (Israel) squaring Neptune – film producer. This aspect brings great excitement and need to idealize a relationship, after which comes disappointment. Venus, as an essential significator for relationships and marriage, is placed in Scorpio, conjucting Saturn – a marriage with a person from a different cultural background limited in time, if the relationship is not pure and honest, it cannot last in time, and if it is, it is affirmed and strong. Dispositer of Jupiter is Moon in Capricorn, giving a real chance that this marriage will also fail in time. After her second divorce, Annie said that she’ll never get married again. Since the thing we are running from always catches up with us in the end, the same thing happened to her...

The story of Saturn Saturn is a very important planet in the chart of Annie Lennox for many reasons. It’s the dispositor of the ruler of her Ascendant, Mercury in Capricorn, and it represnts her in time. She was also born on the day of a Solar eclipse on 3º Capricorn, and Saturn is the ruler of her prenatal eclipse which is always a sort of darkness because it happened before birth and it defines the person’s state of mind in trust or fear. Saturn is also the ruler of her 5th house (creation, love). Since it’s influencing her Venus in Scorpio, and she needs to work on relationships in her life as an Ascendental Virgo, her main task is to lose all the fears in her relationships in time, because she is capable of a very deep (Scorpio) attachment. This Saturn needs a lot of time to become totally “pure” and honest, because it’s the only way Annie can realize a magical love story, if she deeply falls in love without fear and doubts. Then her dispositor (Mars in Pisces) leads Venus to the sign of exaltation, Pisces, in a trine with Saturn on the star Archernar (with a Jupiterian nature) which speaks of a long journey through an underground river, implies a sort of a purgatory, but also light at the end of the tunnel.



Third marriage – December 15th, 2012 Annie met her current husband in 2009. Dr Mitchell Besser comes from South Africa (symbolism of her Venus – Saturn conjuction), he’s a gynecologist (he is a Scorpio), and working on a project of helping people infected with HIV. Annie Lennox herself joined this project, known by the name “mothers2mothers”, helping children and single mothers infected with HIV, and a love story happened. Even though she said she’d never marry again, in the year when her directive Ascendant, after 58 years, conjucted her natal Venus on 21º Scorpio, she got married for the third time! Also, on December 15th, 2012., the day of the wedding, her secondary Venus (moving 1º in one year) was on 17º Capricorn, in an exact sextile (ease) with natal Saturn on 17º Scorpio, while secondary Saturn was on on her natal Venus for a long time.

It’s especially important that Annie finally fullfilled the need of her Venus on the star Unukalhai – a partner who is a healer, doctor... Now that same Venus, even though in a “hug” with Saturn (somebody of a different racial background) is disposed in 6th house (a need to serve others), in the sign of it’s exaltation, on the star Achernar, so this relationship can really “purify” her, giving her a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunel. Saturn is carrying within itself Chiron on 27º Capricorn, so she has a possibility to heal herself, but also people around her, through this relationship. Finally, Venus is also the ruler of her 9th house (life purpose, future life) so this woman is really headed in the right direction.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Therefore, we can analyze all partners and marriages primarily through the series 7, since it carries all our marriage potencial, but also through Venus as a natural significator of series 7. In the chart of Annie Lennox, Venus is very important, because she is an Ascendental Virgo and relationships are something she needs to work on during her life. Venus is also conjucting Saturn in her chart, which can seem very “hard” at the first glance, but that Venus is on a star linked to doctors, so her long expected love came into her life only when she met somebody who fits that description. Of course, she needed all her partners before, in order to come closer and closer to her true nature. The wedding happened on December 15th, 2012., after the Solar eclipse on November 13th which was on her natal Venus on 21º Scorpio. Since it was a Solar eclipse (personal beginning), it brought new opportunities when it comes to relationships to this extraordinary woman... This eclipse disposited by Mars ended up in the sign of Pisces (exaltation of Venus), trining Saturn, which is an image of marriage. In traditional astrology, Saturn is joyful in 12th house, while today (in modern western astrology) it’s the house where Venus is joyful, so I’ll finish this article with a question – Is there a place for fear where love is present?

Living in magic and patience is what 12th house, Pisces and exalted Venus ask of us.

Smiljana Gavrančić is the editor, founder and owner of IAM-INFINITY Astrological Magazine. She obtained her astrological education at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education “Johannes Kepler” in Belgrade, graduating in October 2010, after studying International Law at Belgrade University. She is an International Certified Professional Astrologer (ISAR C.A.P.) and a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. She specializes in mundane astrology and she practices karmic/hermetic astrology, astrology of degrees/archetypes (mythology, fixed stars) and synastry. She is writing her first book Special Degrees in Mundane Astrology. She blogs at in English and in Serbian.



IAM A GUEST Interview with Chris Brennan Athan J. Zervas

Hi Chris! I have been following your work and stalking your online presence for quite some time now, so you can guess that I am super excited about this interview. Congratulations on your new book are in order of course, but first things first: Who are Katie, Vickie and Billy? Thank you! I am excited to do the interview. Katie, Vickie, and Billy are my sister, my mother, and my father. My sister passed away in 2007, but in one of the last conversations I had with her, I told her that I was going to dedicate the book to her. That was an important aspect of finally getting the book published for me, in order to fulfil that promise.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The standard question I have when I am around an astrologer is what they think about a partile square of the Moon to her lunar nodes. The notion of the Moon seeing her own intersection points to the path of the Ecliptic has always brought to mind pictures of the existential pain a hospital patient is going through as they watch the doctor's incisions on their body with no anaesthetic on the table. Your Moon in Aquarius does not see my Moon in Cancer, so you can skip the question. I am interested because you have the same pattern in your chart, although not partile. I wish I had an opinion, but the nodes and especially aspects to the nodes are not really a strength of mine. Haha, the question was way much longer than the answer! That is what I call being concise. Would you say that your interest and research in astrology has compromised your personal life? Sometimes, I feel that the deeper I go into astrology the further away I walk from everyday basic human behaviours and needs. It could be me of course… Yes, I think that especially when I was in my 20s that I sort of skipped having many of the experiences that people normally have during that part of their life, in order to pursue my studies of astrology full time. Some of these things were probably good to give up, but others maybe were not, although I would do it all over again if I had the option. Now that I am in my 30s, I am fortunate because my partner is also an astrologer, and so we are able to do things together that incorporate our mutual interest in astrology, although in that respect we probably still end up focusing on “work” more than most normal people do. I guess that this is part of the advantage as well as part of the downside to doing what you love, is that it is not really work when you are doing something you enjoy. Most of the time at least. It has been two months now that your lovely book is in my hands and three months since it was published. Do you think that ''Hellenistic Astrology, the Study of Fate and Fortune'' is going to haunt you? Yes, possibly. Haha. It took me 10 years to write the book, since I started in September of 2006, and trying to finish became kind of a burden a long time ago. Year after year, I would always mention the book in my bio by saying that it was my “forthcoming book,” and every time that I had to attend another conference without having released it, it was always kind of disappointing. What is interesting though is that I have been lecturing on Hellenistic astrology for more than 10 years now, so I feel like I have already been teaching it for a while. Now that the book is out a completely new group of people are starting to learn about and become excited by Hellenistic astrology. In that way I need to keep reminding myself not to take certain concepts for granted, but to assume that I am speaking to a new audience who does not have any background in the subject. It is a little challenging though because I have been teaching the subject for a while and in some ways I am ready to move on to other topics.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 In the recent years, traditional astrology has made a strong come back. As I am getting older, I find myself re-evaluating the way my mother and father did things and I am looking to the past to find solutions to my present problems. Do you think that traditional astrology has resurfaced as an answer to all this new age philosophy that prevails today, is it a way that nature has to equilibrate things, action and reaction, or is it because humanity takes refuge in the past, as the collective is growing older and facing its own death? Yes, I think that any time that things go in one extreme direction that there is usually some sort of countertrend that pushes them back in the opposite direction. The trick though is to try not to go too far in the opposite direction, because otherwise it just creates a new set of problems when things get unbalanced again. That is part of the reason I ended the book by saying that while I think that Hellenistic astrology is important and vital to the future of astrology in the 21st century, that I do not want this to be misinterpreted as a call to fundamentalism. It seems to me that periodically in the astrological tradition that older forms of astrology are reived and then synthesized with whatever the prevailing contemporary forms of astrology are, and then this leads to a new type of astrology that is better in some ways than either of the forms that contributed to it. I believe that we are at another one of those turning points today, although the challenge is to figure out what the best parts of each of the ancient and modern traditions are, and then how to synthesize them into one approach. That is what much of my work is focused on now. Some traditional/modern astrologers use the outer planets only if they are to be found on the angles of the chart and even then, they treat them like some kind of malefic fixed star… What is your view on the outers? I use the outer planets just about the same way as most modern astrologers, except I don’t use them as sign rulers. Otherwise I think that their aspects with other planets are incredibly important, especially the hard aspects. Again, it is important to find balance though, because I think that part of the rejection of the outer planets by some traditional astrologers is due to the perception that the outer planets are used too much in modern astrology, sometimes at the expense of really understanding the depth and complexity of the visible planets. To some extent, this is true, since the outer planets are often one of the first things that modern astrologers will look at in a chart, because they are so distinctive and powerful in their significations. I do not think that the answer is necessarily to swing back in the opposition direction and completely underemphasize or ignore the power and usefulness of the outer planets though. I will concede though that it seems kind of difficult for the outer planets to manifest in a constructive manner when they are configured to an inner planet by a hard aspect, and that often the resulting manifestation ends up being scenarios that you might call “malefic,” however you define that. That is not true for the soft aspects from outer planets though, as there are clearly a lot of positive or constructive ways that their significations manifest when configured in that way. They can be tricky to work with constructively in hard aspects though.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Can you spot any affinities with IAM-Infinity? Is there a particular point in your synastry with the magazine that you would like to stress? I like the new chart you guys picked for IAM-Infinity, set for February 8, 2017, because this was 2 days before I published my book, on February 10, 2017. I remember February 8 quite well because it was the final push to finish the book in time, and get it out before the lunar eclipse in Leo, and a conference that was taking place later that month. My partner Leisa and I stayed up all night doing last minute proof reading and editing, and so it is funny that at the same time that we were doing that that you guys were re-launching Infinity. Be blunt yet tender and name one thing that you do not like in IAM-Infinity Astrological Magazine. I do not like that it is not as well-known across the astrological community as it should be. Thank you so much Chris. We wish you health and the best from here to Infinity! Thank you for interviewing me! I appreciate it. Please keep up the good work!

Chris Brennan is a professional astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He is the author of Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Former President of the Association for Young Astrologers and former Research Director of the National Council of Geocosmic Research, he is currently an associate editor of The Mountain Astrologer magazine and he also serves on the board of Kepler College. He teaches online courses on astrology with students from around the world, and he offer certification through his course on Hellenistic astrology. IAM INÎŚINITY 18


Making Good Relationships with Astrology Roy Gillett

The ironic greeting Victor Olliver reports receiving [see his piece in IAM #12] at his first conference after being appointed Editor of The Astrological Journal has been splendidly corrected by the fourteen excellent Journal issues he has given us over the twenty-eight months since. To my mind, his selection of material and focus, allied with the beautiful talent of layout artist Catherine Keane, have created the most attractive, accessible, yet still deep, astrology journals I have seen during my forty years as a professional astrologer. However, his suggestion that examples of unpleasantness between individuals and groups show the astrological community can be just as negative and nasty as any other needs qualification and deeper consideration. Firstly, astrological knowledge is of a radically different nature than most other ways of knowing. Physics, biology, psychology may be thorough, but their very definitions confine them to a particular perspective of the Universe. They fall down when they seek to move beyond it. Physicists provide wonderful ways to reorder the material world, but in their ultimate mission is destined to do no more than discover the relationships between the constituents parts of what was previously held to be ‘the final indivisible core particle’. Astronomers’ big-bang-driven expanding universe may be reaching out to black emptiness, only to breathe back to oneness in accordance with ancient Hindu cosmology. Psychologists may ally with biologists to observe and even interrupt the chemical and electric workings of the brain, but never really know what causes us to think and feel and value the world as we do. Astrology is the study of any kind of relationship between the cycles of the Universe and people, institutions and events. It does not study deliberately distorted or conflicting perspectives of reality, as when using an X-Ray, heat sensitive instrument, conventional academic discipline, or particular political view point. On the contrary, it offers clarifying insights into every area of existence, both within and without conventional modern ways of knowing. Astrology is a special bridge between the quantative and qualitative ways of looking at the world. It is quantative in that every cycle can be exactly measured over vast periods of time in the past, present and way into the future. Qualitative in that the cycles, so easy to identify and predict, can be used in a range of beneficial and destructive ways that once embarked upon lead to a range of predictable possibilities. Astrologers study the fundamental mechanics that drive the intrinsic nature of the Universe. This is ethics big time! A piece of dirt in an intricate watch mechanism can put the whole out of time, even stop it all together. How more traumatic then can be the consequences of knowing and misusing the astrology of a person, time or institution! Astrological insight gives special powers to understand and even influence events, and so can cause the uninitiated to salivate with expectation. To clinch seduction, lovers new to astrology are tempted ‘to move’ a potential partner’s Moon to their Sun. The financial trader twists and turns his interpretations to convince himself the markets are destined to move in his favour. These and many others like them are destined to suffer the consequences of false expectation. For astrology really is a very different form of knowledge, one that will always give you


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 the truth, providing you are open and willing to accept it. Because of this, astrology’s greatest paradox is that sets us free—providing we are ready to live in and care for the Universe as it is. Of course, this does not stop some astrologers trying to take advantage of and being nasty towards each other. There could not be much worse an idea! Astrology’s profound, almost magical nature means that using it to serve our ego leads to far worse outcomes than when we misuse ordinary knowledge. Trying to bribe with a valuable present is easily exposed and corrected. Using astrounderstanding to reach into and exploit a hidden vulnerability can ruin victims’ lives and the lives of people around them. It will be even worse for the perpetrator! The Tibetans warn of the severe consequences of “the misuse of siddhis”. Siddhis include a range of magical powers that can be attained by study and pure practice of goodness. Strong knowledge of astro-cycles may bring us to the frontier of having minor special powers. It is only safe to use them for the benefit of other people. There are dire consequences for those who exploit them for personal gain. They become trapped in a prison of suffering, from which it is almost impossible to escape. Disagreements between proponents of various astrological methods should be seen as artificial and temporary. Evolutionary or psychological astrology is enriched, not undermined by the concepts behind the predictive rigour of Vedic or western Traditional Astrology. The wise predictive astrologer will leave clients with a choice. Seeing differences this way make our astrological community special, because our motivation is inclusive; to learn from each other, to find reasons for, not against, other people or processes. Good astrologers understand and make allowances for the incredible range of differences between people, broaden attitudes away from antipathy. Instead they appreciate and work together for the common good. The astrological community is different to other groups in society, because it has a vast range of tools to enable us to do this. So, it has a built-in capacity to attract those who seek a more enlightened life. To meet and reinforce this in celebration is a core purpose of The Astrological Association annual conference and many other like events that take place regularly all over the world. If you have not attended one, do come soon and be amazed at how true this is. Disputes when they do come tend to emanate from misplaced good intentions – ‘this or that way of doing things is not in the interest of the client.’ On the rare occasions, when such a view morphs into ego-driven conflict, and darker, more dangerous relationship conflicts threaten, there are few issues that astrology, if given a chance, could not explain and settle. It may need a little help! Many astrologers have a technique beyond astrology to lift us up and out of counter-productive attachment; ways to help us accept personal responsibility for everything that happens to us. The wise follow the Confucian view ‘do not do to others what you would not have done to yourself’. They see the birth chart as the challenge of this lifetime and welcome progressions and transits as karmic opportunities to purify past negativity. Looking at life like this is the path to happiness. Astrology then becomes the route map that illuminates our way. The astrological community can become an enlightened, happy community; ready to offer clarity to the world at large.

Roy Gillett B.Ed (Hons Ldn). A student of Tibetan Buddhism and President of The Astrological Association, Roy has been a full-time astrologer and consultant since 1976. He has been an astrology software adviser since 1988, is an astrofinance researcher and an international conference speaker. Roy has published mundane forecasts from 1978, writing The Astrological Journal’s “Working with the Planets” column since 2002. His books include Astrology and Compassion the Convenient Truth; Economy, Ecology and Kindness and The Secret Language of Astrology. Published in 2017 his Reversing the Race to Global Destruction uses astrology to question and correct contemporary economic, educational and political assumed ‘truths’ and show how astro-objectivity, combined with rigorous principle, could start to heal the psychotic malaise that dominates today’s world affairs.



The Importance of Astrology The 49th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association

8-10 September 2017 at Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge



IAM VICTOR Is the horoscope a gatekeeper? A spooky but true story Victor Olliver

Is the horoscope our very own Steve Strange? Is the horoscope a gatekeeper, whose codes may harness a paranormal agency, allowing it [the chart] to speak literally? Listen to this spooky but true short story. Ah yes, the gatekeeper. St Peter at the pearlies? Or the tattooed quasi-criminal bouncer standing at the club door? Stripped of context, the two – St Peter and bouncer – serve the same purpose. Maintaining quality control. The late New Romantic style poseur Steve Strange was a ‘gatekeeper’ of sorts though no one’s idea of a muscle-bound moron (or, for that matter, sentry of the heavenly spa). There, Steve would stand at the doors of London’s hellish Blitz nightclub of the late ’70s/early 80s (where Boy George and his rabble hung out) deciding in an instant who qualified for entry by measuring up sartorial and cosmetic standards. His aim (as St Peter’s, sort of) was to ensure that the undeserving were denied admittance to this hallowed domain of “the weird and wonderful”. Rejection at the door meant: You are not up to it! The implicit invitation had to be – come and try again, when you have better weirded up wonderfully and outrageously. Yes, there is always the lesson. St Peter and Mr. Strange, they are soulmates. A sieve of worthiness he or she may be, but the gatekeeper performs other tasks, such as “overseeing or monitoring the actions of others”. ‘‘Monitoring’’ is to “observe and check the progress or quality of (something [or someone]) over a period of time; to keep under systematic review”. Gatekeeping reminds me of another word: curation. Curators of art galleries assemble collections of work (i.e. what’s worthy) through selection. The Latin root of curation is ‘curare’ (‘to take care of’).


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Curators and gatekeepers are, in this sense, carers or guardians standing over us lest we stray; and in diverse ways, guiding us, lest we risk loss. The guardian/gatekeeper/curator-figure possesses knowledge as template of goodness/style coolness/quality. Pick your ambition. It is a thing of romance, this idea that someone (out or up there) knows what is best for us and is inclined to steer us, even if only through brutal exclusion (for our own good). A romantic notion is not necessarily make-believe. Our parents, teachers, police, concierges, PRs/PAs and civic busybodies are not make-believe. In Spiritualism, there are the ‘spirit guides’. Student-barristers have ‘mentors’. Gatekeepers are everywhere.

Do astrologers have their very own Steve Strange? I do not know. However, there is the horoscope and that is a start. If we accept that ‘gatekeeping’ involves guarding and/or curating, then plausibly we can say that this symbolic map we call the horoscope is our oracle of cryptic signposting. Someone knows something before we know it. Within the wheel are codes for deciphering, and we learn where we may go right or wrong, if we are minded to pay attention. We know all this, of course. We have heard it all before. Here is another question: Do you think it is possible that your birth chart is a literal gatekeeper that somehow may harness a paranormal agency? How might this happen? If it is possible, what might be the source (or actual ‘gatekeeper’)? I have a short story to tell. Something curious happened to me recently. So if you are sitting comfortably… On a certain day in March of this year, I was not in the best of moods. I am not going into specifics. A work-related situation had begun to needle me. Information had reached my ears that left me quite furious. It is not important to know what this might relate to – I work for a number of different people and organisations, not exclusively in astrology but broadly in media and journalism. Just take my word for it: I was p***** off. At some point I learnt of something that I felt could be a deal-breaker. The big problem with modern remote e-interactions is that you do not really know what is going on. Reported words that may be idle can be amplified into something else, thanks to imagination, suspicion, distortion and perhaps the hidden agendas of third parties. What is missing is the 3-D punctuation of body language, eye movements, facial tics, general familiarity and other non-verbal signals of character and intent that might qualify meaning. This is why there are such things as Twitter storms. Hardly anyone knows the people they are ranting at. What you have is a hall of mirrors where one ego screams at what it thinks it sees (or reads) in countless reflections. Nuance is absent because the only certain thing is the self-reflection through projection: you end up talking to yourself in the remote-communion of electronic forums. So, comes the day I decide to end an association. I sat at my computer to write a letter of ‘divorce’. It was polite but cold. That particular day I had hired a car and had things to do that I could not put off, so time was against me; and I did not want to rush this letter. Instead of pressing ‘send’ I opted for ‘save’. Later, I planned to go over the letter, make refinements and then dispatch. I shall admit that a family member had warned me not to be so daft, to think twice about the letter. However, I do not have Mercury in Taurus for nothing. Once this bull decides to charge, life’s toreador would be advised


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 to leave the arena and take up macramé. At this stage, I had not looked at my chart for the day. I do not regularly consult my horoscope. I am well aware that some astrologers are prone to seeing in the chart precisely what they have already decided is there. Talk about a hall of mirrors! Astrology has never been much of a guide to me except as a hindsight medium of analysis. For raking over the coals, if you prefer. Since the chart declines to engage with us in the language of the day (or yesterday), I have not wished to risk converting a shape-shifting hologram into a tangible blob.

Otherwise, whatever happened to freewill? About three hours after I had completed the first draft of this letter, I returned home for lunch. It was while I was seated in the garden conservatory, stewing on recent events, that the gatekeeper made its move. The mobile rang. I did not recognise the number. Was it just another cold caller? Whimsically and out of character, I answered. “Hi – it’s Geraldine.” Geraldine is not her actual name. “Is that you Victor…?” I had last consulted Geraldine about ten years past. She is a remarkable psychic clairvoyante. In the intervening time, we had maintained annual contact through exchanged Christmas greetings, and nothing else. She is not one for phoning out of the blue. I had kept my number despite phone changes and upgrades. She did not even know I had made a detour into astrology. I did not tell her at this point. “Look,” she said. “I had to call you…are you all right?” The question took me aback. I did not answer except to make some err-y noises. She said: “Because, look. I woke up this morning thinking about you – I do not think about you usually, Victor! I had to call you. I did not like what I was feeling. I felt like Chinese water torture. Someone has attacked you. You feel attacked. And you are about to do something stupid. I got the words: You are about to throw out the baby….what’s the baby? What’s going on?” Yes, I was staggered by these words. In essence, she had picked up on my situation without knowing what she was talking about. Her timing was exquisite since I was close to sending the letter. “I just feel I want to say: Don’t throw out the baby! That’s the message: Don’t throw out the baby!” I said that I had to rest and asked to call her back. Yes, I was stunned. I needed time to recover. About an hour later, I did call her back and she gave me an impromptu psychic reading in which she relayed more information some of which I now know to be correct. It was as if an MI5 agent had informed me of a hack on my pc and proceeded to supply evidence of my indiscreet emails. Geraldine is not a neighbour, not part of my social or professional worlds and we have no mutual friends except two, neither of whom has been in contact with her these past few years or knows of my present day-to-day life. Sceptics may argue that what she said lacked specific detail; was absent of precision. However, she had got to the heart of a situation without the facts; and the use of the word “baby” was spot on metaphorically. Then there was the apposite timing. Nor could it be said she called me for money. She did not ask for any. No fee was charged or hinted at. The effect? I did not send the letter. I was startled enough to think twice. Only a fool would think, “Oh well, coincidence!” As astrologers, we know that life is much about timing. Here was a stunning example, albeit of the off-horoscope chart-type.



But what of my chart? Once I had recovered from this little drama, I returned to my pc to examine the transits for the day of Geraldine’s call. First, I identified what had actually happened. Someone from my past (Geraldine) had suddenly got in touch again by phone claiming a paranormal link to my life with an alert or warning. For the moment of her call, this was my simple astrological discovery: transiting Sun/transiting Mercury were conjunct natal Moon in Pisces in first house. In modern astrology, Neptune rules these aspects, and my natal Neptune sits in Scorpio in the eighth (Placidus) – a double helping of potential psychic sensitivity in the chart as Scorpio is associated with the solar eighth. Worth noting also is that in my draconic chart, (birth Scorpio) Neptune moves to Pisces (and in the natal-draconic biwheel, Neptune is brought to the natal first house) in the 11th degree – which happened to be the transit position of Neptune around the time of Geraldine’s call; a few minutes out of orb of a natal Neptune/draconic-Neptune conjunction. We can agree, then, that there is actually more than a double helping of Neptunian correspondence. Among other things, Neptune is the planet of psychic receptivity and spirituality (also confusion, creativity and the sea). Sun on Moon is defined as “the past coming alive” in some very personal way: a woman (Moon) may be intrinsic to or the agency of this process. Robert Hand describes this conjunction as a time of potential emotional turbulence when one is forced to confront a personal matter, especially if the emotion itself (in my case, fear) is part of the problem. The Moon is bestowed with the quality of protection, which was the purpose of Geraldine’s call – she wished to stop me doing something possibly counter-productive. With natal Moon in first, the matter in hand had to do with my egoic response to a situation. The involvement of Mercury in the transiting Sun-natal Moon conjunction introduces the medium of the message – in this instance, the phone. The Moon is also associated with ‘mothering’ and by implication babies: it was striking that Geraldine kept repeating the reference to a baby, as in: “Don’t throw out the baby”. More on the Moon. Where was transiting Moon at the moment of Geraldine’s call? (I said that Geraldine called “out of the blue”.) That is right; transiting Moon was close to natal surprise-surprise Uranus at this time (in Leo). This conjunction occurred in the sixth house, whose solar domain is ruled by Mercury and is associated with world of work. So natal Leo (ruler Sun) presided over the natal Uranus-transiting Moon conjunction, echoing the transiting-Sun/Mercury-natal Moon conjunction. In the weird orchestra of the chart, the moment was ‘reflected’ accurately through an ensemble of different aspects and techniques. So now, you see why I asked the question earlier about the horoscope as gatekeeper and whether it can harness a supernatural agency to convey its message. At a guess, I doubt any direct connection between chart and paranormal. I do not think that the horoscope is minded to intervene in my life through a psychic. The chart however does have encoded messages about its subject; and chart hieroglyphs may cover anything within agreed holonic parameters. The Moon (as holon) can represent the mother, women, family, home, nurturing, protection, and so forth. It is also linked to personal


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 security and emotions. We apply meaning according to context. In addition to what I have already told you, Geraldine called me while I was at home. The person who advised me first not to send the letter was my mother. I happen to live by the sea. Neptune conceivably allows for paranormal intervention through intuition and clairvoyance. The eighth house is the domain of Pluto, in myth, lord of the underworld and afterlife. Associations with the eighth and twelfth houses are many in this tale.

Some final thoughts You would never have forecast that these chart aspects and placements might convert into the situation I have described. The real analytical work is done in hindsight because by then the life has become memoir and the bigger picture may be viewed. Specifics are already in place – but this is not about seeing patterns where none exists. If the conjunctions had not happened where they did, and if the planets involved were different, it would be impossible to stand up the astrological interpretation. For reasons that I do not hope to understand, and at a very precise moment, my day-to-day life appeared to attune itself to my chart with a call from the past that drew on the beyond. Someone out (or up) there was quite determined to give me a chance to think again. The ‘gatekeeper’ had something to say to me. The gatekeeper plainly felt that I was at risk of erring. The pearly gates were ajar awaiting my ejection from Heaven or The Blitz, with Steve Strange (or St Peter) giving me what looked like a dismissive, old-fashioned look. I cannot imagine why anyone bothered. Why bother about little me? Who cares if I f*** up, apart from me? But then that is the thing about gatekeeping. Heaven or The Blitz, there is always a guard against folly, no matter how trifling or grand the realm. The indifference of the cosmos to our fate is so utterly profound, that even our human sense of what is important is treated with total disdain. Nothing is too large or small for gatekeeping. What we think and what we know matters nothing special.

Perhaps because we know nothing much.

Victor Olliver is the editor of The Astrological Journal, published by the Astrological Association. He is also media officer of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. Based in the UK, he trained to be a barrister before becoming a magazine feature writer, and then an editor on a number of publications including magazines, newspapers and electronic media. He has two awards from the Periodical Publishers’ Association for his celebrity and travel journalism. He graduated with a distinction diploma in natal and mundane astrology from the Mayo School in 2012. Victor is also the author of the annual Lifesurfing series of astrological forecasting books.

The Astrological Journal is available to members of the Astrological Association - here is the details: Alternatively, you can buy individual copies - email





IAM A GUEST Interview with Frank C. Clifford Smiljana & Athan

You are studying and writing about Palmistry. What are the similarities with the astrological practice and what are the differences? Do you think that when two people shake hands then a sort of ethereal synastry is activated? Firstly, the hands change and the horoscope does not. The hands always reflect the person who we are today and everything important that has brought us to this point. We can progress and direct the chart but it is still a moment of time that does not fundamentally change. Here is what I wrote about the two subjects in a book called Palmistry 4 Today (2013 version): “Imagine the palm as a satellite navigation system in our car. It will show us general information about the road we are travelling along and, although we may see alternative routes ahead, it will generally leave out details that are not pertinent to our personal journey. With astrology, however, the birth chart may be likened to looking through the windscreen - we can see drivers in other cars, intricate designs on buildings, smell the coffee brewing in a nearby shop. Much more colour, detail and perspective is available to all of our senses.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 We’re behind the wheel in the driver’s seat in both cases, but whereas the horoscope can reveal much detail and a variety of layers and nuances, our hands show the general climate and overall landscape — always focusing on our main drives, temperament and who we are today from an accumulation of experiences and encounters. In that sense, the hands are more reliable and current indicators than the horoscope of what we’ve made of our potential and our circumstances.” I imagine when we touch through a handshake there is an energy exchange, probably more than we can imagine or articulate. If someone is interested, you can find the book on amazon

Are you a right-handed or a left-handed person? Is there something special about left-handed people according to palmistry? I am right handed. Left-handers are special; they use the creative part of the brain more than the rest of us. Although left-handers consist of somewhere between 10-15 per cent of the population (this varies across nations), when looking at those at the top of any profession, left-handers make up from 25 to 40 per cent of the group. Perhaps this is because left-handers have a direct link to the right side of the brain and are able to utilize these creative, imaginative talents more naturally. I often say to clients and students. If you want to use more your right-brain functions, then use your left hand more in everyday tasks. There is a test where you can entwine your hands and see which hand is dominant. “Put your palms together, interweaving your fingers and thumbs. Swap over the fingers – one way will feel right, the other will not. Decide on what feels comfortable. If the left thumb and digits come out on top, the left hand is dominant. This reveals (regardless of whether you are left- or right-handed) a creative, intuitive and holistic approach; someone who wishes to put energy into meeting life in a fluid, expressive and imaginative way. When the right thumb comes out on top, the right hand is dominant. This shows a need to approach life rationally and logically, and in an orderly, take-charge manner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re good with money or businesslike in approach, but planning and organization are adopted as reliable ways to get things done.” Tell us something you do not like in IAM INFINITY, so we can become better, and can you tell us something about your synastry with IAM old chart and IAM new chart? I will simply say: Keep doing good work with integrity. Choose high-quality articles and astrologers who place our subject and community over ego and status. I cannot see many inter-aspects with the old chart except that my Saturn in Gemini is closely aspecting the Moon–Mercury conjunction. The new IAM chart has Saturn aspecting my ASC-DSC axis, the Sun on my MC, and its Jupiter–Uranus opposition aligned to my Sun–Venus conjunction. That is pretty important synastry.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Has there ever been a zero point in your life? Has astrology helped you deal with it? A zero point? Answering these questions, possibly! Haha. I do not think “everything happens for a reason” or that “everything always turns out ok in the end” but I think astrology helps us find meaning in every moment if we choose to look, and this can help us understand our place in the universe and remind us that we have a certain amount of power to determine our future. I love to do with degrees, and I love nature of every 29 degree – Can you tell us how 29 of every sign is fitting with Palmistry? I mean, 29 means usually the end, so where you would put 29 on one hand? I do not think there is a connection. After every 29 in the chart is 0 of a new sign, but the hand has lines that have endings, rather than new starts elsewhere. Can you find IAM in your hand and tell us something about the destiny of our magazine? ☺ Yes, I could not find it on a line, but it was the strawberry jam that I have just washed off my fingers. I guess all delicious things end up down the plughole. Venus is right now retrograde, and I am sure this interview is part of our previous lives. If you would have to choose some finger, or some line on hand to describe this interview-what you would choose, and why? This interview certainly feels otherworldly! So I have to pick one aspect of the hand to describe the interview. Well, it would have to be the finger I always use to scratch my head in bewilderment.

Frank Clifford has built an eclectic career as a consultant, publisher, lecturer, and writer of a dozen books (including Getting to the Heart of Your Chart). He recently completed a series of mini-books (Humour in the Horoscope, The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success and Dialogues (with Mark Jones)) and continues to write for (and guest edit) The Mountain Astrologer. In 2012, Frank won The Charles Harvey Award, a lifetime achievement award for ‘exceptional service to astrology’. In 2017, he will begin courses online with The London School of Astrology,, IAM INΦINITY 30


Saturn, the guardian at the gates Alan Oken

Saturn is representative of the Law of Economy. He is not fond of waste on any level and is not a planet that allows us to cheat, cajole, sidestep, or avoid what we must do in order to be correct in our relationships with others as well as with ourselves. This is one reason why Saturn is said to be exalted in the sign of balance, Libra. Saturn is not an agent of deprivation as much as it is a testing ground to prove a person’s level of maturity and ability to be responsible for dealing with life and as I will soon explain, for the responsibility of dealing with expanded consciousness as well.

Lord of Karma Yes, Saturn is the Lord of Karma, but much of karma is good. We get back from life what we put into it, and if our investments have been correct and we have used our life energy and resources wisely, Saturn will act much more as the “Grim Reaper” than anything Grim. Saturn stands at the Gates of Initiation, ready to test anyone who seeks to obtain an advanced level of consciousness. St. Peter, who acts as the Guardian at the Gates of Heaven, occupies this saturnian position in Christian symbolism. As one approaches Paradise, one’s deeds and misdeeds are weighed on the Scales of Ultimate Justice. This is yet another factor why Saturn in Libra is in exaltation.Saturn is the farthest planet visible from Earth with the naked eye. It represents the boundary between the planets closest and farthest from the Sun and, hence, from the gifts of the particular type of consciousness granted by these outer planetary forces. In other words, an individual cannot hope to incorporate on any personal level the higher octave energies of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto without first fulfilling the demands of the earlier stages of the personal development of the personality and the maturation of our individual ego. We therefore have to prove ourselves capable of handling the challenges of ordinary daily life before being allowed to function on more spiritual levels and thus handle the greater life responsibilities such levels of activity bring.



Dweller on the Threshold Another term used in esoteric astrology for the “Guardian at the Gates” is the “Dweller on the Threshold.” The Dweller refers to a very important function held by Saturn as we unfold our passage along the Spiritual Path. Saturn makes sure that we cannot pass over the Threshold of Initiation without first completing our duties and responsibilities, paying our karmic debts, and freeing ourselves to serve humanity in ever more conscious and loving ways. Saturn thus offers us the opportunity to free ourselves from the boundaries, limitations, and restrictions imposed upon us from our biological karma, the karma originating with our families of birth and with all facets of our lower self. In the horoscope, this specific type of karma is signified by the position of the Moon and all matters that related to the 4th House. There is thus a very special relationship between these factors and the sign (Capricorn), house (MC and the 10th), and planet (Saturn) standing across the zodiac. Eventually, through the opportunities for growth and development indicated in our natal map (and transits) by Saturn, we come to balance a great deal of the challenges of past karma and reach a place whereby conscious choice concerning our future becomes an actual possibility. Saturn has therefore served to open our eyes to our inner reality and makes our evolutionary advancement possible. Yes, often the price for this opportunity to serve is very high and sometimes painful. If we declare that we are available to be of real help to others and don the mantle of world service within the periphery of our lives, then we shall be tested as to our readiness. Of this there is no doubt. Saturn’s house position in your natal chart will reveal where we may expect such tests of restriction and self-discipline to arise. Once we have passed the necessary tests and have crossed over the Threshold and into the realm of the higher octave planets, then it is said, “Saturn cannot follow.” Until that time, let us welcome Saturn into our lives (besides, let’s face it—you can’t kick him out!) and open ourselves to the opportunities we have to release immature karma and grow, grow, grow. Let us now take a look at the happy face of Saturn, examining the various transits of this planet to the planets in your natal chart, and extract from these positions the best gifts Saturn has to offer.

Saturn and the Sun Aspects between these two heavenly bodies speak about vitality. Saturn square the Sun has the tendency to lessen personal strength while the opposition to the Sun speaks about situations that seek to either take your vitality (and personal power) away and/or replace it with the energy of this outside force (and the person who may be the embodiment of this challenge to your potency). No matter the aspect, Saturn always urges you to be selective in how you use your energy. You have the opportunity now to define those creative projects that build your stature and expertise in the world. You are now asked to take on an authoritative role: defining, structuring, administrating, advising, supporting, and sustaining. You are in a position to economize and prioritize; being selective in what you do and the ways you do it. When positive, Saturn and the Sun reward those who do not waste their life-force and who respect their creative potential. You may also be asked to deal with older people or those in authority. Treat those who merit respect with deference and kindness, while eliminating those who abuse power from your life. Remember that Saturn/Sun dynamics are very “fatherly” insofar as they speak about power archetypes whose strength is centered in either mind and/or body (including social status!). No matter your gender, when Saturn transits into your life, you will be asked: Am I being a good father to myself, to others, to society? Or, are others or society being properly fatherly to me? Am I being supportive or blocked? Am I supporting or blocking (myself and/or others)?



Saturn and the Moon You have the opportunity to bring definition to your feelings, emotions, and instinctive responses to life. You would do well to understand yourself better by striving to be a conscious observer. Watch your subjective movie; just don’t unconsciously star in it. Saturn gives you the possibilities to consolidate and ground your emotional nature, bringing form to the formless and power over feeling over which you feel or have felt powerless. No matter your sex, when Saturn strong touches the Moon, you take on an “administrative motherly role.” Thus your urge to nurture complete tasks, and supply cohesive force in your own and other people’s lives has distinct goals. Are such goals being blocked in the present (based on non-regenerative emotional habit patterns you carry from the past)? Or are you able to build upon your psychological strengths and thus aid to ripen and mature people, plans, and projects? Sometimes Saturn transits to the Moon bring opportunities to resolves the relationship you have had with your mother and by extension, with women in general (as well as the female energy within yourself be you male or woman) You have the opportunity now to breathe, relax, and release your fears of being rejected and abandoned. Saturn brings you the gift of detachment from wasteful emotional and mental habit patters—move into acceptance. If you use Saturn to maintain the “same old, same old” you will ache with age.

Saturn and Mercury What are the thought-form and mental structures that no longer work in your life? Saturn smiles at you and offers you the chance to bring definition to your internal dialogues, freeing you from obsessive ideas or plans and projects that are simply too far out to ever manifest. You have the opportunity now to gain strength from saying less and observing more. If you do things correctly, you can save yourself a lot of grief by being circumspect about your ways of communicating and not committing your time and energy where they do not belong. Father Saturn brings the wisdom of experience. Mother Saturn brings discrimination in form. This is a good period in which to reflect on what forms of intellectual expression and interest have worked for you in the past and to take advantage of these carefully made assessments.

Saturn and Venus Whom do you value in your life? Which relationships and which types of relationships have real sustaining power for you? Examine your past and carefully observe which patterns of interpersonal interchanges you possess that work or do not work for you. Believe what you are telling yourself. Now is the time to receive the gifts of true love, love that has proven itself over time. Say and do kind things for old and trusted friends. Contact those people whom you love but perhaps have not visited in a long time. Ask yourself what you truly value in yourself, and rejoice in the strength and beauty of your positive life characteristics. Be proud of yourself, your accomplishments, and the relationships in your life that really work—you have earned it.



Saturn and Mars We all have to struggle for things that are important to us. Now the focus and direction of these struggles are aligned. There are many battles in life. We do not have to fight all of them, and not all of them are worth fighting. Saturn and Mars bring you the opportunity to know the difference and to prioritize your struggles and battles. You can stand up for justice and what you know to be right. If there is a force that confronts you now that is stronger than your abilities, it might be better to pull back—but only to gain the strength to resume your battle at another time. Get the training that you need in order to be a more potent warrior, but first make sure that the fight is worth the effort. A wise retreat is not a defeat.

Saturn and Jupiter An accordion can be a thing of beauty if played correctly. If not, it is one of the most inconsonant of all musical instruments. What makes the accordion lively and uplifting to the ear and heart is the right balance of air and pressure. Saturn and Jupiter are in accord when you are able to apply just the right amount of freedom and expansion with just the right amount of consolidation and restriction. Now you have the opportunity to have an interplay of push-and-pull in the economic, philosophical, and professional facets of your life. The gifts of Saturn are therefore plentiful for you at this time if you are wise with your budget, realistic in your ideals, and reasonable in your future goals.

Saturn and Saturn Saturn offers you a number of opportunities now to put some real structure and discipline into your life. You cannot achieve anything of value without them. This is a great time to learn at the side of a teacher. But if you are currently working with someone who is presumably an expert in his or her field and that person is revealing himself or herself to know less than you do, now is the time to leave that person’s influence. You can prepare the way for yourself by cultivating a responsible attitude to life and leaving behind all folly and time-wasting activities. The word here is “diet.” This means slimming down—eliminating unnecessary physical pounds, excess emotional weight, and unnecessary mental burdens.

Saturn and Uranus Do not resist the need to revise long-standing plans and projects. Your worldview may no longer suffice to help you integrate into some opportunities standing at the horizon. Be open to the gifts of other people’s expertise, even if they are much older or even much younger than you. You have to cross over the boundaries of what you have learned as part of the generation of your peers. Messages, advice, and invitations are coming from a whole different set of people. Leave yourself open to hearing them before deciding to shut the door. Once you have carefully accepted to entertain such offerings—free of prejudice—then you can decide whether or not to participate.



Saturn and Neptune You have the opportunity now to fuse your ideals and aspirations with a careful, practical assessment of your current abilities. Stand outside of yourself and the present set of circumstances and be thankful that you can know what your boundaries are. If you are not sure, then it is best not to commit yourself at the moment. Can you see a clear exit out of a confusing situation? If you cannot, Saturn offers you a hand of limitation—don’t go any further and don’t wade into a sea without knowing its depth. If you are currently in over your head, ask the advice of someone who is an expert in the area of your particular confusion. If it is financial debt, see an advisor who can help you to budget your resources. If it is an emotional debt, go to a psychological helper who knows the ways of the human heart and mind better than you do at the present time.

Saturn and Pluto We have all been getting Saturn’s helping hand in this one for the past several months. Or has your hand been resoundedly slapped? If you have been using this aspect wisely, you have been releasing those structures of thought that do not work for you any longer. You have also been learning how to use your willpower towards goals that support you rather than harm you. You have been dealing wisely with other people who occupy positions of power in your life and have not given your power away to them without understanding the consequences of such actions. The destruction of negative habit patterns is a gift of this aspect, hopefully in ways from which you may learn and profit.

Alan Oken is an American astrologer and author of "Alan Oken's Complete Astrology," a compilation of his prior books by Bantam. A lecturer in astrology and metaphysics, he is also an accomplished linguist, a counselor and teacher. A student and teacher of astrologer and metaphysics since 1967, he speaks and writes in seven languages as well as translating. An international traveler, he lectured in Europe, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the U.S. He published over 200 articles in various astrological and metaphysical journals, and made frequent media appearances as well as having his own radio program in his home town of Santa Fe, NM. By 1994, he had penned six books. He is a student of the works and teachings of the Tibetan Master Djwahl Khul.



Inception of Monsters A gateway to the collective unconscious Christina Rodenbeck

The evening Frankenstein and Dracula were born a gateway to the collective unconscious opened. They called 1816 the summer there was no summer. In the Swiss Alps, the cold was bitter even in June. Huddled under the stormy cloak cast by the unseasonable weather, a band of young English travellers passed the time with talking, fantasising, drinking, sex and trying to shock each other. Who was there? Four of the most notorious English people alive at that time – and one chronicler of the event. Lord Byron. At 28, the most celebrated writer in Europe, a romantic star – infamous for his flamboyant contempt for convention; esteemed for his lengthy, clever, crafted poetry. Rumours of his incest, buggery and humbuggery kept tongues wagging from London to Rome. Percy Bysshe Shelley. Another poet, three years younger than Byron. He had already managed to scandalise society with his flamboyant seduction of a teenaged Mary Godwin and his loud atheism. These two would certainly have been considered the “senior” members of the party, and for much of the last 200 years, it is in them that the world has recognised genius. However, more people today are familiar with the creatures that arose from the imaginations of two other members of the party than with the poetry of either Byron or Shelley.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Shelley’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Mary Godwin, daughter of the feminist hero Mary Wollstonecraft, would write a work that would be reinvented for each generation and 20-year-old John Polidori, Byron’s “doctor” and amanuensis, would come away from the Villa Diodati with a tale that would plant the seed for a thousand tales of horror. It was he who recorded the evening. The last of the party was Claire Clairmont – Mary’s wild, bohemian half-sister, also just 18. That summer she was sleeping with Byron and probably already pregnant. The summer was strangely cold for a reason. The massive eruption of Mount Tambora on the other side of the world months earlier had caused temperatures around the globe to plummet, but our friends only knew that it was strange and dark. They were forced to stay indoors and come up with ways to entertain themselves. On the night of 16th June, Lord Byron issued a challenge to the group. Who could write the most terrifying ghost story? In the small hours of that morning, Mary Shelley was kept awake by a terrible vision – of a man frantically making his way across the icy wastes of the Arctic, pursued by a monster. Byron scribbled a half nothing, which John Polidori, re-imagined later and published as story called ‘‘The Vampyre’’. It was a tale about a suave, contemporary, aristocratic bloodsucker called Lord Ruthven. Within two years, ‘‘Frankenstein’’ or ‘‘The Modern Prometheus and The Vampyre’’ were the talk of London. For the next hundred years, they were produced repeatedly for the stage, sometimes as a double bill. The Vampyre metamorphosed into Dracula, of course, in the imagination of Bram Stoker, who like Mary, dreamt his story. However, the seed of Dracula was there on that night in 1816. Before then vampires had been coarse, animalistic creatures. It took an acquaintance of the predatory Lord Byron to see that there are bloodsuckers at all levels of society.

The heavens on the night these two modern monsters were conceived In the early morning of June 17th, the Sun was in the storyteller’s sign of Gemini, and the Moon was in imaginative Pisces. For those two hours in the depths of the night, Gemini was rising. The most striking thing about this chart is the rather disturbed stellium in Pisces, the sign of our collective unconscious. These two monsters, Frankenstein and Dracula, are archetypes – “ancient or archaic images from the collective unconscious”. (Paraphrasing Jung.) That night, they were reborn for the modern era.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The Moon is emotion and in Pisces, the Moon is at its most porous, absorbing what is around it. Pisces is the sign of fantasy and there is Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, inhabiting the fantastic realm and so being activated by the transiting Moon. What is interesting is that he is also conjunct to Chiron, the wound. Dracula inflicts a wound that never heals (like Chiron’s), and Frankenstein has wounds that never heal. (Just to clarify. Mary Shelley calls him the monster and his creator is Frankenstein, but we all know him as Frankenstein thanks to the films I think.) What is even more potent perhaps is that Pluto is conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Lilith takes nine years to make her way through the Zodiac. According to legend, Lilith was the wicked first wife of Adam. She is the primordial feminine, the devourer, the vagina dentata. Astrologically, I think she represents often-plain wildness, our shadow, in other words, she can come as male or female. Either way, there is an element of sexual hunger about this archetype, which is exactly personified by Dracula.

The two darkest astrological “objects” separated by just under one degree. You would expect the outer planets to be very much involved at this moment in history. And so they are. As well as Pluto conjunct the Moon, we have Neptune, the lord of illusion, opposite the Sun. These creatures hold a mirror up to the Sun and show us our own darkness. Neptune is squaring the Pluto-Moon-Chiron-Lilith stellium. Meanwhile, Uranus (science, electricity, shock and surely Frankenstein himself) is opposite Venus, the woman. Surely, Mary Shelley would have secretly said Frankenstein c’est moi. The North Node, which tells us where all this is leading — the gateway to the future — is right on the midpoint of Neptune and Uranus, perched between the Sun and Venus in Gemini. This is the land of story. The midpoint of Neptune and Uranus must surely be to do with the future and imagination. The balance in this chart is complex but extraordinary. You can see there are subtle connections between all the planets crisscrossing through the chart.

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein: the agony of the outsider Jupiter is at zero Scorpio, a degree of great intensity. Scorpio is where monsters dwell, and with Jupiter here, they are big ones. Jupiter is in an out-of-element Grand Trine with the Sun in Gemini, stories again, and Saturn exalted in Aquarius. Saturn is about making it real, actually writing the monsters down. Of course, Saturn in Aquarius is scientific. The planet works at its best here, but also Saturn is a monster and Aquarius is the sign of the future. Both Dracula and Frankenstein are also outcast from society, just as both their creators were – Mary Godwin because she was living in sin and the mother of an illegitimate child. Polidori was outcast from the band of outcasts, bullied and humiliated that summer by both Byron and Shelley. Frankenstein and Dracula are alien creatures who will never be able to become human. One doomed to live for eternity, feeding off the human race; the other to die alone. Surely, that is the lonely fate of Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of groups and society: to be the eternal outsider. That feeling of alienation is part of the modern condition, something with which all of us have to come to terms.

Christina Rodenbeck runs a busy astrological practice from her parlour, writes one of the web’s most widely read astrology sites The Oxford Astrologer (, keeps two cats, two daughters and a long-cherished partner amused — and when it all becomes too much, she retires to paint in her garden shed. She was brought up in Cairo and now lives in Oxford. Her books include Madonna in my Pocket; Meditation: Simple Routines for Home; Work and Travel (Busy Person’s Guide) and Egypt (Fiesta).



2017 Presidential Elections in France and 0º Libra How far “right” will France go? Smiljana Gavrančić This article was written in early January 2017. It was published by the Astrological Journal in the March/April issue 2017 and republished by The article was updated after the first round of the french elections, on April 23 2017

The year behind us, 2016, will be remembered by Donald Trump “unexpectedly” winning presidential elections in United States. At the same time, his winning was a tailwind for National Front leader – ultra right, nationalist political party led by Marine Le Pen. For the spring issue of “The Astrological Journal“ 2016 I wrote the text about France (and Paris as its capital) “being sensitive” to 21o Aquarius and I ended that text with the remark that on February 11, 2017 there will be a lunar eclipse at 22º Leo and France will be “called out”, in the year of presidential elections. The first round of presidential elections will be held on April 23, and the second on May 7.

You can see why I think that Paris is sensitive to 21o Aquarius in my original post in my blog following this link:



Marine Le Pen In the horoscope of the First French Republic there is Uranus at 22º Leo in 10th house (rule, country’s reputation) opposing Pluto at 21º Aquarius (degree I associated with Paris). Pluto rules Ascendant in Scorpio. Quite certainly the lunar eclipse of February 11, 2017 will touch the fixed T-square from the horoscope of the First French Republic where Mars at 29º Scorpio is the central planet, and everything revolves around it. February eclipse happens immediately before elections and it is a strong indicator of big and radical change in the country. Uranus is the ruler of the Moon at 11º Aquarius, which is depiction of woman revolutionary, while Mars from 29° Scorpio “lives” inside Pluto, so this is also depiction of the long awaited action... In that moment secondary Moon of the First French Republic will be at 0º Taurus 57’, in conjunction with retrograde secondary Mercury (votes) at 0º Taurus 11’, and all that conjunct Saturn (conservative) at 0º Taurus 37’ in 6th house (working class, lower class in the country). In the meantime, before the first round of voting, secondary Mercury will make a turn and become direct, which will ease the voting – this is depiction of French election body that will change its mind at the last moment and vote. Saturn rules 4th house and speaks of opposition in the country (which Marine Le Pen is), and also of the countryside. This is a mild indication that people (Moon) of France may be more inclined towards conservatives at the elections, and that votes from the countryside will be crucial — votes of working class, lower class of society. The very 0º is also the indication of great changes and new beginning! If we now take a look at the horoscope of Marine Le Pen, we see Ascendant in Libra, and the ruler Venus at 25º Leo. Venus is also the ruler of her prenatal eclipse at 23º Libra 20’ (North Node of Fifth French Republic is at 22º Libra 20'), which was lunar (something we did not finish in the previous life) – April 13, 1968. So, February eclipse at 22º Leo will touch her Venus and open an important period for this woman. Through disposition (Sun at 13° Leo), her Venus goes to angular 10th house (reputation) where Mercury is positioned together with Mars at 29º Cancer (which makes a trine with Mars at 29º Scorpio from the horoscope of the First French Republic). In the moment of elections, secondary Fortune of Marine Le Pen will be exactly at 29º Scorpio! In the moment of eclipse her Sun will be at 29º Virgo 59’, which is a very strong indication of change. Only days after the eclipse, on February 18, 2017 her progressive Sun will be at 0º Libra 00’ and in conjunction with IC of the Fifth French Republic (present Republic), and that will activate MC of this country at 0º Aries!


