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TEACHER: Inma Alcázar Villodre 2º Bachillerato

PAU exams All the information is included in the USAL web.

GRAMMAR WEBSITES Inglés para Secundaria y Bachillerato (exercises) Tenses, Rephrasing and Word Building Agenda Web Grammar Index English Media Lab English Learning British Council

LISTENING A woman talking about her favourite film (fill in the blanks). English Central In this website you can listen and watch videos in English, slow down the pronunciation if you do not understand and record your voice to improve your pronunciation. You need to register but it is free (Necesitas registrarte pero es gratuita). Real English Great site where you can watch videos with real dialogues, interviews to native speakers (with or without subtitles) and then, do some activities to check your comprehension. Lyrics Training Listen to your favourite songs in this website! There are different levels (easy, medium and hard). Click on the video you want to watch and select an activity (fill in the blanks). Ello English It is a collection of over 800 free audio activities . Listening Games / Listening Games are designed to help students listen for gist. Students listen and choose the picture that matches the audio. Mixer / Mixer is a listening activity that features six speakers Talking Points / Talking Points are activities that help students with test taking skills and academic English.

TEACHER: Inma Alcázar Villodre 2º Bachillerato

ONLINE DICTIONARIES Wordreference (Multilingual) Macmillan Dictionary (Bilingual) Reverso Online Dictionaries (Multilingual) Cambridge Dictionaries (Monolingual) Oxford Dictionary (Monolingual) READING World Newspapers in English BBC Skillswise Reading comprehension activities for 2nd of batxillerat about different Reading comprehension with multiple choice tests and dictionary entries for difficult words 5 reading texts with comprehension exercises Texts from the media: News from the press with reading and listening activities: (do just the ‘before reading/listening’, ‘while reading/listening’ and ‘listening’ activities.) More texts with lots of reading comprehension activities: Short reading texts with key vocabulary explanations and multiple choice questions: Reading comprehension texts with vocabulary and comprehension activities . Texts are reports from CNN and have video and audio files watch and listen to before, during or after reading the text. Stories from CNN and CBS News articles with audio files , vocabulary activities and games. News English Lessons ONLINE READINGS (PAU) Bill Gates Eminen's biography Fast food

TEACHER: Inma Alcázar Villodre 2º Bachillerato

HIV: How can I protect myself? Is you image more important than being happy? Sound on the underground Woman finds scorpion in bed Teens, STDs and Birth Control Child soldiers around the world A new computer virus causes panic to users all over the world Alcohol and Ecstasy Key Facts Cross-cultural Inquiry: Spain-Ireland I'm losing patience ..... Underground Cars SELF-STUDY GRAMMAR BOOKS FERNÁNDEZ CARMONA, R.: English Grammar ...with exercises. Bachillerato. Madrid: Longman, 2000. MURPHY, R.: Intermediate English Grammar in Use. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ROWAN, Jean & GARZÓN, Mª Teresa: English Grammar for Bachillerato (+ Answer Key). Burlington, 1996 SINCLAIR, J.: Collins Cobuild Student's Grammar. Birmingham: Collins ELT. SWAN, M. & WALTER, C.: How English works. Oxford: O.U.P., 1997.

You can borrow English Grammar in Use and Collins Cobuild

English Grammar from Las Conchas library.

Websites to Learn and Practice English  

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