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IAAE Canada 2010 Annual Report

“A.A.E.-The Mark of an Airport Professional”

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A distinctly Canadian organization dedicated to the development of airport management expertise and professionalism A provider of airport-related technical and management training A facilitator of professional development programs and opportunities for airport professionals A focal point for industry networking and ideas sharing

An industry-leading professional accreditation program Cost effective, timely and flexible training courses

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Specialty conferences and workshops on airport- related topics Forums for networking and ideas sharing Regular and informative communications on industry news and developments Access to industry leaders and a nationwide membership Exposure to the services offered by corporate members Discounted value-added services for members

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Continually improving and diversifying our products and services to meet client needs and enhance the value of the membership experience Becoming Canada’s premier organization for the development of airport professionals



our chair If the pace of change is ever quickening, so is the rate at which the course of a year and the events that happened during it have passed us by. It seems so soon but once again I am pleased on behalf of the Board of Directors of IAAE Canada to present our Association’s Annual Report to you the membership. At this point in 2009, our industry and our economy were in a dramatically different state. Thankfully, 2010 brought a solid recovery in traffic for the air carriers and for our airports. People and cargo took to the air again as global commerce rebounded from the ravages of the recession. The Canadian economy persevered through the downturn much better than most as did our airports. The economizing and streamlining which we all did out of necessity made us more flexible and better positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that came with the recovery. Although the economists and prognosticators are voicing caution about the prospects for 2011, the trend remains in a positive direction for our business with new opportunities for growth. The past year was likewise both positive and promising for IAAE Canada. Our membership reached an all time high. We held our most successful yet Operations & Facility Managers Conference in Niagara Falls in May. The M.I.T. Airport Systems Planning Course, which we co-sponsored with the GTAA in Toronto in June, was a resounding success. The first two issues of our glossy new IAAE Canada Airport Magazine were published. A full complement of training courses was delivered in various locales across the country. Through prudent financial management, we continued to produce cash surpluses and build members’ equity to reinvest in the organization for your benefit. Looking ahead to 2011, we are very excited about the renamed Facility Operations & Airport Managers Conference which will be held in Charlottetown at the end of May – a must attend for all. We are also excited about the projected mid-year launch of the first IAAE Canada web training courses as a valuable addition to our training portfolio. IAAE Canada plans to host a prestige Canada/U.S./Europe aviation issues conference in Montreal in August of 2012. Over the course of 2011, planning for the conference will proceed. Watch your mail boxes for further information on this important industry event. Through these and other initiatives, we are moving ahead to provide you and others in the industry with value in airport training and professional development. To date, the burden of keeping our association running on a day-to-day basis has rested fully on the shoulders of Tom Coupland, our Executive Coordinator. With the growth in our membership and programs, the Board came to the realization that the workload now exceeded the capabilities of a single person to manage effectively and efficiently. We therefore authorized the hiring of a second employee for the Hamilton office and welcomed Michelle Cretzman to the organization to support Tom. Working together, Tom and Michelle will be able to provide further service improvements and enhancements for the membership. One of the main strengths of IAAE Canada is the group of very capable and knowledgeable airport professionals who generously volunteer their time and energy to serve on the Board of Directors and associated committees. I would like to express my personal gratitude to all the Board members for their dedication and commitment to our Association and make particular mention of the three new members who joined the Board in 2010: Gerry Bruno, A.A.E, Jeff Huntus, A.A.E. and Kevin Lacey, A.A.E. I also must thank Eric Tolton, A.A.E. and Ian Darling, A.A.E., both of whom retired from the Board in 2010, for the lasting contributions that they made to the growth and betterment of IAAE Canada. I would strongly encourage all members to derive the maximum benefit from their IAAE Canada memberships by not only attending courses, conferences and other events but also volunteering to participate in committees or serve on the Board. Involvement in the activities of our Association is an ideal way to build your knowledge, expand your contacts, raise your personal profile and generally feel more a part of our global industry. Thank you for your continuing support and I hope that you will find this Annual Report an informative read. Bill Newman, A.A.E. Chair, IAAE Canada IAAE CANADA 2009 ANNUAL REPORT


year in review Following a year of fiscal restraint and caution necessitated by the recession and the resultant downturn in the industry, IAAE Canada resumed a full program of activities and new initiatives in 2010 intended to advance the Association further along the path to becoming Canada’s premier organization for the development of airport professionals. Decisions were made to invest in new ventures to further expand our portfolio of products and services to provide added value to our members specifically and to the airport industry generally. Described in this Annual Report are the results we achieved in the execution of these new initiatives and the ongoing operation and growth of the Association: New Initiatives: •Web-based Training Courses: The Board decided in 2010 to expand IAAE Canada’s training portfolio by adding web-based training courses. Development work commenced on a suite of introductory level courses with a targeted launch date of May 2011. •Airport Systems Planning Course: A completely filled M.I.T. Airport Systems Planning Course was held in June in Toronto. Given the success of this initial offering, future sessions are being planned. •Airport 101 Course: This new introductory level classroom course on airport operations and management was successfully held for the first time in Quebec City. The course will become part of the IAAE Canada course catalogue. •Operations & Facility Managers Conference: The fourth annual edition of the Conference was held in Niagara Falls at the end of May and continued to grow in attendance and program content. Planning started on the 2011 Conference set for Charlottetown. •2012 International Conference: The decision was made to move ahead with the planning of an international aviation issues conference to be held in Montreal in August 2012. The conference will be jointly organized by IAAE Canada, AAAE and IAAE. •IAAE Canada Airport Magazine: The inaugural issues of IAAE Canada’s glossy new magazine containing feature articles and information on airport issues, products and services were distributed to members. The twice yearly publication is a joint venture of IAAE Canada and Matrix Publishing Group. Ongoing Operations & Growth: •Membership: Membership continued to increase on a net basis reaching a year-end total of 286. •Training Courses: 18 of the 20 training courses originally planned for the year were delivered with a total attendance of 289. •Accreditations: Only one A.A.E. was conferred during the year with a number of candidates still at various stages of completion of the accreditation requirements. •Accreditation Candidates: An Accreditation Academy was held in Calgary resulting in 12 new candidates for the accreditation program. •Financial Performance: The year-end operating surplus of $36,850 exceeded target, serving to further build members’ equity and provide funding for re-investment in the Association. •Organizational Resources: To both maintain and improve membership levels, we welcomed Michelle Cretzman as the second staff member for IAAE Canada’s head office. This Annual Report is intended as a complete summary of the year’s accomplishments and a full accounting of the Board and staff’s undertakings to you the membership. We would encourage you to review the document in detail and direct any questions or comments to a Board member or to our Executive Coordinator.



our board



our board Chair

Vice Chair

Bill Newman A.A.E.

Cuyler Green A.A.E.

Director Strategic

Manager Operations


& Properties

Greater Toronto

Prince George

Airports Authority

Airport Authority

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Kevin Lacey A.A.E.

Cameron Nicolson

Steve Burchi A.A.E

Gerry Bruno A.A.E..

Senior Manager


Vice President

President & CEO

Field Services

Director SMS

Ops.& Corp.


Greater Toronto

Calgary Airport


Consulting Inc.

Airports Authority


Regina Airport Authority

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Bryan Gordon A.A.E.

Steve Maybury

Wil MacMillan A.A.E.

Paul Ritchi A.A.E.

General Manager


General Manager

Senior Manager


Chief Executive

Airside Operations

Strategic Dev.



Greater Toronto

Greater Toronto

Greater Toronto

Southport Aerospace

Airports Authority

Airports Authoritys

Airports Authority


Board Member

Board Member

Board Member


Sam Samaddar

Ed Schmidtke A.A.E.

Jeff Huntus A.A.E.



Manager Commercial

Airport Manager

Paul Cudmore

Airport General


Medicine Hat

General Manager

Manager Kelowna

Thunder Bay

Regional Airport

Team Eagle


International Airport





our executive coordinator 2010, is now behind us. How time flies! It seems like only a few months ago we were working on the 2009 Annual Report. Never-the-less reflecting on last year, the biggest news from headquarters was the additional staff member in Michelle Cretzman as Administrative Assistant. Michelle’s flair for artistic creation along with her writing ability have enabled us to share the work load which already has increased, and we expect it to continue to do so into 2011. At the 2010 AGM we welcomed three new board members which increased our working board to 13. Of course we also bade a fond adieu to Eric Tolton who was the past Chair of the association and Ian Darling who just had too much on the go to give us his best. We thank them and wish them well. Go to the board page to see who the new members are. As in previous years, our AGM is now held in conjunction with our Annual Conference, which in 2011 will have a slight name change to The Facility, Operations & Airport Managers Conference, as this better reflects the people who are actually attending each year. We are delighted to say that each year it gets a little bigger, and each year we have the challenge to take it higher, which, thanks to our conference committee, we are doing. So 2010 was in Niagara Falls, a great location but not an easy fly in. Some found the drive from Toronto to Niagara a little long. We will try to keep it closer to the airport next time. Actually that will be in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, so that won’t be an issue. We have already got a great venue and a great lineup of topics and speakers to ensure you delegates will be well pleased they attended. Our current website which we launched in 2009 is still getting rave reviews and we are always looking at ways to tweak it to make it even better for the user. The forum, which is for members only, allows members to openly discuss issues and to get each other’s input into common challenges. Membership numbers once again climbed in 2010, even though we are seeing an increase of retirees in the industry. Thankfully many of these continue as Alumni Members to keep in touch with the industry. Despite a slow start we ended up holding 18 training courses and only had to cancel 2 for lack of attendance. We saw 289 personnel trained in these courses. We also sponsored, jointly with the GTAA, the Airport System Planning Course conducted by MIT professors Richard de Neufville, Amedeo Odoni & Peter Belobaba. This was the first time this course was presented in Canada, and we hope to repeat it in 2012. We are continually looking for more courses that would enhance the knowledge of our members and their fellow coworkers. We still continue to be optimistic about the future, especially as we see the industry change, with retirements and the inevitable restructuring of many airports and our foray into online training planned to launch in May 2011. We believe we will continue to succeed.

Tom Coupland Executive Coordinator IAAE Canada



our membership

Figure 2 IAAE Canada Member Provincial Distribution Ontario 49% 19%


British Columbia 14% Alberta 13%



Manitoba 5%


Figure 1

Other* 19%

2010 IAAE Canada Membership Map

*Note: Other represents membership from remaining provinces.

Northwest Territories (9) Inuvik (YEV) Yellowknife (YZF) Fort Smith Hay River

2 5 1 1

Nunavut (10) Iqaluit (YFB) Cambridge Bay Pond Inlet Rankin Inlet Resolute Bay

2 1 1 5 1

Manitoba (13) Southport Winnipeg (YWG) GNWT Corp Other

3 4 1 2 3

Newfoundland (4) British Columbia (40) Abbotsford (YXX) Campbell River(YBL) Castlegar (YCG) Comox (YQQ) Dawson Creek (YDQ) Fairmont (YCZ) Fort Nelson Fort St. John Kamloops (YKA) Kelowna (YLW) Nanaimo (YCD) NW Regional (YXT) Penticton (YYF) Prince George (YXS) Prince Rupert (YPR) Sandspit Smithers (YYD) Terrace-Kitimat Vancouver (YVR) Vernon (YVE) Victoria (YYJ) Corporate members Other

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 3 1 2 3 4

Saskatchewan (10) Regina (YQR) Saskatoon (YXE) Swift Current Other

4 4 1 1

Deer Lake (YDF) St. John’s (YYT) Other

1 2 1

Prince Edward Island (2) 1 1

Charlottetown (YYG) Other

Ontario (141)

Alberta (38) Calgary (YYC) Camrose (EQ3) DND Edmonton (YEG) Fort MacMurray (YMM) Grand Prairie (YQU) High Level Leismer Medicine Hat (YXH) Peace River (YPE) Red Deer (YQF) U of Calgary Wetaskiwin (EX3) Yellowhead (YJP) Corporate members Other

12 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 3 6

1 Brockville (XBR) 1 Chatham-Kent 1 Dryden (YHD) 4 Hamilton (YHM) 1 London (YXU) 1 Musgrave (YQA)) 1 Niagara (YSN) 1 North Bay (YYB) 1 Oshawa (YOO) 2 Ottawa (YOW) 1 Peterborough (YPQ) 1 Red Lake (YRL) 1 Sault Ste. Marie (YAM) 1 Sioux Lookout 2 Sudbury (YSB) 1 Stratford (XFD) 1 Tillsonburg (NQ4) 1 Timmins Toronto City Centre (YTZ) 1 40 Toronto Pearson (YYZ) 1 Thunder Bay (YQT) 5 Waterloo (YKF) 24 Corporate members 24 Students 23 Others

Nova Scotia (3) 2 1

Halifax (YHZ) Other

New Brunswick (3) Moncton (YQM) Saint John Transport Canada

1 1 1

Quebec (6) Montreal(YUL) Corporate members Other

1 3 2

Note: Map does not include members working outside Canada.



our chapters IAAE Canada encourages the formation of local chapters in those locations where there is a critical mass of members to support one. Local chapters serve to strengthen the relationships amongst members, promote networking and information sharing and provide an avenue for professional development and mentoring. To date, IAAE Canada chapters have been established at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario and at the University of Western Ontario located in London, Ontario.

