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‘Radio What?’

Written by Adam Butchart

Story by Adam Butchart

Production Draft 2012 ©

KEY. GD = Granddad M = Misty Spires C = Carrie Wells MU = Mother DU = Father An = Angry Neighbor (Mr. Woo)

Episode #1 Welcome Listeners!

Production Draft 2012 Š

[START OF SCENE 1] [Scene set-up] We see Misty Spires helping her grandfather clear stuff from his attic as he’s moving out of that house and into a rest home. Misty, looking at something she sees in the attic. “Granddad, what’s this?” (Pointing at device) GD “Oh, that? That’s just my old radio kit.” (Laughing) M “You weren’t in show business, where you?” GD “Oh yes! Jeez back in my day I was the star of radio waves. I was very well known back when I had my own radio show in Ohio. God I miss those days…” M “You’re kidding.” (Smiling) GD “Oh no dear! I’m afraid it’s true. Your granddaddy was a major hit back in Ohio, all the ladies loved me too” *chuckle* M “EW, GRANDDAD, SHH.” GD “But that machine is old now, won’t go anymore.” M “Then why do you still have it?” GD “Oh I don’t know… Memories. Such good memories.” (Chuckling) M “Right, Well I think that’s pretty cool that my grandfather was in show biz back in his day!” (Friendly push on shoulder) M “Hey do you have any bacon? I feel like bacon?” GD “Uhh… Bacon?” M “… I have cravings!” GD “Fine (laugh) come with me, let’s get you some bacon.” M “Oh and make sure it’s pulverized, Carrie made me a bacon smoothie the other day and may I just say, once you back liquid you never go back.” (Enthusiastic) *walks down stairs* [END OF SCENE 1]

Production Draft 2012 ©

[START OF SCENE 2] [Scene set-up] Misty at bottom of stairs talking to Carrie on mobile phone. Phone brand called *Q phone universe milky-way mini* *Misty’s phone rings.* “Oh hey Carrie.” (We see Carrie in another window to the right of the screen.) C “Heeeeeeeeeeeey lil’ miss misty, wassup?” M “Still helping my granddad clean out the attic. Did you know he had a radio show in Ohio yeeeeears ago!?” C “NO WAY!” That’s freakin’ awesome! I’ve always wanted to have my own radio show…” M “Really? Why? Wouldn’t it be boring?” C “Meh, I just like talking.” M “Yeah, you really do.” *sound of sizzling bacon in background* C “Hey is that… bacon I hear?” M “Yeeah… Granddad’s making me a bacon smoothie!” C “Niiicceeee, Hashtag BACON!” *virtual bro fist* M “Carrie, you gotta stop with that hashtag nonsense. Anway, come over to my house tonight and we’ll have a slumber party with bacon smoothies!” C “Okay first of all I DO NOT HAVE A HASTAG PROBLEM! And secondly, I’LL SEE YOU TONIGHT!” M “HAHA! See you there.” *ends call* [END OF SCENE 2]

In-time sequence of city.

Production Draft 2012 ©


*in m’s basement, surfing the web* M “Dayum that Josh dude from school is mighty fiineeeee.” C “Oh please, he’s all talk and no.. mawk..” M “Mawk?” C “DON’T PUT ME UNDER PRESSURE.” M “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” C “Hey what’s that?” *pointing to computer screen.” M “Some sort of advertisement for online radio broadcasting.” C “Heeeeeeey heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey” *nudging m.” M “What, Carrie?” C “Let’s try it out! See if you have any of your granddad in you. Who knows, this time tomorrow we could be radio hosts!” M “Riiigghhtt…..” C “The Carrie and Misty show!” M “Uhh, no, the Misty and Carrie show.” C “DON’T PRESSURE ME.” M “FINE. We’ll think of the name later. Let’s see...” *scene goes to computer screen.” *parents enter room in suits, carrying very large briefcases* Mu “Hey sweetie, don’t mind us, we’re just uhh… going for a short walk…” *father (du) rolls into the basement with a plastic gun* M “Uhh, dad, what are you doing…?” Du “Oh, sweetie, nothing. Just having some fatherly fun.” *Parents look at M and suddenly sprint out* C “You’re parents are so cool” M “You’re kidding.”

Production Draft 2012 ©

C “No! They’re much better than mine!” M “Carrie, your parents own the Q Universe Milky Way phone company, how are wanna-be-spy parents better than THAT?” C “Well, I hardly ever get to see my parents. Always working. ANYWAY, let’s get back to this radio thingy-majigy-ma-bobby-lafoole-ca-rooly” M “Yes, that.” [END OF SCENE 3] *In-time sequence* [START OF SCENE 4] M “Alright! Done! We’re good to go!” C “Hooray! Harrah! Jolly good! Jimmy Jonothan! M “When should we first broadcast? I mean, we could do it now… I have our music in our library, and this seems pretty easy.” C “Wait, what’s our name gonna be? Like, radio what?” M “Hmm, well what describes us?” *both pose as thinkers looking to the roof* M “What are we looking at?” C “Dramatic effect, Misty, dramatic effect.” M “M & C radio?” C “What? No, that’s stupid. Why would you even say that, I mean, that’s like saying ‘We’re desperate for attention!’ M “Yeah, you’re right, what about what you said before?” C “Uhh, what?” M “Radio what.” C “Ooh, Carrie is intrigued. That could work!” *Misty’s phone rings* M “Hello?” *pause* M “NO I WILL NOT BRING YOU YOUR IMAGINARY SPY KIT”

