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Grow with the green programs at “Green Central” Create your own green and growing future by enrolling in Central Carolina Community College’s sustainability programs. Whatever your interest in going green, the college has something for you in its curriculum (college credit) or continuing education courses. The Sustainable Technology Center at the Chatham County Campus is the center of the college’s sustainability programs. The facility itself is a model of sustainable building, including its vegetative roof, rainwater collection system, electric car charging stations, and renewable energy systems.

Curriculum programs Culinary Arts: Interested in a career in culinary arts? Then, the Culinary Arts Associate in Applied Science is for you. The two-year program emphasizes using locally grown whole foods, health, and sustainability. A fast track, one-year program is also available. The A.A.S. articulates with Johnson and Wales University’s bachelor degrees in culinary arts. Sustainable Agriculture: CCCC offers an Associate in Applied Science in

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Sustainable Agriculture that prepares you for a career in small-scale, environmentally friendly farming and similar occupations. Students learn hands-on at the student farm and fruit orchard. The college also offers certificates in agricultural sustainability, sustainable livestock systems, and sustainable vegetable production. Sustainability Technologies: An Associate in Applied Science in Sustainability Technologies prepares you for careers such as renewable energy technician, sustainability consultant, energy analyst, and green building supervisor. If you are interested in a specific area, earn a certificate in green building, renewable energy, sustainability, or biofuels. All will put you on track for the associate degree.

Sustainable Agriculture: If you are a handsin-the-dirt kind of person, you can enjoy learning to grow your own food organically. Explore the increasing variety of classes within sustainable agriculture continuing education, including edible and medicinal plants and brewing your own beer. Green Building: Green building classes will teach you about environmentally friendly building materials and practices that make homes more livable while reducing energy and water consumption. Students create – and then sell – a small cottage incorporating these principles. Ecotourism: CCCC promotes public understanding of and appreciation for the natural environment with ecotourism seminars and guided field trips. Come and learn more about the beauty and natural resources of Chatham County.

Continuing Education programs More Information Hospitality and Culinary Arts: CCCC’s Hospitality and Culinary Arts continuing education courses cover nutrition, whole food preparation, serving, and restaurant management, culminating in a Natural Chef Certificate.

For more information about CCCC’s sustainability programs, visit or call (919) 542-6495.

Education That Works  

Whether you are a prospective student, parent, current student, alumni, or friend, this publication is for you. This magazine will provide...

Education That Works  

Whether you are a prospective student, parent, current student, alumni, or friend, this publication is for you. This magazine will provide...