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is a language training organization established in 1989 under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of Indonesia and Australia.

Capability Statement

The Vision To be the leading provider of language training and consultancy services in Indonesia and the AsiaPacific region.

Educational Services General English English for Academic Purposes Test Preparation Language Testing

The Mission To contribute to economic, social and cultural development in Indonesia and the region, and to mutual respect and understanding between the people of Indonesia and neighbouring countries. IALF will achieve this by providing high quality programs and services, based on the highest professional standards and top quality curricula and resources.

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All three IALF language centres are accredited by NEAS International

Chief Executive Officer Denise Finney Phone (62-361) 225243

General English English for Young Learners - SD English & SMP English IALF Bali has a dynamic and interactive program for young learners of English, designed to ensure that they have lots of fun – while communicating in English.

General English for Adults IALF Bali has a strong reputation for its General English program for Adults, with 14 levels from Beginner to Advanced. Classes are offered with native speaker or Indonesian teachers or a combination of both.

General English for Adults and Study Prep IALF Surabaya offers a unique program that equips students with skills required for successful study either overseas or in an English speaking environment. The General English for Adults (GEA 1 - 3) is for elementary level learners. The Study Prep program (SP 1 - 9) introduces Academic English skills at the Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels.

English for Academic Purposes The IALF program for training in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is the most extensive and the most effective in South East Asia. For more than 25 years, IALF has prepared Australian Development Scholarship awardees for further study in Australia. Through its work with AusAID and other clients such as NZAID, CIDA, DFID and ADB, IALF has provided over 10,000 students with skills required for successful English-medium study and training overseas.

Pre-departure EAP Pre-departure EAP programs are provided at all 3 centres and aim to develop the language, academic, social, cross-cultural and study skills required to succeed in postgraduate or undergraduate programs abroad. Courses are custom-designed to meet the individual needs of funding agencies and student cohorts. Training includes:

Academic English Learning Strategies

Critical Literacy Information Literacy

Computer Skills Cross-cultural Awareness

IEPOS - Intensive English Program for Overseas Study IEPOS is an intensive pre-departure program which is available to the public. It provides a cost effective alternative to intensive English courses overseas and is popular with small groups of funded students and privately funded individuals wishing to develop their language skills for undergraduate or postgraduate study overseas. The program is offered at Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels and each level includes an IELTS Preparation component.

APP - Academic Pathway Program The APP, for sponsored groups of candidates, begins with General English at Elementary level and introduces EAP as learners progress through to Intermediate level; there is a study skills focus throughout.

Test Preparation All IALF branches specialize in preparing students for study overseas and offer IELTS Preparation courses of various lengths. These courses aim to familiarise students with the components of the test and to provide practice in language skills and test-taking strategies. Programs include: IELTS Orientation - an overview of the test format with test strategies IELTS Prep Regular - full test prep program, 2/3 meetings per week Semi-intensive IELTS Prep - full test prep program, 2 hours per day IELTS Prep Plus - Specific focus on the Writing and Speaking modules Test preparation courses for other tests such as TOEFL & TOEIC can be provided upon request.

Language Testing The IALF has been involved in language assessment for over 20 years and is accredited by IELTS Australia to conduct the IELTS test up to three times monthly in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali and at other off-site test venues across Indonesia.

IELTS - International English Language Testing System The IELTS test is an internationally recognised assessment of ability to communicate effectively in English. The test has 4 components, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It is frequently taken by candidates wishing to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. IELTS is accepted by more than 6,000 institutions in 135 countries, including the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands and Canada; Every year, more than 2 million IELTS tests are taken globally by aspiring students and migrants. IELTS is now the most popular high-stakes English language test in the world.

Language Proficiency Testing The IALF also has a range of in-house proficiency tests, designed to evaluate learners' English language ability for selection, screening or recruitment purposes.

Education Information Services IALF Jakarta & Surabaya have established strategic partnerships with a range of education agents in the provision of IELTS testing and English language training services. The Bali branch of IDP Education is located within IALF Bali. The agency offers counseling, placement, and visa services for students wishing to study in Australia.

Specialized Training IALF designs & delivers language training courses customized for a wide range of clients, in fields such as: Manufacturing Education Business Banking & Finance


Natural Resources

It also designs & delivers customized professional adult education courses, in fields such as: Methodology for Adult Education Inter-cultural Communication & Education

School-based Management ICT in Education

Teacher Training IALF offers a range of teacher training programs to meet the varying professional development needs of both practicing teachers and trainee teachers, from Indonesia and from overseas.

Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL IALF Bali is an approved centre for the Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), an internationally recognized professional teaching qualification, accepted by employers all over the world. The Cert TESOL is conducted 3-4 times a year. See for further information.

Cambridge ESOL ICELT - In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching IALF Bali is an accredited centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL ICELT. This qualification helps teachers deepen their knowledge and develop their ability to reflect on and improve their teaching. It is available for groups of up to 20 trainees.

Cambridge ESOL TKT IALF Bali offers a 1-week (30 hours) teacher training course for teachers and trainees preparing for the Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test. The TKT aims to increase teachers' confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners, anywhere in the world.

