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„You know, music is the universal language and everybody is getting down to it.“ „We go out and we search all the time. Like we were doin‘ it today. You know, you‘re always on the search looking for some real hot disco music. And it‘s all out there, it‘s just hard to find.“

I AM HERE X streetwear today

- Sadar Bahar

a collective of film students july 4.-6. bright tradeshow // berlin - Electric Wire Hustle

„If these are the last days, why don‘t we spend them together?“

august 4. vans downtown showdown // amsterdam

„I like to be around my friends, people that motivate and inspire me. And it‘s not all about having sale, sale, sale, sale, sale. I hope it sparks a younger generation to also do what they like and to make their own love and interests their work.“ - Gee (Patta)

„I‘d like to find that rough, raw, ruggy kid, who‘s failing every class with D‘s, but can sit in front of a drum machine and do crazy shit.“ - Mike Huckaby

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I AM HERE x Streetwear Today  

I AM HERE x Streetwear Today

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