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The Best Broker of Choice Why traders are choosing IamFX ?

True Raw spread DMA / STP Trading True Market Trading Experience With IamFX you experience complete transparency, superior execution, and anonymity for your trading. This is made possible as a result of our proprietary technology allowing Competitive and Direct market "Bids and Offers" allowing client orders to be executed automatically and immediately through our Market network. This allows for a trading environment with no re-quotes and no bias against any trader or trading system including automated systems which includes scalping or grid trading.

True STP / DMA Trading IamFX provides a unique Forex Trading environment that offers individual traders the same STP (Straight Through Processing) liquidity with DMA (Direct Market Access) execution and trading functionality demanded by interbank traders. Simply trade like a Pro.

True Raw Spreads We are committed to fair and transparent pricing. With IamFX, you get pure interbank lowest spreads with a small side commission and the best possible execution, so you always know your real cost of trading and get your orders filled at the best market price. Lower your costs of trading by using IamFX trading model.

Why IamFX ? 

Trade Forex, CFDs and Metals from One Trading Account

Straight Through Processing (STP): Direct Market Access (DMA) to Bank Liquidity

Real RAW spread offer on MT4 - you get real low interbank spreads.

Trading Accounts in 8 Base Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, HKD, JPY, CHF

No Dealing Execution, No Re-Quotes nor Re-pricing

Full Hedging Capabilities

Flexible leverage up to 400:1

Accepting All EA Systems: Including Scalping and Grid trading EA Systems

Free VPS Service: Every live account has access to our proprietary EA hosting service with all major EAs preinstalled

Trading account from as low as $100

Mobile Trading: Access IamFX MT4 via any Internet-enabled wireless device

Safety of Client Funds and Client’s Data

Easy and Fast Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Unmatched Customer Support: Including dedicated EA trader support

and much more…

IamFX Trading Model vs. Competion IamFX STP/DMA Trading Model STP – Straight Through Processing: This refers to the process in which our Clients enter the market . This is the most efficient and secure way of trading which eliminates the brokers ability to manipulate the market price. Here is how it works

Client places Market Order in the Trading Platform

Order goes directly to liquidity providers

Trade goes live on the Trading Platform

Order is executed on the market at the best available price

Dealing-Desk Model – The Competition A dealing desk always take the opposite side of your trade, essentially betting you will fail. All trades are filtered through their “desk” , opening a huge doorway for the Forex broker for making extra profit by adjusting the spread Client places Instant Order in the Trading Platform Trade goes live on the Trading Platform

Order is executed or rejected

Broker takes the opposite side of the trade

Broker changes the spread to whatever they want at that time

IamFX Trading Platforms IamFX Metatrader 4

IamFX MirrorTrader

 is the most popular Forex trading platform available today  truly bridges the gap between the institutional and retail FX world.  allows you to connect directly to the interbank market, with STP/DMA execution to leading FX banks allowing for pricing and execution free of manipulation and interference.

 is a complex trading platform, providing you with unique tools for knowledge-based and automated trading: Live signals, sentiments, market charts, oscillators and chart studies.  The IamFX Mirror Trader introduces traders to the "Trade by Knowledge" concept:  Manual Trading  Semi-Automatic Mirroring  Automatic Mirroring

Trading for Everybody IamFX Offers Multiple types of trading accounts to suit needs and preferences of all types of trader/client:

 Demo Trading Accounts Test your trading strategies in a real trading environment with a risk-free practice account

 Live Trading Accounts Take advantage of the IamFX unique Forex Trading environment that offers individual traders the same STP (Straight Through Processing) liquidity, and DMA (Direct Market Access) execution and trading functionality demanded by interbank traders.

    

Micro Trading Account Standard Trading Account MirrorTrader Trading Account Institutional Trading Account SYARIAH Compliant / Interest-Free Trading Account

IamFX VPS hosting service    

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service that enables a trader to have his or her trading platform hosted remotely Avoids down time that can be caused by dropped Internet connections and power outages. Every IamFX live trading account has access to our proprietary EA VPS hosting service with preinstalled all major and popular Expert Advisors A must have for all EA traders

IamFX VPS features:       

Web-based Access through any Internet Browser 24/7 monitored servers Multi-Operating System Support Zero Windows Security Flaws Zero Virus, Spyware, Malware or other fears Secure access to your Metatrader Account Simple upload of Trading robots, Indicators, Scripts

Start Trading Fast Fast, easy and cost effective account funding and withdrawal options:  Credit & debit cards  Moneybookers  WireTransfer  UnionPay  Payoneer debit card (coming soon) IamFX will soon also introduce an option for even faster and easier funding and withdrawals using a reloadable Prepaid Payoneer MasterCard. Enjoy greater convenience by transferring money to and from your trading account onto a Prepaid Payoneer MasterCard at the click of a mouse.

