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By Tray Saic -

The health care reform bill recently signed by President Obama is one of the most contentious pieces of legislation ever passed by congress. Much of the controversy over the bill is centered on falsehoods and misconceptions about what is in the bill and the strong-arm methods that preceded its passage.What ever your opinion of the bill, one thing is for certain, the bill will change the way Americans choose health insurance. It will change the way insurance companies deal with insured customers and it will have a major effect on the way doctors treat and relate to their patients.

What Is Mandatory Health Insurance

One of the things that this bill does that will immediately affect millions of people is that it requires currently uninsured Americans to obtain insurance or suffer the effects of an IRS imposed penalty. Getting a Mandatory Health Insurance Quote for those affected by this bill is the only way to determine

an individual's cost and Liability. Insurance companies are gearing up to provide a mandatory health insurance quote to those currently uninsured. The good news is that you can no longer be turned down for insurance because of a pre-existing condition and the insurance companies are no longer able to impose lifetime limits or cancel your policy because of your current health problems.The really big question now is the cost of coverage. Will the addition of millions of new health insurance customers be enough for the insurance companies to make a profit? Or, given the new requirements for universal coverage and the lack of lifetime limits, will insurance rates spike up because of these new coverage requirements.

Will the mandatory health insurance quote you get today be the same mandatory health insurance quote you get when the actual requirement to purchase the insurance kicks in. The popularity of this bill will be a direct result of the increase or decrease in cost of individual insurance policies over the next few months. With no public option in this bill to force insurance competition the likelihood is that insurance rates will rise dramatically. Good or bad this new bill is certainly flawed in that there is no pressure to contain costs or limit excesses in insurance company profits.

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