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Chelmsford & District Advanced Motorcyclists Registered Charity No. 1111635 Registered Charity No. 1111635 • Affiliated to Affiliated to

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April/May 2013

Chairman’s Lip Tales from the back of the bike Bonnie Reborn 2 Biker Friendly – A Home from Home

The CADAM Committee Chairman Jonathan Harman

Membership Secretary Dean Scrivener

O2W Editor Mark Anstey

Vice Chairman Craig Anson

Chief Observers Ty Boughen & Dennis Kitterridge

Committee Member Phil Draper

Treasurer Steve Green Group Secretary Travis Martinson

Recruitment Promotion Officer

Webmaster Craig Anson

Training Co-Ordinator Doug Prasser

OUR AIMS Chelmsford and District Advanced Motorcyclists (CADAM) is one of many groups across the country whose aim is to improve motorcycling road safety by helping people prepare for, and pass, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Advanced Motorcycling Test. Our group is affiliated to, but not subservient to, the IAM. However, because we share the same aims, we often seem to speak with one voice. CADAM is run by volunteers and serves the districts of Essex in and around Chelmsford. As well as helping people to pass the Advanced Test, we run the group as a club, so that once you have passed, you will still want to stay on and take part in our other activities. We provide: Structured instruction to prepare for the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test.You can choose a course that runs on Saturdays or one that runs on Sundays. These courses are designed to take even relatively inexperienced riders and raise their riding to IAM test standards.

When on a club run, be it an evening or a weekend event, speed limits must be observed. We have no exemption and advanced riding does not need to involve higher speeds. When approaching hazards appropriate care must be taken. On clubs runs you are running as CADAM and under the IAM banner.

Machine control days to increase your machine handling skills. These sessions are held off the public road, so we can explore your capabilities and those of your machine in safety. Social runs over challenging routes (no motor-ways, thanks!) to interesting places. Weekends away to ride some new roads, normally out of Essex. Monthly group meetings, often with a talk from a speaker on an interesting topic to do with motorcycling. On 2 Wheels – This newsletter, keeping you up to date with what’s happening. Want to know more? Call our general enquiries number 07790 656 687 – or just turn up at a meeting and introduce yourself to a committee member! Future Events – listings and directions can be found on the back cover.

Do not bring this into disrepute. Also the Marker system will be used. Anyone not familiar with this system please speak to one of the run organisers who will run through this for you. Thanks and safe riding. Jonathan Harman, Chairman, CADAM

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 •

Chairman’s Lip… Welcome to the latest issue of O2W! Some say –

a previous edition has been found in her Majesty’s favourite lavatory...

Whilst Sally Loxton and

Honda CB500 range

Gliding presentation in June

Stephen Jack may not be the latest winners to scope large handfuls of wad on the lottery, they are our newest members who have  scrambled up that hill and crossed that bridge towards safer motorcycling. So unlike the weather; a very spring like warm welcome to Cadam. You have done the hardest part, now comes the enjoyable bit - so please make the most of your time with your respective Observers. There is not a lot left in this world that is free. Questions cost nothing, so as you make progress (pun there somewhere..!) please freely question anything you do not understand. A round of applause for Ian Jeffrey our first test pass of 2013! Much congratulations - and well done that man! Hopefully both Sally and Stephen will soon be following behind.

Inky Anne visits on April’s Group Night

In typical Cadam fashion March group night was not curry night, but our AGM. Had it been curry night all the seats may have been taken, but as it was there was enough room for Chris Pfeiffer to shred the rear tyre, bunny

hop and point a Goldwing on its nose in all 4 corners. The rest of you could not have all spent the night with Leona Lewis - cos she was with me. So from your absence and silence, I can only assume you are content with the way your Group is being run, managed and steered? Thanks to John Stevens and John Allen for making the evening a little more palatable and Dean for scribing the minutes which can be found on the forum for the interested few. On the subject of the forum, I shall not dwell on the weather for others already have. We are knocking on the door of ‘Eostre’ the Goddess of Spring (Easter to us common folk) yet there is nothing but ice laced with salt beneath our rubber - and its still snowing. Its shite! Confirmed by forecasters who have bragging rights about this being the coldest March for 50 years (er…no shite!) and has subsequently put things back in my corner; having scuppered my Chairman’s Early Spring Riser that was simmering nicely on the back burner. Bugger! New metal and news


