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special PROJECTS 2014/2016 2016 - plobejoc // Superilla Poblejoc, an interactive installation conceived during the Active Public Space workshop, has been designed as an Urban Game with the aim of activating public space. Poblejoc was created in the framework of the #Superilla (Super-block) workshop, a pilot test of the Superilla plan for Barcelona, that was developed in the Sant Martí district. The plan aims to close to traffic a part of the city’s roads, allowing to use these new pedestrianalised areas as public space.

2014 - LIBERTY Designed and fabricated for the Re.Set festival, a circuit of ephimerous architecture in the streets of Barcelona., Liberty follows the concept of FREEDOM. Knowledge provides freedom and progress; and the power of freedom is expressed through reading. This installation consists of three different trees whose trunks and branches are made out of steel, while the leaves are made of books, and the earth made of concrete. Liberty activates a new public space becoming a shadowed bench and a new relational area in the city centre.


Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018  
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