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 This is more than indication of Marine getting more and more importance in the country! The last degree of Virgo might be more than important for Marine, since her first postnatal eclipse was a solar one (new beginning) at 29º Virgo 30’ (September 22, 1968). Here I must add that in the moment when the Treaty of Rome came into force (January 1, 1958, midnight, Brussels), establishing the forerunner of today’s European Union – Ascendant was at 29º Virgo! Creators were Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. The last degree then being the “signal” of possible failure of that creation?! Shall Marine Le Pen “pull the strings” and bring EU into question? In the moment of the first round of presidential elections in France on April 23, secondary Moon of the First French Republic will be at 3º Taurus 36’ in conjunction with MC of European Union. All this announces that some woman from France may be of high importance for the reputation of EU! I want to add again, Uranus at 22º Leo from the chart of the First French Republic carries within Moon at 11º Aquarius, and also Pluto at 22º Aquarius. Otherwise, it is common knowledge that Moon is exalted at 3º Taurus, and that is depiction of the woman with a family, woman that is a mother — Marine Le Pen is mother of three! Big change in France is announced by the fact that MC of the existing Fifth Republic comes to 0º Gemini 22’ (second round of elections was selected as the date, May 7, for then the actual winner would be known). At the same time, progressive Sun of Marine Le Pen at 0º Libra will touch the IC/MC axis of the Fifth French Republic (0º Libra/0º Aries), but will also make a trine with secondary MC at 0º Gemini (which is in sextile with natal MC at 0º Aries)Second, and maybe the most important indicator from the point of view of my research work – “sensitive degrees” – is the position of secondary Moon (woman, people in the country) of the Fifth French Republic at the moment of the second round of elections. It is 21º Leo 01’, that will activate 21º Aquarius (degree I associate with the France), and Pluto (big change) from the chart of the First French Republic! I want to emphasize again, Pluton carries Mars at 29º Scorpio, the central planet of the fixed T-square in the chart of the First French Republic, that makes the trine with the natal Mars of Marine Le Pen at 29º Cancer in her 10th house.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The last degree of Scorpio may be more than important, since on the day of the second round of elections (May 7, 2017, 07:00 am, Paris) the Ascendant will be exactly at 29º Taurus, also indicating the change, and here is the star cluster Pleiades, known also as “Weeping Sisters” – Marine Le Pen is the youngest daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen (who has three daughters), the founder of National Front, now led by Marine! National Front was founded on October 5, 1972, with the Venus (ruler of MC) at 0º Virgo, the spot now occupied by progressive Mars of Marine Le Pen, and the place where transit North Node will be at the moment of elections (all in trine with Saturn – conservative, at 0º Taurus in the chart of the First French Republic)! In the moment of elections second round, secondary Venus of the National Front will be at 23º Libra 14’ (at Mercury, the ruler of Venus at 0º Virgo in the chart of this party), which is the spot of prenatal eclipse of Marine Le Pen, while the secondary Moon of the National Front at 29º Aries 30’ will be getting ready to touch 0º Taurus and announce the big change – it will touch Saturn (conservative) at 0º Taurus in the 6th house (lower class in the country) in the chart of the First French Republic, as well as secondary Mercury (voters) at 0º Taurus. Finally, what I have found interesting is the following — current solar return of the First French Republic (September 26, 2016) has the Moon at 13º Leo 21’, in strong conjunction with the Sun of Marine Le Pen at 13º Leo 02’! Isn’t this a strong indication that this woman might mark this solar year?! At the moment of the second round of elections, Jupiter will be retrograde (14º Libra 50’), and it will be at the Ascendant of Marine Le Pen (15º Libra 29’). Her natal Jupiter is at 9º Virgo, it was touched by the solar eclipse from September 1, 2016, and it will be touched again by the second eclipse of February 26, 2017 at 8º Pisces. Mercury at 10º Leo 46' from the chart of Marine Le Pen (as the dispositor of Jupiter) makes sextile with her Ascendant, so the transit of Jupiter across her Ascendant at the moment of elections will surely help her. Also, only four days before the second round of elections, on May 3, 2017 there will be conjunction of transit Uranus and her natal Saturn at 25º Aries 33’, which is the key planet in her Yod with Uranus at 26º Virgo and Neptune at 23º Scorpio. But, there is also the trine of Venus at 25º Leo (the ruler of her Ascendant and her prenatal eclipse) and Saturn. All this is the sign of big changes coming to this woman.



François Fillon – another candidate of the right wing Another candidate of the right wing that surveys put a lot of hope into is Fillon, the former prime minister in Sarkozy’s government. His horoscope also gives “signals” at the first glance. He is also Libra (11º Libra 46’), just as Marine Le Pen, and the transit of Jupiter across Ascendant at the moment of elections will surely help him (since he has Jupiter trine Ascendant in his natal chart). But, Marine Le Pen has a stronger conjunction of transit Jupiter with Ascendant at the moment of elections.

Lunar eclipse from February 11 at 22º Leo moves his Pluto (which is in conjunction with the Venus of Marine Le Pen), but Pluto rules his 3rd house, while with Marine Le Pen Venus rules her Ascendant, certainly more important house in the chart (angular house). Then, solar eclipse on February 26 at 8º Pisces moves his Moon at 9º Pisces 42' (that was already moved by September eclipse at 9º Virgo), the ruler of his 10th house. But, at the moment of elections, no progressive or solar arc body will “touch” either natal or progressive charts of French republics, while in the case of Marine Le Pen there are clear indications.



Manuel Valls – the candidate of Hollande’s socialists Valls has the Sun at 20º Leo 32’, which brings him, from the point of view of my research work (“sensitive degrees”) into relation with the France (21º Aquarius). It is certain that the lunar eclipse on February 11 will “move” his Sun in 7th house. His secondary axis 1/7 is at the moment of eclipse at 21º Taurus/21º Scorpio and in square with 21º Aquarius and his natal Sun — all this indicating that here things might get cut halfway. On the other hand, his secondary MC comes at 0º Aquarius, which is the sign of the possible new beginning. But, at 22º Aquarius, on August 15, 1962, only three days after he was born, there was his first postnatal eclipse. Saturn, being the ruler of this eclipse, is positioned in Solar Arc directions this year at 0º Aries, which is the very MC of the Fifth French Republic! But, his natal Saturn (as well as his solar arc Saturn) is in a strong conjunction with South Node (possible losses) in 12th house, but in his domicile, Aquarius, while the natal Sun of Marine Le Pen is in Leo (also in domicile), but in 10th house (angular house). Also, asteroid Paris was at 19º Cancer when Marine Le Pen was born on August 5, 1968. That very same spot is occupied by her MC! On her birthday, secondary Moon of the horoscope of Treaty of Rome going into force was at 7º Libra. At that same spot asteroid Paris will be on May 7, 2017, for the second round of presidential elections! Transit Moon will be at 5° Libra at the moment of second round start, and during that day it will cross the mentioned 7° Libra! All this speaks in favor of Le Pen. So, Le Pen and Valls move the axis 0º Libra/0º Aries, i.e. axis 4/10 from the chart of the Fifth French Republic! If we take a look at secondary progressions of horoscope of Treaty of Rome going into force for May 7, 2017 (second round of elections) — we find it at 25º Leo 40', which is the spot occupied by Venus (ruler of Ascendant) of Marine Le Pen - 25º Leo 43'! Solar Arc Ascendant of the Treaty of Rome horoscope comes at 29º Scorpio, in conjunction with Mars from the chart of the First French Republic, and in conjunction with secondary Fortune of Marine Le Pen. At the end, I must say that 0º of any cardinal sign carries potential for great instability, and it is certain that activation of this degree many issues in the world would open, since it moves 15º of fixed signs (so-called “Avatar degrees”), with which every 0º has an aspect – semisquare (45º).


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The next part of this article was written on April 23, 2017 after we got two candidates for the second round on May 7, 2017

Emmanuel Macron In the chart of Emmanuel Macron we can see that right now he has Solar Arc Jupiter in conjuncition with his natal Mars (11º Leo) in his 7th house (public). Mars is ruler of his MC! This could bring him succes in public life during 2017. Also, I found his secondary progressed Venus (ruler of his Moon - people) right now at 11º Aquarius, in conjunction with the Moon of 1st Fr Republic.

It is interesting his natal axis IC/MC over 29º Taurus/29º Scorpio which is the axis of the chart for the 2nd round of election. But, this is not enough... Two eclipses from february did not "open" Macron's chart as well as they did with Marine's chart, plus all the rest I have already said... I would say that Marine Le Pen has much more stronger indicators for winning, after all, her progressed Sun moves axis IC/MC of the 5th Fr Republic, and it comes at 0º Libra-so strong sign for new start!!! Also, only 3 days after the second round, on May 10, 2017, there will be the Full Moon at 20º Scorpio 24’- Marine's secondary progressed Asc is at 20º Scoprio 13' this is also so big sign that she may win!

Chart sources (all are AA)

|| Nicholas Campion “The Book of World Horoscopes”

Smiljana Gavrančić is the editor, founder and owner of IAM-INFINITY Astrological Magazine. She obtained her astrological education at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education “Johannes Kepler” in Belgrade, graduating in October 2010, after studying International Law at Belgrade University. She is an International Certified Professional Astrologer (ISAR C.A.P.) and a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. She specializes in mundane astrology and she practices karmic/hermetic astrology, astrology of degrees/archetypes (mythology, fixed stars) and synastry. She is writing her first book Special Degrees in Mundane Astrology. She blogs at in English and in Serbian.



No Pasarán! Jadranka Ćoić

¡No pasarán! Madrid by Mikhail Koltsov [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

During 19th and up until the beginning of the 20th century Spain struggled between periods of conservatism and liberalism. There were many problems, to name just a few; the large army, leftover from the huge imperial past, army that was unpopular with the people and very costly to maintain, the Catholic Church; rich and powerful, using its wealth to gain not only social but also political influence, the economic problems in agriculture and industry with masses of poorly paid and badly treated workers. Despite all of these problems King Alfonso III, realising that he cannot do much, abdicated. Elections were organised and on 14th April 1931 the centre-left won the general election, and their main objective was modernisation of Spain. Did the Republic stand a chance? The Sun in Aries conjunct Uranus (change, revolution) squares Pluto (destruction, regeneration) and Saturn (old structures). Pluto is conjunct MC as well as Jupiter, and we know that Jupiter enlarges everything he touches. The Second Spanish Republic addressed the issue of the church’s power (Jupiter, Pluto MC) and attempted to separate church from state (Jupiter in the ninth house, new ideas, new look at the religion). The church was not any more in control of education (Jupiter in the 9th conjunct Pluto, overturn and change).



The power of the army was reduced (Mars unaspected). Agrarian reform started (Saturn in the 4th). Neptune is also unaspected (dreams not able to materialise). No, I do not think that the Republic had a chance. The new general elections were held in 1933, the right-wing and centrist parties won. Right wing was openly endorsing fascism. The new government ruled for two years, trying to reverse everything that the left Republic achieved. The right wing collapsed as the economic and the political situation deteriorated, and in the election of February 1936, the Popular Front was victorious. The Popular Front was antifascist, made up of various left wing groups, among them the socialists and the communists. The coup broke out on 17th July in Morocco, when a few generals led by General Francisco Franco, rose up against the democratically elected Republican government. Franco was in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, waiting to be transported to mainland. Early morning 18th July, a day after the coup started, Franco addressed Spaniards from Las Palmas, announcing the coup and inviting everyone to help to the overturning of the government. The problem started immediately, as all left groups were not united and the Caballero’s socialists did not join the government, and because of the right wing opposition the power of the government was limited. The situation was not getting easier, the anarchists were encouraging the peasants to take hold of land. Conflict between the anarchist, fascist CEDA and Falange youth were on the increase, and the government was facing disorder. The right wing was not happy with the victory of the left, right wing CEDA was in turmoil, and the military officers began planning for a coup as soon as the Popular Front gained power. The conflict between left and right was endless and when José Calvo Sotelo was assassinated on 13th July 1936, there was no return. Not surprising with the Cancer Stellium (home, motherland) in the chart. The Sun (the country), the Moon (the people), Mercury (proclamation), Mars (military coup), Pluto (change, snatching the freedom from the people, like Hades snatched Persephone), plus Saturn (strict order) opposing Neptune (end of the dreams). Coup spread to the mainland, and it was successful in taking northern Spain and part of Andalusia. But it failed in the main industrial areas, and the rebels did not take Madrid. Half of the Army remained loyal to the Republic. The coup was unsuccessful, and if it had remained a Spanish affair, it would have been quite possible for the Republicans to win. Spanish Civil War was a war between the antifascist Left and the fascist Right. The Left is known as Republicans, and for Republic were (government, workers, peasants, trade unions, socialists, communists and anarchists, aw well as a part of the army that remained loyal). The Right, known as Nationalists, was supported by rebellious fraction of the army, the industry, the church, landowners and the middle classes. And in charge of Nationalist was General Francisco Franco.



Francisco Franco (source Wikipedia) “Spanish military general, long-time ruler and dictator who commanded his country for 36 years with an iron hand ( Not surprising for someone with a T-square involving Mars, the Sun and the Moon). A man of tremendous determination (mystic rectangle, nothing mystical about Franco) he led rebel forces during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and went on to become Chief of State. He maintained a strong anti-communist policy (Moon-people, Neptune-dreams, ideals, Plutoruthlessness/dominance, in the 9th), though many disapproved of his methods.” He also wrote semi autobiography “Jaime de Andrade" (Mercury in Sagittarius in the 4th).

Why the Republicans did not win the War Political disunity of various fractions of the Left is one reason, but the main reason was division between the communists and socialists who wanted to win the war, and then have “class revolution” and the anarchists who were determined that the war can only be won following “class revolution” principles. This all culminated in Barcelona in 1937 in a four-day-long street fighting between communists and socialists on one side and POUM and the anarchists on the other. The Republic lacked strong military leadership. Unfortunately, the Nationalists were better organised and received help from Germany and Italy. Non Intervention Committee was established by Britain and France to prevent foreign influx of support to Spain. Only two countries supported the Republic, Mexico fully and the Soviet Union. However, the Soviets imposed their own demands and rules on Republicans. No Soviet troops were sent to fight, they supplied 1000 aircrafts, 750 tanks, and some advisers, but all of it had to be paid for by the Republic. All gold reserves were sent to Moscow! And we should not forget the International Brigades. More than 35,000 volunteers from all over the world, went to fight for Spain. Spain was being used as a practice ground for the Second World War. New airplanes, new tactic, new bombs. The bombing of Guernica, was one of the most brutal attack on the civilian population. On the 26th April 1937, the city of Guernica was attacked deliberately targeting civilians by a military air force. It was done on request of Nationalists by its helpers German Luftwaffe’s Condor Legion and Italian Aviazione Legionaria. More than 1500 were killed.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter who spent his life living in exile completed the oil painting of Guernica in 1937. To show the despair of the war he only uses a palette of grey, black and white, and the only hopeful thing in the painting is a small flower held by a fallen solder. The exhibition of the painting was used not only to draw attention to Civil War in Spain, but also to collect funds for the Republicans and it is regarded by many art critics as one of the most powerful anti-war paintings.

Ruler of the chart is Venus in her fall in Aries and she rules the 8th, the house of death. The Sun conjunct Uranus in the 8th, the bombing happened on a market day (Taurus) unexpectedly, Mercury (information about the bombing) in the 8th trine Jupiter (gain massive attention) and sextile Pluto (but the Nationalist tried to cover the facts). MC in Cancer, the victims were people, ordinary people of Spain. The Moon (people) in Scorpio in her fall, sextile Neptune (dreams) in Virgo, and if there ever had been some hope for the Republic, now it was totally destroyed. General Franco’s victory was the beginning of a 40year long dictatorship in Spain. His victory costed more than 500,000 deaths and more than 450,000 people forced to leave Spain. It is believed that after the war, Franco organised executions of 100,000 Republican prisoners, and it is estimated that another 35,000 Republicans died in concentration camps in the years that followed the war. My Spanish friends never talk about the War. When I asked them if they could remember Franco’s death, one of them answered: “Yes, I remember my mum and my grandmother sitting and crying!” Another answer was: “Yes that was the happiest day for my father, he opened a bottle of the best wine, and we were celebrating and singing!”

Bibliography Horoscopes of Europe – Marc Penfield – Horoscope of Second Spanish Republic || The Spanish Civil War – Hugh Thomas || Federico Garcia Lorca – Ian Gibson || – horoscope of Francisco Franco ||

Jadranka Ćoić was born and raised in Croatia and in 1991, she moved to London. She works as an accountant but spends free time either practicing astrology or growing vegetables on her allotment in accordance with Moon cycles. Jadranka started studying astrology more than fifteen years ago with The Faculty of Astrological Studies. She is the Lodge’s Beginner’s Class Tutor, as well as organiser of the annual Astrology and Healing Seminar. Contact her at, or find her in Facebook



The Relocated Composite Chart for Couples and Families Margaret Gray & Armand Diaz

M: Let us start with why the relocated composite chart matters. Nowadays people move so much, and they move big distances. I think this is particularly relevant to the U.S., because it is so large, and when people move from one side of the country to the other it makes a huge difference in the chart, changing the longitude and latitude. In terms of Europe, it also makes a big difference because so many of us in Europe move countries. Looking at the natal relocated charts, we are talking about distances that make a difference. If someone moves from Dublin to Galway in Ireland, it will not make that much of a difference, but if someone moves from Ireland to New York, it is going to make a very big difference. Remember that a person’s relocated chart does not change the meaning of the chart in terms of the planets - it changes the angles and so the houses change. Therefore, we get to experience our planetary energies in different areas of life. However, we always need to refer back to the natal chart when looking at a relocated chart. A: When we do a composite chart, we take the midpoint between two planets or points in a chart. So when we do a relocated composite chart we would relocate each individual’s natal chart, and then take the midpoints of the relocated charts? M: Yes, exactly. It is a little like doing a progressed composite chart. First, we make the changes to each individual’s chart and then we do the composite based on the new charts. A relocated composite chart is just the composite of two relocated charts - if there is two, because one person may not have moved from their natal location. For one person, it might be their natal chart while for the other it would be the relocated chart.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 A: Interestingly, this works for midpoint composite chart, but I do not think you could do it for a Davison, which is a kind of “natal composite� chart that is based on the actual midpoint in time and space between two charts. Therefore, our discussion is relevant to the midpoint composite chart. The angles and the houses change in the progressed composite chart, but the dynamics of the chart remain the same. We treat a relocated composite chart as we would a relocated natal chart. Does that mean that it is a layer on top of the natal composite chart, so that we always have to refer back to the natal composite? With individuals, the natal chart is dominant. M: I tend to use it as an additional layer and I think it matters how long the couple has been in a particular location, if they have been living there for years or if they are just going on holiday makes a big difference. Nevertheless, I always use any relocated chart as an additional layer. I still go back to the basic natal composite chart. A: I do the same thing, although I will give the relocated composite extra attention if a couple goes on holiday and they have a wonderful or really awful time. For example, maybe the couple goes to a place where Pluto is on the ascendant of the relocated composite chart, they might find a very different experience for that holiday than if Venus were rising. It can help to recognize that although the dynamic between them is something that is always present, it came out in this particular place. That means that while they may have had kind of a rough patch, it is not something that is likely to be a major problem for them all the time.

M: I think it is always worth looking, even for a short time. It becomes more important really, when people are contemplating a move. There was a time when there was a lot of emigration from Ireland and couples would come in asking if it was a good idea to up sticks and move, so it is very useful to examine in terms of the core things that matter as a couple - finding a home, finding friends, work etc. It is especially important because the composite chart is very literal, it is not so much a psychological tool and I think it can be very helpful. A: A lot of the time, when we look at a composite chart, we are looking at relationship dynamics. If there is a hard aspect in the chart, we can look at that as being part of the dynamic of the relationship, but as you say, composite charts are so literal. If Neptune is right on the fourth house cusp, maybe there will be floods in the home (or maybe they will live by the beach!). In the relocated composite chart, do you maintain that same literalness?


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 M: I tend to, yes. I think it can be especially useful in terms of transits, which can show up very strongly in the relocated composite chart, although I also look to the natal composite chart. A: I find that transits to the natal composite chart are usually very significant for the relationship, while transits to the relocated chart can give some practical information. Let’s say for a relationship that’s under stress, a transit to the composite midheaven can indicate that what’s a private matter comes out to the public - friends, family, coworkers, and so on - and I think that can show up in either the natal or relocated chart. Certainly, if the relationship is under stress and the couple is thinking of moving to a place or taking a vacation where Uranus will be on the MC, I can see where the relocated composite might show a private matter being exposed. A transit of Pluto to the tenth house of a relocated composite chart can also sometimes indicate gossip - although there are many possibilities, of course. There are two sides to the relocated composite chart. On the one hand, there is the analysis that we can do when people are living in a place - as you said, especially when they have been there a while. On the other hand, there is the more prognostic, forecasting side, when we consider how a move could affect a relationship.

M: Yes, and I think that it is interesting to do the prognostic work for the whole family when people are considering a move. How will it affect relations between parents and children, between siblings, in addition to the relationship between the parents? It can be quite useful to see how those dynamics shift and change. And not to forget - it can also be a useful way to intentionally shift dynamics, as we help people decide on some places where they might like to move. If a couple is kind of stuck in a rut, but the basics are sound, sometimes it’s useful to suggest that they consider moving for six months or longer. I have seen cases where people are struggling, but when they move to another country or another part of the country then a real shift takes place. Sometimes, issues that are prominent in one place are not really a problem in another place. It could be that communication improves because Mercury moves to a house that is more visible. For example, moving to a place that takes composite Pluto or Uranus out of the twelfth house, where they can be rather hidden, can be helpful. Alternatively, even moving composite Uranus out of the fourth house can help, as it is a bit of an unsettling placement. A: That is a good point! Now, any time you are trying to elect a time for something, or relocate, there is always going to be something that is not perfect, some fly in the ointment somewhere. What do you particularly look for in a relocated composite chart? What would be particularly positive and what might be particularly challenging? M: I think it all depends on what the couple prioritize. If they prioritize work, then we are looking at the tenth house. If they were looking to start a family, we would look at the fifth. If they want to create a project together, maybe we would look at the fifth and sixth. If they just want to focus on the


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 relationship itself, then it is the seventh. It is very much the same as when an individual comes in and is considering a move - the question is, “what do you want the most”. I have had couples that come in and say, “we want to start a family, but we don’t want to do so until we’ve moved and are settled somewhere,” but then I have had couples come in who were very focused on work, and say that career is the most important thing. It is important to ask what they prioritize rather than what the astrologer thinks is good or beneficial to the couple. A: I think that is true in terms of houses, so maybe emphasize the tenth and sixth if work is a priority. I also think some of the same things we would look for in an electional chart are relevant in the relocated composite. If work is a priority, we might like to see Saturn emphasized in some way, such as being angular. Or we may not want Pluto two degrees behind the ascendant in the 12th house, no matter what the couple’s priority is. The thing is, when you are doing relocation work, you kind of have limited options. People may come in with a few places they are considering moving to, or they may be open to options within a certain area. You are even more constrained than you are with an electional chart, you certainly cannot relocate them to the middle of the ocean, unless they get a particularly good chart in Hawaii or Bermuda! One thing you can do with a Davison relationship chart (based on the middle points in time and space between the two people) is to do astrolocality mapping, like Astro*Carto*Graphy, which can be very helpful - it’s another lens to look at the question of where different energies will manifest in the relationship most directly. …to be continued in the next issue

Margaret Gray, MSW., is a consulting and teaching astrologer, based in Dublin, Ireland with a foot in Hawaii! Her work is grounded in a Jungian based psychological approach, integrated with a soul-based perspective. Her focus and interest is in the astrology of Relationships. Margaret is also a certified Mediator and works primarily with couples and families. She is the author of a chapter on Relationships in the book Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, which was produced and edited by Armand Diaz and two other colleagues. More information at

Armand Diaz, Ph.D., is a consulting and teaching astrologer based in New York. His astrology spans a range of schools and techniques, as he applies an integral approach to his work with an emphasis on the evolution of consciousness. Relationship work forms the core of his astrology practice, and he specializes in helping individuals and couples through transitional points in their partnerships. This is the basis for his most recent book, Separating Aspects: The Astrology of Breakups, Divorce, and Other Partings. Armand is also the author of Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World, and he is co-producer and co-editor of Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier. More information at



The Lunar Nodes shift to the Leo/Aquarius Axis Know Thyself Angela Tikis

On April 27 and on May 9, 2017 (mean and true node accordingly), the transitional shift of the Lunar Nodes to Leo (NN) and Aquarius (SN), changes the language of life’s experiences. While during the last 1 ½ years we felt that we had to work hard and stay humble, keep the order in the chaos, serve and sacrifice, the new scenario gives birth to the need for joy, creativity and being oneself. As we move away from the Mutable Cross dominance, the Leo/Aquarius Nodes clear the ground in order to set solid foundations by being in charge of our lives and eventually, being useful to the society as a whole. These two signs are part of the Fixed Cross, carrying enormous power, persistence and self-will. Leo is the King of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun, our world’s source of life. The Sun has been worshiped since the beginning of humanity and for all ancient civilizations the life giver was found in the core of our existence: God Ra for the Egyptians, Helios-Apollo for the Greeks, Sol for the Romans, the Sumerian Utu, the Syrian god Elagabal, the Babylonian Sun god Shamash (Šamaš), Surya in Hinduism, Jesus in Christianity. When the Sun is transiting the sign of Leo it is the time when it sends its warmest rays so, no wonder it rules this sign both in traditional and in esoteric astrology. Here we can find the natural Sun - perceived by the physical senses, but also the Sun as the center of our universe – the central spiritual source of the human soul and the divine consciousness. Sun and Leo are connected with the heart. As long as the heart beats, we are alive. As long as the spiritual flame burns in our solar heart, our soul is alive. The key to success is to become the masters of our destiny. Before all, we must solve the “Riddle of Life” and follow the path of purification. The gates guarded by the Sphynx, will open once we bring inner victory over our lower self. The mythic creature found in both Egyptian and Greek culture brings the message of the Fixed Cross: The rise of the king as a humble man who has reached the higher level of its being, by imposing his will over the material desires and ultimately being transformed by becoming the love and compassion itself. What makes a true King? A King needs to be confident and sure of himself, personality traits that help him to rise to power but also help him stay there. He has to know who he is. A King is a centrality figure who is given not only political but also spiritual focus.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 A capable King has integrity, honesty and determination (Leo) but also listens to the advice of his closed ones, is aware of the needs of his people, has the gift of knowing and understanding (Aquarius), taking impartial decisions for the greater good of his kingdom. Kings were considered God’s representatives, so a good King embodies God but also displays human qualities, in order to interact with the mortals. What if the kingdom is our self? What if the counselors and the people are our inner voice? What does it take to rule and create the best kingdom ever? What better way to do it than, create internal stability by mastering over lower human attributes like greed, arrogance and selfcenteredness. As in any form of oppositions, the prerequisite ingredient for a healthy and prosperous “relationship” is, balance and cooperation. Having Aquarius to the SN, we cannot be stuck to the Aquarian trends but we can neither deny them. The ideal manifestation of the energy is to use the Aquarian detachment, observe things in a distance and thus stay unaffected from the materialistic side of life, and eventually use the energy at thoughtful will. The most significant and meaningful expression comes when the spirit is aware of its identity. This is time when the lower materialistic aspects of live exert no power over the individual; on the contrary, it is the individual who has the power over them. Spiritual Leo-Sun spreads its influence through Aquarius-Uranus. In order for this combination to work perfectly, humans have to be consciously evolved, to be linked with the universal truth and not with their egocentric anima self. Aquarius is the sign of the universal knowledge, the selfless purified wisdom that belongs to all humanity. According to the Gospel of Mark, the Sun-Light Jesus sent two of his disciples ahead of him, to go to the city, follow a certain man and prepare the house for the last supper: “Behold, when you enter the city you shall meet a man carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him into the house he enters…” The two disciples were Peter and John, the first one as the symbol of act and the second one as the symbol of theory. Jesus gives no name to the city, as his intention was not to pinpoint a location: the city represents the physical world. The man to follow is the human race and at this point, inside the pitcher of water is kept the practical philosophy and wisdom. They become the precursors of preparing humans, purify the natural world, exercise the effort to maintain pureness and consequently elevate spiritually by using the power of knowledge. It takes more than just to know; we must rather possess the knowledge, become part of our self and our self must become part of the knowledge. In the house led, Jesus is about to prepare his twelve disciples, introduce them to the knowledge of his upcoming sacrifice on behalf of all humankind, sharing the bread/body and wine/blood as the eternal food of life. The water barrier/Aquarius becomes the foundation of the higher intellect, illuminated by the Divine Light of the secret awareness.

