sb 2 2016 (english)

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jects over the terrain and its gently angled ground plan is directed towards the pitch. Cross-laminated timber has been employed as a functional and decorative element. The cross-laminated timber elements serve as decorative wall surfaces and also act as load-discharging elements from the projecting stand roof. The load-bearing walls and the sliding glass partitions between them define an intermediate area that is both an interior and exterior space. The roof and wall construction was insulated with injected cellulose insulating material. The clubhouse’s elaborate load-bearing structure is a cross-laminated timber construction. All the walls consist of wooden panels – solid timber frames with stiffening planking of OSB panels. The load-bearing substructure for the aluminium façade also consists of cross-laminated timber, solid timber and OSB. The transitions between the interior and exterior areas of the clubhouse are fluid, arranged on a single plane and defined solely by the glass façade.

on the roof back up heating and hot water production, are given a brighter note by a touch of greenery. The stand area in front of the building is thus surfaced with artificial turf. Together with the interior corridor surfaced with green Tartan flooring, this echoes the clubhouse’s purpose. At the same time, the greened areas of the façade and roof contrast with the artificial turf on the building’s projecting and covered stand area and stress the overlap of the natural and the man-made. The clubhouse has meanwhile become a permanent institution in the lives of the 1,000 residents of Herschbach, and the hopes to strengthen the sense of community in the long term are evident. It is the focal point for many village activities, and by integrating school and pre-school games, the building is used not only by club members, but also by the general public. Many multi-generation events, ranging from football tournaments to choir rehearsals and old folks’ days, take place in and around the clubhouse.

The injected cellulose insulation, timber construction, recycled construction materials and the gas heat pump co-financed by a regional energy supplier, which together with a tubular solar collector sb 2/2016