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TEACHER: Inma Alcรกzar

Vocabulary: Spin and Spell. Choose a topic (Clothes, Food, Means of Transport, Animals or Things in the House), click on a picture, listen to the word and click on the letters to write the right word. If you don’t know that word, click on “show me the word”. (Si no sabes esa palabra, haz click en “muéstrame la palabra”). Review Vocabulary Game (Trivia). Choose LEVEL 2 or 3 and have fun! Vocabulary: The Solar System (Unit 1) Part 1. Click on I’m sitting on the Moon, Exploring Space, Planets and Comparing Planets to and do the activities. Click on check (comprobar) when you finish each activity. Vocabulary: The Solar System (Unit 1) Part 2 The Solar System (Unit 1) Part 3. Different activities. Vocabulary: Recycling (Unit 2). Game Vocabulary: What can you do to help the planet? Pain good things we can do to help the planet PURPLE and bad things PINK (Pinta las cosas buenas que podemos hacer para ayudar al planeta de color morado y las malas de color rosa). Vocabulary: Jobs 1 (Unit 3) Vocabulary: Jobs 2 (Unit 3) Vocabulary: Technology (Unit 4) Days of the Week. Find the days of the week and time expressions (yesterday, today, tomorrow) in this wordsearch (sopa de letras). Months and Seasons. Put the months in the right basket. Opposites.

Irregular verbs. Match the infinitive form to its right past simple form. Irregular Verbs (Memory Game).

Grammar: Verb To Be (Present Simple). Review it and do the activities. Verb To Be (Present Simple) Question Words (What / Where / When / How / Who?) The Adjective Detective (Comparatives and Superlatives). Comparatives 1 Comparatives 2 Superlatives 2 This / That / These / Those Personal Pronouns (I, You, He, She, It, We, You, They) and Possessive Adjectives (My, Your, His, Her, Its, Our, Your, Their) There is / There are Questions. Have Got (1) Have Got (2) Present Simple (1) Present Simple (2) Present and Past Verbs Past Simple Game 1. Write the past form of the verbs.

Past Simple Game 2. Write the past form of the verbs. Past Simple of Verb to Be (was / were) 1 Past Simple of Verb to Be (was / were) 2 Past Simple (Affirmative) Past Simple (Affirmative) Past Simple (Negative) 1 Past Simple (Negative) 2 Past Simple (Negative) 3 Past Simple (Questions) 1 Past Simple (Questions) 2 Past Simple (Negative and Questions) Past Simple (Affirmative, Negative and Questions) 1 Past Simple (Affirmative, Negative and Questions) 2 Past Simple. Complete the letter. The Past (different activities to practice the past form) Put the words in the right order. (Pon las palabras en el order correcto). Presiona “next” para que aparezca una nueva serie de palabras desordenadas. Presiona “check” para corregirlas una vez que hayas colocado las palabras. Going To (Future Plans). Click on DONE when you finish the activities.

Reading: The Planets (Unit 1) The Cold Planet. Click on START. Read and listen to the story. (Unit 1) I want to Be (Unit 3) Learn about Ancient Egypt. (Unit 5) Ernest Shackleton: an Explorer (Unit 6) The History of Football. Put the sentences in the right order (Pon las oraciones en el orden correcto). Story Maker. Choose the elements of your story and read it. Fred Williams, the Sailor. (Unit 6)

Writing PLAYCOMIC. Write a comic and practice your English. Hay diferentes actividades. Te recomiendo: terminar la historia, rellenar los bocadillos o crear tu propio comic. Write a postcard. Aprende a escribir una carta. Pasa el ratón donde dice “Dear Dad” y el resto de la carta para aprender las distintas partes que tiene. Luego pulsa “Next” para empezar a escribir la tuya. Cuando termines la puedes imprimir para enviársela a un amigo.

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Reading, Listening and Writing Games Famous People (Inventions: Unit 6)

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