What comes up next? For the following period until November 16, 2018, we are asked to uncover our gifts and talents. Before anything, we are asked to Know Ourselves. This was the inscription (γνῶθι σεαυτόν, gnōthi seauton - Know Thyself) written above the entrance of the sacred sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, as a way to encourage (if not to oblige) anyone entering the temple to work with himself, turn his thoughts inwardly and discover his true self. In this way, Apollo motivates the human entities to become aware of who they really are, instead of who they believe they are.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Delphi (and consequently the solar deity Apollo), was considered to be the center of the world, just like the Sun is the center of our universe. In order to enter into the “spiritual temple” we are obliged to leave external influences on the doorstep. By acknowledging our self, we are able to know the Spirit – Higher Self, and subsequently apprehend our fellow human beings. The Leo/Sun energy gives the will for enlightenment, the will to exert control over the personality and to express the experiences. Love can become our motive power, so, embrace the sunny side of life, enjoy and do not hesitate to shine in the spotlight!

Major Lunar Node’s transits As soon as the Lunar Nodes are found in the Leo/Aquarius axis, they are progressively moving towards forming a Grand Trine with Uranus in Aries (Aquarius ruler) and Saturn in Sagittarius (Aquarius co-ruler). On May 19, the Uranus-Saturn trine will be in exact trine at 26o23’ and at the same time the Sun (Leo ruler) in Taurus will be squaring the Nodes at 28th degree. On June 15 the Leo North Node will trine Uranus at 27o32’ completing the aspect cycle of this unique configuration. During this period, we may find ourselves to a nodal point where we can be liberated from past attitudes and conditions by using our uniqueness and being creative, and finally establishing new conditions. This can work both in personal and universal level, as it gives us the chance to bring new awareness on every aspect.

Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio on October 10, 2017, energizing even further the Fixed Cross. The process of transformation begins through the test of defeating the darkness. On January 5th 2018, Mars in Scorpio - in close conjunction to Jupiter - will square the Nodes at 16o40’ degrees. This is an explosive configuration of an enormous energy steaming from within. Jupiter multiplies the intensity while Moon in Leo adds emotional drama and power struggle. This period can be linked with violent events and political clashes.

On May 15, 2018, Uranus moves to Taurus (will return to Aries on November 2018) and thus fully activating the Fixed Cross. Taurus is connected to stability and materialism while Uranus to changes and traditional reforming. This transit is here to test the values based on which we have built our lives, and revise the system used to define security and self-worth. The lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 makes the need for personal change and growth inevitable but at the same time, any form of destabilization may lead to great resistance and emotional detachment. Retrograde Mars in Aquarius in conjunction to the South Node and the Moon might bring cruelty in actions with no sense of consciousness. A similar theme will be repeated around September 22 (Moon will once again be in Aquarius).



Distinguished personalities born with North Node in Leo Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India. Born under the Sun in Libra, he chose to fulfill his mission not by using violence but rather peaceful methods. The Fixed Cross is dominant in his chart giving him enormous strength and willpower, and the ability to stay loyal to his cause. The North Node in Leo right on his MC is the perfect example of a “King” who stands humble, understand the needs of the people and units with them for the greater good. His Leo Moon on the 10th house adds sentiment and attunement with his “kingdom” which empowers him to be a good and capable leader. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi

Diana, Princess of Wales was born on July 1, 1961 in Sandringham, England. Born under the sign of Cancer, she emitted her sensitivity and her need for care – especially with children. Her North Node was placed on the Royal Star Regulus, and royal she was. Her Aquarius Moon created the need to demolish the strict rules of the regal establishment and introduce the approachable side of a princess. “Helping people in need is a good and essential part of my life, a kind of destiny” – Princess Diana “I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts” – Princess Diana

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Born under the sign of Leo he became the first African American to have served as president, as well as the first born outside the contiguous United States. His North Node in Leo close to Uranus (also ruler of his Aquarius Asc) gave him the charisma to leave his unique mark in worldwide history and become the symbol of change as the leading man of USA for eight years. “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” - Barack Obama “If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress” - Barack Obama


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Angela Tikis is a Greek astrologer based in Athens. Inspired by the Hellenistic Spirit, she approaches the chart as a tool for self-awareness, development and personal fulfilment. She teaches, lectures and shares her articles on her website She is the founder of “Diadrasis” (ΔΙΑΔΡΑΣΙΣ) small-group interactive seminars, where the participants analyze and share their personal experiences on a specific astrological theme. She has presented the weekly astrological trends on a TV show and have several other appearances ever since. Since 2016 she is serving as the Greek satellite for OPA. You can find her in Facebook and YouTube channel.





Sect and triplicity to assess quality of life Sharon Knight

I feel that a basic yet, very important aspect of astrology has for too long been overlooked by modern astrology. The aspect I am referring is the principle of Sect. To the ancient or classical astrologer, the first consideration when assessing a chart was to see whether the Natus was for a diurnal or nocturnal birth. This was a vitally important consideration when assessing a chart, as different rules were applied to the delineation dependent on whether the Sun was above or below the Horizon. The planets weightings, ability to function and their relationship with the luminaries changed according to day or night considerations. The Lots were also calculated differently if a chart was diurnal or nocturnal. In England, the main ‖text‖ books on astrology were published during the 17th century at the time of the Civil War. The most famous astrologer and astrological text book that endured until the 19th Century was William Lilly and his Christian Astrology. Although astrology appeared to fade out after the 17th century, it was still kept alive by various authors, most of whom, drew heavily on the works of the 17th century. For instance, in the late 1700‘s the Sibley brothers resurrected interest in astrology and Ebenezer‘s Opus was published posthumously in 1826 On pages 124, 125 he only notes the two triplicity rulerships, but nowhere does Sibley refer to Sect or Triplicity strength. When discussing the Apheta or Hyleg, he does reference the strength of the Sun when above the horizon and that the Moon takes over when the Sun is below the horizon. (p.463) but the use of the three triplicity rulerships had been lost. In 1835 Zadkiel published his version of Lilly‘s Christian Astrology. In the introduction Zadkiel writes: ‘‘With this view I have re-written those parts of the works which modern discoveries in Astronomy and Astrology have rendered obsolete (…) I have omitted his chapters on nativities, in that part of the science he was less perfect than in any other; the reason being that he relied on essential dignities, which are by my experience of little if any avail’’.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 From this time forward, the consideration of Sect was simply a by-line. However, prior to the decline of astrology from the 17th century, the consideration of Sect and the three triplicity rulerships was already in decline due to the influence Ptolemy‘s Tetrabiblos. Ptolemy produced his main body of work around the mid-2nd century. He was unique amongst the astrologers of that period for using a different system when assigning Triplicity rulerships. He only gave the diurnal and nocturnal rulers, omitting completely the participating ruler and furthermore, he gave the water triplicity to Mars for both diurnal and nocturnal charts. He also saw no reason to reverse the calculation for the Lots and was somewhat scathing of the many Lots or Arabic Parts as they became more commonly known. This was in contrast to Dorotheus (1st Century AD), Valens (contemporary of Ptolemy), Firmicus Maternus, Paulus Alexandrinus (both 4th century AD) Rhetorius, Ibn Exra, Al-Biruni and Mash‘allah to mention just a few of the ancient important astrologers who all worked with the three triplicity rulers and gave Mars as a participating ruler of the earth triplicity as well as nocturnal lead ruler of the Water triplicity. Venus and the Moon were diurnal and participating rulers of both the earth and water triplicity.

The concept of Sect did remain and was mentioned in passing by Lilly, Gadbury and Ramsey to name a few 17th century astrologers. However, a planet being in Sect was now viewed as a minor dignity following the considerations as given by Ptolemy. The computation of the various Lots was also altered, and again, we see very little credit given to the various Lots that had been used. Really, it was only the Lot of Fortune with its singular computation (not changing the measurements if it was a night chart as opposed to a diurnal chart) that survived in most available English texts. Many authors up to and including Alan Leo in the 1890‘s did remark as to whether the Sun was above or below the horizon, and, as noted earlier, did give testimony to whichever light was dominant in the chart. But it appears that once Leo revised his work in the 1900‘s, the use or consideration of Sect light was quietly dropped here in the UK. With the foundation of the world-renowned Faculty of Astrology School set up by Charles Carter and Margaret Hone, it seems the whole concept of Sect Light and Triplicity ruler participation was consigned to the dustbin of history. It wasn‘t until the retrieval and translation of many classical and medieval Latin, Greek and Arabic texts by the ARHAT team that the importance of Sect and three triplicity rulerships was revived. Robert Hand produced a monograph entitled ‘‘Night & Day: Planetary Sect in Astrology’’. It was published under the ARHAT imprint, date unknown. In this book, Rob goes into detail of the history of Sect, its uses and application from various authors ranging from Dorotheus through to Bonatti. He gives examples using charts for people such as Hitler, Clinton and Nixon to name just a few.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 I will not go into how the various ancient authors presented the material as Mr Hand more than adequately covers everything in his monograph. But for those of you who haven‘t read his work or the works of Dorotheus, Valens et al, here is a simple explanation as to how using the Sect and how the three Triplicity Rulers can give an indication of the quality of life just by using the correct Sect and Triplicity rulers of the Ascendant.

In ‘‘The Beginning of Wisdom’’ by Ibn Ezra, he clearly sets out the use of triplicity rulers and their influence over the life: ‘‘the first house is the one which rises at the beginning of the western line. It denotes life, body, speech, knowledge, growth, the start of any undertaking and anything that pertains to the human mind, and of the span of life, it points to the inception. The ruler of the first triplicity prognosticates the life and character of the newborn and of the asker, his requests, and all that which may befall him early in life whether beneficial or baleful. The ruler of the second triplicity exerts an influence over the body, over strength, and middle age. The ruler of the third triplicity shares, jointly with his companions, in all that they dominate, and, in addition, he controls the end of the span of life. The second house forecasts wealth, the acquisition of property, the gift, food and those who prepare it, those who obey the command, witnesses, keys, and treasures. The ruler of the first triplicity points to wealth early in life. The rule of the second triplicity denotes middle age. The third refers to the end’’.

Sect is simple! Day or Night? Nocturnal or Diurnal? Sun above or below the horizon? Some people struggle with the concept of determining which Luminary is in charge. If the Sun is in houses 7-12, the chart is diurnal. However, the Sun can be in the first house and above the horizon, or it can be in the seventh house but below the descending degree, therefore it is a nocturnal chart. To repeat, if it is above the Ascendant degree in houses 1-7, Sun is Sect ruler. If it is below in the Ascendant/Descendant degree in houses 1-7, it is a nocturnal chart. If you use whole sign houses, the Sun can be in the first, the key is the degree of the Ascendant. Everything comes via the Sun. When the Sun is above the Horizon, the Sun is the Sect light. When the Sun is out of sight, below the horizon in houses 1-6, then Moon is deemed the Sect light. It does not matter where the Moon is placed in the chart if she is deemed Sect light. I repeat, everything comes from the Sun and its location. When the Sun is on the Ascendant or Descendant degree, use common sense when assigning Sect light. If the Sun‘s rays are strong enough to light up the sky from slightly below the Ascendant, then you can take the sun as Sect light.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 As noted earlier, in the early classical system, there were three rulers for each sect. Each triplicity has two rulers, which exchange priority according to whether the chart is diurnal or nocturnal, in addition there was a third ruler common to both sects. ‘‘Know the lords of the triplicities of the signs’’ said Dorotheus ‘‘the lords of the triplicity of Aries by day are the Sun, then Jupiter, then Saturn. By night Jupiter, then the Sun, then Saturn (…) I tell you that everything, which is decided or indicated, is from the lords of the triplicities, and as for everything of afflictions and distress, which reaches the people of the world and the totality of men, the lords of the triplicities, decide it’’. Carmen Astrologicum – Dorotheus of Sidon.  The Fire triplicity comprises Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. It would be expected the planets ruling those signs would be the three triplicity rulers but it is not so. Mars was deemed too hot and too malefic if he was placed as a Triplicity ruler of fire. Instead, he was assigned to the Water and Earthy triplicities to cool his ardour. Likewise, Saturn was deemed too cold and frosty if he remained with the Earthy Triplicity so he was given to Fire to warm him up.  The Earthy triplicity is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - three feminine, nocturnal signs. Here you would expect Mercury to be triplicity ruler but for various reasons, he was given to the Air triplicity and Mars was put in his stead.  The Airy triplicity is masculine and diurnal, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Here again, we lose a planet, Venus. Venus was given to the Water triplicity, Mercury and Saturn have precedence, and Jupiter is the participating ruler of the Airy triplicity.  Finally, with the Watery triplicity, as noted above, Mars was given as Triplicity ruler along with the Moon and Venus.

Planets are deemed to be truly in Sect when they are with the Sect Light and in the right hemisphere. When Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are in masculine signs and in the same hemisphere as the Sun they are in the right area. Again, it doesn‘t matter if the Sun is above or below the horizon, if the masculine planets are with the Sun, they are Hayz. Moon, Venus and Mars should be in the opposite hemisphere to the Sun and in feminine signs. Obviously, with Venus, she can only be in correct phase either rising before the Sun (oriental) in the dawn, or setting after the Sun (Occidental). This is just extra strength and dignity. Again, I refer the reader to Robert Hand‘s Monograph where he states the various reasons or hypothesis for the placement of the planets in their roles as Triplicity rulers and participants.



The triplicity Lords and how to use them! Step 1. Is the chart diurnal or nocturnal? Whichever light is in control, you look at the triplicity in which it resides. For a chart where the Sun is in houses 1-6, i.e. below the horizon, you would look at the Moon to get an overall view of the quality of life. If the Moon is placed in a fire sign and is the ―sect light, then you would first look at Jupiter. As with any chart, you look at the house, sign and aspects. If Jupiter is cadent and with mediocre aspects, the first third of life would be unremarkable. If the second triplicity ruler, Sun, is angular, but in Libra, the middle third of life would be better but not quite achieving the promise indicated, unless the Sun had terrific aspects with Venus and Saturn. There may be issues around the father, which influence the middle part of life. The Third triplicity ruler of the nocturnal fire sect is Saturn. If Saturn is angular and in Libra, the sign of its exaltation, then you would judge the third part of life would be extremely good and comfortable. You can use this method to look at the various houses and their rulers. If you wished to assess the condition of the ―body, then you would look at the Ascendant and assess the condition of the triplicity ruler to see if the body will last! Wealth, you look at the triplicity ruler of the second house and so on. Let‘s put it into practise by taking an example from Dorotheus



This nativity was diurnal and the first lord of the Sun‘s triplicity is the Sun, the second Jupiter, and both of these are in cardine (angles) in their own exaltations, so that the native should be praised with the praise of kings and nobles and wealthy men. Because Saturn is the third lord of the triplicity and is cadent and Jupiter aspects it in its [Jupiter‘s] house from trine, so for that reason he will be praised with the praise of kings. Note: In his calculations Dorotheus had Saturn in Pisces, not Aquarius, so although Saturn does not receive the aspect from Jupiter, he is strong in his own sign and is accompanied by the lesser benefic. Venus is also in a different sign to that given, she is in Aquarius not Virgo and Mars is missing. As it is a daytime chart, you look at the element in which the sun resides. In this instance, the Sun is in Aries, a fiery element. Therefore, as it is a daytime chart, the Sun is first triplicity ruler. Here the Sun is exalted in Aries in the 10th. The Second triplicity ruler is Jupiter, who is also exalted and in the Ascendant with the Moon, his dispositor. The Third triplicity ruler is Saturn who is disposed of (or ruled by) by an exalted Jupiter. Saturn is also trined by Jupiter and a strong Moon. That is all good testimony for all parts of life. Let us take another example from Dorotheus


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The first lord of the triplicity of the Moon is Mercury, the second Saturn. Because both of these are in a cadent in the vicinity of [the angle] under the earth, the man will be needy with respect to property. However, because Jupiter is the ruler of part of this nativity and is with the Moon in an angle, he will have the closest thing to living out [his] days in poverty except that he will have the danger of the hand of fortune. Note: In the text, Venus is given as being in Virgo and Mars in Leo. This is a chart with the Sun below the horizon therefore; you look at the Moon and the element it is in. In this instance, it is in Libra an air sign. The first triplicity ruler at night is Mercury, then Saturn, followed by Jupiter. Although we would not class the fifth sign/house from the Ascendant as being cadent, it is succedent. Jupiter is participating triplicity ruler of Air and is in the Angle with the Sect light so this gives him some small dignity at the end of his life.

Now let us look at some figures from our recent past


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 This is a nocturnal chart. The Sun is below the horizon so the Moon is the Sect light even though she too is below the horizon. The Moon is in the watery triplicity. Mars, Venus and then Moon govern water at night. The first third of life is controlled by the condition of Mars. Mars is cadent, square its dispositor Mercury, who is exalted but located in the 6th house. Therefore, both these planets are unremarkable, indicating the first third of life was not exceptional in any way. Venus governs the second third of life. Venus is angular and strong, above the horizon and in Sect. A charmed 2nd part. The third part is governed by Moon who is also angular, strong in her own sign and with the benefic, exalted Jupiter. She died at the age of 71. Although her last years were dogged by ill health, she did not suffer from many of the problems of the common person! From 0 – 23 years, 4 months she was under the rulership of Mars. She was not allowed to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend and they parted when she was 25. She then met and married Anthony Armstrong Jones in May 1960 at the age of 29. She divorced him at age 48 and had several reputed affairs. The final third of her life was lived in great style, although she may not have been happy despite her comfortable background. That indicates the quality of life overall. What about her actual life? Look at the Ascendant. She has an Aries Ascendant; therefore, this is the fiery triplicity. At night, we look at Jupiter, Sun and Saturn. The first part of her life Jupiter is angular, exalted and with its dispositor, the Moon. A charmed, luxurious life in which her father was the anchor. (The Father in traditional astrology is indicated by the planet ruling the fourth house, the mother by the planet ruling the cusp of the 10th. In addition you also look at Saturn and Sun as indicators of the father and Moon and Venus as the Mother but this doesn‘t add to our understanding of triplicity sect rulers). The next third of her life was ruled by the Sun, located in its own sign of Leo, the Royal sign, in the 5th conjunct Regulus. A good time, bestial, wild and golden! Her Star shone brightly! The final third was Saturn. Solid and secure atop the mountain. She had done her duty and her final third years were spent in the company of friends and her children.



For a contrast, let us look at Edith Piaf

Again, a nocturnal chart, therefore we look to the Moon. Here the Moon is above the horizon, in a different hemisphere to the Sun. The main criterion is that the Sun is below the horizon. The Moon is located in Gemini. The airy triplicity at night is Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. She died at the age of 48. The first third of life is ruled by a combust Mercury in detriment. She was born under a lamppost at rue de Belleville on a freezing winter night on a police officer’s cape, the illegitimate child of a bar room singer and a street acrobat. She was abandoned by her mother, and brought up in a brothel in Normandy run by her father‘s family. As a child, she was blinded for three years with cataracts on both eyes, but miraculously recovered her sight at age six. At age approx. 15, she met her 12-year-old half-sister and the two joined forces. For the rest of her life, the two were inseparable. Saturn ruled the second third. Here we have a Saturn, retrograde, cadent and in detriment. Piaf's first love affair ended in desertion and a stillborn baby. She and her sister had a hard life, she drank, took drugs to excess but somehow survived before being discovered and becoming an overnight sensation. The final third of her life came under Jupiter. Here we find a strong Jupiter in the fifth of good fortune, ruler of her 2nd house of wealth. At age 32 (1947) approx. she found fame and had a love affair of two years with Marcel Cerdan until his death in a plane crash 10/27/1949. In 1962, she met and married Theo Sarapo.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 He was a hairdresser and singer and was 20 years younger than she was. Apparently, he was gentle and loving towards her. In June and August 1963, she suffered her second and third hepatic comas. In September, when she was released from the hospital, Theo took her to a secluded little house in Plascassier, near Grasse. She weighed a mere 70 lbs; only her violet eyes remained vivid. She died of an internal haemorrhage on the 10th October 1963. She was buried at the Pere-Lachaise cemetery, Paris, along with both of her husbands. The dignified Jupiter ensured the final third of her life, although dogged by ill health was lived in comfort, with love and fame keeping her warm; a marked contrast to her inauspicious start in life. Her fame endures!

Sharon Knight is a qualified, practising professional astrologer with over 25 years experience. She hold the Certificate and Intermediate Diploma from the Faculty of Astrology and the Horary Practitioners Diploma (QHP). She is Chair of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI), having been Secretary for the previous four years. She is a Fellow of the Association (FAPAI) and has written and edited their quarterly newsletter for the past ten years. The APAI is the only professional body in Europe that represents qualified Astrologers. Members have to hold a Diploma from a recognised educational establishment to be accepted. She has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University (2004) and a Diploma in Phytotherapy or, Herbalism (SAC Dip) as it is more popularly known. She is also a certified Life Coach. Sharon is a member of the Board of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. In January 2016 she was awarded the title “Astrologer of the Year, 2016” at the 26th International Astrological Conference 2016, Organised by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology. Sharon is a featured speaker at numerous international conferences over the years.



Embracing my Inner Weirdo Victor Olliver

I made a recent significant discovery. Of personal significance, that is. I am not GeminiGemini or Gemini-Taurus or Gemini-Cancer or even Gemini-Pisces. My Sun is still in Gemini but rising sign is now Aquarius. Oh wow. At last! I can embrace my inner weirdo; the weirdo I’ve always been and will be to the day I die; or so I suppose. Added piquancy is that the discovery has been made (thanks to my mum’s belated but newimproved recollection) during my ongoing second return of Saturn, new co-ruler of my birth chart. Great timing! I suppose the slick media stargazer’s ghostwriter would say of me: “At a time of spiritual crossroads, when not for the first time you are reflecting on where you are and where you’re heading, totting up the victories, setbacks and lettings-go, your chart (or someone!) alerted you to a missing part of the horoscopic puzzle - something that may enable you to enter your drooling, dribbling dotage (had your lower bowel checked out yet, dear?) with a clearer sense of who you are.”

‘‘Like I give a toss’’ But I must say I do feel a lot more comfortable thinking I am Aquarius rising. It’s a more appropriate fit, like a custom-made suit with a well-tailored crotch. A lot of this is to do with self-perception, if not memory. As a child I was abnormally awkward and silent (these days, the quack Dr Googles would say I was or am on the autistic spectrum). And when I did open my mouth, I was peculiarly articulate and confident, elaborate and specific (a bit like this piece) and possessed of an odd posh voice - not bad for a kid who had free school dinners and threw away his NHS specs with the two nasty silver hinge screw heads either side of the lenses.



I was also alarmingly pretty (I hope this is not embarrassing you - because I’m feeling quite comfortable as I digitise the old snaps for eternity’s indifference) and for this reason, many kids, self-trained to expert in the area of sexual orientation, determined that I was a ‘poof’. Actually, until the age of 12, I and my Evangelical choirboy bestie had no idea of what a poof was - it was just a word missile that forever failed to detonate in our heads. I wore my poofery as a mark of pride in all innocence, long before Pride came along with its street entertainers on stilts and Julie Burchill dancing 80s disco (she now has sciatica as a result). No one actually asked me whether as a child I engaged in sexual activity with other boys - all of whom in any case were straight virgins (apparently), projecting anxieties instilled by their kidult self-perpetuating parents. No, the issue was perception - of making sure one fitted in. I stuck out - as in some ways I still do in adulthood. Now, Infinity magazine is not the place to over-indulge in the particulars of autobiography. You don’t really want to know what I do with my body - just get on with your chart work. The point of my telling you all this - about my perceived ‘weirdness’ - is to say something about the nature of Aquarius rising: the cookbooks tell us that it’s the mark of the sore stickyout thumb; the square in the round hole; the geek/weirdo/outsider in the school year photo cramped between the popular rugby player and the thin, ultra-clever violinist (who’s also a master at algebra and chess), all of us posing in front of a uniformed herd of industrial, selfedited averageness, socially approved by nick-names and dodgy hair-dos.

Aquarius rising is the new mould that’s not to be repeated. Aquarius rising is weirdo. However! To what extent am I tailoring my self-definition to the novelty of the Aquarius ascendant? Until recently I thought I was nebulous Pisces rising and I focused on my ability to be whatever people want me to be - at least for a while - and my tendency to do unto others what they would never dream of doing for me in their unyielding, you‘ve-only-got-one-life, selfishness. I recalled the people I had won over/comforted/got into bed with/impressed by picking up on their needs - and what they needed from me. I was (and am) capable of deriving pleasure from simply performing an action for another person because it consummates their need: my needs are not considered in the moment. Of course I must be Pisces rising. But hang on a minute - what about my Pisces Moon? Might that explain these traits? After all, how did Pisces rising explain my combative persona - my tendency to blow up in an instant? Anyway… Then there was my Gemini-Gemini phase. I went to my first Astrological Association Conference and told everyone with certainty that I was a Double G. I can see them now, learned stargazers punching my birth data into their smart phone Astro Gold for some facepulling snap-analysis. ‘Ooh yes…mmm…that Saturn…mmm, anyway, so what’s your name again - Oliver?’ I recalled my Twins-themed crazy times in journalism, and of course my facility with words and phrase-making. Glib, facile, superficial, impatient - I was suddenly the



walking soufflé or cliché of Hermes. In adulthood I could swan into a party and just start rattling out the entertainment, depending on the crowd. To what extent memory was distorted to fit the double G superimposition I cannot say for sure. But I felt more social and vivacious in thinking I was a Gemini rising person. I actually felt brighter and more immediate. My years of silence were repackaged as ‘rehearsal’. And I read somewhere once that double Gs can even seem a bit introverted for a while. So there you go. The Gemini-Taurus phase never really took off in my mind because I have never been much interested in money or possessions. And I can’t recall ever enjoying the experience of touching up clay on the potter’s wheel (the Bull is tactile, see) - although I do have a crushed velvet dinner suit that others (women especially) like to stroke. True, I like petting pussy cats. Who doesn’t? But, on the other hand, I did consider that a Venus chart ruler usually bestows good looks (so I gazed in the looking glass seeking confirmation), and a warm personality. I re-watched Death In Venice for support. If a certain irritability in my nature somewhat compromised this trait of the thermal aura, I could always blame it on nervy cool Gemini - or even my Mars in Cancer. Or Pisces Moon: soooo sensitive. Astrologers are forever flexible in their go-tos. That’s useful but also a big problem. The idea of Aquarius rising has made me look again at my chart and at the timing of certain major events. One in particular was the launch of my blog Madame Arcati back on 4 July 2006 - then I knew little about astrology. The site became quite notorious for breaking stories about ne’er-do-well journalists and editors, for involving itself in a lengthy feud in the Kevin Spacey troubled clan and for posting satirical PhotoShopped nude pics of celebs. I created the site and identity in a late expression of juvenile delinquency; also as a palliative to counter a very restrictive, boring day job. Madame Arcati was in essence self-entertainment and a drag act of the sit-down variety - and bore no resemblance to Noel Coward’s clairvoyante Mme Arcati, created for his play Blithe Spirit, even though a pic of actress Margaret Rutherford (who played Arcati in the play and the 1945 film) was used as blog avatar. The early birth-time hours (which give rise to Aquarius rising) for the Arcati blog launch day show tr Uranus closely conjunct my Moon in Pisces, trine tr Sun exact on natal Mars. A perfect description. In literal terms, a break for ‘independence’, a break with past ways of doing things (Uranus on Moon); a new feminine guise for ‘masculine’ feral energy, and involvement of empowered personal identity (Sun on Mars): Arcati triggered many rows and challenges; and her mode of expression at times was cranky, vitriolic and certainly provocative. Pisces’ involvement with Moon-Uranus hints at the ‘psychic’ theme of the new identity. In broader terms, tr Uranus was close to natal Moon whichever clock-time used for my birthday. But Aquarius rising in mid-degrees gives the conjunction. Is this proof that I have an Aquarian ascendant? Not really. Without certified birth time, we can only speculate or rectify more rigorously. However! Now that I like the idea of my new rising sign, I find something fresh in my chart to illustrate the newly conceived me (or ‘moi’ as Madame would say). Aquarius just about explains everything just as Pisces or Gemini once did. It would be fair to say that Aquarius draws out fewer objections. It seems more bang on.