since the wheels of O2W last turned include the sale of Husqvarna to those Austrians who love orange - aka KTM. I glimpsed a snippet of a new R1 testing on a track protected with more razor wire than razor wire. It was dressed in the hand me down clothes of an R6 and apparently will remain a ‘four’ and not a ‘triple’ as previous speculated.

Honda’s replacement for their iconic NR750, the V4 RCV213V may still be between 18 months to 2 yrs away, yet this has not thwarted a flood of deposits from those wanting to be first with one in their garage (yes please!) The NR750 was a staggering £37,000 new. Er…… much does that mean the new, strictly limited model will cost?? Gulp!

Adaptive suspension is the new battlefield. Kawasaki has joined the Italians and Germans with its own take on adaptive suspension. They have filed patents to protect their idea of the next generation of traction control combined with their adaptive suspension technology. I guess we will have to wait for the next generation ZX10R and ZZR1400 before we experience it for real?

Staying with Honda they appear to have hit the sweet spot with their trio of new 500’s. Not only are they good to ride but are also kind to your wallet. They come in 3 flavours and are all equipped with the same half a Fireblade engine. CB500R, CB500X and CB500F. R is for sporty, X is for adventure and F is the roadster.

There is a make over available for S1000RR jockeys with £30,000 burning a hole in their leathers, courtesy of BMW’s HP Race Parts division. You can now have the full fat 220bhp hand built race engine fitted.... The adventure slice of the manufacturers’ cake, is still going down well. The GS was the biggest selling slice over 125cc last year. Saw the new GS in the flesh recently. Looks good with a extra dose of funky flavour. Am sure it will do what it says on the German tin. However the more I read about the KTM 1190 Adventure (especially the R……..) and Aprilia’s new Caponord - have the Germans done enough? I am not as convinced they have done enough with the ingredients. It was only a matter of time before the new for 2014 RT broke cover. It has now been snapped by the 2 wheeled Paparazzi, whilst sunning itself on a touring holiday in the south of France. Whilst heavily disguised in black and white sun block, under all that gunk it does not look too dissimilar to a scaled down K16GT. Will it still be the worlds best touring bike? Does Carlsberg still make the best larger??

Also had the good fortune of piloting a VFR1200F. As imagined was akin to riding a Swiss timepiece. However, at idle there was a slight mechanical vibration from within the bellows of the V4 that could be sensed through feet, knees and hands, confirmed by the angry needle on the large rev counter as it rocked like a bouy in choppy waters. Unlike tiger Woods, made it feel a tad below par. Around 7,000 rpm the exhaust barked - more poodle than guard dog. Sadly, a clinical absence of character and soul within its DNA rekindled memories of my STX1300; when I hoped it would lead me back down memory lane to my Blackbird. So, a good steer - just not a memorable one. Sadly, whilst we may not have any achingly beautiful ladies decorated in shards of silk on the pages of the Cadam calendar, we do have plenty to keep one equally occupied (well almost!) May Group night is a good old fashioned theory session and June’s Group night is a presentation on gliding. We have a Full members refresher day on April 21st and Dennis Kitteridge’s jaunt to Sherringham on the 28th. The first BH weekend in May is Mick Gowlett’s Monschau trip and the 2nd BH weekend is my Battlefield Tour of Normandy – something

