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nternational Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS) is a student organization for agricultural students worldwide based in Leuven, Belgium which was established in 1957. This organization is not associated with state government, any international bodies, and does not interfere with political affairs. IAAS is known in the UN as an NGO (nongovernmental organization). IAAS provides a place where agricultural students can realize their aspirations through various activities in the field of agriculture. Through the programs of IAAS, agricultural students are trained to sharpen their skills in problem solving that can be used in finding solutions for the complications that the world faces. Furthermore, this organization also facilitates the process of information transfer between students globally. The 6th IAAS Olympic 2014 is IAAS Local Committee IPB’s way of showing its concern through the spirit of competition. It will be the sixth time this event has been held since 2008, with the theme this year “Achieving Millennium Development Goals by Sustainable Green Energy and Food Sovereignty”. This event is a way to socialize insights about agriculture, environment and social to students, college students, and public. This event consist of Junior AgroEnviro Competition, Agroquiz, National Seminar, IAAS on Action, and IDEA (IAAS Debating Competition on Environment and Agriculture).

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga

Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia



Bogor Agriculture University is Located in Bogor, West Java


ogor Agriculture University is an Indonesian state agricultural university based on Bogor that secede in 1st September 1963 . Prof. Dr. Ir. Herry Suhardiyanto, M.Sc as IPB rector from 2008 until now. institution of higher education that historically formed from veterinary medicine and agricultural high school and higher institutions in Bogor that begun early 20th century. In 2005, IPB applies major and minor system instead of national curriculum system. Each IPB students can choose two, or even more, departement that interest them.

Bogor Agricultural University consist of nine faculties, they are Agriculture faculty, Veterinary Medicine faculty, Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty, Animal Science Faculty, Forestry Faculty, Agricultural Engineering and Technology Faculty,

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia



JAEC Junior Agro-Enviro Competition or JAEC is dedicated to primary school's student. This year JAEC will be held along with IOA (IAAS On Action), to enrich their knowledge about real movement in agricultural field. The main purpose of JAEC is give an access for primary school's student to increase their awareness about agriculture as the youngerst generation, especially to achieve “Millenium Development that Goals by Suistainable Green Energy and Food Sovereignty”. The winner of this competition will get thropy, certificate and money prizes also.

AGROQUIZ Agroquiz is a competition dedicated for first year student in IPB (TPB). The competition is about challenging their knowledge about basic agriculture. Each class will be represented by three students to join this event.. Those who make it to Final Round will face each other and battle out their agriculture knowledge on International Seminar Stage..

IDEA IAAS Debating Competition on Environment and Agriculture is a debate competition as part of IAAS 6th Olympic that will be held on September 20th – 21st 2014. This is the second time this even is held and this year it will be held on ASEAN scale. Registration will open at April 28th – June 16th 2014. Challenge yourself to be part of this tournament and get an incredible experience and prizes!

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga

Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia


SEMINAR International Seminar The 6th Olympic is one of the biggest event in IAAS Olympic. This year we invite speaker from outside like United Nations representative in Indonesia. International Seminar will be present with full english with the 6th Olympic theme “Achieving Millenium Development Goals by Ssuistainablity Green Energy and Food Ssovereignty”. The International Seminar itself will be divide in two section. The first section is the explaination of main theme matter, Millenium development goals by our speaker of United Nations. It will be continue with the final round of IDEA and Agroquiz. Then the second section International Seminar will be present with explaination about suistanblity of green energy by the speaker from one of big company in Indonesia, and Monsanto will take an expert to explain about food sovereignty. In each seminar will be guided by two mediators from our secret famous guest star and gorgeous IAAS LC IPB’s alumni. This event is open for anyone! Get yourself registered and join this awesome event!



IAAS ON ACTION IAAS On Action (IOA) at the 6th Olympic this year will be presented with two section, School Garden Activities and National Fruits Introduction as the final event in IOA. The special part of IOA this year is that it will be held together along with JAEC with primary school students as it participants. IOA will be held in Cikarawang Elementary School. There will be lot of fun-educate activities in it, such as how to create simple garden, vegetables and fruits planting, and vertical garden introduction. he main goal of IOA is to give general description and knowledge about agricultural action/activities for the participants especially for the children.

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia


To Reach IPB From Airport you can use Damri bus to Bogor with fee Rp.45.000 for excecutive class or Rp.65.000 for Royal class. The bus will stop at Baranang Siang Bus Pool right beside IICC (IPB International Convention Center, placed in Botani Square), from there you can take public transportation number 02 or 03 that will take you to Laladon terminal, then to reach IPB you can take public transportation (Angkot) 'Kampus Dalam'. Other alternative that you can choose is by take a taxi that will cost you around Rp.300.000.

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga

Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia


Place to Visits

Gladiator Gladiator is a gathering place of student that placed in front of Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW). Here you’ll find also spherical dome glasshouse as Boscha. In every weekend, this place usually crowded by family and people that live in around IPB to spend their day with do some activities .