Safety of Funds and Regulation In today’s environment IamFX is more than ever committed to ensure a high level of protection for your Forex investments. IamFX holds customer funds at GCM, which as a financial firm regulated by the Financial Services Commission ("FSC"), takes pride in building and maintaining a strong reputation amongst its clients and the Forex Industry by providing highest Safety of Customer funds:  Segregation The funds are fully segregated into a special client bank account, which is kept separate from company funds.  Bank Accounts in Tier 1 Banks All funds are strictly maintained at the safest top tier banks such as HSBC. Customer funds are never commingled with company funds.  Regulated Liquidity Providers Company strictly deals with regulated financial institutions to execute trades, such as Citibank and Cantor Fitzgerald.  Constant Supervision by Management GCM as a company registered with the FSC, is required to meet strict financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements. On a daily basis, the company is required to submit financial reports to show that it has more than enough funds to meet its liabilities and segregate its fees from the client pool. Deloitte Touche will audit GCM's annual financial reports.  Automated Risk Management System IamFX automated matching system is designed to have every trade on a riskless principal basis. This OMS engine enables our Straight Through Processing with ultra high-speed, ultra low-latency a market-leading technology to trade with the market, not behind it.

Institutional Offering  Affiliate/Introducing Broker White Label & Referral Program IamFX can fast track your client base into forex trading generating immediate revenue streams. Leverage our STP/DMA model and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with IamFX by offering access to the true forex market. Diversify your clients' trading with a FOREX industry leader and take advantage of our highly competitive fee structure that allows you to earn based on your client's trading activity, creating a new and recurring revenue stream instantly.

 Custom VPS Program for EA developers and EA vendors Specifically designed for EA vendors and EA developers. Use the IamFX VPS to host your EA(s) and protect your EA code from being stolen or copied. Offer your clients your EA(s) free of charge on IamFX VPS and increase your conversion rates and generate recurring and lucrative revenues from the trading volume your clients generate with your EA(s) on IamFX.

 Institutional Accounts for High-Volume Traders Whether you are a bank, hedge fund, CTA, pension fund, money manager, corporation or individual, IamFX will offer you the best setup and solution specially designed for your needs, complete anonymous trading and price transparency, superior and fast STP/DMA execution with no re-quotes or re-pricing and dedicated high-quality liquidity pools.

Account Management IamFX is quickly becoming an industry leader for Account Managers, Money Managers and Strategy Providers due to the various types of management solutions offering:

 UMAM (ultimate multi account manager) IamFX has taken the industry traditional MAM/PAM usually offered at regular brokers and added greater flexibility for the manager(s) and additional features. Incentive commission for the manager is calculated based on highest watermark, which we believe is the most transparent model for both the money managers’ as well as their clients/investors. The recalculation of incentive commissions is done on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on the money manager’s preference.

 MirrorTrader Allowing the strategy provider to create a profile in our MirrorTrader platform thus enabling other traders the ability to follow your trading strategy and replicate the trades of your strategy on their trading accounts. The compensation for a strategy provider is from the traded volume from all traders following your strategy.

 Trade Copier Similar to UMAM, however this solution offers the same flexibility for the manager without grouping the clients’ funds into one master account. All trades are replicated using the industry first server based trade replicator that requires no installation on your clients MT4 account. The manager is compensated based on highest watermark commission % calculated based on the master trading account performance, like with the UMAM solution.

Unmatched Customer Support IamFX prides itself in offering unmatched customer support and services. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable support staff available for you 24hrs a day and 5 days a week.

IamFX Support Features:    

Friendly and knowledgeable online chat support 24/5 Dedicated phone support local to multiple countries Personal EA installation and support 24hr or less turn around time on most account issues

Experience True Market Trading

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