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special PROJECTS 2016 VENICE BIENNALE The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia took part to the 15th Venice Biennale, titled Reporting From the Front and curated by Alejandro Aravena, with an interactive installation made in collaboration with the Indian architect Anupama Kundoo. Information Technology has opened up new ways of sharing knowledge, moving towards faster and more inexpensive manners, making knowledge more accessible, and making it easier to gather people around common topics of interest.

TRACES: DELINEATING INCIDENTS The exhibition, a collaboration between the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc curated by Edouard Cabay. The exhibition unveils a series of drawings that translate natural forces into graphical manifestations. Set up as an investigation on energy, each plate was produced without the direct intervention of the hand; they are produced by a constructed mechanism that enables the pen to move, machinically dictated by the force.

corretger 5 On the 27th and 28th of June we had the MAA Individual Thesis Final Presentations at IAAC and Corretger5 Gallery. The two-day presentation was divided into 5 sessions, each linked to thesis projects developed under one of the Individual Thesis Supervisors: Marcos Cruz, Areti Markopoulou, Vicente Guallart, Manuel Gausa, Jordi Pagès and Lluís Viu. 36

Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018  
Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018