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The interior design show that links manufacturing with design

AWISA DESIGN 11-14 July 2012 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

The future is here...

Think smoothness, stability and design flexibility Visit Hettich at stand 2203 - 2214

2012 AWISA DESIGN 11-14 July 2012 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

AWISA-DESIGN 2012 is the interior design show that links manufacturing with design. Anyone involved in the design, specification, manufacture or installation of domestic and commercial interiors should come and visit AWISA-DESIGN 2012. A wide range of decorative materials, hardware, components and design software will be on display. Products for kitchens, bathrooms, shop, office and hotel fitouts and other interior joinery and cabinetry. AWISA-DESIGN 2012 is part of the long established AWISA woodworking trade show, and aims to bridge the gap between designers and manufacturers, to help bring about the best in quality manufactured design.

2012 will be the first time that the decorative and hardware products at the AWISA exhibition are exhibited in a separate section. This publication presents just some of the many products that will be displayed. For more details about visiting the show read the inside back cover of this publication or visit Show hours Wednesday 11 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 6.00p.m. Thursday 12 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 6.00p.m. Friday

13 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 6.00p.m.


14 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 4.00p.m.


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KBDi @ awisa

Seminar Programme Information This year, for this first time, the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia and registered training organisation, Designer Training, will team up to provide one hour seminars designed to help AWISA visitors to build their businesses. Each seminar will run twice throughout the trade show. Tickets cost $55 per person and can be tax deductible. Web and phone bookings are available now at or on 07 3505 9249. Spaces are limited and bookings are taken on a first in best dressed policy. For more information on which seminars will attract professional development points, please go to or contact the KBDi on 07 3505 9249.

KBDi DESIGN2012 CONFERENCE. Be inspired. The KBDi is also holding its 4th annual conference, DESIGN2012, in Sydney to coincide with the trade show. This national event is attended by KBDi members including designers, manufacturers and suppliers. The conference covers everything from business and marketing to design insights and style trends. The KBDi is a national organisation with local chapters located around Australia, providing members with kitchen and bathroom industry technical and business information, conference and award programmes, networking opportunities and designer certification. KBDi membership is open to the wider industry from students just starting out to highly experienced industry professionals.

A common sense approach to workplace health and safety DaY:

Thursday 12 July

Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm Day:

Friday 13 July

Time: 10.30am – 11.30am

Sales and marketing through social networking Day:

Wednesday 11 July

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm Day:

Friday 13 July

Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Effective project management Day:

Thursday 12 July

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm Day:

Saturday 14 July

Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm

European design trends Day:

Wednesday 11 July

Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm Day:

Thursday 12 July

Time: 9.30am – 10.30am Day:

Friday 13 July

Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm


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Kethy has always offered the market product that enhances the furniture to which it is attached; this is the philosophy that has sustained Kethy for more than 20 years. As it has been four years since the last AWISA, Kethy has many new and exciting architectural designs. Bring inspiration to new designs.

The Base Liner from Vauth-Sagel is a truly flexible storage system that allows the height in the separated storage areas to be adjusted. Adjustments can be made on the left and right side that can be installed at the second and third level to individually adjust the storage heights. To use the available storage space even more flexibly and individually, bottle storage elements can be ordered. Complete with integrated damping, opening and shutting.

Kethy Australia Pty Ltd Stand 1414 Phone 02 9542 4991

Lincoln Sentry Stand 2123 Phone 1300 551 919

CREATIVITY UNLIMITED WITH DIGITAL EDGE FROM SURTECO This newly developed technology enables individual motifs to be printed onto edgebands. This allows creative furniture and interior designers to give their customers the edge by including unique design details on edges. Digitally printed edges also enables edgebands to become an additional, important advertising space. Surteco prints individual Digital Edge according to required dimensions, colour, embossing and gloss level to achieve a superior finish.

Surteco Stand 1416 Phone 02 9421 0300

BONLEX – NEW RANGE OF GLOSS & SATIN FINISHES Made in Japan to exacting standards for over 25 years, Bonlex is a leader in vacuum forming films. Applications include kitchen doors, wardrobes, offices, displays, wall panels, and store fixtures.


The new range of gloss and satin finishes is perfect for discerning clients. Excellent stain, scratch, chip and scuff resistance; world leading UV protection; tested to Australian conditions and standards.

Link Plastics Stand 1410 Phone 02 9671 2193

Dynamic Space: ideas from Blum for practical kitchens to provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction. The basic principles of Dynamic Space are smooth and ergonomic workflows, gaining valuable storage space and offering quality of motion. Dynamic Space workshops are available through all Blum showrooms across Australia.

