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For you: Family, Friends and Colleagues

I FORGOT... I forgot what life is all about ... I forgot what it meant to cry ... I forgot that pretending to be happy doesn't make you happy ... And that pretending to be smart doesn't make you smart ... I forgot that you can't just forget the past in fear of the future ...

I’ve learnt that sometimes the things you want most, you just can't have. I’ve learnt that the greatest thing about life isn't the parties or the hook-ups ... It's the friendships, which means taking chances ...

I’ve learnt that sometimes, the things we want to forget, are the things that we most need to talk about ... I’ve learnt that letters from friends are the most important things and that sending cards to friends makes you feel better.

But basically, I’ve just learnt that my friends, both old and new, are the most important people to me in the entire world ... AND ... without them, I wouldn't be who I am today ...

So, this is a

thank you to all of my friends and colleagues ... for always being there. And even if we are not on good terms any more, or we have lost touch ...

I still care for you

THANK YOU for being a part of my life in 2010. You are special to me. Happy New Year (2011)

thank you  

something to cheer you up...

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