More moi. Oh and a final thing. I always did wonder why most of my friends (of the past especially) were Aquarian. My first girlfriend (who was the ultimate-ultimate outsider; a foundling on a bike, almost) was Aquarius. Why am I drawn to eccentrics, ‘weirdos’, individualists - like my (ex-!) ‘fiancee’ Molly Parkin, a classic Aquarian type? Aquarius just finds me, even in a crowd of moo-ers. Here’s an answer: my new Aquarius rising places Leo Uranus three degrees off my descendant (if using Whole Signs - I do highly recommend). The time I have spent listening to colourful show-offs, braggarts and anecdotalists! I have gone off this lot of late. Now I prefer to talk about me-moi. Perhaps final recognition of my ‘true’ ascendant has exorcised my need for the drama of outsiders and cranks because I want to acknowledge the noisy outsider/crank in myself. There just isn’t space for the both of us in a world of self-promoting screamers. I, too, now claim the right to go on (and on) about moi.

Victor Olliver is the editor of The Astrological Journal, published by the Astrological Association. He is also media officer of the Association of Professional Astrologers International. Based in the UK, he trained to be a barrister before becoming a magazine feature writer, and then an editor on a number of publications including magazines, newspapers and electronic media. He has two awards from the Periodical Publishers’ Association for his celebrity and travel journalism. He graduated with a distinction diploma in natal and mundane astrology from the Mayo School in 2012. Victor is also the author of the annual Lifesurfing series of astrological forecasting books.






2017 Cancer Ingress Forecast Rod Chang

Every year in June, the Sun will reach its furthest point from the equator in the Northern Hemisphere. For the Northern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice and winter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere. For the astrologer who uses the tropical zodiac (most western astrologers), it is also the day of Cancer ingress, the Sun moves into Cancer. Astrologers believe it has an important meaning when the Sun moves into cardinal signs at the beginning of a new season. We can use the cardinal ingress chart together with Eclipse charts and outer planets transit to forecast the seasonal world events. In traditional astrology, Aries ingress is the most important chart. However, the Cancer ingress, Libra ingress and Capricorn ingress charts can also tell us what we can expect for the next three months. The aspects of this chart can give us a hint of the general theme around the whole world.

Sun-Venus semisquare At this moment Venus also arrives at its greatest elongation and forms a semisquare with the Sun, this usually suggests a very active financial market. It also indicates some difficulties in international diplomacy.

Sun-Saturn-Chiron T-square Saturn Chiron squared is a major outer planet aspect of 2017; this aspect reminds us how Authorities and Rules can hurt people. This also indicates old traditions could bring some problems. As the Sun is opposite Saturn and square Chiron, it will trigger this aspect and bring those issues into focus for the next three months. Some world leaders may face a huge challenge and lose their position.

Sun sextile Uranus As Uranus has a meaning of rebelling and revolution, when it sextiles the Sun the change in society may appear in an easy way. We can see the Sun sextile Uranus as a reaction towards Sun-SaturnChiron T-square.

Mars opposite Pluto square Jupiter The Mars-Pluto aspect indicates how we will react when we face a crisis and Jupiter give a meaning of expansion. So this aspect could suggest that we face difficulty when we act, maybe there are too many directions so that we are unable to focus on one thing, or maybe we have high expectations for something that we are not able to achieve. This aspect could also suggest some religious conflict and those international disputes comes to a dead end. Nevertheless, Mars is out of bounds from mid-May to the end of June, so the conflicts could be very aggressive.



Europe As Mars is right on the ascendant of Cancer ingress chart in Europe area and it is the time of the Brexit negotiations, we can expect a huge conflict between the two sides and it may face an impasse during this time. The Sun is also very close to the ascendant in the UK bringing immense challenges on political leaders. With Neptune and Chiron in the tenth House, some European governments could face chaotic situations especially East European countries.

USA As Neptune is very close to the ascendant in the Washington area, this not only suggests the chaos in the US, but also indicates some disasters such as earthquake, flooding, fog, pollution, critical epidemic situation (same in Europe as Neptune near M.C).

Russia Jupiter is on Russia’s IC ruler ninth house. As Jupiter forms a T- square with Mars and Pluto, this may suggest some land and housing problems and territorial disputes. Sun-Saturn-Chiron T-square affects the MC and DSC in Beijing, this is more likely to bring political power struggle in China. Mars is right on MC of North Korea and South Korea. There is tension building up in this area at the time I write this article in mid-April, and this area also has Mars on ascendant in February 2017 lunar Eclipse chart. It could be more aggressive when summer coming.



AstroMap of Cancer Ingress

Asia Pacific North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Australia and Victoria, Iran, Yemen

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Rod Chang has studied astrology for over twenty years, both through self-study and through the LSA and the Faculty of Astrological Studies. His favourite aspects are mundane astrology and a humanistic approach to astrology. He has written a number of books on astrology in Chinese and has taught it in Mandarin for around ten years. He is co-founder of the Academy of Astrology with Jupiter Lai, which aims to promote Western Astrology to Chinese speakers. Rod is also working closely with other Asian astrologers in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong in order to establish an Asian astrology network.



The Neptune-Pluto Cycle & the Mass Migration Phenomenon Riccardo Bosi

My thesis is that mass migration phenomena find their astrological correspondance in the NeptunePluto cycle. In the long term these produce consequences involving modification on demographic and ethnographic maps, balance of power among states and cultural areas and deep change within already established cultures. They are not isolated events but part of a whole context involving political economic and social dynamics; technological achievement; cultural and religious ramifications. The symbolism of Neptune alludes of course to the Endless Ocean and to the Everlasting Steppe, which is an ocean made of grass or a bridge that connects people far away. Neptune also refairs to music, poetry and religion. It refairs to the state of mind somehow comparable to hypnosis that one produces when singing or repeating verses of a poem or in a religious book in order to face the toil and the stress of taking these long routes, the hope necessary to enterprise such long marches, rides or navigations, the policies of assimilation within an already established culture of immigrants and also preservation of purity, the hardening of identity by a state or culture that receives immigration. In this scene Neptune represents culture, identity and religion, and fragmentation and dissolution of empires and cultures. Symbols of Pluto include the nomad, the landless, those who come to steal or ravage, those who violate the city walls or properties, what is unknown, dark and fearful, the greed for money, consumer goods, properties, moving for hunger, the destruction of stability, the disruption of family ties, the migrants who abandon their psychologic and affective environment, the will to enter the Acropolis, the Center, the establishment by the excluded (either to become part of it or to destroy and substitute it), the violent actions, the undersoil resources, specially oil, capital speculation, military attitudes of who conquers but also of who defends. Pluto is generally related to the cause of the breaking up of any process, but also to the reacting capacity of established entities, whether they are states, cultures, religions, identities.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Colonization, which is one of the main forms of migration, also has a plutonian symbolism since it is a spread of life, or in some cases colonies were built for military purposes of territorial control, or economic purposes as commercial outposts. All Neptune-Pluto conjunctions from 1100bC to 900 AD were in Taurus while the two following, 1400AD and 1900AD were in Gemini: the symbolism in the first group may be related to the continuity of environments and ethnicities in these migration phenomena: the stages of this scene were usually Eurasia and Mediterranean basin and because of this people who came in contact had a certain somatic continuity, reflecting the symbolism of harmony proper of this Sign. Then, conjunction degrees slipped to Gemini and migration started to connect low parts of the world, and made contact possible between the most different genetic types, symbolized by the white man and the black man reflected in the White Twin and the Black Twin of the Sign. The Gemini conjunction also signified the great acceleration of economic dynamics, social changes and scientific revolution.

An Overview of the last seven Cycles In the following section I will use the synodic cycles of approximately 500 years (actually are 495) and I will refer to the cycles as "the 1400 cycle" "the 1900 cycle" and so on, I will note the precise date and year of the conjunctions. Again, in favor of clarity, I will use the modern geographical names all though it might sound anti-historical.  

The 1900 cycle started on 2 August 1891 and inaugurates a trend of migration towards Europe by non european populations from former colonies. The 1400 cycle (23 June 1398, Julian Calendar) is the cycle of marginal european states performing a great expansion in the world, whole continents as America and Oceania were colonized wholy or partially by european peoples, and the same happened in important areas of other continents such as South Africa and Siberia. Forced migration from Africa to America, the Slave Trade. The 900 cycle (21 May 905, Julian Calendar), the last ural-altaic migrations westwards: Hungarians moved from Asian steppes to those plains in Central Europe we now call Hungary; Turks from Central Asia gradually started their settlement, first as few mercenaries to the Baghdadi Caliphate and later in greater numbers enough to build a state of their own, the Seljuk Sultanate. In this cycle we have of course the Gengis Khan epic, peak of glory for this movement, which brought many Mongolians to set along Urals, Caspian Sea and Black Sea, Central Asia and Northern China. Meanwhile from Scandinavia Vikings and Varangians set in seaside areas along western Europe and riverside areas in the Russian lowlands. Saxon colonization of East Germany and Austria.



 

The 400 cycle ( 30 June 411, Julian Calendar), the dawn of barbarian invasion and collapse of Western Roman Empire, settlement of Germanic populations in Southern and Western Europe, while Ural-Altaic groups, though nomadic, took possession of the lands that today are known as Ukraine, Volga Basin, middle and low Danubian Basin. Turks reinforced their position in Central Asia. The 100 BC cycle, (5 April 83 BC, Julian Calendar) saw the beginning of the epic track of Turks settling in Central Asia as the move from Mongolia, and migration induced by the construction of the Great Wall. In Europe, movements within the Roman Empire, slaves from North Africa and Middle East to Italy, from Italy to Western Europe, Western Mediterranean and Dacia (Romania). The 600 BC cycle (16 May 578 BC, Julian Calendar), Greek and Phoenician colonies all over the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Romans settle colonies throughout Peninsular Italy. The 1100 BC cycle (27 April 1073 BC, Julian Calendar), Greek colonization of the asiatic shores of the Aegean Sea (Iliad), the sea peoples all over the Mediterranean, the Etruscans arrive in Italy from Western Turkey.

Basic dynamics and dialectic among cycles In some cases, the dialectics between cycles involve a phenomenon evolving across two sequential cycles while in other cases they involve the dynamics that comprise more than two cycles, usually three. In order to make obvious the connection of issues, dynamics and events, I will mention the planetary symbolism in parenthesis. Dialectics between 1400 cycle and 1900 cycle A perfect opposition, Europe towards the World versus the World towards Europe, nationalism versus anti-nationalism (Neptune, identity), will to establish themselves (Pluto) versus sense of guilt towards the former colonies (Neptune), the will to be feared (Pluto) versus the will not to be hated (NeptunePluto) or to be forgiven for imperial past (Neptune-Pluto) or the fear of a possible vengeful will of colonized peoples (Pluto). In economics from seeking as much economic activity as possible all over the world to own and manage (greed, Pluto), to seeking as much people as possible to include in their already established economic activity (greed, Pluto), in a figure that does not differ much from the atlantic slavery trade in the former cycle. Dialectics between 900 and 1400 cycles While the 900 cycle established a tendency for stability and sedentarity (Neptune) in opposition to the nomadic warlike tribes from the Steppe and the Viking raids (Pluto), the 1400 cycle will mainly develop around the idea of mobility, empires far from home, settlements in unknown lands or in other hemispheres, pioneering (Pluto). While in the 900 cycle conflict emerged around the legitimate heir to the Roman Empire (Neptune-Pluto), the 1400 cycle will turn this process upside down, as European (formerly) marginal states realize that their economic and military superiority allows them to become the authority they were looking for in old formulas and from then on, these states will drive the world to accept Europe as Establishment, as Acropolis, as the one having the right to censorship (NeptunePluto).


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Dialectics between 400 and 900 cycles. The first cycle starts with barbarian invasions that interrupt a long period of growing stability (Neptune), which will be definitively regained just at the beginning of the following cycle, when Otto of Saxony establishes the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (Neptune), which will allow later to the establishment of Petrine Primacy thus shaping the outstanding figures of the Middle Ages, like a Medieval Acropolis: the Pope and the Emperor. Later on, the states left out of the "Medieval Acropolis" will give birth to the National State, forming a map of middle-sized stable powers that will later overcome in importance the Old Empire, forming centralized state organizations. Dialectics between 100BC and 400AD. Rome unifies the whole mediterranean area joining many middle sized stable kingdoms as well as some unstable tribal areas (Neptune-Pluto) in one state (Neptune), while in the later cycle barbarian invasions will repeat the issue of tribalism (Pluto) and fragmentation (Neptune). Dialectics between 600BC and 100BC. Persia and Greece, dominant powers of the first cycle, will establish empires by conquering already civilized areas and keeping the former administrative structure, whereas, Rome besides occupying large already civilized areas, will intergrate more tribal areas and will reorganize administration in each province. Dialectics between 1100BC and 600BC. The first cycle starts with the fall of the Hittites' Empire, the first indo-european state in Middle East, and will consist of the rise and fall of universal empires by Assyria and Babylon, led by a deified emperor, the ruling model of Sargon of Akkad. The second cycle starts with the return of an indoeuropean power, Persia, building a universal empire led by a deified monarch while Greek and Etruscan will set their political form in City-State as Sumerians used to do.

Recurring Issues Three cycles (1100BC, 600BC and 100BC) witness a universalist tendency in politics that led to the establishment of the Universal Empire. It seems that it all started after the Sea Peoples raided and destroyed all main kingdoms and empires of old Eastern Mediterranean, a clearly plutonian event, and a neptunian reaction: at first were the Persians, then the Greeks who extended the issue introducing Universal Culture, using Greek as language of commerce, translating all previous knowledge in Greek available in libraries, and reorganizing the knowledge into logical and coherent systems, and finally the Romans, who added Universal Religion in the times of Constantine, Christianity, exactly in order to contrast the increasing centrifugal tendencies. The three following cycles 400AD, 800AD and 1400AD show an opposite tendency of particularism and division: in 400AD the Roman Empire splits into Eastern and Western, then barbarian invasions led to a puzzle of monarchies in the former Western Empire besides breaking the religious unity since barbarians were Aryans, and despite Charlemagne’s attempts to unify the area, Franks too will split into a Western and Eastern Kingdom. In 900AD the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation will allow not only the excluded France and other Western States to form the National State, but also the Roman Church to relate with a no more unified political power.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Thus, the Roman Church was able to establish the Petrine Primacy, but eventually the breach with the Orthodox Church became unrepairable and later led to the Protestant Reform. Finally, throughout the 1400 cycle, the National State gave rise to nationalism which emphasized the differences among european cultures. The mechanism seems to have started following the ural-altaic migrations which led the Huns towards Europe. Then the Turk’s settlement in Anatolia and its successful kingdoms and empires that often made trading on the Silk-Road more difficult pushed Europeans to look for technologies which might allow for trading in an alternative way. Moreover, the Hungarian migration to Central Europe favored a stronger cohesion among German Dukes. They followed their king Otto with more devotion and helped him to establish a great political entity. This entity served as a fixed point to block any invasion from the steppes and became a pivot for the development of the whole area. From 1900AD on, Universalism returns as a dominant political issue, but this time it seems to be a consequence of economic dynamics, that is Capitalism. Universalism starts in the 900AD cycle, when the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation allows some seaside towns in Northern Italy to act as if they were independent and to trade freely, especially in middle eastern and byzantine markets, where monetary economy was not destroyed unlike what happened in Western Europe after the barbarian invasions. This led to the first amass of capitals and banks. In the 1400AD cycle, geographic discoveries offered resources and markets like never before. This meant greater circulation of money and a chance to amass greater capitals. Also, the higher chances to earn from the products or raw materials of the American Continent caused the slave trade across the Atlantic to begin. The technological growth following the Scientific Revolution led to the Industrial Revolution and to an accelerated accumulation of capitals like never before: that was the official birth of modern capitalism, which from 1900AD onwards, has developed a structural mechanism where bigger economic entities devour smaller ones, leading to the system of multinational-driven economy that we all live in today. Contemporary migrations are part of this "amassing resources" process, since the economical growth overcame the natural rhythms of demography and the immigrants are meant to fill this gap.

Underground Dynamics - Fil Rouge When the Roman Empire was put on a harsh trial by barbarian invasion, it split in order to manage better the new events. The western part though was completely occupied and on its soil were born kingdoms ruled by barbarians. The Eastern Roman Empire continued to live for 1000 years more, becoming a rampart of the ancient era in a world that had changed eastwards, westwards, and even to the north. It held tight to the prerogatives of the state, of the tradition, of feeling lonely and unique, incomparable, of being made of a different matter than other kingdoms were, something holier in a mission of God.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 A few centuries after the barbarian invasions, the Franks, under Charlemagne, will succeed to rebuild a Unified Empire and Charlemagne will proclaim the Holy Roman Empire as a way to continue the Roman legacy. The Unified Empire will last a few years after his death but eventually it will become a puzzle of kingdoms. Stability will be found when two different kingdoms are proclaimed, one of Western Franks, one of Eastern Franks. They continued electing an Emperor but it was just formal, until Otto of Saxony resolved this issue by being crowned Emperor by the Pope. However, he changed the boundaries of the Empire by excluding France. From that moment on, France will follow the destiny of western european states, thus modernize, overcome feudalism, build the national state, develop a strong national identity, while Germany will keep an overall feudal asset (until Napoleon dismantles the empire), divided in a hundred of states each having a different foreign policy, different army, often in war with each other, eventually different religion (protestant, reformed, catholic). Regardless, the Emperor is always named Holy. It seems here like "the western" follows a Plutonic dynamic: thus it dies when nature decides it is time and it renews making space for new life. On the other hand, "the eastern" does not accept the idea of death, and looks for an eternalization, a divine mission on Earth, as a rampart blocking nomadic invasions, as a bridge that joins Sky and Earth, or better Eternity and Time: this might be associated to the other planet of the conjunction, Neptune, the realms where time stands still, where all that we can touch is a direct reflex of its Pure Idea, where "verbum caro facto est".

Riccardo Bosi has been working as an astrologer for the past seven years conducting private consultations. Having a background of Psychology studies and a passion for Ancient Religions and History, he was attracted to the psychological and karmic branches of Astrology but to the mundane one as well, to the extent that it relates to history and politics. In 2013, he enrolled in the astrological school of Italian Center for Astrological Disciplines (CIDA) where he was exposed to Classical Astrology, which is now a passion and part of his studies. He graduated in 2016.



The Business Card Anne Whitaker

There I was one evening in March 2017, catching up on emails. Suddenly, for no good reason that I could later discern, I took a notion to type ‘astrology business cards’ into Google. After all, my business cards have been mildly out-of date for quite some time. Several sites came up. The one three down from the top sounded professional – I didn’t fancy anything bedecked with crystal balls or similar woo-woo – so on I clicked. There it was – irresistible to both my aesthetic sense and my multiple Leo planets (all in the Twelfth House: I am NOT Mick Jagger…). A beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, Lion-rampant card, set against the deep blue background of the starry heavens. ‘That’s the one!” I thought, setting to work to customise and order it. The process took no time at all. I could not believe how straightforward it was. My 250 cards cost me $58. I knew the shipping from USA was going to be quite pricey. However, I almost fell off my chair when I saw HOW pricey the total bill was, including shipping: $192! My initial reaction was “No, Anne, that’s quite ridiculous. Forget it.” But – I just loved those cards. I was born under a dominant Jupiter/Saturn square. I do not like wasting money. There followed a big Jupiter/Saturn wrestle. (I did not know until later what the planets were doing – that chart comes up shortly – but Saturn did not on this occasion stand a chance…), “What the hell!” I said to myself, the inner wrestling match decided, “I have the money and I love those cards!” – and pressed the PAY button. My husband’s reaction was incredulity.”You paid WHAT?” (However he, too, loved those cards. Good taste, those Aquarian men…) It must be hell being married to an astrologer, even if you aren’t one yourself. There is never any escape. “What planet rules excess and extravagance?” I asked him. Quick as a flash – “Jupiter?” he replied. I whipped out my smartphone and put up a chart for the button-pressing moment about five minutes earlier. Truly, you could hardly have customised a more apt moment for this whole event. Jupiter Rising in Libra (which rules the colour blue) opposite Mars/Uranus turbo-charging rash Aries, trine and sextile a Tenth House Leo Moon with MC just moved into Leo. Retrograde Venus in Aries in the 6th House trine 10th House Leo Moon probably tallies with my return to the replacing of my business cards, something I have been needing to do for a while. Clearly, the moment was ripe…


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Adding my chart to the moment’s chart (second chart on the right) is even more graphic and apt. Jupiter rising opposite Mars/Uranus falls across my Second/Eighth House money axis, sextile and trine my natal Leo stellium and the Leo Moon of the moment’s horoscope. The moment’s MC falls in my Eleventh House, denoting the business company providing the cards, and the outreach for which the cards are intended. The moment’s Part of Fortune (not shown in the above bi-wheel) falls at 25 Taurus, conjunct my MC/North Node, in the Ninth House of which foreign connections and PR are two branches. There are many other relevant connections, which I shall leave for my readers to comment on if they see them! My horoscopic pondering was interrupted by my husband’s question: “When you chose your Delivery option, you didn’t by any chance select Express?” Light dawned in my by now rather frazzled brain. I remembered the option had been set at Express delivery. I had not changed it. “What a twit!” quoth the Aquarian. Now, I have gone a long way in life by taking the view, ALWAYS, that I have a right to ask for anything in a civil manner, and the other party has an equal right to refuse (in similar vein, hopefully). I looked at the Cards Purchase chart, thought, “Some kind and magnanimous lady in that business company looks predisposed to be kind to me”, and dashed off an extremely nice email, explaining what I had done, claiming full responsibility, and asking if my shipping option could be changed from Express to the ordinary version. I also complimented them on their lovely cards, and on the ease with which the whole process had been accomplished. Then I went to bed. The next morning, I found an email from a charming lady called Tiffany from the business card company to inform me that they had indeed changed my shipping option – and refunded $80 dollars. The Card Purchase chart’s 10th House Leo Moon, conjunct my natal Venus (MC ruler) applying sextile to Jupiter rising, had indeed delivered magnanimity… The story I have just told you, which I hope you will enjoy, especially the laugh at my expense (literally!), illustrates very clearly for me why astrology never ceases to astonish, affirm and delight. No matter what happens, astrology’s symbols are always there, ready to comment. We only have to ask…

Anne Whitaker lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. She has a long background in adult education, generic and psychiatric social work, and private practice as a counsellor, counselling supervisor, and mentor. She has been an astrologer, teacher, and writer since 1983. Anne studied with Liz Greene and the late Charles Harvey at the Centre for Psychological Astrology during the 1990s, obtaining their Diploma in 1998. Her first print book, “Jupiter Meets Uranus” was published by the AFA in 2009. Anne writes at where her two free research studiescan be downloaded and other eBooks purchased. She has bi-monthly columns in the UK’s Astrological Journal and in USA’s Dell Horoscope magazine, as well as writing and reviewing for The Mountain Astrologer Magazine. She is available for astrological consultations, mentoring and tuition both in person (Glasgow, Scotland, UK) and via skype. Contact: email: info@ and via Facebook and Twitt



The Progressed New Moon Wendy Stacey this article has first appeared in the Astrological Journal

There is something to be said about the secondary progression of the Sun and the Moon, particularly as they arrive at a new Moon position. Next to major outer planetary transits, this point in time often marks major life cycles in one life. Just before our Saturn return we experience our lunar return which is when our secondary progressed Moon arrives back to the degree in our natal chart. This symbolises an evolution in our emotional journey through life. It will describe how we absorb and react to our environment. The progressed Moon moves much faster than other planets by progression, moving at around one degree per month, two and a half years through each sign, taking approximately 27 years to do a complete cycle known as the lunar return. The progressed Sun moves much slower and takes approximately one year to move one degree through the horoscope and will therefore stay in a sign for around 30 years. The progressed Sun is about our life’s purpose, our focus in life and shows how and where we master ourselves and the sign, house and aspects to the progressed Sun describe our internal journey in understanding who we are. Progressions move slowly in the chart and are calculated by each day after the birth representing one year of life. Thus, 20 days after the birth date will correlate by secondary progression to the 20 th year of life (although adjustments are required for the time of birth). The progressed New Moon can occur at any time in one’s life before the age of 29 and the timing of this is dependent on the lunar phase in the natal chart. As the Moon moves one degree around the horoscope a month and the Sun moves at one degree per year, the progressed Moon will travel over the natal Sun and then meet with the progressed Sun by conjunction. After the first progressed lunar phase, the progressed New Moon will continue approximately every 29 ½ years thereafter. These periods describe a symbolic new phase in one’s life. As we know with progressions as opposed to transits, they are more internal, individual and involve something of a very personal nature.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Transits are external and have an effect on the collective. The conjunction represents a new start, a new cycle and where one has a change of heart and a change of feeling which is usually arrived at by a culmination of experience and circumstances personal to the individual. The progressed Moon journey describes our relationship with our mother, food and our home, the continued unfolding of life’s conditioning and where we are emotionally comfortable (or not), where we are connected and to whom and explains what makes us feel secure. Costello best describes the progressed Moon by saying that this cycle reveals the unfolding story of your emotional development. The progressed Moon draws you onward, yet always returns you to your roots. It becomes a mirror in which you are invited to reflect on the nature of your own journey, as lived through your emotional responses to other people, but also to life itself.i The progressed Sun on its travel by progression tells us how we grow as an individual, where we are confident in expressing ourselves, how we are vibrant and where the course of our life’s purpose is taking us. The progressed Sun highlights where we have energy and are creative and where we find our ultimate source of life. Together these lights represent the spirit and the soul of the chart, and when they conjoin by progression major personal shifts occur. When the progressed new Moon occurs in our horoscope, like a transiting new Moon, there is a new beginning, a fresh cycle which will extend for another twenty-nine years. This is a time to plant seeds and change direction in our lives. Like a new day, the dawn of a new beginning is fresh, naive but bursting with possibilities and the unknown. The Sun and Moon also represent the father and mother in the horoscope and these principles are evident in the progressed new Moon as it depicts maturity, a culmination of experience that we bring to a new phase in life. It shows the identification with the ‘self’ as our own authority and our independence in the ability to make changes and the most of opportunities in our journey through life. Of course, the progressed Sun and Moon will make several aspects to each other and to planets in the natal chart, as well as to transiting planets, through their twenty-nine year cycle. Every seven or eight years these lights will make either a square or opposition to each other, which represent markers in the progressed cycle. The signs and houses that the luminaries occupy at these junctions add to the unfolding of the story and show the crossroads and possibilites we are faced with along the way.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Below are two famous characters and their experiences during their progressed new Moon

Queen Elizabeth II Here is the natal chart of Queen Elizabeth II (inner wheel), the date of her first progressed new Moon on 10 March 1947 (middle wheel) and the transits on the same day (outer wheel).

