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Home of the brave Volume 1: Iraq

a Photo essay by Hector Rene


I shoot what I know, and use the influences and experiences in my life to facilitate how I construct a photograph. Stereotypically artists are perceived as eccentric, unreliable, and narcissistic, while soldiers are often perceived as gruff, foul mouthed, and ill tempered. All of these adjectives are merely single dimensional words used to describe people. The beautiful thing about photography is its lack of dimension, allowing the viewer to decide which of these adjectives will best describe a photograph’s “punctum.” My military education has translated into my photographs by way of attention to detail and situational awareness. The location is never as important as the subject (unless of course, the location IS the subject) so the process of pursuing a “decisive moment,” becomes a calculated awareness of my subjects’ environment. Whether shooting in Iraq, or an artificially lit studio, my approach doesn’t change; I’m searching for moments of intimacy. I am a firm believer that we as individuals are products of our environment. What I am searching for through photography is evidence of the environment, and the product (the environment produces), In my subjects. Good photographs shape the way we remember history and define the way we remember people. As a photographer I am assuming the responsibility of translating my reality through the camera, so that I may create an accurate account of what or whom it is I am photographing thus, creating a better informed, stereotype.

Hector Rene

Home of the Brave Volume 1: Iraq

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Home Of The Brave  

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