Blum Australia Stand 2223 Phone 1800 179 186


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SAMET – NOW AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA For almost 40 years Samet has established itself as one of the leading cabinetry hardware brands in Europe, manufacturing more than 2400 products and exporting to over 90 countries. Now available in Australia, Samet’s patented Smart Box soft-close drawer system combines ease of installation, superior quality and proven longevity, with aesthetically modern finish.

Nessco Group Stand 1418 Phone 08 9333 4999

Pytha – a complete service provider Pytha Pty Ltd is an industry leader in the supply of 3D CAD/CAM software to the shopfitting and commercial joinery industry. However where it stands apart are the other arms to the business. Setout service assists clients with shopdrawings right through to running jobs to the CNC. Client presentations range from high quality rendered images images through to interactive walkthroughs. Specialised consulting, technical and project management services are also available.

Pytha Pty Ltd Stand 1406 Phone 02 9526 8300

DESIGN JOURNEYS START WITH BORG DECORATIVE Borg Decorative makes it even easier to start design journeys. Emerging as a superior supplier Borg Decorative, incorporating Polytec and Parbury, will remain a market leader supplying the building industry with dependable residential and commercial decorative building surfaces.

NEW UNICA RUNNER The Unica concealed runner combines Smove decelerated closing action with both traditional opening for drawers with handle and Push self-opening for handle-less furniture. This combination of features was until now unthinkable in a single product. The operating system is exclusively mechanical and integrated in the runner to reduce the overall dimensions. The full-extension runner can be used both with wooden drawers and with aluminium or plastic Legobox drawers.

Salice Stand 2115 Phone 03 9802 6077


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With the combined strength of Polytec and Parbury, Borg Decorative will continue to nationally distribute a diverse range of premium products for all residential and commercial joinery applications. Stylish modern, adaptable and innovative designs are core to Borg Decorative. The range has been refreshed and the company has continued its investment in world leading technology to ensure the production of high performance quality products.

Borg Decorative Stand 2305 Phone 1300 300 547

SILENTIA HINGES SERIES 100, 800 AND 900 The range of Silentia, the hinges with decelerating closing action, now has three new series that make it even more complete and allow to solve any problem of deceleration of the doors. They require a drilling depth of the door of 12 mm and therefore they are particularly suitable for minimum 15 mm thick doors or doors with aluminum profile. The recommended maximum thickness is 18 to 19 mm. The movement and the decelerating effect have been designed to offer the best performances on doors of widths up to 450 mm. There are no limits regarding the height. The series 100, 800 and 900 start complete with the four arms. In order to solve problems of angled assembly with these new series, it is necessary to use the range of complementary hinges of series 100.

Salice Stand 2115 Phone 03 9802 6077

STORAGE AS INDIVIDUAL AS THE USER Today, kitchens are part of the individual way of living. High aesthetic demands are no longer a niche of some design enthusiasts but rather a prerequisite for making the kitchen part of an individual’s style. Premea-Glassline is the latest wire storage basket option from Vauth-Sagel. It offers a large variety of possibilities to adopt the front design into the interior of the cabinetry. Available in a range of pantry and floor cupboard solutions.

Lincoln Sentry Stand 2123 Phone 1300 551 919

AWARD WINNING UNDER CABINET FLAT LED LIGHTING Winner of two international design competitions, this sleek new flat LED under cabinet lighting module is designed for cabinet making. The Hera LED L Pad is stylish and energy efficient and is an extremely flat lighting module. Its design is timeless and fits snugly into any modern kitchen, bathroom or shop fitting application.

TrioMax new T3 & T6 category Harn, a leading producer of drawer runner systems in Asia is presenting two new categories of Triomax double wall drawer system, T3 & T6. Triomax is designed with excellent performance offering quieter and super smooth sliding action. The new category product provides an affordable solution and more cost effective option for Triomax users.

Available in a high-gloss black, high-gloss white or stainless steel look with glass optics and provides either a cool white or warm white light colour.

Lincoln Sentry Stand 2123 Phone 1300 551 919

Harn Pty Ltd Stand 2410 Phone 0404 459 159


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A cupboard is rarely just a cupboard Kesseböhmer Clever Storage solutions

The latest cutting edge kitchen design is delivered again by Blum. With the ability to customise cabinet drawers to suit customers’ individual style, the Blum Tandembox Intivo drawer sides give the flexibility and versatility to choose from a range of sophisticated finishes.

