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special PROJECTS 2014/2016 2014 - bb make The BB Make structure, developed by IAAC for the Beijing Design Week 2014, explored the potentials of new technologies applied to design, through the generation of a participative collaborative structure, enhancing local materials with advanced technologies. The structure consisted in bamboo beams, a well known local construction material, held together with digitally fabricated joints, in particular 3D printed joints and CNC milled joints, fabricated onsite.

2014 - endesa world fab condenser Pavilion for the FAB10 Symposium (July 2nd to 8th, 2014). Initial design by Margen-Lab, produced by IAAC and collaborative designed, built, and customized by the Fab Lab Network.

2014 - catalan vault IAAC MAA01, in collaboration with Map13 Architects have realized a Parametrized Catalan Vault, fruit of a 2 week long workshop in Valldaura Labs. Advanced digital tools along with traditional century old Catalan masonry techniques was developed in the process, with students seeking to re-engineer, compute, and construct a Vault in the forest. IAAC is also furthering this research investigating in the field of advanced robotic fabrication techniques towards the implementation and automization of these complex catalan vault forms. 34

Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018  
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