What is so interesting about this progressed new Moon for the Queen (who was still a princess at the time) was that this was the year that she married (the prince to be) Philip, which was the beginning of a whole new cycle for her. The marriage took place on 20 November 1947, months after the exact Sun-Moon conjunction. The progressed new Moon occurred on 10 March 1947 at 20 degrees of Taurus. Although the marriage occurred much later in the year, the pair had met the previous summer and it was required that Prince Philip convert from a Greek Orthodox to an Anglican and have British naturalisation, which he was successful in doing on 18 March 1947, one week after the exact new Moon and symbolic of the promise of marriage to be. The progressed Moon is in Taurus in the third house - this house perhaps describes the relationship, which grew and was sealed through written correspondence. The progressed new Moon represents a new beginning of putting one’s roots down, feeling stabilised and an introduction to a new sense of security. The relationship may have been fraught at the time, and there were undoubtedly mixed feelings, as the progressed new Moon here is complicated by several other aspects to the natal chart. Usually a onedegree orb is used for progressions, but for a new Moon we would extend this further, particularly if so many aspects are triggering it and if it is an approaching aspect (where the Sun and Moon are yet to become exact with the other aspects). The new Moon is widely opposed to her natal Saturn and is


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 close to her natal IC and opposing her MC. This marriage carried with it a sense of duty, possibly bestowed by her parents, but also with Saturn comes glue and permanency and history has proved this evident. The Taurus – Saturn – MC speaks of a practical marriage, perhaps one that represents stability and solidarity and wishes to promote the sanctity and institution of marriage which seeks to lead by example. This opposition becomes more complex as it is involved in a grand cross – the new Moon and Saturn are square to natal Mars at 20 degrees Aquarius conjunct Jupiter at 22 degrees Aquarius and Neptune at 22 degrees Leo. These aspects would show some conflict with others, but with such fixity within the aspects as well as transiting Jupiter on the natal MC and the progressed Ascendant only 14 minutes from the progressed Jupiter (both aspecting the new Moon), there would be a silver lining to an otherwise fraught situation, and in Taurus the outcome would be long-lasting and unwavering. In February of 1992, Queen Elizabeth experienced a progressed full Moon with her Moon at three degrees of Capricorn in the twelfth house opposing her progressed Sun in Cancer in the sixth house. This also picked up her natal Mercury at four degrees of Aries in her second house, making a T-Square with Mercury as the apex. In a speech in November that year, the Queen stated that 1992 was her most annus horribilis (horrible year).ii The progressed full Moon is when situations are culminated or elevated. Many astrologers view the progressed full Moon as fruition but it is also about tension and bringing matters to a head. As an opposition it will bring some confrontation, conflict and will involve other people. Within one month of this opposition, the public announcement was made that her son, Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah Ferguson were separating. Within another month, her daughter Princess Anne divorced Mark Phillips. There was speculation that her eldest son, Prince Charles’s marriage with Princess Diana was also in trouble. This opposition in Capricorn and Cancer is about duty and family and in the twelfth and sixth house about service and sacrifice. Undoubtedly she was unsettled and perhaps embarrassed by this. Later in the year the Royal family came under much criticism from the public and media and this is perhaps shown by Mercury as the apex. Residing in the second house, the royal finances also came under the spotlight with Prime Minister John Major (who has Sun, Mercury and Mars in early Aries) requesting the royal family to pay income tax. Natal Mercury is in Aries with a close progressed Mars less than three degrees away and although other transits were at play here (transiting Pluto approaching the MC and Uranus and Neptune approaching the Ascendant) the progressed lunar configuration perhaps describes her personal feelings of anger and sorrow felt throughout the year and which sadly ended with the significant fire of Windsor Castle, the home she shares with the public.



Linda Goodman Another example of a progressed New Moon is with the late famous astrologer Linda Goodman. Below is the natal chart for Goodman (inner wheel), the progressed new Moon chart (middle wheel) and the transits that were occurring at the time (outer wheel). Before embarking on an astrological career, Linda Goodman was a writer and radio presenter. She was known for hosting a radio show during World War 2 called Love Letters from Linda where she would read letters between the soldiers posted abroad and their significant other at home. Goodman was born just hours after a full Moon and has her Sun in Aries (in the twelfth house) conjunct her Ascendant and her Moon in Libra (in the seventh house) on the Descendant. This astrological configuration suitably describes the public persona of broadcasting (Ascendant) the private (twelfth house) affections between loved ones at home (Moon in Libra conjunct the Descendant) with those who are at war (Sun in Aries). She provided a public (Ascendant) bridge (opposition) for these people in hard times. What is remarkable about Linda Goodman’s second progressed New Moon in June 1968 at one-degree degree of Gemini is when the book her book, Sun Signs was released and reached great heights. The one-degree Gemini progressed New Moon made astrology accessible to the general public in a way that had never been done before and pole-vaulted Goodman’s career as an international writer and astrologer. The progressed new Moon in Gemini is comfortable for Goodman with her natal Moon also being in an air sign. Gemini is about communication and writing and here Goodman conversed with others, her own personal message. Goodman also had transiting Saturn crossing her natal Ascendant at this time and perhaps with the progressed new Moon in the second house depicts the financial success of the book and by being the first astrology publication to ever reach the New York Times Bestseller List. It also paved the way for Goodman to receive substantial advances for future books. These are just brief examples of the progressed new Moon and the new beginnings that they bring with them - beginnings which illustrate the theme for the next twenty-nine years. The progressed new Moon tells the story of the cycle which is about to start a new journey and the promise that it holds.



References Costello, Darby (1996) The Astrological Moon, London, CPA Press || Dobyns, Zipporah Pottenger (1975) Progressions, Directions and Rectification, T.I.A Pulbications || Freeman, Martin (1983) Forecasting by Astrology: A Comprehensive Manual of Interpretation and Technique, Northamptonshire, The Aquarian Press || Pessin, Dietrech (2009) Lunar Shadows: The Predictive Power of Moon Phases and Eclipses, Tuscan, Igloo Press.

Chart information The chart information for the individuals listed below has been taken from Clifford, Frank (2009) The Astrologer’s Book of Charts, London, Flare Publications.

Wendy Stacey, B.A, M.A, Dip LSA is the principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology and tutor for the London School of Astrology. She is the Chairperson for the Astrological Association (since 2002), has written over 50 articles for students in the Astrological Journal and lectures globally on psychological, mundane, research and financial astrology. She is the author of books Consulting with Astrology (2012), Uranus Square Pluto (2012, The Houses by Element (2016), Astrology and Relationships (2016) and contributed to The New Generation (2012) and The Professional Astrologer (2016). In 2014, Wendy was the recipient of the UK’s Charles Harvey award for ‘Exception Service to Astrology’. Her website is and she can be contacted at



Moon Swings: The Lunar Standstill Cycle Linea Van Horn

Callanish Standing Stones on Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

Our companion the Moon has a wonderful, little-known but highly visible cycle which anyone can watch unfold over the next several years. I speak of the “Standstill Cycle of the Moon,” a pattern of lunar visibility which dramatically affects where Luna rises and sets, bringing highly unusual event locations when it reaches its extremes. The last occurrence was in 2006. The next event, called a Major Standstill, arrives in 2025. If that sounds far away, trust me when I say it will pass in the proverbial blink of an eye! And fortified with the knowledge you are about to gain, you will observe the Moon with new eyes, knowing exactly what to look for as the Moon’s swings become ever wider. The Standstill Cycle may be news in the modern era, but our ancient sky-watching ancestors grasped it thoroughly. In fact, they found it important enough to build stone monuments to mark the precise locations where these extreme risings and settings of the Moon took place. Dozens of such sites still exist, and who knows how many that are now extinct or unrecognized. They did not go to all this trouble for no reason.

Declination – Why Should You Care? One of the most important considerations of visual planetary work is where on the horizon a planet is rising or setting. This is a function of declination, and if your eyes just glazed over like donuts, please come back. Truly, it’s simple. Declination is a measurement that occurs north and south of the equator. If you imagine a globe, it is equivalent to extending lines of latitude out into space. Declination determines where a planet will rise and set, and how high it will get in the sky. Any time you have seen a sunrise or sunset, or watched the Moon or any other planet rise or set, you were having an experience in declination, and you didn’t even know!

Declination is lines of geographic latitude extended into space



Declination measures where a planet will rise and set, and how high it will climb

The visual part of declination is easiest understand when considering the Sun’s solstices. You will have observed personally that the Sun rises at a different place on your horizon in June than it does in December, and shines through different windows during the course of the day. This is declination in action. The following diagram shows the Sun’s changes in declination over the course of a year. At the Equinoxes, which occur in March and September, the Sun’s declination is 0. In December, it’s at its maximum (23.25 degrees) south declination. It changes direction and heads towards the June solstice where the solar declination is 23.25 North.

From our perspective on earth, the solar year looks like this


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 In December, the Sun will rise and set far south, and stay low in the sky, creating short days here in the Northern Hemisphere where I live. The farther north a planet rises and sets, the higher it will culminate (opposite in the Southern Hemisphere; southerly planets have higher culmination). The word “solstice” actually means “Sun standing” (“Sol” = Sun; “stit”= to make stand) and is the place where the Sun literally does pause and change direction at the apex months of December and June. (See Figure 4). The solstices mark the maximum points on your local horizon where the Sun will rise and set. In December, it’s at its furthest south. In June, it rises and sets furthest north. If you are at the equator, the difference of the two solstice sunrise points along your visible horizon is less than 50 degrees (only about 1/8 of the entire 360-degree horizon). But the further away from the equator one is the more extreme the distance between these rising points. Declination and Zodiac Relationship from KT Bohrer's Book

Finally, above latitudes of about 60 degrees North and South, the Sun refuses to rise or set at all for weeks at a time. What a world we live on! Another fun declination fact is that no matter where you are on the planet, twice a year, the Sun will rise due east and set due west. This occurs on the Equinoxes. Sunrise and sunset on these days are the easiest times to directly mark the cardinal directions on your personal horizon view. You might have already deduced that there’s a direct relationship between declination and the zodiac. After all, the ecliptic (path of the Sun) crosses the equator (0 degrees of declination) twice a year – when the Sun is either 0 degrees of Aries or Libra. In fact, the very definition of the equinox is when the Sun crosses the equator! At the June solstice, the Sun is at 0 degrees of Cancer, and at the December solstice, it’s at 0 degrees of Capricorn, and these turning points are as far away from the equator/0 degrees of declination as can be. This is the foundation and the legitimacy of the tropical zodiac. It’s easy to understand that Cancer and Capricorn are far apart in the sky, and you have the Sun to help you identify where they are on your personal horizon. Understanding this simple fact is the key to observation of the grand unfolding of the Major Standstill.



Learning from the Moon The Moon is our Teacher. While the apparent habits of the Sun (actually, the Earth) are extremely regular and consistent, the Moon is much more difficult to understand and even harder to predict. Its monthly phases are apparent and influential: indeed the Moon in the first marker of time. Because she is fastest in motion, and has the most visible variability of any planet, many principles of sky watching and of astrology in general are telescoped into understanding by watching the Moon. The Sun, Moon (and in fact all the planets, but that’s beyond the scope of this article!) have a similar wavelike pattern of rising and setting points along the horizon (see Figure 5). This wave is measured in declination which is hinged to the zodiac. However, the Moon differs in some important ways! The first difference is that the Moon swings much more rapidly than the Sun! It takes Old Sol six full months between turnarounds, a downright sluggish pace when compared with the Moon, who takes only two weeks! Check it out:

Top row shows transit Moon declination; Bottom row shows transit Sun declination

Consider again: Between one turnaround point to the next, the Moon moves in fourteen days as much as the Sun does in six months. The turnaround points always happen at 0 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. In December, as it approaches the solstice point, the Sun is at its furthest south. We’re told it hangs out there “for three days,” but in fact if you examine a declination ephemeris, you’ll see it stays at the same degree of declination for a full three weeks! It rises at exactly the same point on the horizon, not changing in declination, even as it continues to move through the zodiac. (That’s because it’s really the earth, not the Sun that is moving!) The solstice occurs right in the middle of this threeweek period. So at its southernmost position, the Sun is in Sagittarius and Capricorn. AND SO IS THE MOON and all the planets! Check both things out in this declination ephemeris for December 2017 on the next page. The Sun is at 23 degrees south of declination from December 11 – 31. Right in the middle is the solstice on the 22nd. Then check out the Moon: its maximum declination this month is 20 degrees south and this occurs on December 19th. Checking in the left table, we see that the Moon is in Capricorn on that day. This particular month, the New Moon in Capricorn is happening very near the solstice. It isn’t always this way, though. The Moon’s phases operate independently from the seasonal cycle, although they do interact in a predictable manner. Think of this: When full, the Moon is opposite to the Sun not only in zodiacal longitude but also in declination. This means that when the Sun rises and sets at its northernmost and achieves its greatest altitude near the summer solstice, the full Moon rises far south and rides low in the sky.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 In the winter, when the Sun rises and sets far south, the full Moon is high in the sky, as well as rising and setting at its northernmost point. Every month when the Moon is in Sagittarius and Capricorn, it will be in your southern sky, more or less near to the path the Sun follows in December. Two weeks later, when the Moon transits Gemini and Cancer, it will be considerably further north and much higher in the sky, close to the Sun’s June path. This is true no matter what phase the Moon is in, so you already have it within your reach to really grasp this visual principal by seeking out the Moon in the sky when it transits these four signs. Except for the new moon, the Moon will be visible in the sky at some point in the day or night!

Amplitude In addition to speed, another way that the Moon’s declination cycle deviates from that of the Sun is in what we might call “amplitude.” While the solstice points of the Sun are consistent, the Moon’s pattern is more like a tide going in and out. When traced out on a graph, the swings are clear. The declination scheme seen below is easy to understand: Across the top, time units are designated. Down the left, the decrees of declination are marked at 5-degree intervals north and south. 0 degrees is right in the middle. The graph only goes up to 30 degrees (in both directions) because nothing we use extends beyond this boundary. Observe 3 years of the Sun’s declination swings (Figure 9). Each peak is located at 23.25 degrees North or South. The Sun’s extreme declination varies only a tiny bit over long periods of time, so it can be considered very stable. The points occur every six months, and each year contains a north and south point. And where do these peaks occur? All together now: The Solstices! Cancer (North) and Capricorn (South)!



Sun's declination swings for three years

Unlike the Sun, there is dramatic variability in the Moon’s waves. There are years at a time when it never reaches the Sun’s turnaround point, having what we might call “low amplitude.” Here’s a graph of the Moon’s declination for 90 days starting Sept. 10, 2015. Notice that the maximum declination maxes out at just over 18 degrees. Remember, the Sun achieves 23.25 degrees – an addition five degrees! This may not seem like much, but when extended outward onto your horizon or into the sky, it’s quite a bit of real estate.

Moon's declination for 90 days Sept 10 2015


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 At other times, things are different. Here are the Moon’s swings in declination for 90 days starting June 15, 2006. Notice how extreme the swings are! Now this is “high amplitude!”

Moon's declination for 90 days July 1, 2006

The two extremes are called the Minor and the Major Standstill. They are connected to the Nodes of the Moon. It’s quite simple, really. We have the Major Standstill when the North Node is in Aries. The swings are at their widest, over 29 degrees of declination – the furthest of any planet! When the North Node transits through Libra, we have the Minor Standstill, and the swings have their smallest amplitude, reaching just over 18 degrees of declination. When projected out onto the horizon, this phenomenon produces huge variations in the locations of Moon risings and settings, and how high the Moon gets in the sky. It was these visual extremes that our forebears acknowledged with their stone monuments. To get a better understanding, let’s start again with the Sun. A photographic technique called a solargraph will help tremendously. In this technique, a camera is anchored and programmed to capture regularly timed images of the Sun’s daily motion over a period of at least six months. Here’s one from the Netherlands by Jip Lambermont1. Each line records the Sun’s motion for one day. The bottom line shows the December Solstice. Note the low profile in the sky, and location of rising and setting points. Six months later is the June Solstice is represented by the top line: notice how far the Sun’s rising and setting points have moved (in fact they’re off the graph) and how high the Sun climbs in the sky. This is a photographic representation of the principles of declination. You can see how dramatically different is the Sun’s path between June (Cancer) and December (Capricorn).


For more information on his fascinating solargraphs visit



Solargraph 2012/12/21 - 2013/06/21, door Jip Lambermont There are no similar photographic records of the Lunar Standstill process; it would be impossible. Still, it’s possible to visualize the difference between the Minor and the Major Standstill. The following diagram is complex but informative. Put yourself in the middle and check out the following: First locate the Solstice sunrises and sunsets. These rising and setting points are consistent, year in and year out. Now locate the “minor standstill” moonrise and moonsets (the inner curved dotted line). Notice that the rising and setting points never reach the Sun’s turnaround points – in fact, they fall several degrees short. The swings of the moon (which remember takes only two weeks, from one turnaround point to the next) are not dramatic and produce very sedate lunar changes from day to day.

Comparing Major and Minor Standstills


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Now locate the “major standstill” moonrise and moonsets, shown by the outer curved dotted lines. Notice how much more distance is covered between respective Moonrises at the Major Standstill than at the Minor Standstill. Remember that the time lapse between the Northern Moonset and the Southern Moonset is only two weeks. During these times, the daily difference in the location of the Moon is remarkable. On your visible horizon, it makes an astounding difference in where you see the Moon from one day to the next. Here’s another way to look at it: In the figure on the left you can see the stability of the Solar Solstice sunrises and sunsets. You can also determine that in some years (1993 – 2000) the moonrises Variations in Lunar risings and settings and moonsets never reached the point where the solstice Sun rises and sets. Other years (2001 – 2011), moonrises and moonsets occur far outside the parameters of the solstice sunrises and sunsets. This diagram of the variations of risings and settings as seen along the horizon is very informative, bringing the whole concept down to earth:

Risings and Settings along the horizon Where are we now in this process? Well – the North Node is just entering Leo as I write these words. So we are moving from a Minor Standstill (N.N. in Libra) towards a Major Standstill (N.N. in Aries), since the nodes move backwards. So we are currently shifting from a smaller, more sedate swing to the wider dramatic swings that will peak in 2025. That’s the point of this article and why it’s worthwhile to start watching it unfold now. When the Moon starts showing up in freakish places, you’re going to really appreciate what you’re seeing.



The Technical Stuff - Why does this happen? We know that the earth is tilted with respect to its orbit around the Sun. That’s why we have seasons, the tropical zodiac and a host of other peculiarities. Just as the earth's axis is tilted to its orbit by 23.5 degrees, the Moon's orbit is tilted 5.2 degrees to the orbit of the earth (see diagram). Other perturbations can account for an additional .7 degrees variation, so the Moon's declination can differ from the Sun's by almost 6 degrees. This means that the Moon can achieve more than 29 degrees of declination (23.5 + 6), far more than any other planet. But it rarely does so! Only in the years surrounding the Major Standstill, and only when the Moon is transiting Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius or Capricorn will it reach this extreme. Tilt of ecliptic and of Moon's orbit

Let’s review The Major Standstill: The Moon reaches its most maximum declination of 29 degrees N and S when in the appropriate signs. Since it takes 14 days between the maximum northern and southern points, the Moon's daily changes in position are quite dramatic at this time. It will reach its maximum declination for 2 - 5 days twice a month for about 3 years around the time of the major standstill. Once or twice it will reach its very maximum declination, and this is set off by eclipses. It will rise and set noticeably more north and south than usual, and will attain its greatest height (north) and lowest position (south) in the sky. In fact, at in far north latitudes, the Moon is circumpolar at the major standstill. The greatest declination occurs when the moon's nodes are at O degrees of Aries. Major Standstill Dates from 1900 – 2050 are: • • • • • • • •

1913 1931 1950 1969 1987 2006 2025 2043


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The Minor Standstill. Nine years later, the Moon reaches its minor standstill. It follows exactly the same monthly motion pattern, however now it only reaches a maximum of 18 degrees declination for the 3 year period when the nodes reach O degrees Libra. Its monthly and daily swings are far less dramatic. It must be stressed that the Minor Standstill is not very noticeable or visually interesting except as a way to compare the more extreme swings. The Minor Standstill dates are 1941, 1959, 1978, 1997, 2015, 2034 and 2052. The years in between, the Moon reaches ever increasing or decreasing monthly declinations as it moves between one standstill and the next. The most recent Minor Standstill was 2015. In June 2020, the Moon’s declination will finally reach the Sun’s maximum 23.25 degrees. After that, the Moon will begin to move beyond the Sun’s declination; a position called “Out of Bounds.2” We are moving towards a Major Standstill in 2025. Major standstills affect tides and weather conditions and probably other lunar related phenomenon such as birth rates, public reaction, real estate and the stock market (more volatile during Major Standstill) as well as the economy. Since the Moon repeatedly goes OOB, there may be an overly zealous public response. The further OOB, the stronger the response. There is a maverick quality. Reactions and perceptions are extreme and not as controlled. The environment is not very stable. At Minor Standstills, reaction is more controlled and action is taken.

What You’re Watching For As I’ve repeatedly said, it’s really easy to observe what’s about to happen. Here’s how to do it: • • • • • • • • • •

Just like the Sun, the Moon will “turn around” when it enters either Cancer or Capricorn Pay attention to your astrological calendar for the Moon either in: – Gemini or Cancer – Sagittarius or Capricorn Go out and look for it! Except for the 3 dark days of the month, the Moon will be visible, very often in the daytime Look again in two weeks when Moon is in the opposite signs Notice the difference between the north and south extremes Observe the amount of “swing” or distance between the two ends Over the next 9 years, these “swings” will gradually increase You become very familiar with your local sky with consistent viewing With your Moon watching experience, you’ll be able to appreciate the unfolding of the Major Standstill before your very eyes!

My aspiration in writing this article is to encourage all astrologers to have an intimate relationship with the sky. It’s all about bringing heaven down to earth. We have in our immediate future a wonderful opportunity to engage in a marvelous unfolding of the Standstill Cycle of the Moon. It thrilled our ancestors. Let us, as the guardians of this body of knowledge, once again grasp the profound wonder of participating in it.

Out of Bounds is a fascinating topic beyond the scope of this article. Karen Christino and Stephen Forrest have done excellent work on interpreting out of bounds Moon. Tony Howard specializes in out of bounds Mercury, Venus and Mars. 2



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More information on solargraphs: More information on the Standstill Cycle: Astrid Fallon’s excellent site: More information on archeoastronomy and ancient sites: Information on Callanish:

Linea Van Horn, C.A., NCGR, is the Astrologer at Large. Linea is Founder and President Emerita of the San Francisco Astrological Society (1992-2014) and has served on three NCGR boards, including the Board of Examiners. Formerly employed in the astrology Internet industry, Linea is a respected teacher, published author, and popular, lively presenter. She now devotes herself to client work, teaching, writing, and community building in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit her at Member of AFAN, ISAR and OPA. Email Linea:



Chuck Berry: Reelin’ and Rockin’ Alan Annand

Like Pablo Picasso, Stephen King and several others, Chuck Berry is proof positive that having three debilitated planets in your birth chart is no impediment to reaching the top of your game. But America’s iconic rock ‘n’ roll pioneer was frequently in trouble, and we can only credit his chart – not his parents or his upbringing – for the cantankerous character he ultimately became. His father was deacon of a Baptist church, his mother a highschool principal. Chuck Berry was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, at 06h59 on October 18, 1926. (Birth data courtesy of Astrodatabank.) Note first that Berry had Ruchaka Yoga, courtesy of a double-strength (own sign and retrograde) Mars in his 7th house. This defining astrological characteristic fueled his persona both onstage and off, including his run-ins with the law, his aggressive guitar licks, the swaggering stage moves, and the modern lyrics that reflected the restless passion of teenage America embracing adventure and rebellion. Chuck Berry had an ego that he wore on his sleeve. In the kendras are both kshatriya planets – the Sun and Mars – always ready for a rumble. But the Sun is debilitated in the ascendant, and aggravated by that powerful Mars. Chuck Berry was not a team player – he was the perpetual star of his own road show, and his whole life confirmed it. While still in highshool, he robbed three cars at gunpoint and was sent to reform school to finish his education. Years later, he was arrested under the Mann Act, transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes, and went to prison for three years. Age didn’t mellow him. In his fifties he was charged with assault and battery against one of his own backup singers. Even Keith Richards got punched in the face one night when he tried to intercept Berry backstage as he was leaving a gig with a guitar case stuffed full of cash.



Berry married at age 22 and remarkably, despite multiple infidelities, stayed married to the same woman for 68 years until his death. In the early days, he worked in an automobile assembly plant, and later trained to be a beautician. But music was always his driving passion. He formed a band while he was in reform school, and the warden even let them out to play some gigs. He took lessons to become a better guitar player, fused the blues with country western music, and became known in his area as a “black hillbilly” for his brand of music. Although Berry was a competent musician and a lively performer, it was his songwriting that ultimately earned him a place in America’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. With both Mercury and Jupiter in the kendras, and Budhaditya Yoga in the ascendant, he had a remarkable way with lyrics, and captured the spirit of a young America on the cusp of social and sexual revolution. He had one of those relatively rare yogas – Mahabhagya, found in only 3% of the population – that can be thought of as representing a male archetype. He was a man born during the day, with his ascendant, Sun and Moon all in positive signs. He had balls, and he wasn’t shy about flaunting them – in his numerous sexual affairs, his bellicose manner, and his swaggering stage presence. Every one of his debilitated planets enjoyed some sort of relief. Before itemizing those details, let’s review the rules for Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. A debilitated planet is relieved if: 

it is aspected by its dispositor,

its dispositor is angular,

the lord of its exaltation sign is in a kendra, or

the planet that would be exalted in its debilitation sign is angular.

