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Korean Cultural Center Site Analysis: On Site


My site is located on 32nd street between Broadway and Avenue of America in Manhattan. The area is called Fashion District, Herald Square, Midtown or Murray Hill. Yet, the street where my site located specially called "Korea Way". Why do people call Korea way? because there are numbers of Korean stores and restaurants, so that, the street became Korea way and also people started to call K- Town. However, the area is very high volume streets because there are numbers of stores where not just for foreigners but residents can shop for their needs. Well, actually since there is an Empire State Building on 34th Street and 5th Avenue, there are uncountable visitors every day in the street. Therefore, there are numbers of stores that makes people to purchase. Moreover, the America's biggest department store is on 34th Street and Broadway, which is Macy's. The area is surrounded with all these buildings of business shops or offices. Yet, there is also a green space where people can stop by to relax and take some time. The Greeley Square Park in 32nd street and right across Macy's building in 34th street has seats and tables where people can relax from their busy shopping mode or walk. How can people get here? by train, bus, LIRR, PATH, or Amtrack. The area has fantastic public transportation that not only all those transits have access to the district. However, there are also NYC Bike Route along the Broadway and Avenue of America. Therefore, who ever willing to ride a bicycle can have a ride, yet one not so great thing is that sometimes, there is heavy traffic though there is Bicycle lane.





In the middle of the busy street, there in an outdoor lounge space where people from everywhere enjoys either their food, reading books, writing, relaxing, taking nap, or having conversation with the people under the sunlight with fresh air. Even pigeon enjoys walking around even if people go near them. Pigeons do not really consider human because I believe they are having great time like us?

I think the Manhattan is a forest that made out of concrete, metal, glass, and new technologies of the time. However, maybe because of that I feel grateful when I see trees or place to seat under the cool shadow with warm light passing right next to my arms.


It is a busy area where almost half of the people who is using the stores and walk around may be visitors. Like the huge signs in 34th Street's clothing stores, architecture may advertise programs or services. Furthermore, there are heavy traffic every day, architecture may catch people in the taxi to get off and join.

I think one of the Architecture’s important roles is that Architecture links programs or systems not only socially but also physically. Architecture provides space where we can share experience, meet new people, and learn from another while it links the region or buildings.

On Site Analysis  
On Site Analysis  

On Site Analysis