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‘Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.’ - Benjamin Franklin This project stemmed from a personal desire - to keep secrets in a world where private information is available at a touch of a button. We would be hypocrites for not being one of those people who take interest in the personal lives of both our friends and celebrities of our time. Curiosity is what sets the human race apart from any other species. This font allows the user the opportunity to hide secrets in plain sight. It is designed as a decorative screen font, to hide your messages in the online domain, right where people are looking for them. Some things are right under your nose.... Mission Statement

a f k p u 1 6 ! '

b g l q v

c h m r w z 2 3 7 8 " : ; ,

d i n s x

e j o t y

4 9 + .

5 0 = ?

Kruptos character set

u kn own othi ngabo utmean


Legability @iainbudgen


This is part of my final major project at UCA Epsom. This looks specifically at cryptology and hiding messages in public. This font is a res...