Clever Storage - sometimes the simplest things are the most extraordinary. Just as nature exhibits amazing efficiency among its elements, Kesseböhmer strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. And after years of experience, rest assured, that Kesseböhmer has figured it out. With Clever Storage that considers convenience for today’s multi-use kitchens, as much as it considers capacity.

Available in silk white, terra black and stainless steel; now cabinets can be customised to have a unique style along with the functionality and organisational benefits expected from Tandembox.

From the elegance and functionality of LeMans II to the space-saving style of the Convoy family of pantry units, the use of Clever Storage by Kesseböhmer, available through Häfele, turns ordinary cabinets into extraordinary kitchens. Truly innovative designs with non-slip surfaces, transparent storage and smooth handling that deliver a level of simplicity that is naturally easy to use and enjoy.

Lincoln Sentry Stand 2123 Phone 1300 551 919

Everything in its perfect place. Everything within reach.

Häfele Australia Pty Ltd Stand 2103 Phone 1300 659 728

INVIS MX JOINS WHERE CLAMPS FAIL Lamello has released the innovative invisible magnetic connection system Invis Mx. Elements are 100% concealed and detachable, completely without access holes, caps or timber plugs. The robust 12mm metal shell can deliver a very high tensile strength up to 400kg. No more waiting around for clamps to be removed. Invis Mx joins freshly glued work pieces together without the need for clamps, saving valuable assembly time.

Lincoln Sentry Stand 2123 Phone 1300 551 919

DYNALOG FOR EASY ORDERING Easy ordering of Blum fittings and flexible cabinet planning is possible with Dynalog, Blum’s planning and ordering software. Dynalog consists of three parts, Dynacat - the electronic product catalogue; Dynashop - the shopping basket and Dynaplan - the cabinet planner including Cabmax a feature that helps plan ergonomic kitchens.

Blum Australia Stand 2223 Phone 1800 179 186


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TESROL – DOORS AND PANELS Service, quality and excellence. Manufacturers of routered, vacuum formed, painted, solid timber and timber veneer cabinet doors, along with high gloss platinum and melamine boards. Plus a wide range of custom made mouldings and accessories.

Tesrol Stand 2406 Phone 1300 837 765

Kia Ora Handles Wilson & Bradley’s extensive collection of handles grows every year with new ranges of European styles and sleek and individual handle designs. New styles include a variety of finger pull handles including those with lips and grooves, angled handles, handles with a Teflon finish, as well as a selection of the latest designs in knobs. All available in a variety of sizes, in both polished chrome and stainless steel looks.

Wilson & Bradley Pty Ltd Stand 2323 Phone 03 9495 8900

Parallel opening, space saving, soft closing hinge LIN-X is an innovative hinge system designed to allow doors to swing out laterally in a small radius, giving full access to the cabinets. The doors can stop in any position and close softly. It is ideal for tight front space applications such as overhead cabinets, corner cabinets, and pantries. Similar to concealed hinges with 3-way adjustments and clip on mounting plate. Easy to install.

Eurofit Hardware Stand 1409 Phone 03 8353 2545


ALL NEW TRADE & DESIGN SEMINARS AT AWISA A first at AWISA. The KBDi has teamed up with registered training organisation Designer Training to provide industry seminars that will enhance industry skills and business operations. Seminar topics cover manufacturing, design and business. NSW licensed tradespeople can earn professional development points at most seminars. Sign up today at

Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute Stand 2302 Phone 1300 253 223

Servo-Drive Uno is a simple way to add Servo-Drive, Blum’s electrical opening support system, to a single drawer. The set contains everything required to equip an individual pull-out with Servo-Drive. Especially well suited to the waste bin pull-out. Wet, dirty or full hands are not a problem as the pull-out easily opens with just a light touch with the hip, knee or foot.

Blum Australia Stand 2223 Phone 1800 179 186


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EASY OPENING AND CLOSING WITH SERVO-DRIVE FOR AVENTOS Servo-Drive for Aventos is available for electricallysupported opening and closing. A light touch on the front is enough for opening, and closing cabinets is as easy as the press of a button. Whether a bi-fold, up and over, lift up or stay lift system is needed, Blum can cover all common options with the Aventos fittings range.