Production Draft 2012 ©

*furiously closes phone* [END OF SCENE 4] M “Alright – let’s get this radio show on the ROAD!” C “WOO! ROADS!” C “WELCOME to our first ever radio show! Where we play the chizz and you listen with your best friend Liz” M “This radio show is all about what teenage life is like living with wanna be spies…” C “And living with multi-millionaires” M “Because this is….” C&M “RADIO WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!” M “Alright first up we have a wee lil’ track called Jonky Wonky by DJ wez ft. Yankee Doodle.” C “Stay cool till we get back, folks.” *Said in funny tone* *Misty flicks switch* M “And we’re clear for 3 minutes!” C “This is seriously so awesome. I could get used to this.” M “Same. You know I think that we sh-“*Parents run in basement and upstairs* *angry Asian man holding spatula and apron runs after them* An “HEY, YOU SEEN WANNA BE SPIES ANYWHERE?” M “Hey Mr. Woo! He’s our neighbor, (speaking to Carrie) and no my ‘Parents’ are not here, but whatever they did I apologize.” An “Euuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkk” *mumbles & walks away” C “What the heck did your parents to do him!” M “They’re somehow convinced that he’s a secret agent from China who wants to interrogate them, no biggy.” M “Op! We’re back in 3,2…” C&M “WELCOMEEE BAAACK!” M “If you love this radio station and like the sound of us.” C “Or if you’re a hot guy” Production Draft 2012 ©

M “Follow our station and communicate with us! We’d love to share this experience with you!” [END OF SCENE 4] [START OF SCENE 5] M “And, we’re clear” *flicks switch* C “That was fun. I want bacon.” M “Bacon sounds good.” *walk out of the basement* *camera zooms to computer* *Showing the ‘Listeners’ count going up fast, comments appearing “That was so cool” “You guys seem alright!” etc* *In kitchen* C “AHHHHHHHHHHH” *SCREAM* M “WHAT IS IT.” C “YOU’RE OUT OF BACON!” M “Oh. Well let’s go to the corner store and get some more.” C “NO, MISTY, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, I NEED MY BACON. BACON, BACON, BACON” *echo* M “Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, that’s why we’re going to the CORNER STORE to get some MORE bacon” C “Oh, well, shouldn’t we pack up the laptop downstairs.” M “Good idea, if we get robbed I don’t want mah cool as laptop to be taken!” C “HASHTAG LEGGO” M “Do you have to hashtag tacky clichés like that all the time?” C “Hashtag, it’s what I do best.” M “You spend too much time on Flitter.” C “I do not!” *walk out, hear them friendly arguing about it*

Production Draft 2012 ©

[END OF SCENE 5] [START OF SCENE 6] *camera shows stairs, M & C walk down* M “All I’m saying is that you have a flitter problem!” C “no I do not!” M “Yes you d-“ *ding* *ding* *ding* M “What’s that noise?” C “It’s your laptop.” *stare at each other* *sprint to the laptop* M “Holy sizzle my fizzle!” C “Over 500 listeners! WHAAAT” M “Carrie, it’s not 500.” M “ITS 50,000 LISTENERS” *scream* C “BUT HOW CAN WE GET THAT MUCH ATTENTION IN SUCH LITTLE TIME!?” M “I DON’T KNOW BUT WE’RE FAMOUS. LOOK AT THESE COMMENTS!” *camera zooms in on laptop screen* *M & C get up* *dance & jump around together* C “HASHTAG OMG” M “HASHTAG WE’RE FAMOUS!” *scream, high pitched* *parents enter* MU “WHAT’S HAPPENING, IS MR. WOO BACK?” M “NO! WE DID A RADIO SHOW ONLINE AND PEOPLE LOVED IT AND WE’RE FAMOUS!” DU “That’s nice dear.” C “Look!” *grabs DU and drags him to the laptop”

Production Draft 2012 ©

DU *reads comments* “Whoa, these people really like you.” MU “Wait, what’s that?” *looking curiously at laptop* MU “A comment from A Mr W?” *camera shows comment* (“Great radio show, from Woo.” DU & MU “IT’S WOO. SEE YOU LATER GIRLS.” *parents grab suitcases & sprint out the door* [END OF SCENE 6] [START OF SCENE 7] M “life’s good, Carrie, life’s good.” C “Heck yeah it is!” C “When should we next broadcast?” M “I dunno, leave it for a day or so. It’ll build up the anticipation of our ‘fans’ (chuckle)” C “Yeah and then the word will get around and we’ll get even MORE listeners!” M “Woop!” C “Okay okay okay, we need a PROFESSIONAL radio station.” M “We don’t have that kind of money!” C “Or do we...” *in time sequence* *scene in basement* C “Look, we can monetize our broadcasts! And the company gets a percentage of what we make.” M “So we’re making money by having fun…?” C “YES WE ARE!” M&C “YEEEEEEEHAAAWWWWW!” [END OF SCENE 7]

Production Draft 2012 ©

*high five*

[START OF SCENE 8] *credits/closing scene* *in this scene, the credits roll along the bottom of the screen, M & C are sitting in the basement in their chair* M “Radio what is gonna be the next big thing, you know!” C “HASHTAG RADIO WHAAAAAAAT!” M “Really, Carrie? Really?” C “I DO NOT HAVE A FLITTER PROBLEM!” M “YES YOU DO!” *voice fades* C “No I do NOT!” M “Yes!” [END OF SCENE 8]


Production Draft 2012 ©

Radio What?