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Iain Budgen Semister 2 Year 2

Electronic E At the start of the second semister I had no idea about where to take the project that I had invested so much time into. I was originally exploring different techniques in illustrator, and its only through messing around with my camera that I found how unique it looked if photographed. This image helped me find direction, using different processes to layer the image.

Abstract C (Left) Abstract M & Abstract Q (Below)

This was exploring the idea of reification, something which I began to look into towards the end of last term. It suggests that a shape or letter can be seen without the entire image showing. These were made my kind of inverting the space around where part of the letters should be. I think the meanings have almost changed, to something much more symbolic and abstract.

Reflection R final (Right)

Continuing with the pixelated and reification themes I was exploring form and presentation when I came across the notion of distorting and hiding text. The colours were a deliberate attempt to shift away from colours associated with text and pixels. A lot of time was spent on the colours, making sure they properly represented what I was trying to convey.

Researching into the kind of ideas featured in my work I discovered pxiel art, which directly influenced the developement of my work. ‘Un pixel n’est pas’ is going against that idea, leaving space for the viewers intrprutation. It was a diliberate attempt to explore handdrawn craft and inspired the next stage of the project. The red was chosen intentionally to grab the viewers attention.

FF (Right) was finalised after a so called happy accident. After importing to inDesign, I noticed in preview mode all of the pixel bits were cast in blue. I liked the imagery so much I changed the design. It now fits a lot better with the theme of the work.

These are various experiemnts in the pixel theme, trying to find a voice pixelating handdrawn images and seeing what could be created. This helped develop the ideas into something much bigger.


Text is art No black Distort the truth Form and shape of first importance Encorporate both digital and anologue Bring handdrawn qualities to virtual world


‘Fuck segregation’ (Left) was the first attempt at mixing up the theme and parameters that I had set for myself, playing with distorting the text and style of presentation. It helped expand the work into a fully developed project.

This is both the original version of ‘Mix it up,’ and the revised version on when I decided to remove blacks from the project. In this instance however I feel the black works in the images favour, creating a bold foreground for the pastel colours to sit behind.

‘Grow inside’ (Previous left) was about playing with shape and colour and working to the manifesto. The image was turned diagonally to move away from the format of both text and pixels. ‘Hurt’ (Previous right) was one of the last images in the series but one of the boldest. In a minor change to the images in incorporates slightly darker colours largely becuase I realised that sometimes the images needed more depth.

To promote strong handdrawn imagery throughout, I printed the pixelated text out, redrew it before scanning it back into the computer. Manipulating and transforming it as I went. Some such as ‘B New’ (Above) were taken one step further as I used different materials. In this case, spraypaint.

I saw a link on the gdnm blog about having work displayed on campus and thought it would be a good idea to try and externalise my work. I submitted most of the ‘GROW’ project and this was the image accepted. From a personal standpoint I was a tad disappointed this image was chosen. I felt another image from the project would have better shown what my term has been all about. I also had some work accepted for exhibition at the Brick Lane gallery, but due to money constraints I could not see it through. It was however good to see peoples viewpoints of my work.

Grow Inside Remix

Make Me Think These next few images are indirect response to the ‘Make me Think’ exhibition at the RAG factory. In the end it spawned as a development of my ‘GROW’ project, revolving around distorted text and fractured imagery. I wanted to further confuse the audience by overlaying the text and distorting viewpoints. So I took the phrase ‘Make Me think’ and played with it. I think it actually comes across as ‘cleaner’ than the previous work, with the white background bringing out the colours.

Further exploration of the theme, distorting and playing with colour and form. As a set I feel they are really cohesive.

I had been doing single line art for a while but it wasn’t until I saw Aaron De Le Cruz’s work that I was inspired to mess around with it again. I like the imagery, dividing a image up and isolating colour.

I created this at the Pick Me Up exhibition, where they were encouraging people to create posters and images from stuff that they provided. It was a good way to interact with the exhibit and was fun also. I drew some inspiration from seeing Kate Moross’s work.