IALF C-CELT - IALF Certificate in Communicative English Language Teaching A modular program (each module 1 week/30 hours duration) with a focus on practical methods, techniques, and strategies. The modules combine classroom input, guided observations of experienced teachers, and the opportunity to plan and deliver short English language lessons.

IALF C-CLIL - IALF Certificate in Content & Language Integrated Learning The C-CLIL has been designed to meet the needs of school teachers and university lecturers who have to teach content-based material (eg. maths, science, business studies) in English. It is a 150-hour modular program (5 modules, each of 30 hours duration).

Indonesian Language Training The IALF has established an international reputation for its Bahasa Indonesia programs and offers a range of courses for the general public. All three branches of the IALF provide intensive and semiintensive classes and one-to-one courses for individual students.

General Indonesian 10-week part-time courses (1.5 hour classes twice weekly) Intensive courses (2-4 weeks) 1-month part-time courses (2 hours per day, Monday – Friday, for 4 weeks)

Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali The Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali program is conducted at the IALF Bali 4 times per year. The course combines 40 hours of Indonesian language training with 20 hours of cultural studies introducing Indonesian culture. Homestay accommodation can be arranged.

Group Study Tours & Individualized Training Customized courses designed and conducted for teachers, students, expatriate managers and professionals in a range of sectors, for either individuals or small groups.

Translation Services IALF Bali offers translating services from Indonesian to English and English to Indonesian: transcripts, certificates, manuals, reports, proposals, articles and books.

Publications Books Flying Start: a 3-part English language series for SMP (junior high school) students incorporating Student Book, Teacher's Book, Workbook & CD/Cassette, written by IALF and published by Erlangga Press, 2007

Newsletters & Bulletins Different Pond Different Fish: a cross-cultural newsletter produced by staff and students of IALF Bali Bulletin BIPA: a periodical providing current insights and ideas on the teaching of Indonesian to speakers of other languages

Projects IALF has an outstanding record in project management and the provision of services for the development sector in areas such as project design, teacher training, resource management and curriculum design. Countries of work include Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Kiribati.

ETELP (East Timor English Language Program) IALF is the managing contractor of ETELP, an Australian Government funded program in Timor Leste. Within the broad goal of improving English language teaching in Timor Leste schools, ETELP works with Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa'e (UNTL) to improve pre-service training delivery, curricula and resources; and with the National Teacher Training Institute (INFORDEPE) to develop an in-service teacher training program for school teachers.

Kang Guru Indonesia IALF has been sub-contracted by URS International to provide ELT outreach services for the EPOS (Education Partnership Outreach Services) program, through Kang Guru Indonesia ( Kang Guru Radio is a weekly English language radio program for teachers and students across Indonesia, supported by teacher workshops, resources and online support.

KELP (Kiribati English Language Program) IALF has been involved in English language training, teacher training, and testing services in Kiribati since 2011, under the Kiribati Education Improvement Program (KEIP) funded by the Australian Government through AusAID and managed by Coffey International.

ELTA (English Language Training Assistance) ELTA is an innovative program under the Australia Awards, which focuses on promoting access to scholarships in under-resourced provinces in Indonesia. IALF trains Master Trainers from four provinces (East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, Papua and West Papua) who in turn deliver intensive IELTS preparation courses for prospective scholarship candidates.

Other project work has included: ELTIS (English Language Teaching for Islamic Schools): designing and implementing a 3.5 year inservice teacher training program for more than 750 teachers working in Madrasah Tsanawiyah ( Resource Centre Development for Eastern Indonesian Universities Development Project (CIDA) & University of East Timor (USAID) Curriculum Development for ADB and AusAID funded programs in Vietnam, Australia, Laos In-country Indonesian Language & Cultural Program for Australian teachers of Indonesian under the Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowships sponsored by DEEWR and managed by AusTraining and the University of Adelaide Monitoring & Evaluation of language training in Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Facilities & Resources

Richard Howells Manager

IALF places a strong emphasis on maintaining and developing its range of sophisticated language-training and support facilities.

Plaza Kuningan, Menara Selatan, 3 Floor Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Kav C 11-14 Jakarta 12940 rd

Multimedia Computer Labs for self-study and classroom use Multi-media workstations for self-study Free broadband email and internet access for fulltime students CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Proquest online periodical service In house IALF Intranet with a wide range of information & links Digital Language Laboratory (Jakarta & Bali) Sound recording studio (Bali) Video recording equipment

Phone (62-21) 5213350 Fax (62-21) 5213349

IALF Jakarta

Alex Gough Manager


Jalan Sumatera 49 Surabaya 60281 East Java

ELT-specific publications General and Reference collections Wide range of current periodicals Leisure Reading section Group Discussion Rooms

Classrooms Air-conditioned with LCD projectors, audio and video streaming

Phone (62-31) 5026400 Fax (62-31) 5026408

IALF Surabaya

Auditorium Caroline Bentley Manager

Both Jakarta & Bali branches have auditoriums for special events, seminars & conferences

Hang Out: Cafes & Common Rooms

Jalan Raya Sesetan 190 Denpasar Bali 80223

Fresh juices and snacks Range of foods available Outdoor & indoor seating

Phone (62-361) 225243 Fax (62-361) 263509

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IALF Capability Statement English  

Online brochure outlining the services and activities offered by the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation

IALF Capability Statement English  

Online brochure outlining the services and activities offered by the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation