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July saw an extremely successful UK Members' Council event held at Turner Broadcasting in London with 45 attendees

Europe & UK region update A view from the UK Council Chair

Darren Whitehead Director of Business Development, IABM

It has been a privilege to be a part of the UK and European Councils this year. The passion and commitment from members to grow and develop IABM even further is truly inspirational. The ideas and amount of time council members are devoting to council work is enormous and comes from a genuine desire to make a difference to the benefits and ROI delivered to IABM members in their region. Myself and my colleagues are working to develop more Regional Members’ Councils. Middle East and Africa is next on our list so please get in touch if you are based in this geography and wish to get involved. The end of June saw the first proper meeting of the EMEA Member’ Council at DMC’s offices in Amsterdam. Attendance was strong as was the desire to make decisions and create a framework for communication in the future. To communicate going forward in local language it was decided to split Europe into five areas that contained most IABM members. The five areas are: Benelux, Nordic, DACH, France and Spain. The council will be issuing a short European member survey soon and hopes to have the results prior to the next meeting at IBC, giving an indication and prioritization of the issues it will focus on. Since the last journal, the UK Members’ Council has run two exciting and informative events and has recently held re-elections for the UK Members’ Council with a post-election meeting at IBC2017 for the first time and I am looking forward to welcoming new members into the fold. In my view, never has there been a better time to be an IABM member; never have IABM members been more supported and had more opportunity to shape and influence what IABM does for them.


The latest IABM market reports substantiate what we have been experiencing day to day for some time now. The clear trends that are affecting our business include technology migration to IP; changes to private and public broadcaster funding models; the Chris Exelby UK Members’ Council emergence of new and nimble content Chair, IABM players, and new ways of consuming media. Individually any one of these would create a major challenge; together, they represent a perfect storm. Maintaining or increasing market share in these circumstances means smart decisions need to be taken in order to turn threats into opportunities. Since its inception, the UK Members’ Council of the IABM has focused on helping our members make these smart decisions and we have laid on a number of relevant events over the past year. An event focused on IP at Pinewood last October, and another on virtualization hosted by Turner in London were exceptionally well attended by both members and broadcasters alike, delivering an opportunity for members to network and sell to their end customers as well as providing an independent platform for a discussion about competing solutions. The latest event, held in May and focused on Building Shareholder Value, was targeted at company owners looking to exit their business at some point in the future and considered the actions they should take to build a resilient business in preparation. Covering legal issues, maximising company value, share option schemes and exchange rate risks, this was a fascinating event. We look forward to building on our experiences to organize increasingly relevant events for our UK members and to play a role in equipping them with the knowledge, skills and contacts to turn threats into opportunities during the challenging times ahead. We all know that there are companies who make things happen, companies who watch what happens, and companies who wondered what happened. Let the UK Members’ Council of IABM help you fall into the right category and ensure your business opportunities are maximized as our markets and business models undergo ongoing change.

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IABM Journal - Issue 102  

IABM Journal - Issue 102  

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