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 • for the weekend Sir? So what you waiting for? Come forth and join us! Some of you with an eye for spectacular scenery may have caught sight of my equally spectacular Chairman’s Gangnam style Monster Alpine Chill Out! I approached Simon Weir at Ride. The brief was simple. The best scenic rides in Europe? The response was Ride Magazine’s big European Tour. Those of you using your other eye for detail, will have seen my best attempts at replicating this on the forum. For those with poor sight or misplaced spectacles – this is a 8 day adventure extended to 13 days for pillion comfort and some chill out time – as the emphasis is on chilling out and not hanging off the throttle stop. However there will be some long hours behind the bars (initially – those that you hold onto and not what holds you up at last orders!) and no pre booked accommodation. We leave 3rd week of June. Exact dates and sign up sheet should appear on the forum about now. Please make sure you read my first post with both eyes and open mind. Then check out the You Tube links which will teleport you straight to either what is to come, or what you going to miss...

£53,000 for cyclist safety; £78,000 for child and teenager road safety; £50,000 for research into young drivers; £1.275m for motorcycle campaigns and £1.7m on drink driving.

80mph speed limit plan for motorways ‘to be scrapped’

Music was the biggest distraction being named by 54% of respondents. This included changing radio stations, shuffling an iPod or singing along to music. Drivers under the age of 20 were the most likely to be distracted by music. Other distractions included: Drinking hot or cold liquids while driving (47%); eating whilst driving including taking both hands off the wheel (47%); regularly using a ‘phone incl hands-free whilst driving (16%); writing texts whilst driving (16%); ‘romantically canoodling’ with a fellow car occupant whilst driving (8%); applying cosmetics whilst driving (7%); falling asleep or dozing (4%); using smartphone apps whilst driving (3%); using Facebook or social media whilst driving (3%).

According to the IAM, the DfT is planning to spend £3.7m on road safety in 2012/13. This includes

Vulnerable road user (pedestrians, pedal and motor cyclists) killed or ser iously

Some trivia this month, including canoodling and a Somerset man who thought the world was going to er... end! It did – in court!!


injured (KSI) casualties showed overall increases of 6%, 8% and 4% respectively compared with the year ending September 2011. Pedestrian and car user casualties fell from the year ending September 2011 to the year ending September 2012 by 2% and 5%. The number of pedal cyclist and motorcyclist casualties each rose by 4% over the same period. Both pedestrian and all road user child KSIs (ages 0-15) fell by 1% between the years ending September 2011 and 2012. There were 2,360 child KSIs in the year ending September 2012, of whom 1,590 were pedestrians. The total number of child casualties fell by 10% over this period. The number of fatal accidents on major roads (motorways and A roads) fell by 9%. The number of fatal or serious accidents fell by 2 per cent. Fatal and serious accidents rose by 5% on minor roads (and similarly 5% on built-up roads) There were 197,730 casualties from 146,980 separate accidents in the year ending September 2012 – a 3% fall from the year ending September 2011 for both casualties (from 204,211) and accidents (from 151,162). The man switched off his van’s lights while driving across a junction and ignored officers’ blue lights and sirens to pull him over. He drove on the wrong side of the road and overtook other vehicles at 70mph. A stinger was deployed to stop the van. The man said he wanted to be chased by the police because he believed the world was going to end just days later on December 21, 2012. The man pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at South Somerset Magistrates’ Court. Regrettably, I have called time on the love affair

with my 30th Anniversary GSA. Personal reasons in the main and the odd thoughts of residuals, with her 3rd birthday and her first medical on this years calendar. So with some regret (which could be a lot of regret...) I have had to let her go; but not for the younger model. So: “Who am I dating now?” – I hear you ask. Well, I now find myself with one of those ‘high maintenance’ super models. I have not ridden her yet(??) and she has already bitten me on the arse. My insurance premium has out accelerated a V-Max on aviation fuel. From £144 to £406! My insurer was not prepared to make life any more comfortable, so saved £127 elsewhere, but now have the pleasure of a bounty of an excess, close to a whopping 4 figure sum hanging around my neck! (That’s nice!!) I could go on about the fact that in typical fashion, she likes her shoes and can expect 2,000 miles less joy from a pair. On the subject of joy, looks like there will be less of that on a tank of juice too! In fact, about 37 miles less frolicking per refill! I have also been warned that the 6,000 mile visits to the salon for nail, hair and beauty treatments are cause for significant harm to my wallet... Doh!! Blimey – is this the right girl for me?? Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Only time and the pages of O2W will tell... Kind Regards & Safe Riding JH.                                                                                                                                               

