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IAEA Bulletin 53-3 | September 2012


Food for the Future 2 by Yukiya Amano

Improving Crops with Nuclear Science 3 by Louise Potterton Sidebar: Plant Breeding

New Wheat and Barley for Arab Countries 6 by Sasha Henriques

Food for the Future

Why Radiation Induced Mutation? 10 Sidebar: Genetic Commons Make Critical Research Easier

Food Security and Staple Crops 11 by Lizette Kilian

Sidebar: Staple Food Around the World

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Cassava: Feeding People Today and Tomorrow 12 by Sasha Henriques

Small Yams, Big Deal 14 by Sasha Henriques

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Soil Isn’t Just Dirt 15

by Sasha Henriques Sidebar: Good Soil = Strong Agricultural Sector = Economic Development

Climate Smart Agriculture 17 by Iulia Iliut

Sidebar: Helping Farmers Back Home

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Global Challenges in Animal Diseases 20 by Lizette Kilian

Taking the Lab into the Field 21 by Louise Potterton

Sidebar: Swift Animal Disease Diagnosis

Food Safety: an Integral Part of Food Security 24 by Lizette Kilian Sidebar: When Eggs Don’t Hatch

Better Diets for Weaker Systems 27 by Louise Potterton

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Food for the Future  

Nuclear techniques can help small farmers to produce more food and ensure that food is safe & wholesome.

Food for the Future  

Nuclear techniques can help small farmers to produce more food and ensure that food is safe & wholesome.