However, keep in mind that one or two of these conditions constitutes only a weak form of compensation, like a broken-legged man being given a crutch. True Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga status is typically reserved for situations where the debilitated planet enjoys three or four means of relief.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 His debilitated Sun is rescued by that powerful Mars in the 7th, which qualifies because it’s the lord of the Sun’s exaltation sign. His debilitated Jupiter is relieved by the aspect of its dispositor Saturn, and by the angularity of Mars which would be exalted in Capricorn. And his debilitated Venus is relieved because its dispositor Mercury is in a kendra. But of these three debilitated planets, the Sun and Venus are barely relieved, which was reflected in the fact that Berry had both an unchecked ego and a messy love life. His Jupiter, however, enjoys at least moderate relief, thanks mostly to the compensation from his powerful Mars. As lord of the 3rd and 6th houses, Jupiter delivers artistic prowess, showmanship and a competitive spirit. Its residency in the 4th seemed to have played out in a relatively happy and comfortable retirement. The other significant and life-defining pattern in Chuck Berry’s chart is the Parivartana Yoga between lagnesh Venus in the 12th house, exchanging signs with 12th lord Mercury in the lagna. Primary among its meanings are pleasures of the bed, addictions, institutionalization, and loss of face or money. As mentioned earlier, he indulged in many sexual affairs, including one with a 14-year-old waitress, which landed him in prison. In his fifties, drug enforcement agents raided his house and found drugs and guns, but also videotapes from the women’s washroom of a restaurant he owned. The resulting class action lawsuit filed by 59 women cost him a settlement of $1.2 million plus legal fees. With lagnesh Venus debilitated in the 12th house, its periods were almost universally problematic for him – either putting him behind bars or costing him a bundle. His brief string of armed car robberies sent him to reform school when he was running Saturn dasha, Venus bhukti. When his next Venus bhukti came around 18 years later during Mercury dasha, this activated his Dainya (unfortunate) Parivartana Yoga. Caught transporting a minor across state lines for sexual purposes, he went to prison for three years. During Venus dasha, Rahu bhukti, he had a whole string of trouble – charged with assault and battery, arrested for drug possession, taken to court in a class action suit that cost him a fortune. In its bhukti, Rahu in the 9th spells some legal problems on its own, but its occupation of Gemini also invoked Mercury’s participation in his Parivartana Yoga, and the troubles piled on. But Mercury also had its virtues. Aside from Budhaditya Yoga, Mercury also formed Raja Yoga with his powerful Mars, and Dhana Yogas with both his Sun and Mars. Although his initial success occurred in Saturn-Jupiter, it was his Mercury dasha in the late 1950s and early 1960s that cemented his place in American music. He had a whole string of hits in this period – Roll Over Beethoven, Rock and Roll Music, Sweet Little Sixteen, Johnny B. Goode, Back in the USA, Nadine – that sold millions of records and made Chuck Berry a rich man.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 Although his Ruchaka Yoga was the powerhouse that drove his persona and career, so too was his Mars a malefic with greater-than-normal power to harm. As both lord of the 2nd house and occupant of the 7th, Mars is a full-fledged maraka. In esoteric terms, a maraka planet first spells death of the spiritual Self, through pursuit of money (the 2nd) and sex (the 7th). From there, its interpretation generalizes to suggest the death of all things, including the physical self. Chuck Berry died in Mars dasha, Mars bhukti. Further note that Mars in its periods will also fulfill the mandate of its nakshatra lord Venus, debilitated lagnesh in the 12th, signifying losses and endings of every kind… Berry contributed three things to rock music: an irresistible swagger, a focus on guitar riffs as primary melodic elements, and an emphasis on songwriting as storytelling. Less well known is the fact that his Johnny B. Goode was the only rock-and-roll song included in the Golden Record collection sent out on the Voyager space missions of 1977. Chosen as a form of cultural message-in-abottle, these were intended for any intelligent extra-terrestrial life that may discover them, centuries or millennia from now. Someday in the distant future, aliens too may be singing, “Hail, hail, rock ‘n’ roll!”

Alan Annand is a graduate of the American College of Vedic Astrology and a former tutor for the British Faculty of Astrological Studies. His book Stellar Astrology offers a compilation of techniques, in-depth celebrity profiles, and analysis of world events through the perspective of Vedic astrology. Parivartana Yoga is a reference text for one of the most common yet powerful planetary combinations in Jyotish. Mutual Reception is an expanded companion volume for western practitioners, covering the same subject of planetary exchange through the lens of traditional western astrology. He also writes fiction. His New Age Noir mystery series (Scorpio Rising, Felonious Monk and Soma County) feature astrologer and palmist Axel Crowe, whom one reviewer has dubbed “Sherlock Holmes with a horoscope.” You can find his books on Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. Websites:



IAM HORARY Tania Daniels Question Should I stay in my actual department and work on a new project or accept the controlling position?

Background The client was a young woman, who was finishing her apprenticeship in a major enterprise. This kind of in service training provides students with both theoretical and practical experience. My client was at the very end of her formation and had been told by her boss that he was reluctant, but there was no possibility to assume her in a steady position. However, there was the possibility to work for a short term project in the same department of order procession, but not much was yet known about it. The other possibility was a controller job, in another department, which was more appealing to her, but she was unsure about future career possibilities. She asked me which job to choose, as she wanted to stay in this company. The client is described by the AC in Libra and its ruler Venus. Venus in Capricorn describes her as someone who is ambitious and hard working. Venus is angular on the IC and thus strong, which is why the client is in the happy situation of being allowed to choose between two job options. Still, the planet is peregrine, the querent is not at the right place, she feels like a fish out of water. Venus is going to trine Jupiter, a strong indication of a good job. Jupiter rules the 6th house (working place) and the 3rd house (contracts), and is the exaltation ruler of the 10th (career). Jupiter is in the 12th house. That trine will happen at 13° Virgo, when Jupiter has returned to the 11th house. Something which is not yet organized or decided or something the querent is still not aware of (12th house) might become a good job opportunity (11th house).

Actual job The ruler of the querent’s actual job (10th house) is the Moon in the 3rd house, which represents papers and communication and correctly describes her job in the order processing. The Moon is in her own bounds (Ptolemy), which describes this position not as a dream job, but acceptable for the moment.

Controlling job The controlling job is described by Saturn, the heaviest planet, natural ruler of rigor, severity and tests. The Moon has just separated from Saturn, which indicates an already happened (but possibly still not conscious) inner alienation. Saturn is also peregrine in aversion with Venus, which does not make this job appear to be a springboard of the woman’s career, but rather represents a possible dead end (also consider the dispositor of Saturn in the 12th house).



The project job The short termed job in order processing is described by Mercury. He is also peregrine, but stronger due to his angular position than Saturn. Mercury is the fastest planet after the Moon. Since this project is short termed, the association seems appropriate.

Let’s now have a look at the Moon She has just separated from a sextile to the Sun (natural ruler of authority), which describes the querent’s boss job offer. As the Sun is in its detriment, he was not able to offer her something ‘‘outstanding’’. Next the Moon will apply a square with Jupiter, describing some kind of conflict. Jupiter is a benefic, but he is in the house of secrets, so possibly something about the project/job is still unclear or not yet organized. The planet is retrograde until the May 10th, which is why I expected, that the project would not start until this moment (or else other possibilities would appear). At that moment, transit Jupiter would also be conjunct the natal AC of the querent, indicating a moment of growth. Possibly in small steps (Jupiter in Virgo), but well planned!

Conclusion I advised the querent to decide for the short term project because this job opportunity was slightly more promising than the controller job, but that she might also expect something else coming up. I advised her further not to sign any contract or start a job before May 22 nd, 2016, when Jupiter would have turned direct, close to the cusp of her 1st house (see chart below, client’s data withhold). This day, also Mercury, natural ruler of contracts, would have turned direct (retrograde from May 18th- June 22nd, 2016), aspecting Jupiter by trine. Jupiter was transiting until the end of 2016 through the 1st house of her radix , which is why I asked her to take the opportunities which would her being offered during this transit, but also not to fly too high and decide about her opportunities carefully. How did the story end? The client resigned from her actual position at the end of May (when Mercury had turned direct) and started a new job in another company on August 1st, 2016. That company dealt with large construction sites, which is well described by Jupiter in Virgo. The time is shown by the Moon-Jupiter aspect, which needs 7° in order to complete: seven months after the question, the querent had a new job, she hadn’t known about before.



Tania Daniels, born in 1972 became interested in Astrology in 1998 and finished training in psychological astrology in 2002 at the Berlin school of the German Astrology Association (DAV). In 2009, Tania started studying a master’s course in Horary at the School of Traditional Astrology (STA) with Deborah Houlding. In 2015, she became involved in Hellenistic Astrology and is currently completing her studies with Chris Brennan. She has also enrolled in Robert Zoeller’s Medieval Astrology Course. Tania’s articles are published in German, English and Italian in the main astrological journals. She gives readings in Italian, German, English and Spanish. Her other interests are Ayurveda, naturopathy and Past Life Regression Therapy. Tania has three children and lives in Italy near Perugia. Her website is and you can find her page on Facebook at



IAM THEATRICAL Claustrophobia at the Movies Mandi Lockley

Buried is one of the most claustrophobic movies you will ever see: 95 minutes of Ryan Reynolds buried alive in a wooden coffin in Iraq. With him, just a few props such as a cell phone, lighter, flask, flashlight and knife. The point of view never shifts from Reynold’s character Conroy so the audience, like Conroy, never sees above ground, only experiencing what Conroy experiences as he negotiates by phone with his kidnappers interspersed with calls to the State Department who promise they are trying to find him and a heart-breaking conversation with his wife. It’s hardly a surprise to find a mega Scorpio stellium in Ryan Reynold’s chart. Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus and the North Node all abide in the first 10 degrees of Scorpio. He was born on the dark of a Scorpio Moon on October 23rd 1976, actually a total solar eclipse. During this eclipse, the Moon totally blocked the Sun and the world became a place of darkness, just like Conroy’s world in the film. With a solar eclipse in Scorpio it’s no reach to suggest that its darkness offers a taste of the underworld, a place where we at least psychologically, feel buried alive. His Sun-Moon-Mars-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio symbolises the union of his character Conroy’s needs and wants (Sun conjunct Moon) - his fight (Mars) to escape (Uranus) his underground prison (Scorpio). It also highlights his scorpionic resourcefulness and willingness to do whatever it takes to secure his release and save his family, including cutting off his own finger (Mars in Scorpio). It stands for his seeming imperturbability in the face of impossible odds and his location in a war zone – we hear explosions going off overhead. Saturn in Leo squares the Scorpio stellium (most specifically to Mars and Uranus) symbolising the unsurmountable challenge he faces, ultimately being blocked by the very


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 authorities professing to try to rescue him. Saturn also stands for the sands of time and the viewer is made very aware that Conroy’s time is running out when his coffin literally starts to fill up with sand. Eclipses symbolise the end of something and I will leave the reader to guess whether or not Reynold’s character ever sees the sun again (or watch the film if you dare). Buried is set on October 23rd 2006, Reynold’s birthday, and his solar return, with the transiting Sun just into Scorpio and conjunct his natal Sun, activating his stellium, along with transiting Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in this role and unsurprisingly Reynolds received high critical acclaim for it. In 2006 Saturn was in Leo, having returned to the sign it was in when Ryan was born and this role was hailed as one in which Ryan Reynolds matured as an actor.

Another claustrophobic movie is The Chamber It follows three Navy Seals on a covert mission in the Yellow Sea off the dangerous shores of the Korean Peninsula. When they force a Swedish captain to take them to the seabed in his rusty old submersible, equipped only for a crew of two, tensions between the groups are quick to surface. When an explosion causes the sub to overturn and take on water, the crew come face to face with their mortality when they realise not all of them will escape with their lives. The Chamber is the impressive feature debut from British Director Ben Parker. Like Ryan Reynolds, Parker has Sun and Uranus in Scorpio. The Sun is at 6 degrees and Uranus at 24 degrees, bridged by Mercury in Scorpio at 17 Scorpio, retrograde. The Moon is also in a water sign, Cancer, and while the degree is not known (unknown birth time) it will be in a trine with at least one of the Scorpio planets.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The Chamber, written as well as directed by Parker, reflects the watery theme of his chart. It has the icy, deep, dark dangerous waters symbolised by the Scorpio planets and the cramped, womb-like sub, symbolised by the Moon in Cancer. Moon in Cancer needs to feel secure which can mean that raw emotions are contained, crammed, within a shell of self-protection. In the movie, the shell protecting the sea (scorpionic dangerous, dark, raw emotions) from the crew is the old and overloaded submersible. When the sub’s barrier is breached and seawater leaks in, the emotions released escalate into violence quickly. Mercury in Scorpio is exactly opposite Chiron in Parker’s chart and Chiron is in fact the handle of his bucket shaped chart. With this aspect, words can hurt, but words can also heal and there are a lot of hurtful words spoken between the characters in The Chamber, but when (spoiler alert), we are left with just two surviving characters - the Captain whose constant warnings of danger had gone unheeded, and the abrasive female leader of the Seals - the healing words flow as the water level inside the sub rises. Parkers’ Scorpio and Cancer chart signature and the Mercury in Scorpio-Chiron in Taurus aspect in particular, reflects that Parker himself is a self-confessed claustrophobic who tapped into his fears by writing a screenplay about being trapped in a tight space underwater, but also faced those fears for real, shooting the movie in claustrophobic conditions, often up to his neck in water. That Parker made a movie about violence underwater, set in a foreign war zone, is also reflected by his wide conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius. This is a great combo for making adventure (Sagittarius) movies (Neptune) with themes of war, violence and deadly peril (Mars). Transiting Neptune was exactly Square natal Mars when the film was released in March 2017, as well as Solar Arc Mars coming up to Square natal Neptune, highlighting and intensifying the natal aspect. An auspicious a time as any to launch his career as a film director! Additionally, the transiting Jupiter in Libra-Uranus in Aries opposition was exact on Parker’s Pluto in Libra, signifying the underwater explosion that led to the sub suffering deadly damage at the bottom of the ocean and the vicious negotiations (Libra) that decided who would die and who might have a chance at surviving. Chart Data Ryan Reynolds 23 October 1976 at 04:30am, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Rodden rating C). Ben Parker birth details not on public record, used with permission

Mandi Lockley is a London based astrologer and author and former student of the London School of Astrology. She has written for the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain as well as for numerous websites, including her own Astroair blog. She published the e-book Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide through the Dark in 2012 and has recently been published as a fiction author. She is committed to self-development – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually – and believes in doing her best to live life purposefully, in service to others and in harmony with the cycles of the universe. These values are also the focus of her client work.



Dr. Ruth Brown Crucified by the FDA & the AMA Marguerite dar Boggia Dr. Ruth Drown was the most unique woman in developing radionics to heal people. She developed and refined a means of diagnosis, treatment, and visual representation on photographic plate of any cross section of disease organisms, tissue or organs of her choosing Her chart reveals why:

She was born on October 21, 1891 at 3:11 AM in Greeley, Colorado. The time is from herself to Arthur Young, the inventor of the Bell Helicopter and author of Nested Time, his astrological autobiography.1 With Virgo rising (the sign of healing) and five planets in air signs and six in mutable signs, Ruth had a considerable amount of finesse, insight, understanding, intuition, and reserve. She had the ability to look beneath the surface of things and to grasp the underlying unity amidst apparent outward diversity. This is where she differed from her mentors. The air signs lightened her grave appearance. She could laugh at herself


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The ruling planet is Saturn. Declination equivalent Saturn was exactly on her Virgo ascendant. (A declination equivalent planet's degree, above or below the celestial horizon, is converted into degrees of longitude). She had a rather stern, commanding appearance. Saturn gave her the power to achieve through perseverance and industry. Mars conjoined Saturn in the 1st house. Saturn inclines towards the scientific attitude. Through deep thought and careful meditation, she effectually planned and organized (Saturn). Dynamic Mars gave her the courage and capability to explore to the depths of the subject. Sun in the sign of Libra, gained for her great popularity amidst her many grateful admirers. With the Moon strong on the Midheaven, she subconsciously desired children. Sun, Mercury and Venus conjoining Uranus were the aspects that endowed her with fantastic GENIUS, rejected by the orthodoxy, intent on destroying her work. At the age of 19 when progressed Venus sextiled Mars, she married a farmer.1a She had two children. She had domestic problems with her husband. Saturn conjoining Mars in the first house, endowed her with a strong personality. She would not be dominated by anyone. Uranus conjoining the Sun is the urge for FREEDOM. She separated from her husband in 1918. Pisces is on the cusp of the 7th house of partners. Venus quincunxes Neptune, the ruler of the 7th house. This aspect indicates a separation from spouse. Ruth’s father was a professional photographer. He taught her everything he knew about photography. Saturn in the first house, suggests that she identified with her Father. This photographic knowledge was important for her future work. She found work for maintenance, operation and repairs of addressing machines. She had no experience with mechanics, but this was the experience needed for her future work. (Uranus conjoins Sun). At this time building radios was very popular. She was fascinated with this hobby (Uranus conjunct Sun and Venus). In 1923, she worked for Dr. Frederick F. Strong, who used radio energies for healing of patients. Saturn (work) semi-sextiled natal Sun. Uranus rules the 6th house of healing. Where Jupiter is in the chart, is what we value. Jupiter is in the 6th house of health and healing. Virgo, in the first house, is the sign related to health, healing, and service to others. This is what her soul wanted. That she was successful is signified by Mercury, the ruler of the Midheaven, in a trine aspect to it and to the Moon in the 10th house. (career) That she was very financially successful is testified to by the heavily tenanted 2nd house (finance) and by Venus trine Jupiter. Dr. Strong was using the techniques of Dr. Albert Abrams who discovered that all histological tissue radiates a vital life force. The tissues could be classified numerically. He used a pendulum on the abdomen of the patient for diagnosis and for healing. Ruth’s healing instincts and intuitive abilities (Neptune and Pluto conjoining the MC) soon became apparent. She was offered a full time job by Dr. Thomas McAllister, an osteopath, which she accepted. [Progressed MC sextiled Saturn (work)] He was delighted by her ambition. He lent her all his books and gave her instruction in the medical arts. Ruth went to a chiropractic school and in 1927 when progressed Mars conjoined Mercury, she became a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.. While at school she experimented in new ways to use the vital life energy in the practice of radionics. (Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunct Uranus) She became convinced that the use of wall outlet AC electricity was a huge mistake and contaminated the patient with a coarse energy that was anathema to the subtler life force emanations. She developed her own technique, using a photographic plate. She was able to diagnose and treat at great distances. Moon is the highest planet in the Map. This contributed to her fame and to her instincts of nurturing and compassion for the sick and elderly. It squared Saturn, signifying the challenges she would encounter and the need to dominate any negative emotions of resentment and anger. She was an avid student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and the Caballa at the age of 16. (Moon in Gemini, studies). Dr. Strong and Dr. Abrams also were familiar with the teachings of Theosophy.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The ninth house signifies our belief system, philosophy and higher mind. She has Neptune and Pluto, in the 9th house, together with the No. Node of the Moon. She aspired to Self-realization. She wrote and published books (9th house - publishing). In 1935, Ruth had perfected her instrument. She devised a way to channel the same vital Life force energy that she was detecting with the diagnosis portion of her instrument through a photographic plate. Utilizing a special reverse method of film development, she produced photographs of tissue anywhere within the body, using only a dried drop of the patient's blood on a piece of blotter paper. At this time progressed ascendant conjoined natal Sun (27+ Libra) forming a YOD aspect. (A yod is formed by two sextile planets both quincunx a planet at the apex. It forms a ‘V’. A yod is called a finger of God aspect because it relates to one’s destiny). This was the start of her real destiny. Natal So. Node of the Moon (26+ Scorpio) sextiled the midpoint of Saturn and Mars (27+ Virgo) and both quincunxed progressed descendant (27+Aries). In 1938 She published The Science and Philosophy of the Drown Radio Therapy2 She believed that Life is energy; Life is consciousness and Life is substance. She explained the system this way on page 22: “A drop of blood is placed on a blotter. The atoms are crystallized, and remain stationary as far as our five senses can discern, but the energy constantly supplying the activity of the nucleus of the atom is very much active and alive, and goes back to the source, which is the path of the body.” On Page 34 she writes: “So-called ‘space’ is proving that sound and light are carried instantly to any place in the world, and cannot be insulated. Our own photographs of an object or person in any part of the world, taken with the Drown Radio-Vision Instrument, using energy alone, and no visible light, disprove the idea that there can be just space, and show that space has within it all the qualities of light brought down to substance.” On Page 59, she says: “When we place the blood of an individual, be he ill or healthy, into our instrument, we tune in on our dials to the rate of vibration of the organ or gland we desire to photograph. We next drop a film of the desired color sensitivity into the container of the hookup and use the same timing and development we would employ in taking a picture by the usual methods. Our photograph is then completed upon the film. “This procedure is proof of the various states we have previously made concerning light. It is also proof that everything in the Universe has a rate of vibration, and that the emanation from any radioactive substance can produce its own picture. Therefore, if its action is the same as light, it must be a form of light.” Ruth sought to measure the degree of deviation from perfection, and then to rectify any imbalances or deficiencies. Thus her rate for the liver is 48; this would be set on the instrument and the deviation from 0, tested. Any significant reading would indicate a problem, either in the liver or elsewhere in the body which was affecting the liver. Her principal treatment method was to feed the 'perfect' rate back to the respective diseased location in the patient, either by wires or remotely, the idea being that as new cells were created they would be healthy and would replace the diseased structures.4 She was exceedingly successful. She healed thousands of people. She was brought to trial by the FDA on trumped up charges. The AMA rejected radionics. This was the beginning of her crucifixion. (Jupiter squares Neptune, the ruler of the 7th house of open enemies). The FDA used her black box, with its knobs and photographic plate, against her for crossing the State line. The 10th house Moon (career) squares the ascendant, (herself) and Saturn (her work). Arthur Young3, the inventor of the Bell Helicopter, was tremendously impressed by Ruth Drown. He had a toothache. He asked Ruth to take a photograph of his condition. There was nothing like a camera in any sense of the word.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 The photographic plate was placed in a lightproof box and Arthur Young was connected up with it. She then withdrew the film and developed it in the light. This would normally have resulted in a lightstruck film, but the picture was an 8 x 10 print, with a detailed photo of a tooth. He requested that she do it again. This time he put his hand on his jaw. It showed a TOOTH ENLARGED. Arthur Young was so impressed with her work that when she was brought to trial, for fraud and medical quackery, he testified in her favor. When one of her patients was cross-examined by the attorney for the prosecution, the attorney vehemently quiered: "You don't mean to tell me that she could diagnose at a distance!?" The patient replied. "Yes precisely that. I was in an automobile accident and called her by phone. She told me what bones were broken (from the blood spot) and this was confirmed later when x-rays were taken." Dr. Ruth Drown lost the case and was convicted. Ruth’s appeals dragged on unsuccessfully for years. Her instruments were seized and destroyed. Shortly after her release from a short term prison sentence, she suffered two strokes and died on March 13, 1965. (Progressed Saturn conjoined natal Mars, the co-ruler of the 7th house and the 8th house of death). Many considered her a medical genius and a brilliant woman. References: 1.Young, Arthur M. Nested Time, an Astrological Autobiography , Anodos Foundation 2004. p. 149 Dr.Ruth Drown was Born on 10/21/1891 at 3:11 AM in Greely Colorado, 104W42'12"; 40N24'54" The time is from herself to Arthur Young. 1a. Dr. Ruth B. Drown, America's Greatest Radionics Innovator, The 2. Drown, Dr. Ruth B., The Science and Philosophy of the Drown Radio Therapy, The Ward Richie press, Los Angeles, California , 1938. P.22 (The book is out of print, but I have an autographed copy.) 3. Young, Arthur M. Ibid, pgs.146-148 4. RADIONICS - A Brief History by Nick Franks BA, MRadA 4a. A VERY BRIEF HISTORY OF RADIONICS by Ruth Drown ...

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She was past Secretary and Director of ISAR and Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She was a cofounder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers free, online, three pages weekly of the Esoteric Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. To receive these studies, she can be contacted at her website which she created at the age of 90:



IAM ARCANUM IX - The Hermit Tara Aal I had a dream this week. I was with my evolutionary astrology teacher in an old truck. She was sitting in the passenger seat, but clearly driving because I was sure I wasn’t. As the dream went on, I looked over to see her driving and realized she was not. I was in the driver’s seat. I had no memory of driving, but we were slowly moving forward through intersections and different areas. I had been driving all along with no idea how. The Hermit is wisdom and guidance. In a reading, the Hermit may signify a teacher or mentor that supports us on our life journey. The Hermit always represents our inner wisdom. If an external teacher appears, a true teacher shows by example the wisdom he or she has become through his/her own journey. I believe our journey is being who we are. We think we are finding who we are, but this finding is in the being. The best teachers, like mine, never take the wheel. Even if we need to believe they do for a while, they don’t. They journey with us, as a reflected part of us and as part of their own personal journey. The Hermit is associated with Virgo. Virgo’s purity is becoming the pure essence of oneself. Time may be required to discern which thoughts, feelings, attributes, goals and aspirations (or seemingly lack there-of) are truly part of us. In the Hermit’s journey, we find what we’ve taken on through introjection; what we are not. We experience the sanctity of our being. The journey to our own wisdom can be a dark and lonely experience. There may seem to be very little light to guide us. Even if we enjoy being alone, this energy is different. It’s a call to meet ourselves stripped down and bare. We generally find ourselves less social and perhaps more withdrawn than usual. We need much of our energy to navigate our inner world. Per, a hermit is: “a person who has withdrawn to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion.” From the tarot perspective, the solitary place is within oneself and a period of seclusion on some level is necessary to prepare for the next stage which almost always involves bringing new wisdom, knowledge or experience out into the world. The Hermit can be the uncomfortable, seemingly tight space we feel ourselves in when we acknowledge that nothing will move us further along than having our own experience. No amount of information or intellectual insights will replace the need to assimilate what we’ve gathered into us. This assimilation within ourselves, of ourselves, is wisdom. Anything that we have fully experienced in this way is available to bless all life. The blessing of this wisdom is not defined by our type of work, but in simply being who/what we are. We emanate what we embody. We can learn about something, like Antarctica, but it is not the same as being there. When we embody, we are it, and naturally, anyone/anything around us is with it. The Hermit’s wisdom is human manifestation of Spirit. Imagine taking something in, like beauty. Then this beauty breaks down in you. Now it is part of you. It takes new form as you. You are beauty, in your way, the way your being was made to be beauty. No other being can be beauty as you. Your beauty may be the one version that emanates the perfect frequency, in the perfect moment, for someone else to feel theirs and take it in… Tara Aal has been practicing and teaching astrology and tarot since 2011. She completed Laura Nalbandian’s three-year Evolutionary Astrology program and is a certified Soulsign Astrologer through Adam Gainsburg’s Immersion program. In her hometown, the Seattle area, Tara practiced astrology and tarot privately, at Stargazers Bookstore and Higher Wellness Health Care Practice. She was a co-host and repeating guest on local radio shows. Relocating to New York City January 2016 and Los Angeles February 2017, Tara offers private sessions and continues writing and speaking. She lectured at NORWAC 2014 and 2016 and will lecture at UAC 2018. Her website is



IAM ARCANUM Stepping Stones of Life Kim Buckley

The Major Arcana consists of 21 cards starting with The Fool this is pure innocence , exciting , unpredictable energy he is yet to experience feelings of guilt , responsibility , love , fear , rejection and hate he is pure. This is the very beginning of his journey and along the way he will encounter many different people and life changing events that will allow him to experience the various emotions that leave a dent or a deep impact on his mind , body and soul. We are all born as The Fool our strengths and weaknesses will determine the road that we take. I see the major arcana as stepping stones of life that will eventually take us to our desired destination. Tarot Card’s are mirrors and will reflect what is going on in a person's life, and reveal what particular stage they are at . They offer wisdom and the opportunity to help people that are facing life challenges, traumas or crisis, if interpreted in the right way they can relieve fear and anxiety , help build confidence and empower individuals to make informed decisions. Tarot gives the reader a window to peer into the client’s life gaining access to the severity of a person's situation helping them to assess what action needs to be taken and how they can empower themselves. In this article I have selected three cards from the Major Arcana The hanged man , Death and Temperance .