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 •

Tales from the back of the bike Photography by Chanon deValois of Chanon deValois Photography

Chanon deValois is one of Essex, London and the Suffolk’s most exclusive Wedding Photographers, creating stunning images and capturing those precious moments but, her passion for photography also links seamlessly in with her love of biking. “There is something liberating about touring around a new place on a motorcycle, you feel part of the landscape around you, not isolated in a metal box. Of course wishing to capture that feeling does present you with certain issues, as the back of a motorcycle isn’t the easiest place to take a photograph from”.

Firstly you must have complete faith in the person in front of you, to be fair the fact that you are already a pillion does tend to suggest that this is a

given, if they get it wrong then its going to hurt both of you. However, this trust does work both ways, motorcycles are sensitive to the movements of

their passengers and a poor pillion can certainly make things interesting for the rider. The problem is as the pillion you get a good view of the world on both sides, and an excellent view of a crash helmet directly in front of you. Therefore you need to reposition yourself to maximize your view, but if you do this without warning you may well experience the fore mentioned hurt. After that it’s unlikely you will 7 be able to sweet-talk

yourself into his good books again, especially if his pride and joy is lying in a ditch. Therefore communication between the rider and pillion is impor tant, and helmet comms’ are a must. This allows you to give the rider some sor t of warning of what your intentions are before you do it. Once you have this communication and you are able to move about the rear of the motorcycle, the next issue is with actually using your camera. I do make one concession here to photography by removing my gloves because it’s all about knowing your camera and how to change the settings without looking at it, motorcycle gloves do not allow this. You could just set it on auto but then you wouldn’t get the movement when you want it as well as the bright blue skies, and remember you are trying to capture the essence of the motorcycling in your photographs. On this particular trip we took ten days to travel from Essex to Austria in the very hot July of 2007, back when we used to get summers. Our easterly route took us via Strasbourg and onto Lake Konstanz and Lindau. Continuing east we headed towards Berchtesgaden and then south to an amazing bit of road, the almighty Grossglockner . The Grossglockner is a ribbon of tarmac threading it’s way through the Alpine Mountains with a series of hairpin bends and breath taking scenery. You wouldn’t use this

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 •

road to go anywhere it’s simply there to be ridden and enjoyed. At the end you turn around and ride it again from the other direction. A handy café at the midpoint conveniently placed on top of a mounting allows

you to take in the whole experience over a cup of tea. The entire trip was full of stunning images, the kind your kid’s wouldn’t appreciate. Salzburg, Vienna and 9 Bavaria all provided

beautiful scenery and great biking roads. Additionally, there were plenty of places to visit including The Eagle’s Nest, where we had to momentarily give up the bike for a coach and the various castles of King Ludwig, Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee. On our return to reality, it was quite apparent that it was the fact we had lived every bend, pass and change of weather that had made this trip such a memorable experience, and this could only have been achieved on a motorcycle. Words by Chanon deValois & Paul Summerton

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 •

For more information of Chanon’s photographic services, please visit:


print the way it should be...


Issue 31 • April/May 2013 •

Copperpot Events Ltd presents


Harlow Classic Car & Motorbike Show Harlow Rugby Club Ram Gorse, Elizabeth Way, Harlow, Essex CM20 2JQ on

Saturday 6th July 2013

FREE* to display

Cars & Motorbikes * With a booking form

General Admission: £6.00 Adults £3.00 Children £15.00 Family Ticket 2013 sees the launch of our Harlow Classic Car and Motorbike Show. It will be held on Saturday 6th July, and will feature live bands, fun things for kids to do too, including a bouncy castle, face painting, and model racing cars.