Toronto Pearson The members of the Toronto Pearson chapter meet on a bimonthly basis. Typically, the meetings consist of a discussion of the latest Association news from across the country followed by a review of trends and occurrences affecting the aviation industry as a whole. Members are brought up to date on air carrier activities and strategies, airport developments and trends in the larger business environment. Each meeting members are also treated to a feature presentation or a site visit delivered by a fellow member or an invited guest. Presentation topics have ranged from leadership, energy management, and stormwater management to air cargo and eco-business parks, all with the purpose of expanding members’ knowledge and range of thinking about the industry in an atmosphere of collegial discussion and knowledge sharing.

Georgian College The Georgian College chapter came into existence in early 2008, is comprised of students enrolled in the Aviation Management program and is an extension of the Canadian Aviation Students Organization (CASO). Wil MacMillan, A.A.E. a graduate of the Georgian program advised the students on the formation of the new chapter and continues to serve as the mentor & liaison with IAAE Canada. In 2010 the Georgian Chapter was lead by Katrin Itten, President of CASO and Allison Couch. This chapter held meetings throughout the year that included presentations by industry speakers that provided the student membership insight into the many potential employment streams and more importantly gave them the opportunity to network with airport professionals. Further to their own meetings a few of the student members attended some of the Toronto Pearson chapter meetings thus broadening their opportunities to learn and network with Airport Professionals. A plaque was presented to the group in 2010 to officially recognize it as an IAAE Canada student chapter. The University of Western Ontario 2010 marked the first full year of the IAAE Canada Student Chapter at the University of Western Ontario. Through the great efforts of the Commercial Aviation Management (CAM) student council, membership at the University continues to grow. Jeff Barrow, A.A.E., an alumni of Western Ontario, was honored to be involved in the formation of the student chapter and will continue to participate as a mentor and liaison to chapter members in London, Ontario. IAAE Canada would like to thank the CAM Council, led by Council President Grant Thorner, for its continuing efforts, as the chapter continues to evolve and develop the spirit of IAAE Canada. A plaque was presented to the CAM members to officially mark their designation as an IAAE Canada student chapter. IAAE Canada views local chapters as an important avenue for professional development and membership growth. Through 2010 and beyond, efforts will be directed towards the expansion of existing chapters and the establishment of new ones, both at airports and educational institutions across the country. 7


our professional development courses Airport Executive Accreditation Program (A.A.E.) The Mark of an Airport Professional The IAAE Canada Airport Executive Accreditation Program is a comprehensive training program designed to cover all aspects of airport management as well as oral and written presentation skills. It consists of three phases: 1. Written exam 2. Research paper 3. Interview The program is open to Affiliate Members of IAAE Canada. Upon completion of the program, the member will be recognized as an Accredited Airport Executive and may use the designation A.A.E. after their name Value of the Accreditation Program to our Members • Recognizes and promotes airport management as a “profession” in Canada • The “Accredited Airport Executive” is an internationally recognized designation • Provides airport professionals with the skills to perform a wide variety of roles in dealing with community and industry representatives • Confirms that an airport professional has a broad working knowledge of airport operations and business disciplines • Provides a benchmark for training in all key areas of airport management • Provides a base for airport staff development and training as well as continuous improvement • Delivered by professional and experienced instructors • Provides the opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences with other Canadian airport management professionals Value of the Accreditation Program to Airports • Participants gain a broad perspective of airport management issues and skills on a local, national and international basis thereby enriching their job experience. • Participants are kept aware of the latest trends, policies and regulations through continuing education • Provides an internationally recognized level of education and training for airport staff Certified Member Program (C.M.) The IAAE Canada Certified Member Program, through a written exam, tests the participant’s knowledge on a wide range of airport management topics. The program is open to Affiliate Candidate and Associate Members. Student Members who wish to participate must apply to the IAAE Canada Board of Directors for entrance into this program. Upon completion of the program the member will be recognized as a Certified Member and may use the designation C.M. after their name. Value of the Certified Member Program to Members • Confirms that an airport professional has a broad working knowledge of airport operations and business disciplines • Provides a benchmark for training in all key areas of airport management • Provides a base for airport staff development and training as well as continuous improvement • Offers professional and experienced instructors • Provides the opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences with other Canadian airport management personnel



accreditation academy IAAE Canada offers its premier and industry recognized Accreditation Academy annually. The Academy is open to Affiliate and Associate Members of IAAE Canada who are enrolled in the Airport Executive Accreditation or Certified Member Programs. The objective of the Academy is to provide a comprehensive overview of the IAAE Canada body of knowledge to prepare the candidates to write the IAAE Canada Accreditation/Certified Member exam. The course is presented in a modular format and includes active participation in case studies in addition to the review of current airport issues. Topics include: • Airport Development in Canada • Canadian Aviation Regulations • Airports as Business Commercial Enterprises • Airport Strategic Business Planning • Airport Facility Planning • Capital Investment • Airport Marketing • Airport Fees and Charges • Safety and Security • Airport Risk Management • Community/Public Relations • Airports and the Environment • Airport Operations Value of the Accreditation Academy • The Academy focuses attention on current airport topics and verifies the candidates’ knowledge on a wide selection of airport topics • Participants will be able to complete the exam portion of the Accreditation and Certified Member programs while their knowledge is current • Participants present their “real life” airport experiences providing an excellent shared learning and networking opportunity In 2010, the Accreditation Academy was held in Calgary. We look forward to the 2011 Accreditation Academy being held in Toronto.



our new a.a.e.’s KAREN KING A.A.E. Paper: Key Differences in Operating an Arctic Airport

Bio: Ms King has worked in the airport operations and management environment for just over 27 years, initially working for Transport Canada and subsequently transferring to the GNWT when the National Airports Policy came into effect. Positions Ms. King has held include 7 years as an Airfield Maintenance Specialist (MDO6), 10 years as an Airport Maintenance Foreman and most recently 10 years as an Airport Manager and Regional Airport Manager. The experience gained working at airports has also provided Ms. King with an opportunity to become a certified Airfield Maintenance Technician, a certified Driving Instructor, as well as acquire her Journeypersons’ Certification as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Ongoing developmental support from the GNWT has resulted in Ms. King acquiring her A.A.E. designation. All Ms. King’s employment has been at airports in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.



our new c.m.’s

Lori Borgo C.M.

Damian Boucaud C.M.

Manager, Airport Design

Airport Duty Manager

Calgary Airport Authority

Dean Glover C.M.

Doug Francoeur C.M. Director, Airside and Mobile Services Calgary Airport

Calgary Airport Authority


Gary Kindrat C.M.

Karen King C.M.

Dawn Kohinski C.M.


Airport Manager

Manager, Security & Airside Safety

Brockville 1,000

Services Specialist

Islands Regional

Calgary Airport Authority

Tackaberry Airport

Currie Russell C.M. Airport Operations Co-ordinator Region of Waterloo International Airport


Environmental Services Specialist

St. John’s International Airport

Operations Manager


Shaye Folk-Blagbrough C.M.

Government of the

Winnipeg Airports

Northwest Territories


Nathalie Samson C.M.

Joe Yakimchuk C.M.

Director, Terminal

Airport Duty Manager

Operations & Security Ottawa International Airport

Kelowna International Airport

our new members Affiliate Members The Board of Directors would like to recognize those who joined IAAE Canada in 2010 as Affiliate Members.

Affiliate Members: Lori Borgo C.M. Calgary Airport Authority Joined February 2010

Gilbert Skerlan Greater Toronto Airports Authority Joined February 2010

Shaye Folk-Blagbrough C.M. Calgary Airport Authority Joined March 2010

Delia Chesworth Great Northwest Territories Joined March 2010

Gary Kindrat C.M. Calgary Airport Authority Joined March 2010

Maxx Kochar Greater Toronto Airports Authority Joined April 2010

Nathalie Samson C.M. Ottawa International Airport Joined March 2010

Ed Kokoszka Fort Smith Airport Joined April 2010

Darryl Dowd Greater Toronto Airports Authority Joined July 2010

Dave Kumpolt Northwest Regional Airport, Terrace-Kitimat Airport Society Joined April 2010

John Gangashingh Greater Toronto Airports Authority Joined September 2010 Patricia Berg Smithers Regional Airport Joined January 2010 Luis Demestre Greater Toronto Airports Authority Joined January 2010 Steve Faulkner Hamilton International Airport Joined January 2010 Lory Sproxton Saskatoon Airport Authority Joined January 2010 Tish Hennessy Hamilton International Airport Joined February 2010

Wayne Scott Swift Current Regional Airport Joined May 2010 Gerald Rempel West Kootenay Regional Airport (Castlegar) Joined July 2010 Doug Cascaden Regina Airport Authority Joined August 2010

Sean Carroll Region of Waterloo International Airport Joined October 2010 Terra Glabb Greater Sudbury Airport Joined October 2010 Jamie Smith High Level Airport Joined October 2010 Rick Proulx Regina Airport Authority Joined April 2010 David Nicolle Hamilton International Airport Joined May 2010 Marion Smith Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport Joined October 2010 Chad Munchinsky Saskatoon Airport Authority Joined November 2010

James Bogusz Victoria Airport Authority Joined September 2010 David Roberts Nunavut Airports Joined September 2010



our new members Associate, Alumni & Student Members The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and recognize those members who retired from airport management and became Alumni members in 2010. We would also like to welcome the Students and Associate members who joined last year.

Alumni Members: Adrian van Enden A.A.E. Retired June 2010

Associate Members: Jill Smith Manufact Technical Writing Joined January 2010 Alexandre de Barros University of Calgary Joined February 2010 Fred Rang Consultant Joined July 2010 Iad Abdul-Rahman Joined November 2010

Bryan A.Gordon A.A.E. Retired June 2010

Carla Howard Seneca College October 2010

Student Members: David Brown University of Western Ontario Joined January 2010

Johnathan Richardson Georgian College Joined October 2010

Ruby Khan Georgian College Joined February 2010 Audrey Wilson Georgian College Joined February 2010 Doug Bolster Georgian College Joined June 2010 Stephan Korobaylo Georgian College Joined June 2010



Marcelo Cabral Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Joined November 2010 Anderson Lau Georgian College Joined November 2010 Jason Silva Georgian College Joined August 2010

our 2010 business plan Emerging successfully from the economic downturn which overshadowed the approach to business in 2009, the IAAE Canada Board of Directors set a business plan for 2010 based upon renewed investment in new products and services for members and strengthened organizational capabilities intended to move IAAE Canada further towards its vision of becoming Canada’s premier organization for the development of airport professionals. Effort was also devoted to the delivery and improvement of core training and professional development activities and the achievement of annual membership and financial targets. To maintain a leadership role in airport training and professional development, the decision was made in 2010 to enter the realm of web-based training. It is anticipated that training courses delivered via the internet will be of prime interest to those airports for whom it is neither economical nor practical to send staff to classroom training in other locations. The courses will also appeal to those who are new to the industry and are looking for an introductory level course for initial orientation purposes. A number of topic areas related to airport operations and management were identified and assigned to the Training Committee for the development of course modules. May 2011 was established as the target date for the launch of the first web-based training module. Two new classroom courses were also introduced during 2010. In partnership with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, IAAE Canada brought the prestigious M.I.T. Airport Systems Planning course to Toronto in June. Delivered by Professors de Neufville, Odoni and Belobaba, the course provided attendees with in-depth knowledge of airport planning and design, operations and management and airline operations and management. This initial session was so successful that plans are being made to hold future sessions on a biannual basis. Airport 101, a new introductory course on airport operations and management, was also held for the first time. Once again, the course was well attended and favourably received. As a result, the course will become a part of the IAAE Canada training curriculum. IAAE Canada continued to grow its premier Operations & Facility Managers Conference. The fourth edition of the Conference was held in Niagara Falls from May 30 to June 2. Featuring an array of presentations and speakers on current airport issues, the Niagara Falls Conference was the largest and most successful yet. A total of 112 delegates, speakers and exhibitors attended. The Conference organizing committee decided to further broaden the appeal of future events by changing the title to the Facility Operations & Airport Managers’ Conference and expanding the program to include general airport management topics. The fifth annual and expanded Facility Operations & Airport Managers’ Conference will be held in Charlottetown PEI from May 29 to June 1, 2011. The Board decided to broaden IAAE Canada’s specialty conference offering by approving the sponsorship of an international conference in 2012. An organizing committee was struck to work with AAAE and IAAE to organize a joint Canada/U.S./Europe aviation issues conference. Montreal was selected as the venue for the conference which is being planned for the latter part of August 2012. It is expected that the event will draw airport professionals from across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, providing an extraordinary opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing. Detailed planning for the Conference will be undertaken through 2011. 2010 saw the first fruits of IAAE Canada’s commercial arrangement with the Matrix Group Publishing Inc. to publish the IAAE Canada Airport Magazine. Under the arrangement, the magazine is being published on a semi-annual basis at no charge to IAAE Canada. The Matrix Group markets advertising space in the publication and retains the revenues therefrom to cover the publishing and distribution costs. The arrangement provides for revenue sharing once a prescribed level of financial return has been met. Two issues of the Airport Magazine were published as scheduled in May and December. IAAE CANADA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT


our 2010 business plan Efforts continued to promote IAAE Canada membership to students enrolled in aviation-related programs at colleges and universities across the country. The student chapters at Georgian College and the University of Western Ontario were given official recognition as IAAE Canada local chapters. Promotional efforts were also directed to other institutions with aviation programs to encourage the creation of similar student chapters. As an added incentive for students to join IAAE Canada, the Board approved a change in the student fee from an annual amount to a one-time payment of $75.00 for the duration of the student’s program of study. It became clear in the past year that the workload associated with maintaining the ongoing business of IAAE Canada plus developing new products and services for the membership had become too much for one fulltime employee supplemented by the efforts of individual Board members. To ensure that members continued to be properly served and to provide the capacity and capabilities for further growth, the Board decided to add an employee to support the Executive Coordinator. Michelle Cretzman was initially hired on a part time basis to assist Tom Coupland and then towards the end of the year, was converted to full time status. The additional resources are already yielding positive results for the timeliness and responsiveness of membership services and the lessening of administrative demands upon Board members. Overall, IAAE Canada met its business plan targets in 2010. Actual year-end results on key performance measures were as follows: •Net membership growth: IAAE Canada membership increased by a net amount (new members minus departing members) of 29 versus the target of 20; •Training course delivery: 18 of 20 scheduled courses were delivered representing a 90% completion rate against the target of 100%; •Completed accreditations: A target of 10 new A.A.E.’s was identified but only one was conferred by year-end. It appears that with heavier workloads and competing time priorities, candidates are requiring longer to complete all stages of the accreditation process; •New accreditation candidates: 13 new accreditation candidates were created compared to the target of 12 providing a renewed number of candidates for the accreditation process; and •Operating surplus: Year-end revenues exceeded expenses by $46,831 surpassing the target of $30,000. For the purposes of the 2011 Business Plan, targets have been set as follows: •Net membership growth: A net increase of 25; •Training course delivery: 18 of 20 scheduled classroom courses (90%) delivered plus 3 web-based training courses launched; •Completed accreditations: 4-6 new A.A.E.’s conferred reflecting a more realistic forecast of the likely level of achievement; •New accreditation candidates: 12 new candidates identified; and •Operating surplus: Revenues exceed expenses by $50,000. During the coming year, the Board will also be reviewing the IAAE Canada Strategic Plan which currently covers the period from 2007 to 2011. A new Strategic Plan will be prepared to guide the organization over the coming five-year period through 2016.



our performance 2010 Target

2010 Actual

2009 Actual




Total increase in memberships




Total membership attrition rate




‐ ‐








Total course attendees



Total accreditations completed




Total certified members completed



Total new accreditation candidates




OUR FINANCIAL Objective: Ensure positive cash flow Total revenues over expenses (audited results) OUR CUSTOMER Objective: Increase in overall membership

OUR INTERNAL BUSINESS PROCESSES Objective: Provide value‐added services for members Total conference attendees Total job postings to the website OUR LEARNING & GROWTH Objective: Develop and implement high quality training courses Total scheduled vs. completed courses



our financial highlights


Figure 3

Figure 4

Current Assets

Capital Assets

Figure 5

Figure 6

Current Liabilities

Year End Members’ Equity

Figure 7

Figure 8

Revenue Totals

Total Expenses


our audit committee

Audit Committee The IAAE Canada Audit committee is pleased to present to the membership our 2010 audited financial statements. The committee has regularly reviewed the financial records of IAAE Canada throughout 2010 and the audit firm of Lepore & Company has confirmed that the statements are correct and have been recorded using generally accepted accounting principles. The Audit committee will be recommending that the membership re-appoint Lepore & Company to audit IAAE Canada’s financial records during our 2010 annual general meeting to be held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on June 1, 2011. Respectfully Submitted, Cuyler J. Green, A.A.E. Committee Chair



audited financial statements

Audited Financial Statements • Auditor’s Report • Balance Sheet • Statement of Operations and Members’ Equity • Statement of Cash Flows • Notes to the Financial Statements















our committee reports Membership & Communications Committee Going into 2010, the Membership & Communications Committee established a set of goals focused not only on increasing IAAE Canada membership but also enhancing the range and quality of services for current members. The Committee’s efforts were directed to: 1. Achieving a net year-over-year increase in membership by adding a minimum of 20 new members and limiting member attrition to 5% of 2009 membership; and 2. Continuing to improve IAAE Canada membership services by developing new content for the web site, upgrading the editorial content of the weekly e-Report and arranging additional member discounts and preferred services. The initiatives taken by the Committee over the course of the year yielded positive results on both goals. A marketing plan to promote membership in IAAE Canada was prepared under the leadership of Tim Nevins, A.A.E. Flowing from the plan, promotional mailings were directed to airports across the country, educational institutions with aviation programs and current members enumerating the benefits of IAAE Canada membership. Tom Coupland personally promoted IAAE Canada membership through his participation in the annual conferences of several provincial aviation associations. Wil MacMillan, A.A.E. and Jeff Barrow, A.A.E. continued to work with student representatives at Georgian College and the University of Western Ontario respectively to build student membership and solidify the IAAE Canada student chapters at each school. Collectively, these initiatives yielded a total of 53 new members for IAAE Canada at the end of 2010. While the member attrition rate actually equated to 10%, the number of net, new members amounted to 29, exceeding the target. An exciting new service introduced for members in 2010 was the IAAE Canada Airport Magazine. Published in partnership with the Matrix Publishing Group of Winnipeg, the first two issues of the Airport Magazine were distributed in the spring and fall to favourable comments from readers. The magazine, containing feature articles on a wide range of aviation-related topics, is intended to complement the weekly e-Report and the web site and provide members with an added source of current industry information. IAAE Canada also ventured into the social media in 2010 as another avenue for connecting with new and existing members. Scott MacNeil, Maxx Kochar and Michelle Cretzman were all instrumental in establishing a presence for IAAE Canada on Linked-in and Facebook. Initiatives were also taken to leverage the potential of the web site as a place for members to discuss issues and exchange information. Tim Nevins and Iouri Moutine, A.A.E. worked to develop the Members’ forum feature on the web site by seeding topics to engage members in group discussions. Looking ahead to 2011, the Membership & Communications Committee intends to launch new initiatives to promote IAAE Canada membership and to enhance the membership experience through the Airport Magazine, the e-Report, the social media and new preferred member services. The successes of 2010 and the plans for the coming year are due to the continuing creativity and energies of the following members who have generously offered their time and talents in the service of IAAE Canada: Jeff Barrow, A.A.E. – Toronto Tim Nevins, A.A.E. – Toronto Paul Cudmore – Campbellford

Wil MacMillan, A.A.E. – Toronto Scott MacNeil – Toronto Tom Coupland – Hamilton

Iouri Moutine, A.A.E. – Toronto Maxx Kochar – Toronto Michelle Cretzman – Hamilton

My personal appreciation is extended to each of these individuals for making 2010 a successful and productive year. Respectfully submitted, Bill Newman, A.A.E. Chair, Membership & Communications Committee. IAAE CANADA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT


our committee reports Corporate Representative IAAE Canada provides a valuable forum for the sharing of information between corporate members and the airport industry across Canada. Through information provided by the IAAE Canada weekly newsletter, special updates and an annual conference, corporate members have the ability to recognize and assist the airport’s’ requirements for equipment, services and management support. Corporate members are actively involved in providing training to airport staff through IAAE Canada sponsored courses. The corporate members of IAAE Canada support the organization’s focus on training and development. The 2010 Conference was the most successful Operations & Facility Manager’s Conference yet (now known as "FOAM").It provided an important opportunity for corporate members to mingle with airport operators under one venue. Sponsorship opportunities continue to be an economical and effective method of sharing corporate member services and products. In addition, IAAE Canada recognizes the need to include industry as an active participant in the Conference as presenters, and foster the interaction between corporate members and airports during all Conference activities. In 2010, the corporate membership increased by 6% to 39 members. The Board recognizes the importance of corporate membership and the need to increase participation across all segments of industry. In this regard, several initiatives are being undertaken. 1. Improvements to the IAAE Canada website with up to date information on upcoming conferences, increased visibility and free advertising for members, a forum section to share ideas and information, and improved links to the corporate member websites. 2. Increased recruitment of corporate members through airport member contacts, industry conferences and assistance from the corporate representative 3. Preparation of a corporate membership package outlining the many benefits of being a member. 4. Ongoing follow-up based on a 2009 airport survey to help better understand the needs and challenges of our existing and potential customer base 5. Continued planning & preparation for the IAAE Canada Magazine, which should increase IAAE Canada visibility and value to our stakeholders and customers (Now in 2nd full year of production) In support of the IAAE Canada organization, the corporate representative participated in a number of activities during 2010 including; monthly conference calls, Membership and Communication meetings, and the Operations & Facility Manager’s Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Respectfully submitted, Paul Cudmore IAAE Canada Corporate Representative



our committee reports Training Committee Chair Cameron Nicolson A.A.E. Members Kevin Lacey, A.A.E. Ed Schmidtke, A.A.E. Tom Coupland

Cameron Nicolson, A.A.E. Paul Ritchi, A.A.E.

The 2010 training program had a good economic rebound from 2009. It would seem that the uncertainty to spend on training turned around in 2010. At the beginning of the year the Training Committee was chaired by Bryan Gordon A.A.E. Bryan retired from the Greater Toronto Airports Authority in 2010, and requested to also reduce his responsibilities with IAAE Canada. Bryan remains a member of the Training Committee, and I was chosen as the new Committee Chair to replace Bryan. The WAMSCR and TP312 courses continue to be our most popular. We continued to be a national training provider with courses in British Columbia, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes in 2010. We are hoping to return to the Territories in 2011. There were two new courses added to the IAAE Canada curriculum in 2010. We held the first Airport Systems Planning course in Toronto in June and the first Airport 101 course in Quebec City in August. These two new courses had the highest course attendance of all the courses offered in 2010. We can see that there is still an appetite for new and original courses and we appreciate our members input on new course topics. We have also committed to offering an on-line series of courses to meet the training requirements of airport staff that are unable to attend our classroom courses. These courses will initially be introductory level courses that will offer a foundation for our more advanced classroom courses. We are looking forward to introducing our on-line courses to our members in 2011. IAAE Canada will continue to provide our course schedule to you in the weekly e-Report. If you would like to host a course please contact our Executive Coordinator. If you cannot host a course, consider the added value of networking by sending your staff away to take a course with other airport professionals. I have enjoyed my time as the new Chair of the Training Committee and the commitment that the members of the Committee have given. We look forward to continuing to offer old favorites like WAMSCR, adding new courses like Airport Systems Planning, and the future of our on-line series of courses in 2011. Respectfully submitted, Cameron Nicolson, A.A.E. Chair, Training Committee



our committee reports

Governance & Nominating Committee Chair Ed Schmidtke AAE Members Steve Burchi AAE Paul Ritchi AAE The Governance and Nominating Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors to oversee succession planning for the Board, to identify qualified candidates for nomination to the Board of Directors, and to review corporate governance principles. The Board of Directors was pleased to table a strong slate of candidates for vacancies on the Board in 2010, and welcomes the additions of Gerry Bruno AAE., Jeff Huntus AAE and Kevin Lacey its new members We welcome their commitment to excellence and extensive industry knowledge. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact any member of the Governance and Nominating Committee.

Respectfully submitted, Ed Schmidtke, A.A.E.



our committee reports Accreditation Committee/Board of Examiners Report The year 2010 had a reduction in the number of members achieving their accreditation however one member achieved the coveted and industry recognized Mark of an Airport Professional. Please join me in congratulating Karen King on becoming an A.A.E. in 2010. An additional eleven members took the next step in realizing accreditation by achieving their Certified Member status. Their names can be found in the New C.M.s section of this report. The Accreditation Committee’s ongoing responsibility is to ensure that the IAAE Canada Accreditation Program maintains the high professional standards that have been developed to date. Of equal importance the committee is mandated to continuously seek enhancements to the program in the ever evolving world of aviation. The airport industry has high expectations and requires knowledgeable professionals to manage airports. The Accreditation Committee will ensure that newly accredited members have the required knowledge to meet these high expectations. The Accreditation Committee and the Board of Examiners provide a mentorship program to guide all candidates. This is achieved by approving management paper topics and outlines; the final review of management papers; conducting oral exam interviews and providing personal ongoing guidance to each candidate throughout the three year accreditation process. The Accreditation Committee understands the difficulty in meeting demanding work loads while also striving to achieve your accreditation however the Committee & Board of Examiners will do their best to ensure each member is set up for success to achieve this valuable milestone within the time frame of the program. Respectfully Submitted, Wil MacMillan, A.A.E. Chair, IAAE Canada Accreditation Committee/Board of Examiners IAAE Canada Accreditation Committee: Wil MacMillan, A.A.E. Cuyler Green, A.A.E. Stephen Maybury, A.A.E. Kevin Gleeson, A.A.E.

Steve Burchi, A.A.E. Tom Coupland, Executive Coordinator

IAAE Canada Board of Examiners 2010: Wil MacMillan, A.A.E. Cuyler Green, A.A.E. Stephen Maybury, A.A.E. Bill Newman, A.A.E. Shawn Sutherland, A.A.E. Sheila McGuigan, A.A.E. Mike Riseborough, A.A.E. Bernie Humphries, A.A.E.

Steve Burchi, A.A.E. Bryan Gordon, A.A.E. Eric Tolton, A.A.E. (Retired from the Board in 2010) Sam Samaddar, A.A.E.



airport magazine premier issue

As part of its continuing efforts to improve the variety and value of membership services, IAAE Canada launched The IAAE Canada Airport Magazine in May of 2010. This publication, made possible through a partnership between Matrix Group Publishing Inc. and IAAE Canada, marked yet another milestone in the growth and evolution of IAAE Canada as a member-focused organization dedicated to meeting the training and professional development needs of airport professionals and providing members with informative commentaries on current industry issues. The IAAE Canada Airport Magazine has been received to highly favourable reviews and is delivered to hundreds of airport workers, twice yearly, free of charge. It contains features such as Implementing the SMS System, Social Media Strategies, Runway Safety and other up to date articles on the industry issues that matter most. IAAE Training Course and Conference information, along with ads from our valued suppliers, give IAAE Canada members a free and useful reference source at their fingertips. If you currently are not receiving Airport Magazine, please contact us at with your mailing address and we will place you on the mailing list. We also invite readers to provide us with their feedback on the magazine and any suggestions for future articles.





4th annual operations & facility managers conference The true test of a conference is the amount of repeat delegates plus new growth. As for growth, we are happy to say we had the biggest group of delegates to date, nearly half of whom had attended before, and the largest trade show yet. At Niagara Falls we had a few days of great talks and interaction, some great social activities and good weather. No wonder many chose to stay on and have a vacation of their own. We would like to extend a big thank-you to our Gold Sponsor-Vanderlande Industries Canada Inc; our Silver Sponsors: EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd, Tradewind Scientific Ltd and Black & McDonald; and Bronze Sponsors: Hatch Mott MacDonald, Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc, Team Eagle, Niagara District Airport, and Basic Solutions (now LNT Solutions) for their continued support and participation. We also wish to thank our other sponsors: Pryde Schropp McComb Inc, Gibbings Consulting Ltd, MMM Group Limited, Airlines Pavement Markings Inc., Commissionaires, Hi-Lite Markings and United Rotary Brush. Some of these sponsors have been IAAE Canada members for many years and a sponsor at every one of our four years of this Conference. Without sponsors we could not put on such a Conference. Very soon we will do it all again, this time in Charlottetown. Please don’t be confused when you see we have changed the name slightly (Facility Operations & Airport Managers Conference) to better reflect the delegates that are attending. If this is your first reading please check out our website which always has the latest information.

See you in Charlottetown

Tom Coupland Executive Coordinator



Welcome to the 4th Annual

Operations & Facility Managers Conference Niagara Falls, May 30th - June 2nd, 2010

Proudly Coordinated by IAAE Canada GOLD Sponsor

VanDerLande Industries Canada Inc. SILVER Sponsors

Black & MacDonald EBA Engineering Ltd. Tradewind Scientific

BRONZE Sponsors Accipiter Basic Solutions Hatch Mott MacDonald Niagara District Airport Eagle Airfield

Other sponsors of your conference:



corporate members directory

The International Association of Airport Executives Canada is greatly appreciative of the continuing support and participation of our Corporate Members. Their involvement in Board and Committee activities and their generous sponsorship of training courses and various events are key to IAAE Canada’s success.



Our Corporate Members: • AECOM • ADB Airfield Solutions • Airlines Pavement Markings Inc. • Airport Technologies Inc. • ARUP • A.S.P. Security Services • ATS Services Limited • AXYS Technologies • Black & MacDonald Ltd. • Canadian Base Operators • Chauntry Corp. • Clariant • Cohos Evamy • Commissionaires • Compass Group • Cryotech Deicing Technology • Dufferin Construction Co. • EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. • Falcon Environmental • Fortbrand Services Inc. • Georgian College • Gibbings Consulting Ltd. • Hatch Mott MacDonald • Hi-Lite Markings Inc. • J.A. Larue • KSD Cage Inc • Liberty Airport Systems • Liftow Ltd. • LNT Solutions • LPS Avia Consulting • Marquise Group • MMM Group • Nelson River Construction Inc. • NORR Ltd. • Pryde Schropp McComb Inc. • Safegate Airport Systems • SNC Lavalin Inc. • Team Eagle • Tenco Machinery (CDN) Ltd. • Tradewind Scientific Ltd. • Vanderlande Industries Canada Inc

Through on-going partnerships with airport clients across the globe, AECOM has developed world class skills and a deep understanding of airport operations. With more than 4,000 talented professionals in Canada, we offer our clients a full spectrum of integrated services, nationwide expertise, and access to the technical resources of more than 43,000 employees worldwide. AECOM has completed hundreds of airport and aviation projects in Canada. From large international facilities to the smallest local airports, we have the required expertise to complete all airport development, expansion and maintenance projects. Recent Canadian projects include: Vancouver International Airport – Since 1997, AECOM has assisted with the management of the airport’s annual capital works program. Through this partnership, we have provided planning, design and project management on more than 150 groundside and airside projects. Calgary International Airport – AECOM is providing program management services on the new $500 million Runway Development Program, which includes an expanded airfield, new air traffic control tower, groundside roadways and new airside maintenance and fire hall facilities. We are also Program Management Consultant on the $1.5 billion International Facilities Project, the airport’s largest terminal expansion to date. Expected completion of both projects is 2015. Edmonton International Airport – AECOM was part of a team to design and oversee the groundside construction on this major airport expansion. Beyond roadways and structures, it involved the construction of a parking toll area and the relocation of the existing toll building. In Saskatchewan, AECOM provides expansion, assessment, rehabilitation and many other airport services to Saskatoon/John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, Regina International Airport, LaRonge Airport, Cigar Lake Airport and other aviation clients across the province. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport – AECOM is prime consultant for the 2009 Groundside Project on roads, parking, bridges and utilities for the new terminal building. We were also a major sub-consultant on the 2006 Airside Redevelopment and provided planning, design, tendering and construction administration on the new Central De-Icing Facility. Toronto Pearson International Airport – Lead engineer in a joint venture responsible for groundside infrastructure on the $4.4 billion Terminal Development Project. This included more than 75 km of roads, parking for 12,600 vehicles and over 50 bridges. AECOM was also lead consultant on the Automated People Mover System, a three-station system with dual elevated guideway to provide transit between terminals, parking facilities and an inter-terminal connection. Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport – AECOM was design consultant on the 2006 Phase 2 Expansion in Ottawa. This 13-gate expansion included gate planning, apron design, airside roads, groundside parking, utilities and blast walls. Montreal – Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport – Tecsult, an AECOM company, was part of a consortium providing project and construction management on the $630 million airport expansion completed in 2005. The project involved expanding the terminal, redeveloping existing buildings, extensive runway and apron renovations and construction of a thermal power station. For more information, contact: Tom Knight at 905.206.8106, or visit 36 IAAE CANADA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT

ADB Airfield Solutions ADB Airfield Solutions in Canada is part of ADB’s Americas Office, which provides airfield lighting to customers throughout North and South America, while the company’s global headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium. ADB has been a significant player in the airfield lighting sector since its establishment in 1947, offering an innovative portfolio and expertise which sets standards in safety, performance and quality. With long-established customer relationships, more than 2,000 airports around the world have been equipped with systems from ADB. ADB is the world’s leading airfield lighting technology company in the FAA and ICAO markets providing advanced, integrated and sustainable solutions for visual guidance. With a worldwide presence for more than 60 years, ADB differentiates itself by offering an innovative portfolio and expertise which sets standards in safety, performance and quality that is supported by unparalleled levels of customer service.ADB is trusted as the preferred partner for airside operations. For more information about ADB, please visit our company website at . For further information, please contact: Nancy Majoulian E-mail: National Sales Manager, Canada ADB Airfield Solutions 5500 North Service Rd., Unit 1108 Burlington, Ontario L7L 6W6 Office: (905) 331-6887 Fax: (905) 331-9389 For more information about ADB, please visit our or our global website at:



Airlines Pavement Markings Inc. has served the aviation industry since 1977. Services include line removal of existing markings using shot-blasting on concrete surfaces and sand or soda blasting on asphalt surfaces. New markings are installed under aerodrome standards and requirements of Transport Canada Air Navigation System Requirements Branch using TP312E guidelines. Airlines Pavement Markings Inc. recently completed line painting for the new parking facility at LBPTIA, which is the largest airport in Canada. New airside markings for the New Terminal have been completed along with airside markings for the Terminal 3 Pier C Redevelopment. Final markings for all groundside roads leading into and out of the new terminal and parking structures have also been completed. Other projects include taxiways, roadwork and gate modifications at John Munro International Airport in Hamilton for terminal modifications as they expand to meet passenger loads. AIRPORT MARKINGS ARE OUR SPECIALTY For more information, please contact: Len Hall Tel: (905) 632-4746 Email:


Airport Technologies Inc. was incorporated in the Province of Manitoba on August 28, 2000. We are in our eleventh year of operation and are a wholly owned Canadian Company. Our strength as a Company comes as a direct result of over 50 years collective experience on the part of the Company principles in the airport operations and maintenance business. Our manufacturing plant is located at Southport Aerospace Centre near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. We are located just 3 kilometers from the Trans-Canada Number 1 Highway, and are fully accessible to commercial transportation. The Company was originally formed to RE-LIFE airport specialized equipment i.e. Self propelled Snow Blowers and High Speed Runway Sweepers. We have grown our product niche to include new manufacturing of a purpose built High-Speed Airport Plow Vehicle and purpose built High Capacity Airport Snow Blower. In addition we also manufacture new Plow Blades for both highway maintenance and airport applications For more information, please contact: Barry Smith, President Tel: (204) 428-5588 Email:



Arup is a global firm of planners, designers, engineers and business consultants. Our aviation planning expertise is focused in our growing Toronto office which is able to draw upon the resources of over 10,000 staff in more than 90 offices in 37 countries, Arup’s aviation business is one of the most successful in North America and the world. We have been involved in airport development work for more than 50 years. During this period we have worked on a wide range of projects at more than 100 airports with over $30 billion in constructed projects. We have worked at many of the major Canadian airports including recent projects at Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Quebec City, St. John’s and Hamilton. Internationally, 2008 alone marked the opening of six major terminals in which Arup played a leading role, including JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK, Beijing Terminal 3, London-Heathrow’s Terminal 5, Raleigh-Durham Terminal 2, Dubai Terminal 3 and the new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, India. Arup’s core skills for aviation encompass: · Aviation systems analyses and simulations · Airport Master Plans · Airside planning and boarding bridge procurement · Terminal planning and capacity/demand analyses · Landside planning · Control Towers, Cargo Terminals, Aircraft Maintenance Bases · Design and project management · Civil engineering · Environmental assessment and sustainability · Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering · Fire / life safety · IT and communications · Security · Acoustic and lighting design · Controls and commissioning · Operational readiness · Wayfinding We provide the highest quality professional service in all aspects of our aviation practice, consistently and cost effectively. For more information, please contact: Ralph Orr, Associate Principal, 416-515-0915,


A.S.P. Incorporated offers an extensive range of protection services for everyday and special needs with different levels of Security and Supervisory personnel designed to meet your specific security requirements. In consultation with our clients we select an efficient yet cost-effective security program designed to meet all of their requirements: • • • • • • • •

• • • •

Needs assessment survey Audits High threat level protection Electronic countermeasures & surveillance Corporate security analysis and executive briefings Protection resources Traditional Security Guards, Upgraded Security Guards, Emergency Protection, Patrols and Inspections, Special Event personnel Corporate Security - analysis and consulting, electronic and physical surveillance and counter-surveillance, investigation and security screening, executive and staff seminars, crisis management & support, risk analysis Access Control Systems CCTV Systems Alarms Cameras & Housings

For more information, please contact: Dean Lovric Tel: (905) 333-4242 Email:



ATS Services Limited is pleased to announce the recent opening of a branch office in Ottawa, Ontario. The Ottawa office, located at 151 Slater Street is responsible for operations in southern Canada. ATS' Headquarters is located at Yellowknife, NWT. ATS was established in the Northwest Territories in 1998 with the goal of providing quality management, operation and training of aviation communications and weather services for private operators, airport authorities, development corporations and government agencies. With operations from Victoria International to St. John's International, Sachs Harbour, NWT to Nanisivik NU, ATS is truly a coast-to-coast operation. ATS' experience, expertise and focus is primarily on aviation communications and weather observing services, with a full range of related services in the following areas: • Management and Operations • Management of aviation communications and weather observing operations • Contract air traffic service operations • Aircraft and vehicle tracking service • Personnel Placement and Resources • Consulting For more information, please contact: Corporate Office for ATS Services Limited #704 - 151 Slater Street Ottawa ON K1P 5H3 Tel: (613) 232-1020 Fax: (613) 232-0405 E-mail:


AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) specializes in delivering world-leading and high quality remote environmental monitoring solutions. AXYS’ terrestrial portfolio of products includes real-time weather and aviation sentinels, as well as hydrometric and water quality monitoring stations. The automated Airport Weather Observing System (AWOS) generates accurate METAR and SPECI reports in response to changing conditions. Moreover, these reports can be displayed on websites and disseminated via email, telephone and via the optional dedicated VHF frequency voice broadcast. Marine products include moored buoys for weather, wave, and sea state forecasting, as well as buoys for specialized applications such as tsunami, red tide, and oil spill detection. A typical buoy measures wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, water temperature, currents, and waves. The latest data collection platform developed by AXYS is the WatchMan500™ Data Acquisition System. The WatchMan500™ was designed as the new generation of payload for the AXYS marine buoy and terrestrial weather information systems to provide desktop to sensor monitoring and control, including dynamic onboard control and data storage capabilities. This platform is the ideal solution for any application requiring data monitoring, collection, control, processing, or remote system management. It can interface with custom or commercial off the shelf sensors, equipment, software, and telemetry. For more information, please contact: AXYS Technologies, Inc. 2045 Mills Road Sidney, BC V8L 5X2 Ask for Harry Weiler Tel: (250) 655-5850


Fax: (250) 655-5856



Black & McDonald Limited is an Integrated, multi-trade contractor providing electrical, mechanical, utility and maintenance services to government, industrial, commercial and institutional markets. From emergency service calls to multi-million dollar construction and operations contracts, Black & McDonald is committed to implementing innovative solutions to our clients' complex technical requirements. Projects • Electrical, mechanical and instrumentation • Computer environment services • HVAC and energy management retrofits • Millwrighting and rigging • Data communications • Design-build, construction and management Facilities Management & Operations • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) • Material, equipment and sub-contract management • Freedom to focus on core business Service • Planned preventive maintenance programs • 24-hour emergency response • Mechanical, HVAC and instrumentation. • Infrared and vibration analysis Airport Experience • Airside, groundside, navigation aids, landing aids and specialty projects • Facility construction, maintenance & operation; preventitive & emergency services • Runway construction and repair • Roadway and tunnel construction • De-icing facilities and taxiways • Operating & maintaining more than 20M ft2 of space in North American aviation facilities Utilities • 24-hour emergency response • Overhead line and power distribution • Underground cabling, duct systems • Airfield, navigation lighting and landing aids • Sub-station design and construction For more information, please contact: Ken Steele Tel: (416) 298-9977 Email:


Canadian Base Operators: - provides airfield operation and maintenance services for the Shell Aircraft aerodrome at the Albian Sands Energy project near Fort McKay AB. and Josephburg near Edmonton AB. CBO provides daily terminal services for multiple flights, facility maintenance and repair as well as seasonal services. Services Include: Aircraft handling and de-icing service Terminal services for arriving and departing passengers Year round runway maintenance including snow and ice removal.

For further information, please contact: Canadian Base Operators 101 Pretty River Parkway, Suite 6 Collingwood, ON L9Y 4M8

(705) 446-9019 (705) 446-9008



World leading supplier of airport parking on-line pre-booking systems, Chauntry has deployed solution for more airports, more car parks and processes more car park pre-bookings than any other software provider worldwide. Our products and services help Airports protect and grow your non-aviation revenues. We have been established for nearly 20 years and we offer unequalled experience and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the Airport parking industry Our flexible Parkspace booking system lets customers book parking, airport lounges, hotel rooms, foreign exchange, airport transfers, fast track security or travel insurance – on the web or by telephone. The Chauntry web booking process makes the customer’s journey as smooth and simple as possible. It reassures the customer and encourages him to make a booking and to return and book again on a future occasion. The booking process integrates seamlessly into look and feel of the client web-site. Its ease of use means customers can complete their transaction speedily and the customer self management facility (manage my booking) adds confidence. It enables changes to be made to the booking at a later stage if required. Supporting yield-management, distributed pricing and ledger-based accounting, our web-based applications are easy to use and easy to manage. They can be run from in-house servers, or from our secure hosting centre, giving freedom to choose how Chauntry will integrate with your business. We work in partnership with the leading suppliers of car park barrier equipment, payment processing, handheld terminals and POS systems, and we invest in research and development, to ensure that clients are always getting the most from whatever equipment is chosen. We’re proud of our clients, and what we help them to achieve. In the last 12 months, over €260m was handled through our customers’ Chauntry systems. We’d love you to talk to Heathrow Airport (BAA), Bristol Airport, Copenhagen Airport, Dublin Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Swedavia), Auckland Airport or any of our customers about what they think of us – we’re confident you’ll hear something good, and we’re confident that we can help your revenues grow. In September 2010, Edmonton International Airport became our first Canadian client for its jetSet brand and are pleased that our solution is already delivering benefits to Edmonton. Please talk to Brett Bain, Manager, Parking & Ground Transportation at Edmonton Airport. He confirms “It was very exciting moving forward with Chauntry to bring the service to North America. This is completely new, not just for this airport but it is a first for Canada. It was important that we launch a very user- friendly, completely reliable service that protects our client data. With Chauntry’s support we were delighted to see reservations rolling in our first day of operation”. Our unrivalled expertise and focus in car park pre-booking and operational management services, and our understanding of the business and technical requirements driving airport car parking together deliver the solutions to help protect and grow non-aviation revenues for any Airport. For additional information please contact: John London - Business Development Manager Chauntry Corporation Ltd: +44(0)1628 778900


Clariant – is a world leader in creation and manufacture of high performance, high quality specialty chemicals. Clariant has more than 17,000 employees and annual sales in excess of CDN $8 billion. Clariant’s businesses are run under 10 divisions. Within the I&CS division, resides Engineering & Aviation which is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of Runway & Aircraft Deicers: Safewing® PG based Type I, III and IV aircraft de/anti-icing fluids Safeway® environmentally safe and effective de-/anti-icers in solid and liquid form for runways, aprons, and taxiways Safewing® MP III 2031 ECO “One-Step” fluid De-ices like Type I & provides hold-over protection like a Type IV fluid Safeway®SF and Safeway®KF have been awarded the ECO LOGO

For further information, please contact: Jacqueline Teres 514-726-4427



Cohos Evamy was founded in Calgary in 1960, quickly evolving to the interdisciplinary model of today under the leadership of Martin Cohos, FRAIC, Michael Evamy, FAIC and Paul Poffenroth, P.Eng. The Cohos Evamy Partners committed themselves to a practice in northern Alberta with the opening of an Edmonton office in the 1980s, forming the foundation upon which the firm has grown to the national firm of today. The Partnership grew as new partners joined the firm, broadening the fields of expertise and areas of practice. Cohos Evamy developed a unique ownership structure, which facilitates the entry of new partners and paves the way for continuity through the transition of ownership from the founding partners to those of today and of tomorrow. The strength of our partnership model offers our clients the comfort of confidence in our stability and of our commitment to the communities in which we work. Our Core Values: Cohos Evamy is a fully integrated architectural, engineering, interior design and planning firm focused on design excellence in service of our clients. Our culture is focused on the development and spirit of our people, strong team relationships in an open studio atmosphere founded in our core values of excellence, integrity, community and fun! Areas of Practice: Cohos Evamy has grown from its unique commitment to a fully integrated interdisciplinary practice. Areas of practice include architecture, programming, urban planning, interior design, graphics and 3D modelling, and structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. The practice includes many different specialties including retail, commercial office, education, health care, research, hospitality, airports, retail petroleum services and arts and cultural work. We have been successful in winning outstanding, ambitious commissions and developing great relationships with our clients, focused on their success. Size of the Firm: The greatest strength of Cohos Evamy is the expertise and commitment of its people. Current staff include 230 people, 145 in Calgary, 75 in Edmonton, and 10 in Toronto. Resources: Our offices are open, people-first environments, recently renovated and well equipped architectural, interior design, and engineering design facilities. Each office offers several meeting rooms, including a large video conferencing room capable of supporting meetings of up to 20 people. We have a state-of-the-art IT system, including over 240 workstations, complete with a fully dedicated IT support function. Our data system communicates seamlessly between offices, and is augmented by our two-screen video-conference system and our Voice Over IP Telephone System. Each of our offices operates with full support including 3D animation and modelling, graphics, accounting and IT functions. For more information, please contact: Email:


Commissionaires is Canada's premier security provider, offering a unique combination of integrity, experience and innovation. We have protected people and property for public and private sector clients from coast to coast for 85 years. In particular, we provide security services to more than 25 Canadian airports. We are a solid Canadian company more than 19,000 people strong; a well-trained diverse team, of primarily former military and police, of all age groups. With the highest industry retention rate, our workforce has the stability and experience to anticipate and resolve problems before they occur and we strive to develop collaborative long-term client relationships. The effectiveness of our experience is multiplied by the fact we are both CGSB 133.1-99 and ISO 9001:2008 qualified plus we incorporate processes adhering to those standards in every part of our business from service delivery, to training, to customer satisfaction. Our strength is rooted in our security guarding services, where we emphasize prevention and defusing conflict. We also provide a complete range of related professional services and solutions which involve state of the art technologies in identification, training, and communications. The Security Services we deliver are designed, implemented, and managed using locale-centric, regional operational management but with a national footprint. This regional operational management approach results in faster response times for any changes in the local security situation.