The Hanged Man I will start with the Hanged Man. he is number 12 and associated with the planet Neptune. In numerology he resonates with number 3 which is often associated with birth , creativity , new plans but also death. In the Rider Waite card image he is suspended from a tree with his hands behind his back. At first glance he looks trapped like there is no escape , but when you look closer this could be an illusion because his hands are behind his back are they actually tied ? Could he release himself at any moment ? He also has a bright light shining behind his head. Has he chosen to remain upside down because this helps him escape and gives him time to reflect and find a solution ? The sky is clear and there is growth on the branches so although it appears that time is standing still life is still going on around him, his legs cross to make a number 4 which is associated with solid foundations this confirms that all is not lost. By surrendering to the situation he should be able to find the answers he seeks.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 He may have felt overwhelmed, and decided to give up and let go, just by being rather than doing has he found the answers he was looking for ? When The Hanged Man appears there is normally some sort of confusion or sacrifice that needs to be made, things may seem all up in the air and out of control. You could be being asked to let go of something that you previously thought was ideal but actually turned out to be unsuitable and unrealistic . It can also appear at a time when things feel unclear like a mist has descended all around and you cannot see a clear path ahead. An important time to trust one's instincts and intuition rather than logic. I would recommend using Yoga , Meditation or some form of therapy to still the mind to prevent depression , despair or anxiety and gain clarity. Normally not a great time to make major decisions but a great time to reflect and look at all the various possibilities and the opportunity to look at things from a different angle . Whatever the circumstance or situation the Hanged Man energy can often stop people in their tracks because they cannot find the answers they need to move forward . There is an awareness that change is imminent but patience is needed to let the fog clear before you take the next step. Perhaps you have to surrender to something rather than trying to fight it, go with the flow and be in tune with your feelings they will not fail you.

Death The next step in the Fool’s journey is some kind of ending there is a need to let go in order to make way for a rebirth, regeneration or transformation. The Reaper is coming whether he’s welcome or not , it’s The Death Card number 13 of the Major Arcana associated with Scorpio. In Numerology Death resonates with the number 4 associated with structure . If a decision was not made with The Hanged Man then Death can be a very difficult to deal with especially if the person is hanging on to something that no longer serves them. Whenever I pull the Death card in a reading the client will often display signs of distress and fear, they associate it with negativity, danger and physical death or that someone they love is going to die . I will often take time out of the reading to explain just how wonderful this card can be, and it can mean a death of a situation , relationship or a behaviour. I point out the Sunshine and the gateway leading to a new path, the horse is white for purity something new awaits them, and although it may be painful to let go it will not be in vain. The Death card asks us to let go of things that no longer make us feel alive. There is a lesson to learn about the cycle of life and death, whatever is born must die and getting overly attached to people , circumstances and items can create deep hurt especially when we have to say goodbye. Some people will hold on to a dead situation or the past because the fear of letting go is just too overwhelming.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 There is normally a need to restructure some part of the life, by accepting the changes and going with the flow transformation can take place and allow the person to become a Phoenix and rise from the ashes wiser and stronger ready to face life in a different way.

Temperance After letting go and surrendering it is now time to heal and restore peace and balance . In comes Temperance often referred to as the Angel of the Tarot number 14 of the Major Arcana and associated with Sagittarius . Temperance resonates with number 5 in Numerology associated with conflict , challenge and readjustment . The Angel stands with one foot in the water and one foot on the land and pours liquid from one chalice to another. Reminding us that life is in constant flow, and if we can manage to keep a continuous flow between the material world and our subconscious then there is the possibility of something magical happening . If we stop the flow then stagnation takes place and we can often focus on the wrong things creating an imbalance , losing sight of our true life mission and obtaining inner peace and happiness. After Death there is often a feeling of emptiness and loneliness Temperance brings reassurance that everything will be ok . This will often be a time when healing is recommended or you will feel healing energy come into your life. You can mend your brokenness everything can be fixed including the Soul. Patience is normally needed at this time to restore faith , self belief and reestablish your life path. There is need to be kind to yourself and work out the best way forward , understanding that the universe is full of abundance that can be tapped into at anytime will prevent excessive behaviour and help your transition to calmer times. All three cards together tell a story of addiction , escapism, avoidance and healing bringing deep feelings of hopelessness and reaching into the darkness. This period in a person's life can be a major milestone it’s a time when they will have to choose whether they give into their animalistic behaviour or recoup , heal and find balance. The Universe will always step in to reclaim you from darkness offering the chance to cleanse mind body and soul and create a path to freedom. No matter how hard the journey or how dark things become there will always be a ray of light waiting and someone looking out for you . I studied two Tarot courses several years ago with the wonderful Sue Merlyn Farebrother who teaches at both Treadwells and the LSA check them out if you are interested in learning Tarot. Sue has over 30 years of Tarot knowledge and lectures all over the country. I will always be grateful to Sue for introducing and teaching me all about Tarot. I then went on to study Astrology at the London School of Astrology with the fabulous Frank C Clifford. I passed the Foundation course and I am still to tackle the diploma, but I am determined to go back and at least give it a go. Frank and Sue have been great mentors, they have inspired and motivated me to set up my own online business where I can combine my knowledge of Tarot and Astrology to empower and help others. I have recently completed the TF2 course with Tarot Foundations run by Biddy from Biddy Tarot; this has enhanced my intuition skills and was able to get a different perspective of the cards and their meanings. Further to completing TF2 I applied to be a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, I managed to pass the required tests needed in order to become a Biddy Tarot Reader. I have also recently become a member of the International Tarot Foundation.



IAM HOROSCOPES Cassandra Tyndall

May 2017 Aries Mars’ placement in your 3rd house also highlights ritual and ceremony. In all the busy-ness that will be May, it will be important for you take time out for yourself. In ancient times, this part of your chart was referred to the daily rituals that strengthened your connection to God. With your planetary ruler here, grounding and connecting yourself to spiritual practices that speak to you will be vital. This may be time out each day to read, write or journal or it could be taking a trip to your place of worship.

Taurus An exciting new cycle beings with money on the 26th under the fresh New Moon. This is extra special for you as it is connected with energy planet Mars in your 2nd house, highlighting you have the energy and motivation to make progress financially. Also, the fixed star known as Aldebaran is very close to the New Moon, emphasising the fresh new beginning feel of this lunation. This curious yet action orientated energy delivers fresh starts in your income and cash flow zone, especially if you act on your ideas.

Gemini The New Moon of this month is your New Moon in the sign of Gemini! This takes place on the 26 th and close proximity to action planet Mars. All New Moons denote a period where you can set intentions, manifest and plan. It’s the most fertile astro-weather of the month! This time though, it is further emphasised by this lunation occurring very close to the fixed star Aldebaran. This fixed star is associated with Spring, which enhances the fresh, new beginnings energy of this New Moon. The seeds you plant now hold a lot of promise to bloom!

Cancer The stunning Full Moon on the 11th will activate a tricky link between Mars, the lunation ruler as well as dreamy Neptune. You may experience confusion or a lack of direction under nebulous Neptune. With Mars lying in your secretive 12th house, you may opt to lie low and spend some time solo to work out what inspires, drives and motivates you. Once the haze of the Full Moon clears after a few days, you’ll be better able to make decisions, especially those regarding children, a romance or the pursuits you enjoy purely for pleasure.

Leo The most dramatic shift for you this May comes in the form of the karmic North Node of the Moon shifting into your own sign. The last time “Rahu” as its also known, was in your sign was April 2000. The next 18 months heralds a cycle where you can really propel yourself forward and live an authentic life where your inner world and outer world align. Just as the Nodes shift signs, the Sun your ruler aligns with powerful Pluto. Under the supportive trine aspect, you’ll be encouraged to ‘shed skin’ and reveal a new and improved you.



Virgo Active Mars in your career zone continues to keep things busy until June. A New Moon in your 10th house on the 26th will herald a new cycle to do with all things pertaining to your career and reputation. If you have some big plans to move and shake your career in 2017 and beyond, this lunation is particularly fortunate. A fixed star called Aldebaran is very close to this New Moon emphasising the spirit of new beginnings. This curious and spring-like energy ensures that any new seeds planted now, are likely to blossom.

Libra Venus, your patron planet begins the month back in Aries and in your 7th house of relationships. Due to her recent retrograde phase, issues that began back in February are now back on the table. In Aries, Venus lacks diplomacy and is uncomfortable in keeping the peace, instead preferring to stick up for herself and waive your flag of independence. This describes your current attitude towards your most significant other! With jolly Jupiter in your own sign, this year to date, has been about exploring your own self and engaging in some healthy selfishness. It’s easy to see how these planetary influences combined may be rocking the boat!

Scorpio Mars, your planetary ruler spends the entire month of May in your 8th house. Debts, loans and finances you may share with a spouse or business partner will be your focus. Every 2 years Mars visits this part of your solar horoscope and you’ll have until June 5 to delve into all things financial. In curious Gemini, you’ll be motivated to explore more options or gain more information about both your debts and investments. If this part of your life has been neglected of late, Mars tour will encourage bold and confident action.

Sagittarius The 19th sees a dynamic link between your ruler Jupiter and Venus, in the most fortunate houses of your birth chart. This ‘double luck’ aspect has the potential to bring exciting developments, especially within your social circles. This could take shape as a new romance, a pleasure pursuit or even children becoming the source of fortunate experiences this month. Even more relationship potential is suggested with the exciting conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in your 5th house. Up until the 16th, light bulb moments, radical new ideas or sudden developments are promised.

Capricorn The Full Moon on the 11th activates your good fortune zones. Pleasure, fun, friends and general good luck may come your way under this lunations light. Attention to your health may be required as the Full Moon ruler, Mars, is in your 6th house of illness and linking with confusing Neptune. If you’ve been putting off any routine check-ups or ignoring vague yet repetitive symptoms, be sure to address it with a professional. The New Moon on the 26th presents you with an opportunity to spring clean your schedule and organise your time management.

Aquarius A portal of opportunity in your relationships opens up on the 10th as the karmic North Node of the Moon enters Leo and your 7th house. The next 18 months will provide dramatic shifts and exciting potential for both new relationships as well as invigorating an existing one. A possible downside to this transit, is the opposing South Node will be in your 1st house of you! This may activate any health issues or leaving you lacking in energy and vitality. One of the learning curves of the South Node transiting the 1st house is letting go of anything that weighs you down.

Pisces You’ll regain your energy, vitality and a spring in your step as the South Node of the Moon leaves your sign on the 10th, not to return for 18 years. If it has felt you’ve been pushing the proverbial uphill for the last year and a half, lacking in energy or dealt with lingering health issues, you can breathe a sigh of relief. A part of the symbolic meaning of the South Node is to let go of what no longer serves you. With a lighter load, you can now surge forward with your personal goals, projects and desires with a sense of authenticity and purpose.



June 2017 Aries With your ruler moving into cuddly Cancer from the 5th, you’re ready to show your soft side. Home and family become a priority and you’re prepared to offer love and support to those who need it. The New Moon in Cancer on the 24th will see 4 planets in Cancer, showing that your home zone is ready for renewal and refreshment. Embarking on a renovation project or even renewing some lost family connections are possible. Be mindful to not over-commit or make promises you can’t keep as Mars squares off with generous Jupiter.

Taurus You’ve had a rough trot so far this year and it’s time for a little TLC. Your ruling planet Venus is in your sign from the 6th, highlighting the need for comfort and security. Beauty routines and self-care rituals will be highlighted especially under the New Moon on the 24th. If possible, plan a weekend away for some rest and recreation. With a planetary pile up in cuddly Cancer, spending time with those you love most will be soul soothing. Links from Pluto will support you as you discover new truths about yourself and your family.

Gemini Now fully recovered from a recent retrograde, your ruler, Mercury is now back up to his normal swift pace. You too may feel your mojo has returned and your adaptable nature is back to having several projects on the go at once. Attention turns to money from the 4th once energy planet Mars enters into your 2nd house of finances. Until late July, you can reap the rewards from a bold and confident attitude towards improving your income. Investing extra energy into a sideline money-making project or doing longer hours at work will give you a cash flow boost.

Cancer The Full Moon on the 9th triggers your most private zones of your solar horoscope. Taking time out from family responsibilies and giving yourself a ‘mental health day’ will help refuel your soul. A day at the spa, a rejuvenating massage or spending the day with your head in a book are all ways you can honour this month’s Full Moon. Just prior to the Full Moon, feisty Mars enters your sign where he’ll stay until late July. This is like a cosmic calling to put your own needs first and embrace some healthy selfishness. Extra focus on your own needs, wants and personal projects will not only refill your own cup, but also boost your self-confidence.

Leo Mars dips into your private 12th house on the 4th. This once every 2- year cycle highlights that sometimes the most productive thing you can do is nothing. While it may not be practical to do nothing, until late July, you can reduce your schedule and stick to the bare essentials. Mars is a planet that prefers to be busy, so you might be the most productive in private during this phase. Working behind the scenes or even from home may be a viable option now. Consider the next 6 weeks as the calm before the storm and rest up wherever possible.

Virgo This month’s New Moon falls in the luckiest area of your solar horoscope. This is your peak period for manifesting your dreams, hopes and wishes. Mercury and Mars also cuddle up in Cancer under this lunation putting extra energy toward the things you want. Write down your wishes and take the necessary steps required to help the universe conspire with you and you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make. Generous Jupiter makes a tricky aspect with Mars, avoid over-committing your stretching yourself too far, especially when it comes to friends and family.

Libra Some real progress can be made from the 6th once your ruler, Venus finally enjoys some home territory after a long retrograde cycle. You can turn your attention toward some of your long-term financial goals, especially those concerning joint finance, loans, taxes or debt. A check in with your accountant or financial planner will ensure you’re building the stability for the future that you crave. Under the Venus/Pluto link on the 24th, new revelations about family money can be discovered.


THE GATE KEEPER ISSUE May/June 2017 New career directions are promised under the New Moon on the 9th. This lunation will trigger forward movement at work and may play out at home or in your relationship.

Scorpio The 4th sees your patron planet Mars enter your adventure and discovery zone, for his once every 2year visit. Until late July, your attention will shift toward ‘anywhere but here.’ That may take shape in the form of overseas travel, study or discovering new perspectives through wisdom and philosophy. Mercury will enter this sector of your solar horoscope from the 21st where all things communication, learning and logistics are highlighted. The New Moon on the 24th is the ideal time to instigate your plans regarding a course of study or planning for a special trip or pilgrimage.

Sagittarius Your ruler, jolly Jupiter stations direct on the 10th after a long 5- month retrograde in the luckiest house of your solar horoscope. Projects and plans that have been on the back burner since February may come back into focus. You may also see some of your hopes, wishes and deepest desires begin to manifest. Until October, this ‘double luck’ planetary play will show a little effort can yield big results. The 9th sees the Full Moon in your own sign, just prior to Jupiter returning to his jolly and generous self. Combined, this will feel like a cosmic recharge, re-inspiring you toward optimism and your personal sense of truth.

Capricorn Relationships are under the cosmic spotlight as planets begin to pile up in your 7th sector. A New Moon in Cancer on the 24th brings a fresh new opportunity to develop nurturing and care in your most significant personal connections. The 4th sees Mars enter your relationship zone, where he’s not been in 2 years. Until late July, you’ll reap the rewards of investing more of your emotional self into your most important relationships. TLC will be required for you as well as your partner. In the home-loving sign of Cancer, spending quality time at home is preferred over spending money or going to fancy places.

Aquarius A Full Moon on the 9th will activate your fun, luck and good-times sectors of your solar horoscope. You’ll feel an increased need for integrity in your friendships and how you spend your free time. This lunation will trigger Saturn’s longer-term transit through your friend’s zone. If you feel your social circles have been shifting, or your personal perspectives have grown and evolved, this Full Moon may help you make peace with your past and move into a new authentic space. Jolly Jupiter influences via a helpful sextile aspect. Being fair and just in any decisions you make now can propel you toward broader horizons.

Pisces Your career is bathed in the celestial glow of the Full Moon on the 9 th. This lunation will trigger Saturn’s longer-term transit through your solar 10th house. You’ll be supported in making firm decisions yet gently releasing from plans or projects involving your work. Generous Jupiter supports this Full Moon, indicatin that anything you release now, will make room for more. Embrace letting go! Your ruler Jupiter returns to direct motion from the 9th. You’ll begin to feel re-energised and inspired by your long term financial goals. Your key to growth in this area is connecting to friends, associates and embracing a lucky opportunity that comes seemingly out of nowhere. Cassandra Tyndall is an avid professional astrologer, writer and teacher, based in Brisbane, Australia. Her interest in Astrology started when she was a child reading horoscopes in her mother’s magazines. Known for her honesty, passion and insight, Cassandra offers consultations to people all over the globe. With over 10 years experience, Cassandra combines ancient and traditional methods with a modern day spin to enhance specific predictions and offers practical and inspired guidance. Cassandra is known and respected for bringing the symbolism of the signs and planets and using this as a tool for helping you discover inner knowledge, clarity, wisdom and benefit. Cassandra’s work has featured in Wellbeing magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness as well as numerous websites. She is the former president of the Young Astrologers Association (NSW) and was on the board of the Federation of Australian Astrologer’s.



IAM HOROSCOPES Natalie Delahaye

May 2017

Full Moon in Scorpio May 10th Whilst all full moons bring release and fullness, this is ever more apparent with Scorpio’s transformative, regenerative theme of death and rebirth. With the moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus, the themes are: resources, personal and collective, talents, finances, relationships, self-worth and values. What is it that needs to be transformed and what needs to be preserved in our lives? Issues of stubbornness, possessiveness and anger could rear their heads around this time. The ruler of the chart is Pluto, in flowing aspect to the Sun can help to channel our energies in a constructive empowering way. The traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars, is also in an easy aspect, trine Jupiter, fuelling confidence and competitiveness and injecting a dose of vitality and physical energy . This is a great time for starting something that requires courage, initiative and strength .but it is somewhat watered down by Mars square Neptune.

Egos are getting bruised, will is lowered and there is something fishy going on. This is the time to confront fears are sieve out illusions.

New Moon in Gemini May 25th The gift of Gemini is to be ever open to the new; new ideas, new friends, new connections. Their natural curiosity is what keeps them youthful and sprite like. Like the butterfly they flit from flower to flower, covering a broad surface area. True, the cleverness of Gemini doesn't mean wisdom that comes with age, rather it is the curiosity of the child who asks endless questions at school and always retains an open mind and youthful l outlook. .The new moon in. Mercurial Gemini is a rejuvenating elixir, blowing the mental cobwebs away, lightening the mood and making us more adaptable and open to the new. The signature aspect of this lunation, a Venus square Pluto square, is anything but elusive, however. New heights of depth and intensity can be reached through relationships.


Aries It’s all about social intercourse for you this month; you’re quite the social butterfly right now. Venus residing in your sign until 6th June is imbuing you with an irresistibly magnetic aura. Mars is in the chatty area of your chart and Mercury is no longer retrograde as from 4 th May. You’re at your most direct; in fact you just can’t help blurting out what’s on your mind, even if it does offend the neighbours. There is long awaited for news regarding a financial matter around the Scorpio full moon on 10th.

Taurus Venus is in the unconscious, embryonic part of your chart, where the magic of manifestation begins. It is a fortuitous time for attracting what you desire. Partnerships are highlighted on the Scorpionic full moon on 10th. You’re seeing someone in a new light from a fresh perspective. It’s your values and priorities that need to be addressed when making a physical as well as emotional investment to something on the Gemini new moon on 25th.

Gemini With Mercury your ruler in retrograde for the last 3 weeks, it’s like you’ve been on a treadmill, with a false sense of moving. This is all changing, with Mars now in your sign and Mercury direct as from 4th. Mars in your sign is a driving force boosting you physically and elevating your confidence. It’s your birthday month and your new moon on 25th. When you blow out your candles on your birthday, make it count for your next journey around the sun. Expect some surprising news from a friend or work colleague on the full moon on 10th.

Cancer Creativity, romance, fun and pleasure are all on the menu for you this month. Children also feature strongly too. Make time for reflection and meditation on the Gemini new moon, it is your inner world where all the action is happening. Solidify plans prior to charging forward into new terrain next month as your birthday month begins.

Leo The new moon occurs in your house of friends and groups. This is where fresh new starts and revivals are being made as well as possible endings. Focus on your hopes and wishes and set intentions around widening your social circles and deepening friendships. The Scorpio full moon on 10th, sees you pulled between your private and public life. It’s family commitments and the need for your own space versus the pull of career demands.

Virgo Your mind is brimming with big ideas and you will need to strike the balance between keeping the vision and attending to small details. this It’s time to release fears that have held you back from achieving your dreams and consider changes that can be made to be more aligned to your purpose. Mercury has been retrograding in your house of joint finances and taxes, perhaps causing delay and postponements; he moves forward on 4th and things get moving forward once more.

Libra Travel and education are featuring for you this month. It’s an ideal time to book holiday or start a course of study. Maybe wait until Jupiter goes direct and Venus moves into your 9 th house at the beginning of July. You’re craving food for your soul and whether you find this nourishment from reading an inspiring book or a trip away, you’re soul searching. Listen to your intuition when it comes to choices that bring more expansion and meaning in your life.

Scorpio This is a healing, recharging time for you; the full moon in your sign is a reflective time for you as you’re returning from the depths of the ocean with a renewed sense of self, mind, body and soul, ready to dive deep into the next chapter. Deep bonds are being put the test, they are either deepening, regenerating or breaking.

Sagittarius The new moon on 10th illuminates the area of one to one relationships in your solar chart. Venus in your sector of fun all month continues to lavish your life with pleasure, creativity and joy. The full moon in your house of meditation is a time for you to contemplate and reconnect with your source of energy, which will fully recharge your batteries for a busy month ahead.


Capricorn The full moon on 10th is circling on friendships, there is a letting go or moving onto a new level. Do be careful of resorting to emotional manipulation and power games on 25th when Venus squares Pluto; the air needs to be cleared and any issues sorted out. The new moon on 25th is the perfect time to think about pushing forward with goals that have been on the backburner.

Aquarius The new moon on 10th is a time to think about new beginnings; perhaps you’re wishing to start a new creative project. Mercury retrograde over the last 3 weeks may have delayed things but this is a great time to initiate new plans as from 4th when Mercury moves forward once more. Warrior Mars is in your 5th house area of fun and creativity all month; it’s a perfect time to channel your energy into enjoyment and having more fun times away from home.

Pisces Mercury has been retrograding in your house of finance, perhaps causing delay and Venus has spent the last 3 months in your sector of finances. That is ample time for reviewing a certain financial matter. You have a much clearer idea of what you want to invest in now Mercury and Venus are back in direct mode.

June 2017 Full Moon in Sagittarius June 9th This is a full moon bursting with optimism, faith, adventure, buoyancy and joviality. It’s the vision quest moon, the moon for future visions and one to expand our boundaries. The moon in Sagittarius is opposite the sun in Gemini, reminding us of the need to strike the balance between the future and present, unity and diversity. Can we easily translate our philosophical, spiritual and intellectual ideas into everyday language in order to be able to relate to many or do our lofty ideas never reach terra firma? In order to connect with many, we need to be mentally dexterous and adaptable with our language, a talent of Gemini. Wisdom alone can be solely in the head, unless it’s lived out in every- day reality and communicated diversely. Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter happens to be appropriately stationing

direct today, which enhances significantly the Jupiterian energy of this full moon.

New moon in Cancer June 24th Our attention moves to home, family, security and comfort. The flowers, while blooming need nurturing to come to ripen as do our personal needs and desires. We are particularly emotionally attuned and sensitive at a full moon. Important events happen and things reach fruition. This full moon is a magical one, happening on the heels of the summer solstice. Pluto trines Venus; spiritual growth and transformations through love and creativity. A month ago at the Gemini moon, Pluto was square Venus, this tension has been resolved. Relationships continue to be a vehicle for growth, rebirth and transformation but in a less disruptive, stressful way.



Aries It is home and family are areas where energy needs to be poured into; whether you’re moving house, renovation or uprooting in some way, there are intense changes that may come out of the blue within home, family and community. The Sagittarian full moon on 9th sheds light on your quest for higher meaning and purpose and opens up a wide range of possibilities available to you, through intellectual and physical voyages.

Taurus Venus, goddess of love and beauty is in your sign, where it is exalted, imbuing you with extra charm and attractiveness. Socially and romantically this is a happy, successful time. The new moon on 24th highlights what is meaningful and of value to you, what needs to be preserved and what attachments are holding you back.

Gemini Your ruler Mercury joins the Sun in your sign, as the sojourn with Mars ends, Mercury takes his place. You’re like a butterfly gathering nectar from many flowers, on a social and intellectual level. Relationship wise, something comes full circle and a new cycle begins. A reality check takes place and you wake up to the realism of a situation.

Cancer It’s your birthday month and Mars, moves back to your sign on 5th, which only happens once every 2 years so make the most of the extra energy, power and confidence. You have the desire to move ahead with your goals and reinvent yourself. As the Sun returns to your sign to unite with the moon on 24 th with sprite like Mercury, this is looking like a midsummer night’s dream. Venus moves into your area of friendships; this should be a very sociable time with lots of fun and love.

Leo While you are making plans for the future, remember that the old chapter has to be closed before the new exciting one can begin. This is a meditative time when you are particularly attuned to the collective unconscious. Listen to the messages of your dreams and follow intuition.

Virgo You are needing to make some significant decisions concerning home, property. There are expansions and opportunities happening here but they require some careful planning beforehand. With Jupiter moving direct once more in this area of your life, there is cause to celebrate. Friends and associates are a helpful, nurturing source of growth and nourishment.

Libra Jupiter is direct again as from 13th. You’re restoring your equilibrium by finding that balance between ‘you’ time and time with others. A fresh wind is blowing in your direction. The new moon on 24th breathes new life into your career and whether you’re starting a new job, changing vocation or just feeling enlivened with an existing one, there is a blossoming taking place.

Scorpio You are developing an improved way of dealing with your finances, by understanding the connection between the physical and metaphysical quality of money. This month finds you in an upbeat, jovial mood with plenty of reason to celebrate, with new possibilities for expanding horizons and putting into practice your ideas and philosophies. Travel and movement, near and far, are forecasted.



Sagittarius You have a trip down memory lane this week as you revisit a place from the past. The full moon in your sign marks the beginning of a new journey but you need to release from the past what you no longer need, so that you are free to travel lighter, literally or metaphorically. Jupiter your ruler turns direct on 10th. A renewed, expanded you is emerging, ready to aim your arrows at new horizons.

Capricorn With Saturn retrograde and the new moon on 24th in your relationship area with Mars there too, you’ll be letting go of the old elements that aren’t working and embracing the new in a relationship. You are becoming more flexible, less controlling and able to allow life to unfold of its own accord.

Aquarius Venus conjuncts Uranus on the 3rd, expect a shift in a relationship. You are in need of some breathing space but don’t be a hermit. Your social life is amped up with the full moon on 9 th. New developments at work arise for you, whether it’s a new vocation or a new attitude to your current job, there is change brewing.

Pisces With the new moon on 24th illuminating the area of your chart relating to joy and creativity, it is time to focus on things that give you energy and fuel your passions. Your creative side demands nourishment. Children are also particularly important during this time. Neptune, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on 16th for a 5 month journey backwards, marking a reflective period in which to connect to your soul’s wisdom and intuition more fully. You will be re revisiting some of your dreams and sieving out your ideals and fantasies.

Natalie Delahaye is based in Surrey, UK and has been a consulting astrologer since 2007. Natalie studied Astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London and is a member of the Astrological Association, UK. She has written for the Astrological Journal and Natalie has been interviewed live on CNN world news, on the birth chart of baby Prince George and held a regular slot on local radio. She read English and American Literature at Kent university, UK and her background is in Complementary Therapies. Her website is







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IAM #13 - the Gate Keeper Issue