When creating the animation under the aphorism ‘Nothing moves faster than scandal,’ I immediately thought of a horse race. Everyone in the group took a different race and put their spin on it, each with a scandal at the end. For mine, it was that there was two men inside the winning horse. To make development time quicker, I decided to make the animation 7 frames a second. In terms of movement I think it captures the running well giving the framework I set myself.

Exhibitions After exploring both the Tate gallaries and Brick Lane in London, I decided to explore combining traditional art forms with spray paint and modern techniques. I drew everything in biro to create a cheap aesthetic, using not just spraypaint, but duck and electrical tape as well. They are all postcard size as well, to keep with the modern ideals.

At the start of the term I tried to rediscover my drawing skills, drawing various things in my sketchbook. These helped pave the way for the roses on the previous page. I love the thought of them being private and intimate, with so few people having ever seen them.

These are the best images of mine from the Camera Obscura workshop. Having previous successes with pinhole cameras last year I found myself struggling to engage until I stuck the pinhole lens over my iPhone camera . I really like the results with the camera searching for light and creating a really washed out feel.

Heart Developments Trying to improve my illustrator techniques I began messing around with a heart shape, refining it and changing techniques and styles. It certainly expanded my knowledge and created some interesting images in the process. I then converted them to TIFF files in order to create Iphone wallpapers.



I could some up how I felt at the end of the last semister in one word - disappointed. I was disappointed about how I had apporached the presentation of work that for the most part I was very proud of, particuarly my independent practice work, which I poured my heart into yet let myself down at the final hurdle. So this term was as much about proving that I can push myself further as it is about further finding my voice as a designer. Admittidly this took time, upon concluding the first half of the year I felt I had a direction to follow onto, but the spark and drive to explore that was never really there and for a while I suppose I stagnated. The earliest work of this term, the roses and hand drawn work was like me retreating into a practice that I was well experienced and knowledgable. Again, nothing to fire up a creative spark but enough to get the ball rolling. I have since fallen back on these skills time and time again to benefit and enchance my work, rather than shunning them as I had done previously. I am very particular about the way I work, something that I feel I am slowly starting to break out of. Previously I have worked in solitude, locking myself away and working at my own drive and pace. But with the animaton work and the Paper Co. project I had no choice but to break these conventions and delve into relative unknown. To an extent it was liberating, break a mould that I have confinded myself to, but I do find myself drawn to stuff that I want to do. Which tends to be independently driven work. It isn’t necessarily inspired by anything or anyone, but it is what I want to do at any given moment. But I feel like this term there has been a lot more freedom which has meant I have been able to better explore that side of my work rather than being held back by briefs. One thing I feel still holds me back is emotion. Emotionally if I am in the wrong place my work suffers greatly as a result. My best work throughout the year has been produced when I am at my happiest. Next term I need to find away from disconnecting that creative side of my brain from the rest of me and keep my work over the course of a semister more consisitent. I think maybe the real question to ask in an evaluation is whether I am happy with my work. And for the most part I am. I feel like I am finding my voice with a particular style of colour and imagery. But then again, if you ask me that in a months time I may feel very differently. I think a lot of my work this term sits quite well together and I am proud of what I have achieved. I think this portfolio is a good representation of my work and although I’m unconvinced by my layout of it, I am pleased with the work contained within. However I feel like I have come a long way this term and can see clear developement from not just the start of my education, but from the beginning of the year. Next year I see myself refining my practice and making greater steps to externalise my work.

Hypebeast (2011) (Accessed April-May) Hypebeast (2011) (Accessed April 21st) Hypebeast (2011) (Accessed April 2nd) Army of Trolls (2011) (Accessed Feb-April) Kate Moross (2011) (Accessed April - May) Booooooom (2011) (Accessed 11th March) Booooooom (2011) (Accessed may 10th) L’Atlas (2011) (Accessed April 20th) Andre Beato (2011) (Accessed May 10th) Typo-Graphical (2011) (Accessed Jan-May) Danny Espinoza (2011) (Accessed May 10th) Wikipedia (2011) (Accessed 1st march) Wikipedia (2011) (Accessed Feb-March) Pyshcology (2011) (Accessed 1st march)


semister 2

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