For further information, please contact: Greg Richardson




The Hurley Group provides customized facility solutions to a multitude of international airport terminals, airline operations and priority passenger services throughout North America. Our offering assists over 65 million passengers per year during the course of their travel. Hurley’s aviation management staff is industry veterans to Airport operations. Abreast and educationally equipped with today’s standards to maintain properties of this complexity, our employees are at arm’s reach to assist in the achievement of the highest possible level of your customer service. Hurley offers Environmental and Green Cleaning solutions including experience directly with LEED certified air terminal buildings. Those properties aspiring to earn LEED certification can draw on Hurley’s experience, education and initiative to assist in attaining this desired designation. In addition to our contract cleaning services Hurley provides security programs to customers requiring a more intense and thorough surveillance of their properties along with domestic and international waste management and diversion. Hurley’s operations are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Founded in 1956, Hurley has evolved into a leading provider of facility cleaning and ancillary services. In addition to our impressive aviation portfolio, Hurley maintains 200 million square feet of commercial, education, retail, industrial, luxury multi level residential and specialty markets. In February 2010 Compass Group Canada announced the acquisition of Hurley Group. Compass is a world leading food and support Services Company with robust management disciplines and global reach, operating in over 50 countries. The grouping of the two powerhouses, Compass and Hurley provides the clients with unparallel ability to form customized service bundles, gathering each client’s lines of service operations into a uniquely tailored, wholly integrated performance unit. The Hurley Group invites you to contact us to learn more about our innovative, proprietary programs designed specifically for airport environments, always customized just for your needs. For more information, please contact: Philipe Mack


Cryotech Deicing Technology is a division of General Atomics International Services Corporation, a San Diego-based company that specialized in energy-related research and product development. In 1992 General Atomics purchased the deicing business of Chevron Chemicals Company. Included in the acquisition was the production facility at Fort Madison, Iowa, plus all patents, processes, and rights developed by Chevron. The business was renamed Cryotech Deicing Technology, the root word “cryo” meaning cold. A world leader in acetate technology, Cryotech manufactures and markets environmentally compatible acetate-based highway commercial, and airport runway deicers. Acetates are considered safe for the environment because they readily biodegrade and exhibit low toxicity to vegetation and aquatic life. Acetates have low corrosion rates, and are ideal for application on reinforced concrete structures such as bridges and parking garages. Acetates also have a residual effect, working longer than common deicers. In 1998 Cryotech’s Ft. Madison, Iowa plant received ISO 9002 Certification for its quality process systems. ISO is an internationally recognized quality model. It provides assurance to customers that the products they receive are produced and shipped under rigorous international quality standards. Cryotech is the first manufacturer in North America in its industry to receive this recognition, reaffirming its position as an industry leader in acetate-based deicers. 1999 Cryotech formed an agreement with Kilfrost Ltd. in Europe to manufacture and distribute Kilfrost Type I and Type IV Aircraft deicers throughout North America. The fluids are propylene glycol-based, offering superior environmental and holdover performance. For more information, please contact: Cryotech Deicing Technology 6103 Orthoway Fort Madison, IA 52627 Tel: (319) 372-6012 or (800) 346-7237 Email:



You may already be familiar with Dufferin Construction Company as one of the constructors of the Highway 407 or may have seen us along Highway 401 over the years. Founded in 1912, Dufferin Construction is part of the St. Lawrence Cement Group, the largest cement producer in eastern Canada. Dufferin is a leader in its own right - Canada's biggest concrete paving company and one of Canada's largest heavy civil engineering contractors. That kind of size means strength. The strength to offer a full range of diversified services to complement Dufferin's heavy construction capabilities including strong financial backing and significant purchasing power leverage in materials availability and pricing. Whether it's a new product or service, a more efficient way to solve a problem, or an innovative approach to a customer need, Dufferin Construction offers the strength, scope and commitment to deliver on time and on budget. For more information, please contact: Eddie Marin 690 Dorval Drive, Suite 200 Oakville, ON L6K 3W7 Canada Tel: (866) 322-2003 Fax: (905) 842-9278 E-mail:


EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. (EBA) offers a broad range of engineering and consulting services to clients in both domestic and foreign markets. Our dedicated and professionals Airports Practice staff of engineers, planners, and technologists provide our clients with unparalleled airport consulting services. Services Offered * Airport Engineering * Airport Zoning * Environmental Auditing * Environmental Management Systems * Environmental Impact Assessments * Aviation Forecasting * Business Plans * Development and Feasibility Studies * Economic Development Strategies * Location Studies and Site Assessments * Marketing Plans * Land Use Bylaws * Master Planning * Noise Studies * Operation Plans and Manuals * Strategic Plans * Pavement Condition Assessments * SERVING AIRPORTS FROM COAST TO COAST For more information, please contact: Richard Kohler Tel: (403) 203-3355 Email:



Falcon Environmental Services employs more than 40 full-time wildlife control officers and biologists throughout Canada and the United States and its clientele includes Canadian and US military bases, landfill sites, major international airports as well as large industries. Wildlife management and control consists of creating and implementation of wildlife control programs, control strategies, meeting SMS and ISO14001 audit requirements and targets, environmental impact studies development of scientific protocols, plans and specifications. For further information, please contact: Rob Shevalier Vice President, Wildlife Control Division Falcon Environmental Services (416)-606-0401


A specialized company to the aviation industry: Fortbrand Services, Inc. MEETING YOUR GSE NEEDS IS WHAT WE DO Fortbrand Services has been serving the aviation industry for more than two decades, providing high performance ground equipment (GSE) to meet the needs of airlines, airport operators and aviation service companies. We deliver a comprehensive range of GSE solutions from a single source - making it fast, easy and cost effective for our customers to work with one supplier for all their GSE requirements. COMPLETE GSE SERVICES, ALL FROM ONE SUPPLIER The vast GSE fleet that Fortbrand Services offers includes virtually all the equipment in use at airports, from air starters, de-icing trucks, tow tractors, runway snow removal vehicles, baggage carts, boarding bridges, passenger stairs, to belt loaders and all other types of GSE. To best address individual budgets and fleet demands, our equipment is available both new and used. Fortbrand Services works closely with each customer on an individual basis, tailoring a program that is uniquely suited to the customer's own GSE requirements. The Vammas PSB 5500H is today’s state of the art in airport snow clearance technology. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability by Finland-based Patria Vammas, the PSB 5500H is distributed and supported in North America by Fortbrand Services, an industry leader in airport ground support equipment. The superbly engineered PSB 5500H takes multitasking to a new level by combining the efficiency of a snowplow, sweeper and jet blower – all in one unit. With its unmatched versatility, the PSB 5500H offers substantial savings in capital and labour resources for airport operators by dramatically reducing the need for large fleets of single function vehicles. It adds up to major cost savings and enhanced performance for both airports and airlines, helping to avoid lengthy snow-related downtime that can significantly impact the bottom line. Patria Vammas products also include the PSB 4500 line of plow, broom, jet blowers, runway friction measuring equipment and the unique PS 3500 edge light plow. Fortbrand Services offers leasing and financing for all airport snow removal and maintenance equipment, as well as all types of aircraft ground support equipment. Fore more information, please contact: Alan J. Stearn, Executive Vice President Tel: (516) 576-3200 Email:



CANADIAN AVIATION INSTITUTE Founded in 1986, the Canadian Aviation Institute (CAvI) at Georgian College is a national centre of aviation management training and education. Our over 90% Graduate Placement rate is one of the highest success rates of any college in Ontario, and we are the second largest co-op college in Canada. Graduates of CAvI work in a variety of aviation fields including: Airline and Airport Management, Aviation Operations, Airport Planning and Air Traffic Control. Commercial Pilots, Flight Dispatch, Flight Service Specialists and many other aviation-related occupations have benefited from this additional enhancement to their chosen career field. Located in Barrie, Ontario, our 3-year Aviation Management co-op diploma program has graduated over 700 students since its inception. Aviation-specific courses provide students with a solid understanding of the aviation industry. Management courses provide students with an understanding of management practices and procedures designed to prepare students for future promotional opportunities. Program Highlights: • 3-year post-secondary diploma program • Mandatory cooperative work experience • 96% co-op placement rate • 2 years of academic training and 1 year of co-op work experience before students graduate • Aviation specific management courses • Graduates of our program can proceed directly to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University or a Masters Degree in Aviation Management from Griffith University or a Masters Degree in Transportation Policy from Loughborough University with approximately one year of further study • World class qualified faculty • Customized corporate training and consulting services Employer Benefits from our Co-op semesters: • An excellent source of motivated productive workers who have chosen the aviation industry as their career path and are eager to make a contribution • Students are available all year round during peak business periods, for special projects, vacation relief, or parental leave replacements • Our students have fundamental knowledge and aviation-related job skills; they bring fresh ideas and new technical knowledge to the workplace • Co-op provides an opportunity to observe student performance prior to making a permanent job offer. This lowers recruitment and training costs A strong Advisory Committee Feedback from the Canadian aviation industry helps to keep our program relevant and assists in the development of a highly trained work force. Committee members are able to take an active role in making a positive impact on business education for the aviation industry. Watch your career take flight with the Aviation Management program! For more information, please contact:

Georgian College Canadian Aviation Institute 1 Georgian Drive Barrie, ON L4M 3X6 Tel: (705) 728-1968 Email:


Gibbings Consulting Ltd. is an engineering consulting firm based in Edmonton that specializes in all facets of Airport Electrical System Planning, Development, and Design. Our personnel have completed airport projects across Canada and Worldwide, at both large international and smaller regional/local airports. We are experienced in the planning, design, construction management, and commissioning/certification of various airport electrical systems, including the following: Airfield Electrical: • Approach Lighting Systems - SSALR, ODALs, ICAO Systems • Inset Lighting – Runway Centreline, Runway Touch-Down-Zone (TDZ), Taxiway Centreline, Stop-Bar • Runway, Taxiway, Apron Edge Lighting Systems • Runway Guard Lights (Wig-Wags) • Approach Slope Indicator Systems – PAPI • Airfield Signage – Illuminated, Fibre-optic • Illuminated Wind Direction Indicators • Apron Floodlighting • Field Electrical Centres (FEC) • Airfield Back-up Power Supply • Airfield Lighting Control Systems & ARCAL • Aerodrome Beacons • Obstruction Lighting • Power & Communication Feeds to Various Nav Aids (Localizer, Glide Path, DME, AWOS / Weather Monitoring Equipment, Receiver, VOR, etc.) • Other airfield electrical systems Groundside Electrical: • Parking Lot & Roadway Lighting systems • Electrical Power Distribution systems • New Electrical Utility Service Installations • Communications Infrastructure In addition, we are experienced in the following: • ACAP Application development for Electrical Projects • Electrical Facility Condition Assessments & Capital Planning • Preparation of Plan of Construction Operations (PCO) • Facility Record Drawing Surveys and Record Document Updates For further information, please contact Rob Gibbings: Tel: (780) 988-9313 Email:




Hatch Mott MacDonald (HMM) is one of North America's leading transportation consultants with vast experience in a diverse range of engineering, planning and environmental know-how for municipal and transportation developments, particularly airport projects. Canadian headquarters are located in Mississauga, Ontario, with US headquarters in Pleasanton, California and regional offices in major cities across North America. HMM is certified under the ISO 9001 quality standards. HMM is a multi-disciplinary organization, providing project and construction management and inspection services in transportation, environmental planning and assessment and engineering. We have an outstanding track record of on-time, within-budget project delivery. HMM has successfully implemented numerous assignments for similar projects. HMM has access to architectural, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering disciplines, as well as experienced project management and management-consulting professionals from staff resources numbering over 8000. HMM has extensive design and project management experience, locally and globally, in municipal and transportation infrastructure projects. Over the past six years, HMM has successfully designed and supervised construction of transportation projects throughout the world valued at over $15 billion, including over 100 airport projects. HMM offers expertise and experience in the following areas: • airport planning and design, including runways, taxiways and aprons • unique expertise with air passenger terminals • airside and groundside infrastructure design • frontage road design • access roads and bridge structures • parking facilities, road design • design of de-icing and glycol containment systems • marine structures at airports • environmental assessment • airport operations • aircraft maintenance facilities The quality of our work is demonstrated by the many local and national awards we have received for excellence, and most importantly by our repeat clients. Some of our noteworthy awards include: CCE's Award of Merit for the Pearson Airport Frontage Roads project, ASCE's Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award and CCE's Schreyer Award for the Whittier Access Tunnel Project, CCE's Schreyer Award for the St. Clair River Rail Tunnel and ACEC's Grand Conceptor Award for Outstanding Professional Design Excellence for the Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Excavation Support for Jacked Tunnel Construction. For more information, please contact: Christopher Solecki Email:


Hi-Lite Markings, Inc. is a family owned and operated company established in October of 1989. Hi-Lite Markings, Inc. is the leading AIRPORT RUNWAY and TAXIWAY MARKING contractor in the United States. Hi-Lite also specializes in SURFACE PREPARATION, RUNWAY RUBBER and PAINT REMOVAL, RUNWAY FRICTION TESTING and PAVEMENT MAINTENANCE. Hi-Lite is committed to providing efficient, high-quality work that also meets time-sensitive maintenance schedules. Utilizing modern, technologically-advanced equipment and a team of professional, knowledgeable, highly-trained technicians; Hi-Lite offers competitive pricing for unsurpassed performance, making Hi-Lite the source for all your pavement marking and maintenance needs. Hi-Lite Markings, Inc. is registered and licensed in over 34 states. Specializing in pavement markings and striping of highways and airport runways, Hi-Lite has built a rock solid reputation. The knowledge and experience of Hi-Lite Markings has enabled us to build a remarkable clientele. For more information, please contact: Hi-Lite Markings, Inc. Ray Riddell - General Manager 25 Harvey St Kingston, ON K7K 5C1 Tel: (613) 547-2831 email:



KSD CAGE INC, is an all Canadian organization dedicated to supplying world leading products and service related to: snow and ice control equipment, visual aids, safety equipment and supplies, and pavement maintenance equipment - Supplying, the airport and municipal markets as well as the road construction industry. Our Mission To supply top quality products and service to airport and municipal markets as well as private contractors. That these products may facilitate maintenance while promoting both safety and efficiency provided for and in cooperation with our clients. For more information, please contact: KSD Cage, Inc. Kerry Minsky - Sales Tel: (204) 222-5171 Fax: (204) 222-5724 E-mail:


With over 35 years experience in the snow industry with leading edge technology and manufacturing techniques. Larue snow fighting machines are the professionals choice. We are one of North America’s leading Airport and industrial snowblower manufacturers. With 5 models of snow fighting trucks and 4 models of wheel loader mounted snowblowers we have the machines to meet the most demanding conditions. Larue snowblowers are located across North America from the far north, the Atlantic, The Niagara escarpment, to the Rockies and the snow caps of California.

For more information, please contact: J.A. Larue Inc. 660 Lenoir Street, Quebec, PQ G1X 3W3 Toll free: 1 877 658 3013 Tel: (418) 658-3013 Fax: (418) 658 -6799 Ontario Branch: 3320 American Dr., Mississauga, ON L4V 1B3 Tel: (905) 673-3013 Fax: (905) 673-3015 Montreal Branch : 680 rue Dunn, Montreal, PQ H4E 1C1 Tel: (514) 787-0440 Fax: (514) 679-6799 Moncton Branch : 485 Venture Drive, Moncton, N.B E1H 2P4 Tel: (506) 855-3003 Fax: (506) 855-8610



Liberty Airport Systems is an ISO 9001:2000 supplier of state-of-the-art, secure airfield lighting power and control systems. With over 25 years experience, Liberty offers an unmatched selection of advanced equipment and field services for aviation ground lighting applications, certified in accordance with FAA standards. Every product and system is designed to provide the highest level of reliability and functionality at the lowest possible cost. Using innovative engineering and technology leadership, Liberty delivers intelligent airfield lighting solutions worldwide, to the benefit and safety of airports, airlines and passengers alike. Liberty Airport Systems manufactures turnkey airfield lighting systems of any size, as well as component systems including power, control and monitoring, and network security. Lifecycle services follow our systems from design and implementation, through maintenance and advanced support, to growth management and expansion planning. Product Offerings: • L-828 and L-829 Constant Current Regulators (Ferroresonant and SCR type) • L-890 Control & Monitoring Systems • Distributed Control & Monitoring Units • Surface Movement & Guidance Control Systems • L-847 Circuit Selector Switches • Switchgear-style Regulator Assemblies • Pre-fabricated Field Electrical Vaults • Network Security Command & Control Solutions • Digital Technology Retrofit Conversions • Vacuum Switch Retrofit Conversions For more information, please contact: Liberty Airport Systems Inc. Don Gordon Tel: (905) 631-1597 Email:


Since 1960, Liftow Limited has been dedicated to innovation and cost-efficiency in the materials handling industry. We sell and service the best equipment in the industry, and have been an exclusive dealer for Toyota Forklifts since 1982. Liftow has moved to meet the changing requirements of our customers in Canada's seaports and inland container terminals, in manufacturing and transportation, in the steel industry, in ship building, and in furniture and grocery warehousing. We have remained at the leading edge of technology providing complete automated systems to such giants as General Motors, Litton Industries and I.B.M. We are proud of our accomplishments and have never lost sight of the basic principles on which our company was founded-Quality, Integrity and Professionalism. For more information, please contact: Dennis Youdell Tel: (905) 677-3270 Email:



LNT Solutions is intensifying its efforts to make a difference in airports in North America and Europe. Using a cooperative and constructive approach with airlines, airports, regulators and airframe manufacturers, we offer innovative chemical formulations. LNT Solutions formerly Basic Solutions now operates from Canada, England, Germany and the USA. Production Facilities are located in Aylmer Ontario, West Virginia USA and in Germany. “Our cost effective Gen3 runway deicer will significantly improve airline costs and safety associated with early brake replacement and cadmium from wire bundle corrosion.” AIRPORTS SAVE $$$$: • FASTEST MELTING & LONGEST HOLDOVER • LOWER AIRFIELD MAINTENANCE COST AIRLINES SAVE $$$$: • AIRCRAFT BRAKES & WIRING MAINTENANCE • AIRPORTS SPEND LESS For more information, please visit Jordan Station, ON Contact - Kelvin Williamson President – LNT Solutions Incorporated P.O. Box 224, Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada L0R 1S0 Office - 905-562-0770 Fax - 905-562-0880 Cell - 647-801-4109


Founded in 1991, LPS Aviation Inc. provides comprehensive consulting services to the domestic and international air transport industry. LPS Aviation Inc. is based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. LPS Aviation Inc. has undertaken well in excess of 100 consulting assignments in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Projects have varied in size and duration from small, remote airstrip studies, to 5-year international airline and airport assistance programs employing large teams of LPS Aviation Inc. specialists. The firm has led major projects for governments and industry often working with airlines, multinational companies, financial institutions and international organizations such as IATA. Built on a core team of over a dozen industry and government specialists, we draw upon the resources of some 40 consulting specialists to meet the exacting requirements of our clients. The LPS Aviation Inc. objective is to provide each client with the best aviation solution in the prevailing conditions, tempered by practical field experience and realistic business expectations. Recent projects have been located in Southern and Northern Canada, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, China, and the Caribbean. For more information, please contact: Ted Lennox, P. Eng Tel: (613) 226-6050 Email:



Marquise was incorporated in August 1993 by three partners who were employed by the Marriott Corporation, with a combined tenure of over 51 years. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated. The company specializes in providing integrated facility management and customer service to airports, shopping centres, large commercial buildings and support services to healthcare facilities. The company’s footprint in the market has expanded to provide services which encompass over 35 million square feet under Marquise’s direct control in over 200 sites. With over 3,000 employees, Marquise’s business lines have expanded to specifically meet the diverse needs of our varied clients. OUR OBJECTIVES • To provide a committed, customer focused, well trained team; • To be a superior customer service company; • To consistently deliver quality service; • To develop partnerships for success; BUSINESS PRINCIPLES The Marquise team is committed to being: • Customer focused; • Market competitive; • Honest, open and responsive; • Excellence driven and results oriented; • Community supportive and environmentally responsible. The Marquise Group is a unique service provider. We understand the different needs of each business unit and work collectively to establish the optimum service program. Our customer and support service experience in several airports within Canada can be said to be perfectly executed and consistently delivered. Our staff participate in program development, have years of airline experience and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise necessary for superior service. We have over 500 employees working in airports in Canada in customer service and other support services. Services Offered: Customer Service, Baggage Retrieval and Handling, Custodial, Day Porter, Food Court, Physical Plant, Tenant Coordination, HVAC, Electrical and Exterior Maintenance For further information, please contact: Emily Quiring at: 1373 - 13351 Commerce Pkwy Richmond, BC V6V 2X7 Toll Free: 1-877-505-6688 Toll Free Fax: 1-877-505-9988 Email:


MMM GROUP LIMITED The founding corporation of MMM Group Limited was established in 1952 and incorporated in 1957 as Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited. Renamed MMM Group in 2007, the firm’s head office is in Thornhill, Ontario. A truly Canadian company, MMM Group has offices in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebéc, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. In addition, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MMM has approximately 40 offices in the USA, U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. Together these offices provide responsive and innovative consulting engineering, planning, project management, environmental management, landscape design, surveying and commissioning services to private sector owners, architects, contractors, investors and government clients across Canada and internationally. MMM is an acknowledged leader in airport development, having undertaken hundreds of airport projects at more than 200 locations in the last three decades. Currently, MMM is retained on, or has recently completed, airport projects whose combined capital investment exceeds $6 billion. These include Program/Project Management of numerous assignments within Toronto’s $4.4 billion Airport Development Program; Prime Consultant for the new $650 million Quito Ecuador International Airport; Program Management of Ottawa’s $310 million Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Expansion; activation services for Winnipeg International Airport; Project Management for the $650 million Canadian Air Transport Security Authority’s Explosive Detection System Deployment Program; and Project Management for the $1.8 billion Edmonton International Airport Expansion Project. MMM helped to pioneer private airport development in North America in 1985 through its key role in structuring and delivering the Pearson Terminal 3 project. Internationally, MMM is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) airport development, a fact attested to by assignments the firm has been awarded and successfully completed on four continents. These include the $200 million Mandalay International Airport in Myanmar - a complete greenfield project; Budapest’s $150 million Ferihegy International Airport Terminal 2 expansion and redevelopment; plus other projects in the U.S., Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Southeast Asia. MMM’s success on these projects and the firm’s growing reputation for excellence in airport design in Canada and abroad has allowed it to recruit the best and brightest airport development engineers, project managers and technical staff from industry and government. This group of dedicated staff are supported by more than 200 additional building and civil engineering specialists within the firm, whose total staff complement is more than 1,000. For more information, please contact: Carmine Bello Tel: (905) 882-4211 Email:



At Nelson River Construction, we are professionals dedicated to quality by sustaining a profitable and diversified organization committed to personal and corporate growth. Our soul is built on trust, respect and teamwork, recognizing and understanding the efforts and contributions of all. Nelson River Construction provides exceptional service in 4 general areas: 1. Aggregate Production 2. Concrete Paving 3. Asphalt Paving 4. Underground Services Having the right equipment and maintaining it properly is an essential element of our effectiveness. The key to a project’s success is having the right type and size of equipment to suit the requirements of the job. Well-maintained equipment scaled to the work at hand combines reliability and efficiency to produce cost-effective results. We believe in finishing on time and within budget. We do this consistently because both our people and our equipment are reliable. Well-trained and dedicated, the best indicator of the continuity and experience you can expect from us is the fact that our managers and supervisors average over 20 years service with Nelson River Construction. But we would rather have you hear all this from our customers. Just call us and we’ll give you referrals in your area of interest. Innovation means efficiency and cost savings. Our people are encouraged to seek out better ways and apply them for our clients’ benefit. For more information, please contact: Gary Kohut Tel: (204) 949-8700 Email:


NORR Limited The Aviation Sector, like no other industry, faces challenges and uncertainties to maintain future growth. Airport operators are under pressure to provide increased security, efficient passenger and cargo processing, constant upgrading of infrastructure while at the same time providing lower costs to airlines, suppliers, and the traveling public. The advent of new aircraft such as the Airbus A380 will demand upgraded runways and navigational lighting systems, enhanced aprons and bridges and larger facilities to process passengers and baggage. To become profitable and maintain this position, airlines and the aviation industry will be constantly reinventing themselves, forming alliances and cost cutting within an ever-escalating framework. Environmental issues, such as carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution, are a rising concern for those who live near airports and aircraft manufacturers, airports and airlines aim to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and noise pollution produced by new aircraft into the future. With over 40 years of consulting experience to the Aviation industry, we understand these issues and how they affect our clients and are able to offer in-depth design systems and strategies to manage, sustain and upgrade aviation facilities in a controlled manner. We have deep roots in the aviation field, both through NORR Limited and Giffels Associates Limited, and have the necessary skill sets to keep pace with a constantly changing and evolving industry. Our experience goes far beyond the obvious design and engineering of terminal buildings, aprons and bridges, runway lighting, deicing systems, and automated airport landing systems to include asset management, cost benefit analysis and risk management. In the end, we believe that integrated teams get the job done and we work hard to ensure that we have the right people working on your project team. Key areas of expertise include: Terminal buildings; Airline support facilities, offices, lounges, parking, retail design; Hold Baggage Screening and EDS Integration; Pre board Screening and Security; Hangars and support facilities; Automated Aircraft Guidance Systems; Airfield Lighting Control Systems (ALCS); Baggage Handling Control Systems (BHCS); Deicing Facility Design, Construction and Automation; Glycol handling and proportioning systems; Runway Incursion Direct Warning Addressable Message Boards; International and Regional Terminal Architecture and buildings; Cargo facilities and Logistics Consulting services; Design Build options; Asset management; Engineering document management, legacy data and support; Aviation Peer Review. As consultants of choice to many clients within the Airport industry, we commit our full resources to the satisfactory resolution of each project we undertake. For a complete portfolio of our firm’s Aviation experience, please contact: Rolfe Kaartinen, Principal, Aviation Tel: (416) 944-7816 Email:



Pryde Schropp McComb, (PSMI) is a Canadian Airport Consulting group (now a division of Genivar Inc.) serving the specialized needs of private and public airports throughout North America and abroad. Providing a full spectrum of airport engineering, planning and software solutions, PSMI’s talented team of professionals are highly skilled and have a thorough knowledge of the airport environment, including a full appreciation of airport safety, security, and operational requirements. Recently PSMI joined forces with Genivar Inc., a leading Canadian engineering firm. Genivar Inc. has approximately 4,500 managers, professionals, technicians, and technologists and support staff across Canada and abroad. The acquisition of PSMI by Genivar Inc. gives PSMI access to increased resources to satisfy clients. For over 20 years PSMI’s staff have provided airport consulting services to clientele in Canada, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa including: Project and Construction Management *Airside Facilities Planning, Design and Construction -Landside Facilities Planning, Design and Construction -Runway Extension Assessments, Planning, and Design/Construction-Condition Reporting/Infrastructure Assessments -EDS Deployment Functional Planning, Design, and Project Management-Short, Medium and Long-Term Capital Planning-Due Diligence Studies-Site Audits-Airport Operational Studies and Strategic Planning-Airport Development/Master/Land Use Planning-Feasibility Studies and Cost/Benefit Analyses-Airport Simulations-Environmental Assessments-Noise Exposure Forecasting and Airport Vicinity Planning-Airport Management-Airport GIS Solutions - AvGIS-Airport Billing Solutions – ALFA-Safety Management System Consulting-Architectural Design Services for Terminal Buildings and Support Facilities-Heliport design PSMI’s senior management team is also made up of qualified pilots, which provide the firm with a unique understanding of the needs of our airport clientele, along with the perspective of aircraft operators and airfield operational challenges. PSMI continues to provide a high level of service to our existing and new airport customers throughout Canada and internationally. For more information, please contact: Pryde Schropp McComb, A Division of Genivar Email: 311 Goderich Street PO Box 1600 Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0 Tel: 519-389-4343 Fax: 519-389-4728 5915 Airport Road, Suite 400 Calgary, AB T2N 2A1 Tel: 403-270-9777 Fax: 403-270-0133

301 – 14th Street, Northwest, Suite 420 Mississauga, ON L4V 1T1 Tel: 905-678-8582 Fax: 905-678-8582

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Safegate Airport Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Safegate Group. Founded in 1973 in Malmö, Sweden, the Safegate Group has 16 offices around the globe and is in operation at more than 1000 airports worldwide offering complete ramp management, airfield lighting and A-SMGCS solutions for the most efficient and safe guidance of aircraft from touchdown to gate. Docking Guidance Systems Safegate’s ramp management solutions are built around the Safedock™ Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) and Gate Operating System (GOS) that links the gates and integrates with airport and airline information systems. The resulting real-time gate intelligence and shared data helps create a safer, more efficient and environmentally-friendly ramp operation that is predictable, repeatable and scalable for the future. Safegate is the leading provider of fully-automated, laser-based A-VDGS that can accurately guide pilots to the correct stop position in all weather conditions. Aircraft can dock even when the ramp is closed and ramp personnel cannot be present. Safedock provides guidance to pilots in both seats and can accommodate multiple centerlines with one system. More than 4,300 Safedock A-VDGS systems are operational at airports around the world, including Toronto Pearson International Airport and Vancouver International Airport. Safegate’s Gate Operating System links all gates via a local or wide area network and integrates with airport and airline information systems, providing centralized control of all gates and real-time gate intelligence to maximize turns. The GOS provides accurate in and out times, doubles as a ramp information display system (RIDS) and can interface with ground support equipment and other existing airport systems such as BMS/FIDS/AFLCS/SMR. Airfield Lighting ASP-SafeControl is an addressable airfield lighting system that provides individual light control, system monitoring capabilities and real-time information to the tower. ASP-SafeControl reduces the time and cost associated with light installation and maintenance, is compatible with other airfield lighting systems, works with existing infrastructure and does not require additional control cable for installation. Safegate airfield lighting solutions are in use today at airports in: Halifax NS, St John’s NFL, Trenton ON, Victoria BC, Waterloo-Kitchener ON and Winnipeg MB. Safegate’s SafeLED airfield lighting fixtures are the only LED airfield lights that offer an integrated fail-open signal, similar to halogen fixtures, for monitoring lamp failure. The SafeLED IQ intelligent lamp fitting provides significant power savings and cost efficiencies by allowing monitoring and control of the LED lighting system. Controlling light intensity at the light rather than the CCR can save up to 85% in cabling costs and power consumption. For more information, please contact: Taha S. Zahir, Project Manager 416-551-7637 Direct E-mail:



SNC-Lavalin is one of the world’s leading groups of engineering and construction companies, a key player in facilities and operations management, and in the ownership, operation and maintenance of infrastructure. SNC-Lavalin has been active internationally for nearly 40 years, establishing a multicultural network that spans every continent. The SNC-Lavalin companies have offices across Canada and in 34 countries around the world, currently working in some 100 countries. Our airport solutions connect communities and markets. We build partnerships and relationships with every airport project, whether for people or cargo. SNC-Lavalin offers a full range of services and solutions for air transport. Expertise • Project management • Planning and design • Engineering • Procurement • Construction management • Feasibility assessments and studies • Independent Engineer services • Owner’s Representative services • Concession structuring and participation Approach • Market-wise, commercially savvy • Establish and value long- term relationships • Culturally and socially sensitive • Ethical methodologies • Proven project policies and control procedures • Hands-on • Innovative • Safety and security driven • “We Care” policy Value • On-time and on-budget delivery • Economically sound projects • World class results • Flexible and functional airport solutions • Enduring and cost effective infrastructure • Legacy of balanced stakeholder interests • Recognition for the airport, its community and the region Our airport investment experience allows us to apply our approach with a unique understanding For more information, please contact: Christine Dupere, Project Coordinator, Airport Group - Transportation Division Tel: 604-605-4942


Team Eagle- A global leader in the advancement of airfield operations including snow and ice control equipment, airfield inspections and reporting, navigation and incursion management. Team Eagle partners our knowledgeable staff with the industry best suppliers, operators, regulatory bodies and consultants to strive to be “Your Airfield Solutions Partner”. Eagle Airfield Eagle Airfield specializes in snow and ice control technologies and equipment and has grown to be Canada’s leading supplier of quality airfield equipment and services. Eagle Integrated Solutions Eagle Integrated Solutions delivers innovative GIS/GPS technologies to improve airfield situational awareness, effectiveness and safety. EISI’s systems are currently in use throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Stability Dynamics Stability Dynamics produces rollover alert and data recording devices for operator training, operator awareness and vehicle monitoring applications 3rd Millennium Solutions 3rd Millennium Solutions is Team Eagle Ltd.’s research and development company, striving to continuously bring new and innovative products to both our Team Eagle Ltd. companies, and to our customers and associates.

For more information, please contact: Tel: (866) 241-3264 or (705) 653-2956 Email:



Tenco Machinery (CDN) Ltd, since 1976 until today, engineers, manufactures and distributes snow and ice removal equipment from its two (2) manufacturing facilities located in St-Valerien de Milton, Quebec. Tenco’s workforce, from computer assisted drawing to parts handling, is highly qualified and specialised. Tenco is the leader in snowplow manufacturing. Its capacity to innovate, its experience and technological expertise, distinguish Tenco among the favorites to extend its knowledge worldwide. Tenco has a complete line of airport related snow and ice removal equipment including SMI self-propelled snowblowers, Tenco and Vohl loader mount snowblowers, SMI and Vohl tow-behind runway sweepers, Tenco reversible snowplows, one way snowplows, side wing systems, underbody scrapers, sand/salt spreaders and pre-wet systems. For more information, please contact: Gaston Boulet, SMI Sales Manager Tel: (418) 849-7575 Email: Quebec Office: 1116, Durance Street Charlesbourg PQ G2N 1X2 Tel: (418) 849-7575 Fax: (481) 849-7073 Head Office: 1318, Principale Street St-Valerien PQ J0H 2B0 Tel: (450) 549-2411 Fax: (450) 549-2410


Tradewind Scientific Ltd was incorporated in 1980 to provide technical measurement and monitoring services along with associated equipment, support and training, with particular focus on the aviation industry. With its head office in Ottawa, the company's staff comprises a versatile team of scientists and technicians, all with extensive experience on airport project work. Tradewind Scientific Ltd. has been continuously active in the supply, operations, maintenance and technical support of airport -safety-related products for twenty years. Current principal products comprise TRACR Airfield Condition Monitoring Systems, SARSYS AB (Scandinavian Airport & Road Systems) Saab Surface Friction Testers, Findlay Irvine Ltd. GripTester Trailers and TES Instruments Electronic Decelerometers. TRACR brings new standards of accuracy and speed to Airfield Condition Reporting.

Using touch screen technology and a graphical user interface in the Field Inspection Unit, a report can be quickly prepared and sent to the Base Unit where it will be available for review or analysis and automatically distributed. The SARSYS Friction Tester, built into the Saab 9-5 wagon, is one of the most advanced friction measuring systems on the market and provides speed and efficiency of operation. The entire measuring system is contained within the car, which retains its original driving qualities, and is designed for both operational and maintenance friction testing. The Findlay Irvine GripTester Trailer is a versatile and compact, braked wheel, fixed slip design surface friction tester for runways, roads and flight decks. The rugged and reliable GripTester is in use at some of the world's busiest as well as smaller airports in more than thirty countries. The TES MK 3 Electronic Decelerometer is a compact instrument for measuring and recording the maximum deceleration possible on a roadway or airport runway surface. It was originally developed for Transport Canada and is approved for use in the USA by the FAA. Along with extensive runway friction and roughness testing programs (approximately 100 airports annually over some 20 years), Tradewind Scientific Ltd. is also involved in the design, installation, operations and maintenance of airport Air and Water Quality Monitoring Systems. For more information, please contact: Leonard Taylor Tel: (613) 238-124 Email:



Vanderlande Industries Canada Inc. is the only Canadian baggage handling company with local resources committed to enhancing its clients’ competitive position through concept design, engineering, project execution and service solutions. We seek to build long-term partnerships with airport operators in Canada, extending from concept analysis and design to system installation and lifetime services including Service & Maintenance of our own BHS systems as well as others. These partnerships enable airports to effectively address pressures on cost, quality, and turn-around time, and to deal effectively with increasing passenger numbers and baggage volumes. Our baggage handling systems provide fast, safe and robust transportation, sortation, security screening and storage of baggage from check-in to departure, as well as transfer of arrival baggage. With over 500 references from regional to large international airports in Canada and worldwide, the Company is one of the world’s top suppliers. We offer all available baggage handling technologies ranging from belt, tub and/or track solutions to early baggage storage, integration of robotics and Radio Frequency Identification.

For more information, please contact: Vanderlande Industries Canada Inc. 105 – 5980 Miller Road Richmond, BC, V7B 1K2 Tel: 1-604-244-9998 Fax: 1-604-244-9995


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