There will also be things for the adults too; Various food vehicles, a bar (open till 20:30). At this time, the organisers are also in the process of arranging camping facilities so that those who wish to have a drink or two, need not drive home afterwards!

In addition, there are plans for Craft Stalls and hopefully some Auto Jumble Stalls too.The event will be open to the public from 11:00 – 17:00 and will hopefully become an annual event!

For further information or for a booking form (if you wish to display cars or bikes), please contact Tracey Harvey on 07951462645 (after 4:30pm please) or by email:



Following on from the first instalment in the last issue of O2W, Paul Reeve braves the cold to continue with the nut-and-bolt rebuild of his 1976 Bonnie, also posting his progress on the ‘therevcounter’ forum:


Top of the stroke after a bit of a clean up.

January 21st

We braved the cold and got to work again over the weekend. I removed the primary chaincase cover and the good news is that it all looks good and clean. In addition, I put a socket on the front nut to try and turn the engine over, I was half expecting it to be seized. However, no problem at all, the engine turned over easily! What a relief.. The cylinder barrel itself. Bores look good to me. I am hoping they are OK as it was rebored back in the late 70’s early 80’s to, I believe, +40 thou. If memory serves me right that is the maximum bore. Should they need it can the barrel have liners fitted does anybody know?

Forum reply: You can easily rebore a unit 650 to +60 thou. Pistons are readily available. It needs to be bored by someone who has a good track record with old Brit bikes. Needs 5 thou piston skirt clearance, or it will seize. Or you could just clean it up and use what’s there. If you put your pics on the Triumph forum on website, you’ll maybe get knowledgeable replies about the state of the pistons and bores. That does look like a partial seizure on the drive side piston and they shouldn’t ideally be that black below the rings. Are we in time to advise you against skimming the head?

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 • The head looks good, so will just have a general clean up no skimming. February 28th We managed to spend another hour on the bike and removed the airbox, side panels, battery and battery tray and the coils etc. The more we strip the bike down, the more I realise that the condition, apart from the chrome, is not too bad! Next job, hopefully on Saturday, is removing the engine. March 2nd My son and I spent 3 hours or so on the bike today and made great progress! The engine is out and on the workbench ready for cleaning and inspection. First thoughts are that it is in pretty good condition and a decision will have to

With the barrel off, all looks good and clean inside

be made as to whether or not to strip it any further. I think that we will probably take a chance and just give her a top end overhaul. The frame, although rusty, also looks to be in reasonable condition and I am going to start getting some quotes from Powder Coating companies for all the black parts. Got a telephone quote from Aerocoat to powder coat the frame today – £160, possibly the stands included. So I will be using them for all the black parts, probably next month. Handlebars and clocks have also been removed. Well pleased with the progress today, all went well apart from a minor hiccup trying to undo the forward engine mount! Paul Reeve

Bottom of the stroke before cleaning.

The cylinder barrel


Engine out and the frame, although rusty, also looks to be in reasonable condition

You can also follow Paul online at:

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 •

The Old Farmhouse

Biker Friendly

myself and Siân included and where better than Mid Wales and an area that we know well, having visited it regularly for over 30 years. Whilst the weather is often rather unpredictable, the scenery never fails to impress!



Easter saw the traditional get away for many,



Home from Home






done the homework and three nights were booked for three of us at The Old Farmhouse, just a few miles outside of Barmouth. Upon arrival, we were met at the door by our hosts Sally and Tim Knight, who immediately made us feel at home and very welcome.

A couple of years on from my mother having to sell her beloved holiday home in Fairbourne, we were all back to the area to visit and looking for an alternative home from home. Siân had already


The view of Barmouth across the estuary from Fairbourne

The property was purchased by Sally and Tim about three years ago, but needed a lot of TLC to get it to the standard that you see now. All of the rooms were renovated and to very high standard of decor and comfort, with en suite shower or bathrooms for all rooms.There are three rooms in the main house, each sleeping from 1 to 3 people and ‘outside’, there are two additional ‘garden rooms’. The Old Farmhouse sleeps a total number, if I remember correctly, of 13 guests. Being three up, we were obviously in the car, but when we were told that Sally and Tim were fully ‘outdoor’ friendly, welcoming walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists, with secure garage parking where required, drying rooms and storage for wet or muddy gear, our attention focused up a notch!

