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VALLDAURA campus Valldaura is IAAC’s second campus located in the Collserola Park, the natural centre of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Valldaura campus is a large park and testing ground for innovation that features the latest technologies in the fields of energy, information and fabrication. The core of this innovative project developed by IAAC is a laboratory to implement investigation and set a new bench marck for self sufficieny. The Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs express a new concept for sustainability established by IAAC. Its aim is to create a sustainable, consciously designed ecology using both cutting edge technology and traditional craftmanship. Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs Centre is a place at the forefront of developing a new concept of habitability placing people as the centre of all actions. Local self-sufficiency is promoted in the use of the environment, and the expansion of knowledge is promoted through the participation in global information networks to share and generate progress. The Valldaura Self Sufficient labs and its three Laboratories, Food Lab, Energy Lab and Green Fab Lab; allow to research the specificities of the production of key elements involved in self sufficiency: food, energy and things, combining ancestral knowledge that connects us to nature with the latest advanced technology.


Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018  
Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018