Blum Australia Stand 2223 Phone 1800 179 186

New additions to LED lighting range Showcasing additions to an impressive LED lighting range: new cabinet internal drawer lights, stylish glass surface lights, new styles of light housing, including triangle corner housing and infrared sensor switch. Current range includes: touch lights, touch switches, dimmer lights and standard lights in both round and square, stainless steel and polished chrome looks. Ideal for all cabinets. 50,000 hour lifespan and energy saving.

Wilson & Bradley Pty Ltd Stand 2323 Phone 03 9495 8900

THE FUTURE IN LIGHTWEIGHT LAMINATE BENCHTOPS A new development delivers an exciting light weight laminated moisture resistant E Zero (E0) LDF substrate available for all Polytec Tight Form bench tops. They are up to 20% lighter than particle board, have superior surface finish, and give ultra low emissions. Manufactured in Australia from managed and renewable plantation pine.

Polytec Stand 2305 Phone 1300 300 547

BellaHardware’s complete soft close range The Bella Group has been in kitchen manufacturing since 1961 and in the last 7 years has become a supplier to the industry of quality, affordable products. The company’s range includes a full programme of soft close hinges, and the new BO1 series drawers which feature quieter soft close, silent buffering on full opening position, and wider space within the drawer.

Bella Group Stand 2415 Phone 02 9310 3222


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THE LATEST IN FLAT LED UNDER CABINET LIGHTING Unique, slim, streamline design LED lighting, specifically designed for cabinetmaking. The Hera Q Pad is the ultimate in elegant understatement. Engineered from sophisticated materials and available in a highgloss black, high-gloss white or stainless steel look with glass optics. The 36 ultra-powerful LEDs, only consuming 7.5 Watts of power, produce a high-quality and uniform light. Adaptable to all installations, the LED lamps generate light in cool white and warm white light colours.

FOR UNIQUE CABINET INTERIORS Make the interior of kitchen cabinets unique with Tandembox Intivo. It enables individual design ideas to be fulfilled. Choose a timeless look with Boxcap or a design element in a variety of materials and the Boxcover for endless design opportunities. Tandembox Intivo profiles are available in terra black, silk white and stainless steel.

Blum Australia Stand 2223 Phone 1800 179 186

Lincoln Sentry Stand 2123 Phone 1300 551 919

SINGLE PIVOT HINGE - 270° OPENING Designed to provide large load capacity, endurance and high stability of the door, this new hinge is die-cast, has automatic closing and an opening angle which can reach up to 270°. For single cabinets with thick doors, up to 50 mm, it is possible to reach the maximum opening of 180°. The fixings on doors are with wood screws or dowels following the classic pattern of Salice’s whole line. Adaptable to all Salice mounting plates.

Salice Stand 2115 Phone 03 9802 6077

TASMANIA’S WOOD PRODUCTS, TOMORROW’S GLOBAL MARKETS Engineered wood products, specifically plywood, orientated strand board (OSB) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL), are widely accepted in structural applications. Forestry Tasmania and some industry partners have been working to develop appearance-grade applications for these same products that include tongue-and-groove and overlay flooring, furniture and framing.

DESIGN CONFIGURATOR HELPS INDIVIDUAL DESIGN The individual design wishes of customers can easily be fulfilled with Blum’s extensive range of design elements made from glass and imitation leather. Discover the endless possibilities and see the finished drawer prior to ordering using the Tandembox Intivo Design Configurator at

Blum Australia Stand 2223 Phone 1800 179 186

Re-sawn from solid LVL, the products compare well with their solid counterparts in terms of strength, durability and beauty.

Forestry Tasmania Stand 2408 Phone 03 6235 8333


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A smart choice for all kitchens - Häfele appliances When developing new products, convenient solutions are always sought to facilitate household tasks and thus leave users more free time for the more important things in life. Advanced technology and innovative features combine to bring the market Häfele’s sophisticated range of appliances. Designed around the user, the appliances provide complete peace of mind. From ease of use, modern electronic interfaces, elegant and unique style, Hafele strive to bring intelligent solutions into any home that can make a difference to a busy lifestyle. Blending the very latest in technology with bold and innovative design, the stainless steel range is simply beautiful and will complement the most contemporary kitchen design.

NEW MAGIC LIGHTING RANGE FROM HETTICH The established LED lighting range from Hettich has been extended and will be launched at AWISA 2012. The new range includes more powerful LED lighting in warm and cool options and offers numerous applications of task and mood lighting in the home. Hettich’s range of LED lighting provides interior designers and architects with a wealth of creative ideas and inspiration for integrating light as a trend-focused element in furniture and room design.