In fact, Tim is himself a keen motorcyclist and the mantelpiece in the lounge sports a picture as proof, with him sitting proudly on his touring machine (too much chrome to polish for me!). Many of you will have already experienced the fantastic roads in this part of the world (the roads are certainly better maintained than they are around parts of Essex), but the views and the places to visit are a reason to come back again and again. We will also be looking to return to the area sometime soon, and to The Old Farmhouse, but this time on two wheels rather than four! The following information is taken from their website. If you have any questions, I know that Sally and Tim will be only too happy to help. Mark Anstey

Issue 31 • April/May 2013 •

The Old Farmhouse Enjoy the comforts of a hotel with the friendliness and informality of our renovated farmhouse. It is an ideal centre for touring Snowdonia, walking or just total relaxation by our large outdoor swimming pool and hot spa whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of Snowdonia and the coast. This area of Secret Snowdonia offers visitors a wide range of interests including over 5 miles of one of Britain’s few Blue Flag beaches. There are lots of castles and historic sites and visitor attractions including slate mines, little trains of Wales, Portmeirion and numerous and varied walks. There are quiet lanes for cyclists and stunning scenery, all of which are on the doorstep or within a short drive.

Tim and Sally Knight will ensure you have a warm welcome and excellent service within superb surroundings and stunning views of the Llyn Peninsula. We are walker, cyclist, motor bike and pet friendly, with facilities and storage to cater for all necessary equipment including secure garaging. We are keen to offer good old fashioned quality and comfort combined with a healthy and hearty breakfast. As owners of The Old Farmhouse we hope you will enjoy your stay and fall in love with its charm and character as we have done and have a break to remember in the beautiful surroundings within Snowdonia National Park and come back and see us many times. For more information, please visit: or contact Tim and Sally on +44 (0)1341 242 711


How to Find Us Club Nights The Sports Pavilion, Chelmsford Police HQ, St. Margaret’s Road. 19:30 for 22:00 start unless otherwise stated. Please refer to CADAM events listing for dates. Apologies, but we will need to collect £1.00 from each member present on club nights to cover the cost of hiring the room. Guest speakers and the occasional raffle are being planned for some of the meetings. For more details or suggestions for future events, please contact a member of the committee. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

CADAM What’s On? 2013 Visit the Forum and Events Calendar at for more details of all events listed. Check regularly as events are regularly added or amended. We look forward to seeing you soon. Tues 9th

April Group Night – Inky Anne (TT Sidecar Racer) EPSA. 19:30.

Boreham McD. 09:00.

Tues 9th Group Night – EPSA. 19:30.

Your Club Needs You! If you have any suggestions that you feel may benefit the club and its members, then we would love to hear from you.

August Tues 13th Group Night – EPSA. 19:30.

September Tues 10th Group Night – EPSA. 19:30.

October Tues 8th Group Night – EPSA. 19:30.

We are a team of volunteers and it is important to us that the club operates to benefit all members.

Tues 11th Group Night – Essex Gliding EPSA. 19:30

November Tues 12th Group Night – EPSA. 19:30.

Sun 7th

December Tues 10 th Group Night – EPSA. 19:30.

If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact one of the committee at a club night, on a ride out or via the emails listed above. Better still, why not come along to a Committee Meeting and get involved. With your help we can make riding safer and fun.

Sun 21st Full members refreshers day TBA.


Tues 14 Group Night – Roadcraft EPSA. 19:30. th


July The Jane Wilson Charity ride

That might include suggestions (or niggles) about training, club nights, rideouts or this magazine.

O2W Issue 31  

Bi-monthly newsletter of CADAM (Chelmsford & District Advanced Motorcyclists

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