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I took on board the Asymmetric comment you made and thought I would try it, I like the out come I also like the colours I have chosen (and have decided to take the texture away from the background)! I think keeping the circles all the same colour would work as each technique provide different textures so this will change the tone and shade of the colour anyway !

The circles will Represent each process in order! Woodblock printing (200)! Letterpress (1454)! Etching (1500)! Monprint (1586)! Lithography (1796)! Linocut (1905)! Screen printing (1907)! Dot Matrix (1964)! Laser printing (1969)! Inkjet (1976)! An extra idea is to cut the last one out to give the idea that print is still developing and growing.!

I have added a measurement line just to give the idea that there is a timeframe from the top to the bottom or vice versa!

Just playing with the placement of everything, placing the circles on top of the line gave them more of a relationship I think unsure about the positioning in a line though!

I have added text to the outer circle of the “flower of life”! The texts reads Etzah Chayim which is Hebrew for “three of life” which is what the image started to resemble when the coloured circles were added.! Unsure if this works or not I maybe just leave the text out.!

Instead of a key on the poster I thought a zine / booklet to accompany the poster would be a nice addition, each page have the same colour and size circles on each page with information about each process on the following pages!


Evolution of printmaking