Hettich Australia Stand 2203 Phone 1800 HETTICH

Häfele Australia Pty Ltd Stand 2103 Phone 1300 659 728

aluminium doors - new profiles and inserts The Mitchells Alifrost® range of aluminium framed Perspex® doors and panels make kitchens truly stand out. An exclusive range of European designed frames and a large array of distinctive inserts including Perspex®, glass and mesh allows the consumer to add their own individuality. New profile designs and inserts: slim 6.5mm lipped profile, finished in traditional clear anodised and an exciting bright polished silver finish join the extensive range. Plus etched/ textured Perspex® inserts, available in black, white and clear.

Wilson & Bradley Pty Ltd Stand 2323 Phone 03 9495 8900

WASTE & RECYCLING …SORTED WITH A HIDEAWAY BIN Hideaway Bins are the ideal hidden bin solution. Three intelligently designed, NZ made ranges are available, offering simple and stylish space-saving solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or anywhere.

Kitchen King Stand 2201 Phone 1800 042 642


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Decoedge速 ABS Edging

Introducing Ultraglaze doors and panels. An amazing ultra high gloss finish that transforms kitchens into works of art. Featuring a level of gloss lustre that equals or surpasses any other product available today. Couple that with a contemporary colour pallet, varied edge treatments and seamless construction, Ultraglaze is guaranteed to impress. Available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

New range of Decoedge速 ABS edging by Consolidated Edging. This attractive, durable edging is available in 1mm and 2mm for use in kitchens, bathrooms, shopfitting, commercial and domestic furniture. Available in an array of solid colours, wood grains and patterns that are matched to the most common decorative boards. Advantages of the Decoedge速 range include clean trimming, high impact strength and a resistance to chipping. Easy application with the possibility of using hotmelt, hot air edgebanders or manual application of contact adhesive.

Form-Tek Products Pty ltd Stand 2316 Phone 02 9832 2033

Wilson & Bradley Pty Ltd Stand 2323 Phone 03 9495 8900

Introducing Wilsonart laminates from HVG Wilsonart, the number one laminate brand in the USA and one of the leading brands worldwide, offers superior quality, a wide choice of surface textures and in excess of 250 references for residential and commercial decorative building applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, shopfitting and office fitouts and a wide range of other interior decorative applications.

HVG Decorative Building Products Stand 2404 Phone 1300 854 166


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HIGH LEVEL MOTION WITH CLIP TOP BLUMOTION Whether standard, profile door, blind corner, aluminium frame or angled hinges, Clip Top Blumotion covers many different applications. This hinge concentrates motion functionality into the smallest space. The integration of Blumotion into the hinge means that Clip Top Blumotion stands out with its sophisticated technology, high level of motion and elegant design.

Blum Australia Stand 2223 Phone 1800 179 186

Skilling the kitchen industry Designer Training is a registered training organisation (RTO) that specialises in delivering nationally recognised training and professional development to the kitchen and bathroom industry Australia wide. Designer Training delivers courses in design, retail and business.

Designer Training Pty Ltd Stand 2301 Phone 07 3505 7100

All of the best featured in the Häfele consumables & tools catalogue Safety within the workplace is always top of mind to employers. With this in mind, the Häfele catalogue encompasses essential workplace items, with a strong focus on safety equipment, tools and accessories. All the basics are covered from safety wear, power tools, hand tools, packaging and adhesives, to the full complement of Hospa multi-purpose screws in the fasteners range.

BellaStone, the solid surface with many advantages BellaStone offers all the aesthetic appeal of granite and stone. The 22 colours ensure that there is a colour and finish to suit any décor. BellaStone is non-porous, impact, stain and heat resistant. BellaStone can be worked like timber, therefore providing the flexibility to design custom shapes and edge profiles. The Bella Group has been in kitchen manufacturing since 1961 and in the last 7 years has become a supplier to the industry of quality, affordable products

Bella Group Stand 2415 Phone 02 9310 3222


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The Little Hand and 3rd Hand cabinet installation tools from Fastcap are another unique addition. Specifically designed to suit the Australian kitchen market - a must for all cabinet installers. Hafele continues to carry the Festool range, and is now also partnered with Makita, providing a complete range of high quality and competitively priced power tools including cordless drills, saws, routers, planners and mobile dust extractors. To complement powered tools, Hafele has now included hand tools and accessories from Stanley. Making work easier are Irwin clamps ranging from quick grip hand clamps right up to table-top woodworking vices. Hafele has also proudly formed partnerships with Bostik for silicones and rapid adhesives and 3M for a complete range of abrasives and tapes.

