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Welding Technology

Nearly half of today’s welding workforce is approaching retirement, creating an unprecedented demand for new skilled welders. Welders are creators and builders. With their knowledge and skills, they use heat to fuse metals or thermoplastics. Technology has revolutionized welding with new techniques, equipment, and materials. A two-year Welding Technology Diploma opens the door to well-paying jobs with a lot of growth potential. Career opportunities exist not only in the welding and metalworking industries, but also in construction, manufacturing, fabrication, sales, quality control, and supervision. Welders with a diploma and work experience can take certification examinations that qualify them for advancement to specialized positions, such as a certified robotic arc welder or certified welding supervisor. Many welders run their own businesses, enjoying the opportunity to be self-employed.


Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronics Engineering Technology is an exciting career field where creativity, attention to detail, and excellent skills in math and science pay off in interesting, well-paying, hands-on work. Electronics engineering technicians assist engineers in the design and development of computers, communications equipment, medical monitoring devices, and other electrical equipment and electronic devices. Central Carolina Community College’s Associate in Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology program prepares students for work as engineering assistants or electronic technicians. Instruction is hands-on and includes numerous individual and team lab projects. Graduates are in demand, finding work in fields such as telecommunications, medical electronics, and automated systems. They often work in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic equipment to adjust, test, and repair a wide variety of electronics systems. 7

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