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Sunday 10th August 2008

UYG CAREER DAY ment Services gave the youth a brief but excellent presentation on how to compile a CV, and gave them a booklet containing tips to help candidates while looking for a job, telephone techniques, and where to look for jobs. The Love Life institute also had a chance o speak to the youth. The speaker emphasised that many youth get involved with unhealthy activities because they lack direction and guidance in their lives.

The UYG began the Youth Number One programme last year, which was aimed at helping the youth in their studies and assisting them in making the correct subject choices to prepare them for their future careers.

Every Saturday the youth receive help from professional teachers. This pro-

gramme has become a great success as most of the youth have seen an improvement in their studies. On 2nd of August, the UYG held its first Youth Number One Career Day at the Temple of Faith, Park Station. The youth came fully equipped with their pens and notebooks, ready to get serious about preparing for their futures. Also present at the Career Day were representatives from the following institutions: Landelahni Recruitment Services, Vhazwini Training and Enterprise, Love Life, City Year, Sci-bono and Wits. A consultant from Landelahni Recruit-

This is an experience of a lifetime! Words cannot express the blessing you gave to my daughter. I am so excited and would love to see this continuing to further develop and broaden our children scope of knowledge in terms of career choices. No amount of money could have ever paid for the knowledge and care you continue to give and show to our families.

A guest speaker from Wits University gave out some flyers, bursary booklets and application forms for those who were interested in applying to the university. He also advised that you should choose a career that best suits you, and that you will enjoy in the future. You should do what you want to do, not what others think will best suit you. He concluded by saying that you should ask yourself the following questions when trying to decide on a career. What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? Are you good at what you want to do? Are you going to enjoy what you want to do? Are you interested in the career and in learning more about it?

The Career Day was a great success and a day to remember, as the youth received the proper career guidance they needed in order to make the correct career choice and have a productive and happy future. Pastor Falvio concluded the event by making a prayer asking God to bless all the youth that were present at the event.

The UYG would like to thank Landelahni Recruitment Services, Vhazwini Training and Enterprise, Love Life, City Year, Sci-bono and Wits for supprting the 1st UYG career day.

The last speaker was from City Year.

opinion I enjoyed the Career Day as it was well organised and included everything that a student needs to know – from compiling a CV to making the correct choice of career path. I learned a lot and acquired a lot of knowledge.

In a world where so many bad teachings can take place, I am glad there is UYG at UCKG where the youth like my daughter can experience all of the many beautiful things education and life in general could offer. To all those who made that day to be possible and a success should no that: “You have exceedingly displayed and developed Of all the career days I have attended, this one my daughter’s skills in many ways”. was the best. I am happy that we had this day as Viva UYG Viva it benefited all of us that were present. Buyiswa Mdlungu email

This institute gathers youth from all around and teaches them about a wide variety of lifestyles, life orientation skills and everyday social life issues. City Year does not only focus on teaching the youth; they also help the youth to put into practice what they have learned, by helping them to grow and become strong individuals.

Thabang Sekele

This was a spectacular event. I learned a lot about what steps I need to take concerning my future career. When I arrived, I was confused about my career options. I thank God for giving the leaders of the youth this direction, as I now know what career I am going to tackle after I complete Matric and which institution offers training for this career. I am really happy because it’s here in the UYG that we are starting to build our futures. Sharol Gwazela

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