Häfele Australia Pty Ltd Stand 2103 Phone 1300 659 728

Admission and registration AWISA 2012 is a trade-only exhibition and all visitors are asked to register. Visitors can register on arrival at the exhibition, but it is preferred that they pre-register. Preregistrations can only be done through the AWISA website, As in the past, children over 6 months of age and under 15 years of age are not admitted, but AWISA provides a professionally run children’s hospitality suite with activities and entertainment to suit the various age groups. Car parking Parking is available under the venue, access off Darling Drive. Full day rate is $32.00. Other car parks in the area include the Entertainment Centre car park, the Harbourside car park, access from Murray Street, and the Harris Street car park, access from Allen Street. All are within walking distance of the venue, some by overbridges that shorten the route.

the Qantas terminal, T3. Qantas passengers should exit the Qantas terminal ground floor and turn left. Virgin, Jetstar and other T2 passengers should exit the T2 terminal ground floor, walk along the pedestrian footpath through the ground floor of the car park to the Qantas terminal, then head right to the Qantas group coach bays. Look for the bus with the AWISA sign. International visitors can connect to the AWISA shuttle by taking the airport shuttle to the domestic terminals. Luggage room Luggage can be stored during the day in the luggage room in the venue foyer. Items are stored at owners risk. Show hours Wednesday 11 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 6.00p.m. Thursday

12 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 6.00p.m.


13 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 6.00p.m.

Saturday 14 July 2012 9.00a.m. – 4.00p.m.

Accommodation and travel bookings In the Darling Harbour area adjacent to the Sydney Exhibition Centre there are over 4000 hotel rooms. Special rates have been negotiated at a number of these and other hotels. Bookings for hotels and travel can be made through or by phoning the Lido Group on 1800 817 339 or 02 8585 0888. Airport shuttle buses A fleet of 48 seat coaches will provide a complimentary shuttle service between the two domestic terminals and AWISA 2012, with the service running every half hour from 8.00am each show day, with the last service leaving the exhibition one hour after the close of the show each day. On arrival at Sydney airport go to the baggage claim area in either domestic terminal and look for the bus company representative with the AWISA sign, or go to the Qantas group coach bays to the east of

The John Tiddy Memorial Award AWISA established the John Tiddy Memorial Award in 2008 to commemorate the late Mr John Tiddy’s contribution to the Australasian furniture and woodworking industry, and his contribution to AWISA. The award is for six apprentices from around Australia and New Zealand to receive all-expenses paid overnight trips to AWISA 2012, plus $2000.00 towards their training course fees. The application form was mailed with this magazine, but is also available at AWISA encourages all readers of this magazine to get any trainees or apprentices in their businesses to apply for one of these awards.

Sydney Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour, Sydney

“Breakfast with Sam Kekovich” The AWISA 2012 celebrity breakfast will take place on Friday 13 July in the Parkside Ballroom at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. “Breakfast with Sam Kekovich” will be an entertaining start to what is always AWISA’s busiest day. Sam Kekovich is one of the real personalities of AFL football and since his playing days has become a media identity, most recognised as the Australian Ambassador for Meat and Livestock and is seen on multi-award winning advertisements for Australian lamb as “Sam the Lamb Man.” Tickets cost $60.00 and can only be booked online at through the registration page.

For more information on all aspects of AWISA 2012, including the list of exhibitors, and to pre-register, book breakfast tickets, or to book accommodation please visit

exhibition information

AWISA 2012

11-14 July 2012

Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Limited Phone 02 9918 3661

DISCLAIMER This magazine is published by the Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Limited. Advertising statements and editorial opinion are not necessarily those of AWISA Ltd unless expressly stated. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions or any consequence of reliance on this publication.


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2012 AWISA DESIGN Australia’s new specialist interior design show AWISA-DESIGN is for anyone involved in the design, specification, manufacture or installation of domestic and commercial interior fit-outs.

See a wide range of materials, hardware, components and software for the design and manufacture of domestic and commercial interiors. Products for kitchens, bathrooms, shop, office and hotel fit-outs, and other internal joinery and cabinetry. AWISA-DESIGN is part of the long established AWISA woodworking trade show, and aims to bridge the gap between designers and manufacturers, a link that leads to the best in quality manufactured design.

11-14 July 2012 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

The interior design show that links manufacturing with design

Organised by the Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Limited T: 02 9918 3661 E:


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