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You wake up feeling dizzy. The air is filled with a strange smell and the sound of somthing dripping goes like a knife through your head. It’s dark, all the windows are barricated. Flickering lights at the end of the hall. Is that the exit? Something shoots by, you could have sworn you saw something. You feel a certain presence creeping in. Look behind you?! ...nothing.. What the hell is this place? Not sure you want to find out? Find your way out. if you think you can....


This place has been yours for ages. Why the hell do people think otherwise? These poor souls are your offerings. Yours. It is your time and you will get to finish what you started. Soon this will all be yours and no one can even start to think otherwise.


Just a few more and your experiment will be complete! Harvest on those you can, save energy and hinder the other’s escape. You may not under any circumstances let them find the key to the exit... ...let alone your experiments...


may the batt

Action/Adventure Immersive virtual reality Head mounted display

Survival Wheelchair horror

St.Sophia’s is a two-player cross-platform game, based on the idea of having two players playing against each other; playing two different game genres but within the same game. This game utilizes two different setups. One of the players is placed within an immersive virtual reality setup, wearing a head mounted display (HMD) to visualize the world. Along wth the HMD this player uses a custom made dataglove and a joystick to interact within the world. The second player plays the game with an orthographic view from a back-projected table top setup, using fiducals (small symbols mounted on wooden blocks) for interaction. This can be understood somewhat as a digital boardgame.

Survival Wheelchair horror

tles begin... St.Sophia’s is a survival wheelchair horror game that crosses the action/adventure genre with the strategy genre. The player in the virtual reality setup plays a patient in St.Sophia’s hospital, this player is bound to a wheelchair and his main goal is to get out of the hospital. In order to do so he must accomplish a list of tasks while trying to dodge the poltergeist played by the table top player. The poltergeist has strengths and abilities that allow him to hinder the patient player’s advance in the game. This becomes a struggle of life and death between the two players.

Strategy Orthographic digital boardgame Table Top setup

Immersive virtual reality HMD setup

Orthographic digital boardgame TableTop setup

TableTop setup

TableTop setup

Virtual Reality setup

Virtual Reality setup

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St.Sophia's - survival wheelchair horror game  

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