LSI Lake LSI Lake is one of beautiful panaroma in IPB. Around LSI Lake there are many big tree varieties that will create calm and relaxing atmosphere. LSI Lake also a habitat for many wild animals, especially bird species. No wonder that you will be often hear bird tweeting there. You can also enjoy that beauty while you take a lunch or snacks with your friends.

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia


Place to Visits

Green Co Your touring wouldn’t be complete if you didnt bring any souvenirs to show for you friends.. You can find keychains, T-Shirt, stickers, and ect. In here you’ll also find ‘Horta’ doll. Horta doll is one of IPB horticulture innovation





horticulture’s alumni. This innovation has been awarded by Indonesia Record Museum (MURI) and one of the most favourite education souvenir especially for children with lot of cute conventional shape variants.

Sop Durian Rafi Medan For you, Durian lovers, you should taste this proccessed food innovation of Durian fruit, such as Sop Durian, kolak Durian, and pancake Durian. Sop Durian Rafi also serve many variety flavors option

to spoil your tongue. There are many additional fruits extracts on it with additional milk, cheese, and brownies. Sop Durian Rafi placed near IPB to be exact in Jl. Raya dramaga, Babakan Tengah, Dramaga, Bogor. The price range for about Rp.13.000,- until Rp.60.000,-/ serving.

Bara Food Court Bara Food Court is one famous eating places near IPB that favorited by lots of student in IPB because its variety of menu and the cozy atmosphere. Here you can find a low price of delicious variety of ramen at Ame Ramen and drink some fresh milk at Cattle Milk.

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga

Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia


Bakso Atom is a highly recommend place to visit for you who looking for some healthy dish around IPB. Locate near Dramaga, Bakso Atom ready to serve you healthy yet delicious taste of Bakso. Bakso Sumsum, Bakso Keju, and Bakso Ultra are three most favorited menu in this place.


Bakso Atom

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Taman Kencana Taman Kencana is one of the famous culinary places in Bogor. Taman Kencana have a lot of really good tasted with not so expensive places to eat. Some of most recommended places here are Macaroni Panggang, Pia Apple Pie, Rumah Cupcakes , Death By Cocolate and Spagheti, Agri Park, and Sop Buah Pak Ewok.

Macaroni Panggang Placed in an old styled building Jl. Salak number 24, Taman Kencana. ‘Macaroni spesial’ become a number one choice in this place. It’s filled with jamur hioko and smoked beef. The range of price at this place is Rp 14.000 - Rp 155.000. Open from 07.00 - 22.00 WIB.

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia



Pia Apple Pie Serving pies fresh from the oven is the signature style that this place. A lot of variety of pies are also serve in this place. Pia Apple Pie is placed on Jl. Pangrango nomer 10 Bogor. The price range of this place is starting from Rp. 9,000 72,000.

Cup Cakes If you prefer sweet treats, you should absolutely pay visits to Rumah Cupcakes. Placed on Jalan Sanggabuana 4, Taman Kencana, Rumah Cupcakes offer sweet and little homemade cupcakes. It opened starting from 07.00 - 22.00 WIB.

Sop Buah Pak Ewok If you’re a fan of cold fresh drink, don’t forget to come by to Sop Buah Pa Ewok that placed on Jl. Bukit Tunggul number 5, Taman Kencana. You can taste Fresh Sop Buah with just Rp.8000

Death by Chocolate & Spagheti This unique place serving lots of chocolate treats on Jl. Ceremai nomer 22, Taman Kencana.

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga

Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia


Open : 8.00 - 17.00 Entrance Fee : Rp. 9500/person Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, Bogor

Zoological Museum Built in 1894, Bogor Zoological Museum exhibitions are dedicated to the documentation of animal, its origin and diversification. Here you will encounter enormous whale skeletons and inventory Indonesia’s fauna . Bogor Zoological Museum Placed


: 7.00 - 16.00 on weekdays

8.00 - 17.00 on weekends

Entrance Fee : Rp. 9500/person Address : Jl. Ir. H.Juanda not far from Bogor Botanical Garden.

IAAS LC IPB Secretariat Student Center IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680, West Java - Indonesia


Place to Visits

Botanical Garden

Founded in 1817 by a botanical expert named Prof. Dr. C. G. C. Reindwart is the place of variety of botanical collection like 10.000 orchid specimen and other unique specimen that rarely found somewhere else. Beside variety of tropical botanical collection, Bogor Botanical Garden also have couple of historical sites that is really interesting to visit. Lady Raffles monument and a bloom Rafflesia Arnoldii corpse flower are two of many things that you cannot missed to see if you pay a visit place

Contact Person Teguh

: 08568207052



: 0818594397

(International Seminar)


: 08174161702



: 081380707766



: 087771374606



: 085692239196


For Further Information Visit Our Website @Iaasipb @Olympicthe6th Iaas Lc-Ipb iaasipb IAAS IPB

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